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An even better expose of the Fatima Rabbi's Criminal Skvere sect of Hasidic Judaism

The most sinister, far reaching deception of our age which 'conservatives,' 'progressives,' 'centrists' and the entire Judeo-masonic establishment are complicit in:

Unlike far-right Christian or Muslim fundamentalists, Jewish fundamentalists are often depicted as cuddly, harmless and quaint.

Rabbi Mayer Schiller is featured in the 'Fatima Center' video "Heaven's Key to Peace" HERE. He's the Hasidic Skver sect's emissary to the 'Goyim.' Rabbi Schiller reportedly was a speaker at the SSPX seminary in Ridgefield, CT whose opinion was sought on whether bishops should be consecrated by Archbishop Lefebvre in 1988. Reportedly an SSPX seminarian addressed Rabbi Schiller as "Father" HERE. Further background on Fatima Rabbi, Mayer Schiller, his anti-Christ hate cult and his inroads into traditional Catholicism HERE, HERE, HERE.

In the grips of Jewish fundamentalism: New memoir sheds light on Hasidic community

Jay Michaelson | March 17, 2015

(RNS) Just a few miles north of New York City, an all-powerful religious leader controls every aspect of his followers’ lives. Accounts detail welfare fraud, educational fraud and even gang violence. Private lives are micromanaged: Matches are arranged, books are banned, and the slightest details of personal appearance are carefully monitored, with uniformity enforced by authorized thugs.

Cult compound?

Fringe Christian sect?


New Square, N.Y., home of the extreme Hasidic Jewish sect known as the Skver Hasidim. These details come not from an outside investigative reporter — but from a heretical ex-Hasid, Shulem Deen, in his astonishing new memoir, “All Who Go Do Not Return.”

Hasidism — literally, the way of the pious — began in 18th-century Europe as a movement of Jewish spiritual revival. Although shunned by the religious authorities of the time, it became enormously popular, sweeping throughout Eastern Europe. Centered on personal spiritual experience, devout prayer (think Pentecostals in Jewish garb) and charismatic leaders (known as rebbes), Hasidism revolutionized Jewish life, especially among less-educated, less-urban populations.

But it quickly changed its character. With the threats of emancipation and assimilation looming, Hasidism turned sharply conservative in the 19th century. Practices ossified, authority was centralized, innovations were prohibited, and any accommodation to modern life was rejected. Today, Hasidim dress like 18th-century Poles.

Unlike far-right Christian or Muslim fundamentalists, Jewish fundamentalists are often depicted as cuddly, harmless and quaint. “Fiddler on the Roof,” which in its original serialized novel form was a sharp satire of religious life, is a good example.

But as Deen describes, in passage after passage, this is myth, not reality. In fact — and here numerous others buttress his account — the tightknit Skver Hasidic community exercises enormous political power to create a world within a world, where the rebbe’s dictates are law.

Deen begins his story in the middle — the night he is ordered to leave New Square under threat of excommunication. The scene is almost Kafkaesque: “rumors” of disbelief, “people are saying” that action must be taken.

But Deen also knows that the community court — unsanctioned by any civil law, but with absolute authority in the village — is actually right. He is an unbeliever.

Yet he can’t just leave. At the time, Deen is married, with five children. If he were excommunicated, they would all be marginalized, if not shunned. Even a move to nearby Monsey — considered ultra-Orthodox to everyone else, but not-quite-kosher-enough to the Skver sect — would be problematic. What to do?

Entranced by the holiness of the Skverer rebbe, in contrast to the “indistinctive and uninspiring” rebbes near his home in Brooklyn — Deen enrolled in the Skver yeshiva and began his life in New Square while in his teens. At 18, he met his future wife, whom he had neither seen nor spoken to before.

The shocking details emerge almost as asides: a rabbi teaching 18-year-olds to “be vigilant” lest their wives lead them into hell (and telling them not to call their wives by their names, but only say “Um” or “You hear”); witch hunts for people suspected of smuggling a radio or portable television into the Skver community; and widespread corporal punishment, both when Deen was a student and, later, as a teacher in yeshiva.

