Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Fooled Again: Rand Paul

'Conservative' hero Ron Paul was so smitten by the yiddish pseudo-philosophy of Ayn 'Rand' Rosenbaum that he named his son after her:

Rand Paul's Libertarian isolationist policy for Palestine; Globalist Communist welfare policy for Counterfeit Israel:

“The first thing I do is say absolutely no money goes to Hamas, no foreign aid gets in the hands of Hamas,” [Rand] Paul responded. He added that he’d make sure Israel’s defense was well-supplied and funded

Very 'Rand.' This is the 'Conservative' great white hope. If they manage to elect this man of depraved moral and financial ideology they'll find out how bad it can really get.


Rand Paul prays with John Hagee's Megachurchgoers United for Counterfeit Israel:

Hasidic 'Jews' aggressively, illegally colonizing NY, NJ suburbs

I would strongly suggest that readers from suburban NY and NJ become familiar with the history of the "poor" Hasidic 'Jews' of Europe, their relationship with the governing class, and the plight of the native common people unfortunate to live under that arrangement HERE and HERE. A good starting point for study of the wealthy backers of the 'poor' Hasidic 'Jews' can be found HERE.

Please give careful consideration to the following reports which barely scratch the surface. What is happening in these expanding Hasidic ghettos in NY and NJ is essentially how parasitic Hasidic sects of 'poor Jews' bled native populations in Europe dry for centuries.

An Orthodox Final Solution

Governor Cuomo's Hasidic 'Democracy'

In Satmar's Pocket? Activists Say Governor Andrew Cuomo Is A Root Cause Of The Problems Of Rockland, Sullivan and Orange Counties In New York

When A Gubernatorial Candidate Goes Slumming In Pursuit Of Haredi Sponsorship

Satmar sect colonizes Bloomingburg, NY

New Hasidic Community Forming In Waterbury, CT

NY Governor Gives Extreme Hasidic Village $195,000 For After School Programs

Land Used For Controversial Satmar Hasidic “Shtetl” Illegally Annexed But Construction Can Continue Anyway, Court Rules

Town Of Monroe Wants To Split From Satmar Hasidic Village Of Kiryas Joel

Scandal-Plagued Haredi-Controlled School Board To Sell Unnecessarily Vacated School To Hasidim At $1 Million Below Market Value

New Jersey State Comptroller’s Medicaid Fraud Division Issues Subpoena To Haredi-Controlled Lakewood Public Schools

Saturday, July 19, 2014

"Liberté, égalité, fraternité" reaching its final destination

Christians are being culturally and physically exterminated from Middle East as direct consequence of Judaic conquest


Israeli Chief Rabbi Thanks Bush for War On Iraq

Oded Yinon, A Strategy for Israel

Netanyahu suggests pinning ISIS against Iran

ISIS burns 1,800-year-old church in Mosul

Militants from the radical jihadist group the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria have set fire to a 1,800-year-old church in Iraq’s second largest city of Mosul, a photo released Saturday shows.

The burning of the church is the latest in a series of destruction of Christian property in Mosul, which was taken by the Islamist rebels last month, along with other swathes of Iraqi territory.

A video posted on YouTube July 9 shows a tomb being destroyed with a sledgehammer which government officials said was “almost certainly” the tomb of Biblical prophet Jonah.

Earlier, Mosul’s Christians fled the city en masse before a Saturday deadline issued by the al-Qaeda-inspired Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) for them to either convert to Islam, pay tax, leave or be killed.

Al Arabiya correspondent in Iraq Majid Hamid said the deadline set by the jihadist group was 12 p.m. Iraqi time (10 a.m. GMT). Hamid reported that many Christians fled the city on Friday. It is not clear if any remained after the deadline.

Patriarch Louis Sako told AFP on Friday: “Christian families are on their way to Dohuk and Arbil,” in the neighboring autonomous region of Kurdistan. “For the first time in the history of Iraq, Mosul is now empty of Christians,” he said.

Witnesses said messages telling Christians to leave the city by Saturday were blared through loudspeakers from the city’s mosques Friday.

A statement dated from last week and purportedly issued by ISIS that took over the city and large swathes of Iraq during a sweeping offensive last month warned Mosul’s Christians they should convert, pay a special tax, leave or face death.


