Friday, November 6, 2009

November 5&6 2009 Terror Talisman

These numbers and symbols have no power. The Gospel has power, but it has been forsaken.

A 40-year-old man who was reportedly fired two years ago from an engineering firm apparently returned to that office Friday and shot six people, killing one, according to police and his former employer ... Swat teams and ambulances descended on the 16-story [Orlando, Florida] Gateway Center office building after receiving reports of shots having been fired at 11 a.m. Friday morning ... (1 dead in shooting at Orlando office building; suspect in custody Washington Post, Friday, November 6, 2009)


Anonymous said...

What's the point? These events will be forgotten a year from now.

Anonymous said...

The Gospel has been forsaken? Really?

Well, if it has it's because those who should be contributing to homeless shelters and soup kitchens are too busy studying the symbolic nose pickings of Der ChosenHonkers.

Evil and diabolical machinations existed long before neurotic texts that document an opposition to The Incarnation and The Passion. The pre-Talmudic writings of the Old Testament should provide more than sufficient evidence of this.

Teenage pregnancy? It never existed before Vatican 2.

Hindus moving in next door? It never happened before Vatican 2.

Immodest fashions? They never existed before Vatican 2.

Sexual depravity? Unheard of before Vatican 2.

Hydrogenated oil and high fructose corn syrup? They never existed before Vatican 2.

If only we could turn time back and do things differently there'd be no evil in the world. And if we were capable of that we wouldn't need Christ at all, would we?

Anonymous said...

Freemason and black witch Gerald Gardiner, founder
of Gardnerian witchraft, in his Book of Shadows, if I
recall the name of the particular book correctly, said
that the pentagram of magic is drawn by making a
pentagram inside a 9 foot diameter circle, then two
additional circles are to be drawn, each 6 inches
apart, the outermost circle of which is 11 feet in diameter, i.e., 9-11.

In cabbalistic numerology, 9 and 11 are key numbers, and black witch satanic cretin, Crowley,
also a Freemason, said that 11 contains both the
5 of the pentatram (the black, yin, water triangle)
and the 6 of the hexagram (the white, yang, fire
triangle), thus representing the kabbalistic god of
Judeo-Freemasonry, G.A.O.T.U., or IAO. That is,
in their view, 11 is a symbolical and numerological
syonym of the Seal of Solomon, the hexagram,
which by no coincidence, is the national talisman of

Also, 11, if interpreted in kabbalistic fasion, not only as a number, but also as an idea emblamatized, resembles the twin pillars of the
Kabbalah, or Solomon's porch, and this is another
way in which they would construe the number 11 to be a symbolical synonym of the Seal of Solomon,
which is a symbolical representation of the occult
paradigm, process, and purpose.

Thus, the Iluminati, or what Pope Pius IX called
the synagogue of Satan, Judeo-Freemasonry,
evidently left ther occult calling card at the scene
of the crime to mock the cowan and profane and
to gloat and boast to their own.

please see the following articles, which will make
these things clearer and provide some evidence:

The synagogue of Satan can take life, torture, and
destroy incredibly with shock and awe. They can
take life, but that is an easy matter, comparatively,
and not really impressive. Only God can raise from
the dead and create life. That is truly impressive.
So, to the Kabbalist Talmudic cretins and creeps, i
can only say that, as regards your epistemological
relatavism, the kabbalistic credo that you create
the world, might i ask you this question: is hell
relatively painful, or is it absolutely so?

Anonymous said...

Jim Jones led plenty of poor souls to their doom -- and he did it without any feats of numerological legerdemain.

Anonymous said...

On Soup Kitchens: Al Capone, as I
recal, notoriously famous for his
extravagant largesse to soup kitchens, would no doubt agree with
the analysis that failure to live up to his good example is the cause
of Christiandom's demise. However,
Al Capone was not God, nor was he very well aware of the realities of
the world, such as they were put
forth, for example, by Emmanuel Goldstein in his explanation of how
pyamidal or heirarchical society is
preserved by the occult elite: namely, through the waste of vast amounts of wealth in war, etc., so
that, if we wish to help the world's poor, we need to pay close
attention to that which may seem to
some as irrelevant. In fact, there
is nothing more relevant, not only
to the issue of global poverty, but
also to ecological conservationism,
etc., than who -- what spiritual
force -- holds the reigns of power. To put down evil in high
places, those demonic forces which
enthrone evil in this physical world, it is indeed important to
understand those things that Maurice Pinay has put forth in his
blog and elsewhere. At any rate,
that is my belief, as put forth
and I certainly think, also, that
donating to soup kitchens and other
charities to help the exploited is
worthwhile, also, nor does the one
preclude the other.