And the contempt for non-Jews. “The kindness of the goyim (non-Jews) is for sin,” Deen quotes the Skverer rebbe as teaching. Even when a non-Jew does a good deed, his real purpose is evil.

Then there’s the poverty. Most Hasidic men (and nearly all women) are uneducated; they speak Yiddish and disparage the teaching of English. They don’t know math or history; they have no employment skills.

Deen falls behind on rent, has trouble feeding his children, can’t hold a job. Indeed, holding a job is beneath the dignity of a Hasidic man, who, if he is fortunate, should be able to study all his life — while collecting unemployment, food stamps and welfare benefits.

Deen finally finds work as a teacher, where his duties involve fraudulently completing progress reports for New York state while not teaching any of the subjects he is reporting on, and collecting government subsidies.

How does it all unravel? Slowly. Deen’s first explorations of the outside world take place in books. The provocative title of his memoir, we learn midway through, refers to books — not just a “woman of loose morals.” His sins are intellectual, not carnal. First, a few Jewish books. Then, a radio. Then, secular books at the library. And then the Internet, where Deen meets non-Orthodox Jews for the first time.

Already, we see the fault lines appear between Deen and his wife, Gitty. Deen protests that his explorations are harmless. Gitty knows he is going astray. And she does not go with him. As Deen’s curiosity turns to skepticism turns to doubt, Gitty watches him fall “off the path” and eventually decides she’s had enough. They separate, then divorce.

Now it’s time for the spoiler alert. Deen loses everything: his wife, his children, his family, his friends, his community.

And his faith. Even before his expulsion from the community, Deen finds he can no longer pray, can no longer believe the stories he’s been told. “What is the meaning of right and wrong when there is no guidance from a divine being? … What, then, was the point of it all?”

He finds his way, somewhat, but “All Who Go” does not end happily. Yes, Deen founds a popular blog for ex-Hasidim, gets a job, finds his way in the secular world. But there’s a hollowness to his new life and a bitter sadness over the loss of his children. Not only does Gitty get sole custody, the entire community warns them against him. Even his few-and-far-between visits become unsustainable; his children shut him out.

All this unfolds against a backdrop of institutional Jewish indifference. The multimillion-dollar Jewish federations do nothing for these communities, other than distribute charity — usually through the Hasidic power structure, thus reinforcing its control. Footsteps, an organization helping ex-Hasidim navigate the secular world — job training, GEDs — remains a small and independent outlier. (Deen is now a board member.)

Despite numerous sex scandals; exposes in The New Yorker, The New York Times and The Jewish Daily Forward; widespread power abuses; and nauseating episodes such as the herpes epidemic spread by Hasidic mohels (ritual circumcisers) who insist on sucking the blood directly off of circumcision wounds, the mainstream Jewish establishment is silent. Partly this is out of fear, and partly out of the peculiarly American Jewish notion that Jewish fundamentalists are better Jews than the rest of us.

Meanwhile, politicians are terrified of Hasidic voting blocs. Hasidim now control the East Ramapo school district, which includes New Square, and are starving secular schools (almost all black and Hispanic) to enrich their own religious academies.

Deen’s harrowing story, then, is also an indictment of those who are standing by and allowing it to be. To many, the Hasidim are quaint throwbacks, their lives pious scenes set to the tune of “L’Chayim” and “Sunrise, Sunset.” But to those trapped inside the Hasidic world, the tale is not comedy but tragedy. And there is often no soundtrack at all.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Chabad Schemer, Rabbi Shlomo Riskin Launches 'Day to Praise' Initiative

Rabbi Riskin is a follower of Chabad's dead Messiah, Rebbe Schneerson who told Judaic converts to Christianity that they're mentally ill. This past summer, following the Israeli savagery of Gaza, Chabad moved in to instruct the massacred people of Gaza that unless they convert to 'Noahidism' they have no right to live.

Riskin is the Chief Rabbi of a "settlement" on Palestinian land called Efrat where very young Judaic children are taught to use machine guns and grenade launchers. Like so many other scheming rabbis, Riskin intends to proselytize Christians into 'Noahidism' through what he calls 'dialogue.'