'Peace' Pharisee Francis Blesses WJC Purim spiel scheme

Thursday, July 17, 2014

IDF/Bratslav Hasid Pre-Gaza invasion men-only dance party

The Bratslav Hasids originally hail from the Ukraine (although the ones below are likely from Brooklyn). Read about their tyrannical, antigoyite history HERE.

Hasids expect the common am ha'aretz 'Jews' to kill the 'Goyim' for them:

Thousands of Orthodox Hasidic Jews in NYC Foley Square To Protest Israeli Draft

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Video of JDL Provocateur/Cowards at Paris "Synagogue Attack"


Evidently, a JDL member has admitted at a JDL forum to provoking a reaction from Palestine supporters to exploit as 'victimhood' as a distraction from the victims of Israeli bombs in Gaza:

“Lili, that’s precisely the point, we go there, there will obviously be someone to come and insult us. We manipulate that, and present ourselves as the victims like we did at the synagogue last week. 
If we let them protest peacefully, public opinion will only look at the number of dead on their side and will not understand we are merely defending ourselves.”

Let this be a lesson to those who would protest hatefully or violently. Let the protection racket of Judaism self-immolate. Don't feed it the hateful, violent reaction that it so desperately needs to perpetuate itself. Stay the course. Document; educate. Expect and demand that your representatives and public servants represent you, not Counterfeit Israel, and relentlessly hold them accountable if they don't.


Did you believe the false worldwide reports that a pro-Palestinian march in Paris ended in an attack on a synagogue of pure, innocent 'Jews' who were doing nothing but being 'Jews' and praying to their 'G-d'?

As always, sift away the anti-Christian European framework and blather for the facts in this representative instance of 'anti-semitic violence':

Violence outside Paris synagogue falsely attributed to anti-Semitism

I see the video at the link above of the foul-mouthed Judaic provocateurs dropping their weapons and running away from a few unarmed people as the proper context for the Judaic defamation of the French people for their opposition to the disastrous Judeo-provocateured Iraq 'war' as "cowards who drop their weapons and run."

AMIA False Flag was Francis/Bergoglio's pretext to install mandatory 'Holocaust education' in Argentina Catholic schools

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Counterfeit Israel Spends 'Victim' Capital Recently Lavished upon it by Counterfeit Pope Francis

In 2009 we remarked upon how Pharisee Benedict XVI had rushed to give comfort and aid to the Israelis following their 2009 rampage and massacre on Gaza.

Now we see that formula working in reverse. Pharisee Francis delivered the self-chosen Judaic eternal victimhood capital to the Israelis up front and they're spending that capital in Gaza right now.

In the age of cheap video devices and youtube (and a handful of international journalists worthy of the name) this cruel, wildly disproportionate traditional Judaic vengeance would not be possible to weather without leaders of 'the Goyim' running cover. And the efforts of the two most recent Pharisees in Pope's clothing are unsurpassed towards that end. May they both be remembered as the full members of antichrist, savage Counterfeit Israel that they are for all eternity.

Also see:

If you believe the maniacally disproportionate vengeance meted out by Counterfeit Israel is anything but entirely consistent with "the enlightened teachings of Jewish Universalism," you've been horribly deceived.


"… we have to find a way, we have to push religious leaders to say some words, which are positive to Jews. And we have transfer, we have to deliver these words to simple people. If, let say, Pope, whoever, or Imam or I don’t know who, has to be top level religious people – they have to say good words about Jews. How we could achieve it? It is our target, our job. I will tell you later what we do in this way. But we have to do it not only in a room, we have to do it through media to deliver it to hundreds millions, so when simple people hear what the leaders are saying, believe me, they follow their leaders."

Friday, July 4, 2014

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Dear Traditionalist

Pope St. Pius X did say that the synthesis of all heresies was modernism. If he was living today, perhaps he would recognize, and warn that the synthesis of all modernism (none of which is really new) is 'Noahidism.' 

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Cardinal Timothy Dolan Honors Pharisee Lord Jonathan Sacks at 'Religious Freedom' Award Acceptance

Beware ye of the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy.

NY Archdiocese Archpharisee, Cardinal Timothy Dolan recently joined in honoring Pharisee Lord Johnathan Sacks who received:

the highest honour awarded by the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, America’s premier religious liberty law firm, at the 19th anniversary Canterbury Medal Dinner at the Pierre in New York City, NY. Each year, Becket’s Canterbury Medal is given to an individual who has “most resolutely refused to render to Caesar that which is God’s.”

