Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Orthodox 'Jews' indicted in historic Catholic church burning previously burned other churches, attacked graveyards, Palestinians

This token gesture of 'justice' is only happening because in this most recent Orthodox Judaic attack on a Catholic church, there was substantial international reporting which called attention to the religious motive of the Judaic terrorists. Independent Catholic news orgs in the U.S. finally did some adequate reporting on this latest church attack and drew attention to the Orthodox Judaic motive.

No one reading the report below should be lead to believe that 'Israel' has any concern for Christian or Palestinian rights or welfare. It only means that 'Israel' is extremely sensitive to its image abroad. If that is the only means of assuring that non-Judaic people can have even a semblance of security in this region, then we must keep up the honest reporting.

The Church of the Multiplication on the Sea of Galilee was burned by Orthodox 'Jews' who also spray painted the church with hate graffiti from the Aleinu prayer which every Orthodox 'Jew' prays three times every day, June 18, 2015. The Judaic attackers likely chose the 18th because 18 has strong cabalistic significance, meaning 'life' (Chai: Judaic life, that is). In Orthodox Judaism, Judaic 'life' is strengthened when non-Judaic life is weakened

Men indicted in historic church attack previously hit churches, Palestinians

July 29, 2015

JERUSALEM (JTA) — The two men indicted in the alleged arson attack on a historic church in northern Israel has previously been involved in attacks on churches and Palestinians.

The two suspects, ages 19 and 20, were indicted Wednesday on Nazareth Magistrate’s Court in connection with the June 18 attack on the Church of the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fishes.

“Administrative steps” will be taken against three other suspects who were not indicted, Israel’s Shin Bet security agency said in a statement issued Wednesday.

The group, which has “an extremist ideology,” has operated since 2013, according to the Shin Bet, and “aspires to change the regime and bring about the redemption via various stages of action.”

Some of the activists have been involved with the settler hilltop youth in the West Bank as well.

The group began with anti-Christian activity, including vandalizing and arsoning Christian sites, and also tried unsuccessfully to disrupt the May 2014 visit to Israel and the West Bank of Pope Benedict XVI. In the last year it also perpetrated arson attacks on Palestinian homes, according to the Shin Bet.

“The Israel Security Agency and the Israel Police view with utmost gravity any intent or action to attack religious sites in the State of Israel and will work together in order to foil the activity,” the statement said.

Police initially detained 16 youths in the attack on the historic Church of the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fishes, who were hiking in the area on the evening before the attack.

Along with the fire that struck the church, located on the northwest shore of the Sea of Galilee, graffiti reading “False idols will be smashed” and “pagans” were found on its walls. The site is where Jesus is believed to have fed thousands of people with five loaves of bread and two fish.

Built on the site of a fifth-century church, the church contains restored mosaic floors from the time period. The fire reportedly damaged the church’s roof and structure and burned hundreds of books, according to Haaretz.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pollard release illustrates that treason is an alien concept to Judaism. Loyalty is due only to fellow 'Jews'

The essay below is taken from "The official website authorized by Jonathan and Esther Pollard"

Esther, how appropriate for a treasonous Judaic fellow in our midst to have a wife named 'Esther.' If this doesn't ring any bells, then please read Queen Esther: Patron Saint of Judaic Duplicity in Goy Societies.

To the Judaic mindset, Jonathan Pollard, a man clearly guilty of high treason to the nation of which he was nominally a citizen, is a "captive." Note well, according to the rabbis, a 'Jew' guilty of treason to a non-Judaic nation is not guilty of anything. Quite the contrary; that Goy nation is guilty of holding the treasonous  Judaic spy, Pollard, "captive." Naturally for the rabbis, a "captive" 'Jew' must be "redeemed." To do so is a "great Mitzvah." Everything that we've witnessed from Judaic society regarding Jonathan Pollard and the extraordinary efforts to "redeem" him from "captivity" testifies to this.