My translation to plainspeak of Riskin's devious press release is below:
Rabbi Riskin Launches 'Day to Praise' Initiative

Contact: David Nekrutman, CJCUC, 516-882-3220

NEW YORK, March 3, 2015 - Christian Newswire

The State of [Counterfeit] Israel will be celebrating [the day it calls] Independence Day [marking its barbaric conquering of Palestine] this year on April 23rd and, through the "Day to Praise" initiative, [follower of Chabad 'Messiah' Rebbe Schneerson] Rabbi Shlomo Riskin invites [ignoramuses] from around the world to join in celebration and solidarity with the [Counterfeit Israel] community by reciting Psalms 113-118. These psalms have historically been invoked in [support of Zionist delusion]. "A year after the establishment of the State of [Counterfeit] Israel [on Palestinian property], the Chief Rabbinate decided that the [heist] warrants us to [also seize upon] these psalms," remarked Rabbi Riskin, Chief Rabbi of [the illegal 'settlement'] Efrat, [Counterfeit] Israel [where Judaic children as young as 3 are taught to use rocket launchers and machine guns], and Founder of the Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding and Cooperation (CJCUC).

Recognizing the importance of Christian support for the [gangster] State of [Counterfeit] Israel, Rabbi Riskin opened the first Orthodox [rabbinic] center in the world to engage in [fraud under the guise of] religious dialogue with the Christian community for the sole purpose [of converting them to 'Noahide' subservience]. Since 2008, tens of thousands of people have visited the center [including priests sent there by popes Benedict XVI and Francis]. "Last year, during the Feast of Tabernacles, Rabbi Riskin and I invited the local Christian community in [Counterfeit] Israel along with some [other] key [slick Brooklyn Khazars] to celebrate the holiday through a ['Noahide'] service," said David Nekrutman, CJCUC's Executive Director. He added that "the event was such a success it became the inspiration to launch the global Day [for the Goyim] to Praise [Counterfeit Israel] initiative."

Nekrutman describes the Day to Praise as an opportunity to see [Counterfeit] Israel from the point of view of celebration as oppose to crisis." It is [not easy to] defend the State of [Counterfeit] Israel on the PR front," Nekrutman commented, "[so we must engage the Goyim on every other front also, especially the religious front]."

Rabbi Riskin will lead a Hallel [praise of Counterfeit Israel] service in a Jerusalem synagogue on April 23rd, inviting the local Christian community to celebrate [Counterfeit] Israel's [Conquering of Palestine] Day. The event will be live-streamed. He also has set up a tour to [Counterfeit] Israel from April 18-26th entitled "Isaiah 66:8 – the Birth of a Nation," which [if similar to other such tours, would leave tourists horribly misinformed and even brainwashed]. "We realize that not everyone can join us in [Counterfeit] Israel [nor would we want them to], but it is important to commit to ['Noahide' enslavement]," stated Riskin." I look forward to [executing dissenters by decapitation as the codifier of Orthodox Judaism, Moses Maimonides mandated]."

Where's your cross, Cardinal Dolan?

On Mar 3, 2015 Cardinal Timothy Dolan joined Rabbi Peter J. Rubinstein for 'dialogue' at the 92nd St. Young Men's and Young Women's Hebrew Association (92nd St. Y), a place where Judaic 'dialogue' fraud regularly takes place and this particular meeting was no exception which should be obvious at first glance at the image above, but unfortunately it's not recognized by far too many people.

A person with no knowledge of Catholicism could be forgiven for wondering if that long, bare chain visible on Timothy Dolan's corpus signifies a love of gaudy gold. Such a viewer would have no reason to know that, in fact, there's a large cross attached to that chain which is not visible because Dolan tucked it into a pocket behind his coat lapel to keep it hidden from view of Rabbi Rubinstein and the largely Judaic audience.

A person whose understanding of Catholicism has been shaped by Novus Ordo and other mainstream establishment sources might believe the hidden pectoral cross is a 'necessary gesture of sensitivity to the memory of Christian persecution of Jews over the centuries beneath the shadow of the cross' after having such rubbish pumped into their heads for decades.