Rabbi Sacks’ acceptance speech where he "offered a passionate defence of religious liberty, explaining why it was not just important to American society, but to the world" can be seen HERE.

Typical of Pharisees and their religion, Orthodox Judaism, there is going to be a double standard involved, as our Lord, Jesus Christ warned us that the leaven, or doctrine of the Pharisees is hypocrisy and this case is typical in that regard.

Pharisee Sacks is a promoter of Christendom-weakening 'religious liberty' everywhere in the world that there is a Christian majority and a Judaic minority. The 'religious liberty' which Pharisee Sacks champions is the liberty for a tiny minority of antigoyite Chabad Lubavitchers to "erect" a 30' tall menorah in front of the White House each year and 'liberty' for the Christian majority to be endlessly harassed by the legal system for any Christian symbolism on public property.

But in the Israeli state where there is a Judaic majority and a fast disappearing Christian minority regularly threatened, spat upon and attacked by members of the Judaic majority; where it is illegal to preach the Gospel and where immigration laws ban Christians from new citizenship, etc., etc., etc., Pharisee Sacks' cry for religious liberty is utterly absent. His 'religious liberty' is a hypocritical, self-serving ruse.

And by the way, the seemingly well refined, modern Pharisee Sacks is a self-admitted devotee of the dead Messiah of racial supremacist Chabad Lubavitch Judaism, Menachem Schneerson. Sacks says that he closely followed Schneerson's personal orders throughout his life, which of course entailed deceptively proselytizing the 'Goyim' to follow the 'Noahide laws' by appearing modern on the outside but being Chabad on the inside, as we documented HERE.

Also see:


The Judaic Propensity to Have It Both Ways

Judaic Advocate of Mass Sterilization of Germans Called Fr. Coughlin a "Bigot"

Pope Francis gives the Italian Mafia Hell but High Praise to the Judaic Mafia

Judaic Activist Promotes Female Religious Leadership for 'the Goyim,' not for 'Jews'

A Lesson in Multiculturalism

Alan Shatter's Duplicitous Principles

Chabad Business Required "Noahide Law" Training for Workers it Abused and Defrauded

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Who is Pope Francis to Judge? The Pharisees' front man, that's who

'Nonjudgemental' Pope Francis casts judgement: "We even have those who deny the Holocaust, which is crazy."

Here we see Pope Francis, like fellow liberal, progressive, enlightened, inclusive, nonjudgmental, and most of all, tolerant, 'Holocaust' usurer, Phil Weiss, summarily JUDGE those who 'deny the Holocaust' to be mentally insane and therefore fit to inhabit the furthest outer fringes, if not a solitary confinement cell or some European dungeon.

'Nonjudgemental' Pope Francis 'humbly' enables his bolshevik comrades to drive Israeli D-9 bulldozers over perennial Church doctrine and morality but where offenses against the purim spiel doctrine of Judaism are found, Francis casts unambiguous, harsh judgement.

The only authority Pope Francis has is that bestowed upon him by the Pharisees to lead the Christian flock into their jaws. Run for your temporal and spiritual lives away from him.

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Pope Francis and the primacy of 'The Holocaust'

Francis' Incorrect Diagnosis and Poisonous Prescription

Catholic Tradition-Wrecking Pope Francis Works to Preserve Backwards Rabbinic Kosher Slaughter Tradition

The Papacy Makes a Mockery of Christian Ethics with it's Inquisition Against 'Holocaust Denial'

For context see:

Auschwitz: The Golgotha of the Modern Church

Did the Papacy Violate Christian Ethics on the Issue of “Holocaust Denial”?

By Paul Grubach

According to a June 13, 2014 news report, Pope Francis claimed in an interview to a Spanish newspaper that “Holocaust Denial” is “madness.” This truly is a bizarre statement on the Pope’s part, because with regard to the traditional Holocaust story, the Papacy has a documented track record of piously promoting Holocaust falsehood, while the Holocaust Revisionists have promoted the truth. Hearwith:

At the postwar Nuremberg Tribunal, the Allies charged that the Germans exterminated four million people at Auschwitz. Until 1990, a memorial plaque at Auschwitz read: “Four Million People Suffered and Died Here at the Hands of the Nazi Murderers Between the Years 1940 and 1945.” During a 1979 visit to the camp, Pope John Paul II stood before this memorial and blessed the alleged four million victims.