Note that while maintaining and acting on these tribe-first-and-last beliefs, they tell us Pollard should be released because 'he was working for our ally Israel.' But this is only double-speak for Goy consumption. The truth is, a non-Judaic ally in Judaism is not even conceivable. There are only situational, pragmatic relationships of expedience with loathsome Goys that can turn on a dime if and when tribal concerns require it.

The Pollard Affair - To Free A Captive Is To Free G-d

Rabbi Efraim Sprecher - July 1, 2009

"The sword is worse than death, famine is worse than the sword, captivity is worst of all"
(Babylonian Talmud, Bava Batra 8a)

Throughout history, Jews have gone to remarkable lengths to retrieve their brethren from hostile hands. This mitzvah is referred to in rabbinic literature as "pidyon shvuyim" (redemption of captives). It is the only precept designated by the Talmud as a "mitzvah rabba" (great mitzvah). Its special status in Jewish law goes to the heart of defining the moral and material dimensions of the value of human life.

Oddly, however, given its unique standing in Jewish law, no specific directive to redeem captives is found anywhere in the Bible. Maimonides and other authorities do list a series of Biblical precepts that are violated, if one is remiss in fulfilling this duty. One - the obligation not to "rule over him (your fellow man) ruthlessly" (Leviticus 25:43) - is found in the Torah portion Behar. Yet this verse actually refers to the proper treatment of Jewish slaves owned by other Jews, not to the rescue of Jews from non-Jewish hands.

In fact, none of the verses cited by Maimonides in his major Halachic work "Yad Hazakah", refers directly to the rescue of captives. This duty, he explains, falls under the general rule of mandated assistance to the hungry, the naked and the imperiled.

The absence of a distinct legal imperative to rescue captives is offset by the high profile afforded this subject in the Biblical narrative. Abraham, the first redeemer of captives, risked everything by going to war against the great regional powers in order to rescue his captured kinsman Lot (Genesis 14). In Numbers 21, the nation of Israel initiated a war to retrieve (according to rabbinic tradition) a single captive of non-Jewish origin, whom the Canaanites had taken in battle. And King David responded similarly when Jewish captives were taken by the Amalekites (I Samuel 30). In all these cases, the mode of response was uncompromising, even in the absence of an explicit Divine command.

How are we to understand this absence of an explicit order to fulfill the 'great mitzvah"? The answer may lie in Rabbi Bachya ben Asher's "Kad Hachmah," which refers us to the Ten Commandments. In the First Commandment, which many Halachic authorities understood as the precept to believe in G-d, the Almighty presents Himself as the Great Redeemer, "I am the Lord your G-d, Who has taken you out of Egypt." Rabbi Bachya, like other commentators, is perplexed by the verse's reference to the Exodus. If any feat were to be highlighted in this identifying statement, surely the creation of universe is the most obvious choice. Why settle for a more "local" and less extraordinary miracle? Rabbi Bachya concludes that the verse describes G-d as the Redeemer of captives, as an exhortation to become like Him.

Thus it would appear that the rescue of captives is so cardinal a principle that it merits implicit mention in the fundamental Jewish tenet: to believe in G-d. How can we explain this? Jewish sources state that there is more than one type of captive. The Talmud (Berakhot 8a) describes G-d Himself as a "captive," Who can be "redeemed only through our observance of mitzvot and study of Torah.

Kabbalah teaches that the redemption of captive is a symbol of the entire 613 commandments. While G-d in Himself is infinite, His hidden presence in the world - the Shechinah - is perceived as being in exile and can be redeemed from its "imprisonment" through our good deeds. Thus, the fulfillment of all commandments is an act of redeeming captives that releases the spiritual potential latent in all corporeal (physical) reality.