Without a venture beyond the narrow Holocaustian establishment framework of history such a person would have no way of knowing that Judaic hatred and persecution of Christians began with pharisaic hatred of Christ Himself which has been uninterrupted for 2000 years, ever since the founders of Judaism, the Pharisees, arranged to have the Romans crucify Christ, stoned the first Christian martyr St. Stephen to death, expelled Christians from the synagogues, forbade them from preaching Christ to both Jew and Gentile and contrived a curse against Christians at Jamnia in 90AD as a mandatory loyalty oath and means of weeding out Christians from the synagogues.

This curse against Christians ("And for Christians let there be no hope, and may all the evil in an instant be destroyed and all thy enemies be cut down swiftly; and the evil ones uproot and break and destroy and humble soon in our days.") has been codified Orthodox Judaism since 90AD when Christians were the powerless minority. This curse against Christians has ever since 90AD been among the daily 'benedictions' that Orthodox 'Jews' must pray three times every day. So to say that Judaic hatred of Christianity is based in fear of persecution is disingenuous, calculated misdirection. Judaism's hatred of Christianity is based in Judaic persecution of a powerless minority religion, Christianity, at its very founding.

Moreover, to believe that in the upper east side of Manhattan, where the photo above was taken, 'Jews' live in fear of Christian persecution, is ludicrous.  Quite obviously, Judaism is hateful of Christ and His true followers regardless of whether Judaism is strong and Christianity is weak, vice versa, or anything in between.

So we're  faced with the reality that Rabbi Rubenstein and Cardinal Dolan's 'dialogue,' and indeed, all Christian-'Jewish' religious 'dialogue' between the 'brothers in the faith' and the entirely unreciprocated  Christian concessions forthcoming are complete, calculated fraud. As Rabbi Rubenstein said elsewhere, "there is no way to overcome the essential differences between Judaism and Christianity. Christians believe in Jesus as the Christ. It is the core of their faith." And nominal Christian Timothy Dolan covers up the core symbol of Christian faith in Rabbi Rubenstein's presence, just as Pope Francis covered up his cross in the presence of the Chief Rabbis of the nuclear-weapon-armed Israeli state, as so many other Catholic prelates have hid their crosses among empowered 'Jews' for decades.

The rabbis understand very well the fact that Christianity and Judaism are essentially irreconcilable. The dialogue has never been about reconciliation between the two. It's only meant for the preoccupied Goys to believe this is so, to buy time for the fraud to continue. When the rabbis talk about 'dialogue' to their own communities they don't say they're reconciling with Christians. No, the rabbis talk about how much the Christians have changed; how they changed their doctrine, liturgy, prayers, teaching materials; all the grand gestures of repentance and submission that Christian leaders have made towards 'the Jews.' In other words, the rabbis are telling their flock that the 'Christianity' of our time is something different. It's not the same thing preached by Christ and the Apostles, hated so much by the founders of rabbinic Judaism that they arranged to have Christianity's founder, Jesus Christ, crucified.

The photo above is evidence that this pharisaic/rabbinic hate of Christ is still very much alive today even in the midst of seemingly pleasant 'dialogue.' The Pharisees' ideological heirs, the rabbis, are heirs to the same hatred. Why is this? Because so many of those who saw and heard Christ's message directly were compelled to follow Him. Christ's Good News for the people was very bad news for the Pharisees. The Pharisees were loosing the sheep who kept them in business. It remains as true as ever that when given a fair hearing the unfiltered message of the Gospel is more attractive than the message of the Pharisees. Without extreme manipulation, a large percentage of people of every background tend to hear the truth in the Gospel. This is highly problematic to the rabbis.

The image above is a symbol of the state of Christianity today. Cardinal Dolan hiding his cross in sensitivity to the rabbis' ancient hatred of Christ is a micro example of the macro whole. Nominal Christian leaders preach 'Christianity' in a manner that is sensitive to ancient rabbinic hatred of Christ. It has nothing to do with redressing wrongs of the past.

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