In July 1990, the Polish government’s Auschwitz State Museum, along with Israel’s Yad Vashem Holocaust center, conceded that the four million figure was a gross exaggeration, and references to it were accordingly removed from the Auschwitz monument. Israeli and Polish officials then announced a tentative revised toll of about 1.1 million Auschwitz dead.

Around September of 1989, mainstream Holocaust historians began admitting that the four million figure was a deliberate myth. According to Israeli historian Yehuda Bauer, the Poles wanted to create a “national myth,” so this “required” that a large number of both Poles and Jews lost their lives at Auschwitz. Polish propagandists intentionally exaggerated the figures, and told the world that 1.5 million Poles and 2.5 million Jews were murdered at Auschwitz concentration camp. Dutch-Jewish historian Robert Jan van Pelt noted the four million falsehood was originally established by the Soviets, and then later used by the communist rulers of Poland for their own political goal of laying claim to formerly German territories.

With regard to the politically inspired falsehood that four million people were murdered at Auschwitz, the late Pope John Paul II proposed it should be used as a “religious inspiration.” We let the New York Times pick up the story here about his June of 1979 religious service at the Auschwitz concentration camp: “His voice going hoarse on the sixth day of the visit to his native Poland, the Pope asked that all his listeners commit themselves to the care of human beings and the oppressed, in testimony for the four million—including two and a half million Jews—who died in the camps he could see from the raised altar platform.”

Here we have a clear example of John Paul II lending his immense moral authority to a propaganda lie. How many millions of Christians believed the four million falsehood because the Pope himself lent his moral power to it?

If Pope John Paul II had real moral integrity on this issue, he would have publicly apologized for lending his moral authority to a falsehood and misleading his flock. At the very least, he should have shown moral integrity by publicly admitting that the Auschwitz death toll of four million is a gross exaggeration. But he never did this. Nor has any official of the Catholic Church (such as Pope Francis) ever publicly apologized for the Papal wrong of lending moral credence to the propaganda lie that four million people were murdered at Auschwitz.

Let us look at this from another angle. In Exodus 20:16 it is written: “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.” Now, this false claim that the Germans murdered four million people at Auschwitz is in fact an example of various political elites (the Soviets, Polish communists, the Allies) bearing false witness against their German neighbors. Pope John Paul II never publicly apologized for helping these political elites to “bear false witness against their neighbor.” This shows that even the so-called “moral conscience” of the West had questionable moral integrity on this Holocaust issue.

It is fair to say, I believe, that this significant expose and revision concerning the number of alleged deaths at Auschwitz was the result of what was publicly revealed by Holocaust Revisionist Ernst Zundel’s defense team at his world-shaking trials in Toronto, Canada in 1985 and 1988. Ergo, regarding the “four million murdered at Auschwitz” claim, it is the “Holocaust Denier” Ernst Zundel that brought TRUTH to the people and it was the Papacy that helped to promote Holocaust falsehood. In view of this, how dare Pope Francis claim that “Holocaust Denial is madness!”

There is no commandment in the Bible that says: “You shall believe in the Holocaust ideology.” However, there are statements in the New Testament that command the Christian to search for truth. So it is written in Mark 10: 19: “You know the commandments: You shall not bear false witness.” In John 3: 21, we read: “But he who does what is true comes to the light, that it may be clearly seen that his deeds have been wrought in God.” In John 8: 31-32, it is stated: “If you continue in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” In 1 John 2: 21, this theme of finding truth is again stated: “I write to you, not because you do not know the truth, but because you know it, and know that no lie is of the truth.” Finally, to illustrate the point, let us quote Exodus 20: 16: “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.” These statements clearly imply that followers of the Bible’s teachings will search for truth and reject lies.

Herein lies the ultimate lesson of Pope John Paul II’s promotion of the “four-million-murdered-at-Auschwitz” falsehood. A Christian does not find the truth about the alleged Holocaust by blindly accepting what the mass media and various political elites tell him to believe. For if he did, he could end up like Pope John Paul II who accepted and promoted the propaganda falsehood that four million people were murdered at Auschwitz.

In conclusion, the real Christian strives for the truth. He gives the revisionist and traditional view of the Holocaust a fair hearing, and then attempts to determine where the truth really is. The “Holocaust” is an ideological interpretation of history that is propagated worldwide by various power elites. It is to be evaluated with the same set of rational-scientific methods that historians and political scientists apply to other doctrines of this nature.


