Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Kosher State of Catholic Teaching Material According to the Man who Kosher Slaughtered it

Today, you can’t read two consecutive chapters in any Catholic religious education textbook without talking about Jews and Judaism. That is buttressed by the history of Catholics and Jews in the United States. It was not incidental that the agenda of the American bishops going into the Second Vatican Council, as well as coming out of it, was religious liberty, ecumenism and Catholic-Jewish relations. (Eugene Fisher, interviewed in National Catholic Reporter, February 23, 2007)





rev'd up said...

I find it comical that pope Bennie must travel to the USA to finally comment on the sodomy problem:


What? Has he been too busy to comment from Vatican City? And perhaps that's a little too authoritative.

It does show the clout (judged in $$$) that US bishops have in being able to silence "papa Judas" thus far.

Anonymous said...