Finally, the very term "redemption of captives" suggests that even the liberation of flesh-and-blood prisoners involves something larger than the restoration of their freedom. In rabbinic sources, this term is always give in the plural, suggesting that there is no such thing as a single captive, for the Jewish nation is understood as an organic "spiritual whole" - that acts as a vehicle for the revelation of G-d. This wholeness is viewed as a prerequisite for the revelation at Mount Sinai, the Messianic era, and the ultimate fulfillment of Jewish destiny.

Thus, as long as Jonathan Pollard is in captivity, all of us are in captivity as well.

Bio Note: The author, Rabbi Efraim Sprecher, is the Dean of Students of The Diaspora Yeshiva, Jerusalem.

'Common Values,' Trump's Judaic advisor Michael Cohen preaches 'Jewish' law: 'legally a man can't be guilty of raping his wife'

According to rabbinic law a wife is to be used like "Meat from the butcher or fish from the fishmonger" that's the status of the woman in Orthodox Judaism (Babylonian Talmud, tractate Nedarim 20b).

Also, rabbinic law permits a Judaic soldier to rape non-Judaic women during wartime, documented HERE. I hope that readers will keep that thought in mind as they consider the mass-rapings of German women by the Judeobolshevik Red Army during and following WWII.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Cardinal Timothy Dolan, a gold-loving political whore

Timothy Dolan recently joined in a celebration of Abraham Foxman's manifold accomplishments as an enforcer for the Judaic mafia. After 28 years of relentless bullying, smear-campaigning, career-wrecking, culture and religion-destroying, etc. Foxman is retiring from the misnamed ADL; an organization that exists to assure that Judaic defamation of others is entirely unchallenged.

Abraham Foxman has spent his life, primarily, demonizing and contriving to alter and rewrite the Catholic religion which in its 'anti-semitic,' pre-Vatican II state inspired his Catholic nanny to preserve his life during World War II at great risk to herself. Foxman's return on this Christian act of sacrifice, with usury, could tempt one nearly to believe it was a mistake, but that says more about him than anything else.

It's well beyond the scope of this posting to accurately assess the cultural catastrophe strewn in Foxman's wake, but one of his representative works demands mention. This was Foxman's sit-down with Ukrainian government officials during which he threatened them to cease their efforts to have the Ukrainian genocide recognized, documented HERE. The motivation was obvious. The Ukrainian genocide (referred to as the 'Holodomor') was intentionally engineered by 'Uncle Joe' Stalin and his willing Judaic executioners. Having succeeded in bullying the Ukraine to shut up about the largely Judeo-perpetrated genocide of tens of millions of its Christian people, Foxman cleared the way for a 'Catholic' con-man who goes by the name 'Father' Patrick Desbois, together with the AJC, to install monuments throughout the Ukraine memorializing an alleged 'Holocaust' of 'Jews' there, see HERE and HERE.

Timothy Dolan's involvement in such iniquitous business with such characters is so constant as to have become blasé. We've covered it HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and elsewhere.

What we've recently felt compelled to comment on is Dolan's propensity to hide his cross from view of his fellow mobsters of the Judaic self-faith HERE and HERE.

Matthew Bell of alerted us to this recent image of Timothy Dolan below in which it appears that he has not hidden his cross in a pocket, as usual, but rather, completely removed it and left it home so that he wears only a barren gold chain around his neck; so hateful of the cross of salvation are his Judaic brothers and so sensitive and accommodating is he to their hatred.

Truly, I find it appropriate for Timothy Dolan (whose acts of selfish ambition conclusively reveal him to be a simple, non-Christian political whore) to wear a bare chain of gold around his neck. And I say unreservedly, barring a miraculous conversion to Christ, and lifetime of penance in seclusion, it would be better for Timothy Dolan, and for all of us, if he were to hang himself like Judas from that gold chain than to continue in his collusion with the Pharisees, scandalizing and sending souls to hell through his satanic misdirection and example.

God, please, in a testament to your greatness, gloriously convert this anti-Christ scoundrel or remove him and all those like him from our midst.