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cardinal O'Connor's sister's Yiddish Yarn


"It was a surprise I never expected … The late Mayor Ed Koch said, “I loved John Cardinal O’Connor as I did my own flesh and blood brother… [Cardinal O'Connor] revered the Jewish people for their sublime dignity as God’s chosen race … He would have considered it the greatest honor to be united with ties of blood to the race that bore our Savior Jesus Christ and His Holy Mother. I see now that my brother’s entire life was shaped by the faith of Jewish people."

I strongly suspect that in the future, evidence will be aired showing that Cardinal O'Connor was very aware that his maternal grandfather was a rabbi and kashrut butcher and that his lifetime of bolshevik Judaizing and Zionism was was done under the guise of an Irish Catholic (also see: Malachi Martin, Bill Buckley) because the wicked 'Goyim' would have killed all the perfectly innocent 'Jews' otherwise; the bolshevik thesis of John Connelly's ridiculous From Enemy to Brother --that Christians were so hopelessly mired in ossified traditions of "Jew hate" that it was only by the "heroic" efforts of Judaic "converts" that Catholics could be converted to the 'truth' of Novus Ordo subservient Judaism enabling--which was commented on HERE.

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The 'Holocaust' Stream of Transmission Back from Cardinal O'Connor

Cushing, Spellman, O'Connor: The Surprising Story of How Three American Cardinals Transformed Catholic-Jewish Relations

"From Enemy to Brother"

"After Auschwitz it is the Christian world that is in need of conversion."

The File on Malachi Martin

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Pope Francis and the primacy of 'The Holocaust'

During Pope Francis' strange 'address' at Yad Vashem, notable for misuse of Old Testament Scripture, much of it anachronistic, and Francis' humbly speaking with the Divine I (in other words, making God out to be the speaker of Francis' words), at its climax Francis co-opts an anachronistic Old Testament passage of Scripture to make a statement of great 'Noahide' Novus Ordo theological and philosophical profundity:

A great evil has befallen us, such as never happened under the heavens.

This statement is clearly referring to 'The Holocaust,' which, according to Francis, is "a great evil, such as never happened under the heavens." 

Do you believe Francis; that 'The Holocaust' is the greatest evil ever to have happened under the heavens? If you're a claimant to the Christian faith and all of its theological and philosophical truths, its not possible, not even remotely.

Jesus Christ is God incarnate. Men laid hands on Him and killed Him; they killed God; Deicide; yes that term which we're supposed to view as odious and impermissable, because of the theological and philosophical truth that it contains so succinctly in one word. There is no possible, even conceivable evil greater than killing God incarnate, Jesus Christ. The next possible evil in the hierarchy of evil is unfathomable cosmic degrees below the killing of God incarnate to any believing and theologically, philosphically understanding Christian.

Dear Christian reader, if you don't understand this, you don't really understand the Christian religion and could probably be led to believe most anything disguising itself as such, such as the loathsome Holocaustianity of Pope Francis which professes that an alleged Judeocide is a greater evil than the Deicide.

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Auschwitz, the Golgotha of the Modern Church

Francis and Netanyahu's Counterfeit Jesus Pilpul

It's reported that during Pope Francis' recent damage control mission to Counterfeit Israel that he "sparred" (engaged in pilpul) with Israeli Prime Pharisee Benjamin Netanyahu over the language that Jesus spoke. This event is a fine example of how pilpul functions.

Netanyahu says that "Jesus spoke Hebrew," making no distinction between the Yiddish 'Hebrew' slang that Netanyau speaks (which owes more to the European language and culture and post-Temple rabbinic depravity that it developed within than ancient biblical Hebrew that it is remote from in time and place) and the biblical Hebrew and Greek that Jesus spoke in relation to biblical themes (which is most definitely not the 'Hebrew' that Netanyahu and his fellow Khazar 'Jews' of Counterfeit Israel speak). Most observers know of no such distinction and Netanyahu, as is typical of Pharisees, is wont to exploit such ignorance for his benefit.

Netanyahu's self-serving false thesis is that Jesus is a lot like him; 'Jesus spoke the same language as him' after all.

Then comes Francis' antithesis, "Jesus spoke Aramaic," making no distinction between the language Jesus would speak in common affairs and the ancient biblical Hebrew and Greek that Jesus read and spoke when dealing in scriptural matters. The response of post-postmodernist liberals was rapturous, the Pope was speaking to them and contrary to the true Jesus; 'Jesus, a peasant humanitarian revolutionary spoke the language of the common man.' Moreover, contrary to Judaic objections, it pleases the rabbis immensely to have Jesus robbed of His true Israelite patrimony and heritage, and transmuted into some kind of 'Noahide' leader for 'the Goyim,' and Pope Francis is their helper in this endeavor. At a further level of this palimpsest, Aramaic is, even more so than mishnaic Hebrew, the language of rabbinic Judaism, which the Novus Ordo Church clearly, falsely, attempts to associate Jesus with.

Spinning off from this is further debate and controversy leading observers even further from the true Jesus who definitely spoke Aramaic in common matters to common people, biblical Hebrew and Greek in Scriptural matters, and certainly never Yiddish modern 'Hebrew,' mishnaic Hebrew, rabbinic Aramaic, neo-Aramaic or Arabic, and all that this implicates which is a great deal for those paying attention.

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Counterfeit Israel's Counterfeit Jesus

"the Shema, the pledge of allegiance to the People of Israel"

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Framing of Pope Francis' 'separation wall' moment

Initially, [Pope Francis] seemed to express awe as he reached out his hand to touch just under [graffiti writer] Abu Srour’s hurried handiwork,  “Pope, Bethlehem look like Warsaw ghetto.” Mondoweiss

Establishment gatekeepers, including the Judeo-supremacist anti-Zionist wing, will not permit a propaganda victory for the Palestinian people unless it is deferential to the establishment benchmark; Judaic suffering ('like the Warsaw ghetto').

The people of the Gaza ghetto, ignored once again, can't eat, shelter themselves or save their souls with your 'balance,' Pope Francis.

Your enabling of the oppressor is anti-Christ in the extreme. You are no vicar of Jesus Christ. Even your post-postmodern humanist posturing is a sham.

True merciful souls who thirst for true justice will not settle for crumb-throwing gestures toward the oppressed as 'balance' to lavish, comforting acts of aid benefitting the powerful. And balancing aid between the weak and powerful is not something to be sought by a Christ figure to begin with. The needy are in need, not the privileged. But these materially privileged, powerful 'Jews' are in need of the Gospel which you coldly deny them.

The weak and oppressed need the jackboot of 'unique' Judaic suffering removed from their neck before there can be any talk of justice. No one who leaves the 'suffering' Judeo-supremacist jackboot on the neck of the oppressed as they offer a hand should be taken seriously. Enough 'Holocaust' primacy.

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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Following son's alleged mass murder spree, Hunger Games director proselytizes via his lawyer

Orthodox Judaic 'youths' anti-Christ pamphlet rife with teachings of Orthodox Judaism well known to Novus Ordo Popes

Mondoweiss has published a copy of a pamphlet (see below) being handed out by Orthodox Judaic 'youths' in Jerusalem protesting Pope Francis' visit. Contrary to the hasbara framing of the content and distributors of the pamphlet as "extremist" it is in fact a true representation of the tyranny and ugliness of the religion of Orthodox Judaism as anyone taking the time to source the uncensored texts of Maimonides, the codifier of Orthodox Judaism cited in the pamphlet, will see for themselves.

There is much to be observed in the details surrounding these "extremist" Orthodox Judaic 'youths.' First, we have seen reports that the Israeli Police and intelligence know who they are and who their leaders are but have done absolutely nothing about it until now that the Pope is soon to arrive on a damage control mission for them. There are even reports that many of them have been detained until the Pope leaves. Then, naturally, the Orthodox Judaic 'price tag' terrorism will resume.

The pamphlet makes reference to the 7 'Noahide laws' which Orthodox Judaism intends to impose on all non-Judaic people. We know that the Novus Ordo popes are aware of this two-tiered tyranny of Orthodox Judaism because their commission for religious relations with 'the Jews' officially recognized the 'Noahide laws' in 2007 as we documented HERE.

Moreover, Pope "Saint" John Paul II cited the teaching of Maimonides contained in the final paragraph of the pamphlet which addresses the messianic age (according to the rabbis), as we documented in 2007 HERE.

The pamphlet also frankly admits that Orthodox Judaism takes full responsibility for the execution of Christ as we've documented HERE.

We can also see that, as I've said earlier, the so-called "extremist" price tag terrorists are in fact moderates because they're commanded to, among other things, destroy Christian 'idolatrous' altars. So quite truthfully, spray painting some blasphemies and slashing tires is mild in comparison to what is coming when these 'youths' are further emboldened to follow the teachings of their religion, Orthodox Judaism.

And lastly, we see these followers of Orthodox Judaism employing the Orthodox Judaic acronym "Yeshu" meaning: 'may the name and memory of Jesus be wiped out.' We documented that Pope Francis' favorite painting contains this very same blasphemous attack against Jesus Christ HERE.

So, as we can see, contrary to the framing of these followers of Orthodox Judaism as anti-Pope extremists, they and the Novus Ordo Popes are very much on the same anti-Christ page.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

"Balance," Pope Francis/Rabbi Skorka/The New York Times style

From The New York Times:

Pope Francis plans to give a strong show of support for a sovereign Palestinian state when he makes his first visit to the Holy Land this weekend, becoming the first pontiff to travel directly into the occupied West Bank rather than passing through Israel …

Francis, who said on Wednesday that his three-day visit was “purely a religious trip,” is striving for balance, and so on Monday he plans to become the first Vatican leader to lay a wreath on the grave of Theodor Herzl, the founder of Zionism. Paying homage to a man who envisioned the Jewish state has become standard for leaders visiting Israel …

“He will try to balance,” Rabbi Skorka, who will accompany the pope in Israel, told reporters in Jerusalem on Wednesday. “This is going to be his policy in his speeches and in his acts. Total balance, this is what he is.”

The pope’s decision to visit Herzl’s grave, 110 years after Pope Pius X harshly rejected Herzl’s appeal for support, is, for Israelis, a significant signal to offset his embrace of Palestine as a state. (Jodi Rudoren and Isabel Kershner, "Seeking Balance on Mideast Visit, Pope Pleases Few," The New York Times, May 21, 2014)

Did you catch the finger on the scale of this rigged 'balance' act?

On one side of the scale we have Pope Francis traveling directly to the West Bank "rather than passing through 'Israel" first and recognizing Palestine. This seems to me to be pretty unexceptional, that a religious/political figure would go directly where he intends to go and recognize it, and it would be unexceptional in any other place, if it were not for the entirely unbalanced expectations of Counterfeit Israel. And the 'Palestine' that Francis is recognizing is a few scraps of the Palestine that 'the Jews' stole to prop up Counterfeit Israel in its place.

That's one side of the Pope's so-called 'balancing' act.

On the other side of the scale we have Pope Francis spitting on the grave of his predecessor, Pope St. Pius X (whose ring Herzl refused to kiss as was 'standard for leaders visiting the Pope') by completely contradicting his answer to Theodore Herzl's request for the Church's recognition of Zionism ("We cannot recognize the Jews [desire to move to Palestine] because the Jews have not recognized our Lord") by honoring Herzl at his grave ("correcting a grave injustice," according to Judaic 'balance').

But Francis is spitting on all Palestinians, Christians and Muslims by laying a wreath on Herzl's grave in Jerusalem, when Herzl traveled the world claiming that 'the Jews' had no intention of claiming Jerusalem ("only the secular land of Palestine"); that Jerusalem would be internationalized. Moreover, Pope St. Pius X's "harsh rejection" (according to Rudoren and Kershner) was him simply upholding the teaching of his religion in response to the outrageous Zionist plan, and demonstrating good sense, as any half-informed person could have foreseen the calamity Zionist fanaticism has resulted in. Like his brothers in the talmudic faith, Pope Francis is spitting on Catholicism itself.

This is what passes for 'balance' in the madhouse of Judaic culture imposed on us by the Pope and The New York Times who represent one and the same force.

This is the 'balance' of a Church that mauls its own theology, liturgy, prayers and teaching materials while on the other side of the scale 'the Jews' continue praying and working for our destruction and their canonized teachings of hatred, racial supremacy and genocide remain entirely intact and in force.

This is the 'balance' of a 'peace process' where 'Jews' take all of the land while pretending to negotiate over it.

This is the 'balance' of Palestinian "rocket" attacks that make a black mark in the desert or at worst a hole in a building being returned by Israeli arial bombings and missile attacks flattening entire neighborhoods.

This is the 'balance' of Rabbi Eliyahu proclaiming the talmudic 'wisdom,' "One yeshiva boy is worth more than the lives of 1,000 Arabs"

This is the 'balance' of the codifier of Judaism, Maimonides teaching that an entire non-Judaic city should be massacred because of the wrongdoing of only one of its citizens.

And this, ultimately is the source of the wildly disproportionate 'balance' of Judaic culture; the completely unbalanced rabbis who created it. The time to recognize this reality is long past due.

Monday, May 19, 2014

You cannot exaggerate the importance of Pope Francis' damage control mission to Counterfeit Israel

"Israel" has been struggling with damage control following a wave of anti-Christ so-called "price tag" hate crimes by Israelis

"You cannot exaggerate the importance of this visit on both a national and an international level," [Israeli Police Commissioner Yohanan Danino] told reporters, saying an extra 8,000 police officers would be deployed throughout Jerusalem for the duration of the visit.

"This is a historic visit from his point of view, it is the first official visit outside the Vatican and he chose it to be here in Israel, and we will do everything to make it a success," he said. ("Israel warns extremists ahead of papal visit," Al Jazeera, 18 May 2014)


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What we can glean from Cardinal Koch's preview of Pope Francis' pilgrimage to Counterfeit Israel

The following is an extract from a Vatican Radio interview with Cardinal Kurt Koch previewing Pope Francis' pilgrimage to Counterfeit Israel.

Vatican Radio: Another important focus is the Jewish- Catholics dimension as the Pope visits Yad Vashem and the Western Wall….what are your expectations for these meetings?

Cardinal Kurt Koch: This meeting with the Jewish people has two levels, first of all the meeting with the authorities of the State of Israel, the president, prime minister and other authorities and I think it’s a very beautiful opportunity to deepen the diplomatic and political relations between the Vatican and the State of Israel. The second level is the meeting with the Chief Rabbinate of Jerusalem and our commission for the religious relations with the Jews has a long time dialogue with the two chief rabbinates in Jerusalem and I think this is also a good opportunity to deepen this dialogue with a religious dimension and to prepare new steps for the future.


We have documented that the Chief Rabbinate of Counterfeit Israel, representatives of anti-Christ Orthodox Judaism, required the most ancient prayer of the Catholic liturgy to be changed and that Pope Benedict made that change for them. We documented the rabbis' reasons for requiring that change here:

The Rabbis' Hatred for the Good Friday Liturgy is Based in their Hatred for Moses and Isaiah

We documented Pope Benedict's explanation for his new Good Friday prayer that he dropped like a Cuckoo egg into the Good Friday liturgy HERE.

We have documented that the Vatican Commission for Religious Relations with 'the Jews,' which Cardinal Koch refers to above, has:

1. Formally recognized the anti-biblical, rabbi-concoted 'Noahide Laws' and fraudulently suggested that they're 'reflected' in the New Testament HERE.

2. Invited Meir Tamari, the chief economist of the Bank of Counterfeit Israel to speak on the topic "Religious perspectives on the current financial crisis: vision for a just economic order." We documented that Meir Tamari has written extensively upholding the teaching of Orthodox Judaism that 'Jews' should receive interest free loans while non-'Jews' should pay usury HERE.

Also, we documented that Pope Benedict invited a member of the Chief Rabbinate and Commission for Religious Relations with the 'Jews' joint committee, Rabbi Shear-Yashuv 'Cohen,' to teach interpretation of Scripture at a synod of bishops HERE.

No concession even remotely approaching any of these and many many others has been made by the rabbis for their anti-Christ, anti-goyite, tyrannical, genocidal hate religion.

The acts of treachery listed above alone constitute a complete overthrow of the Mission of Christ and His Gospel. But we're being told that 'religious relations' with 'the Jews' are to become 'deeper' and that 'new steps are being prepared' for the future. Dear reader, your willful blindness and muteness are not making this problem go away.

There has been very little attention drawn to these very real attacks on the Catholic religion, and indeed all non-Judaic people, by the 'traditional Catholics'. In fact, one of the leaders of this traditional Catholic 'resistance' which is no resistance is a promoter of a book of nonsense which makes Jesus defer to the Pharisee Hillel. If I'm the only one taking these things seriously enough to even say something about it there's no good reason to believe that it won't get much worse and very soon. 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

A confluence of true arrogance with false humility

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