Monday, April 19, 2010

The Documentary Record: Bishops and Pope Paul VI Were Warned

Following up on the last blog posting, Bishops and Popes Ignored Warnings of Sex Predator Priests, here are documents in which Fr. Gerald Fitzgerald, in his capacity as founder of the Servants of the Paraclete, an order for rehabilitation of alcoholic and pedophile priests, warns numerous bishops and Pope Paul VI of his findings that pedophile priests were not capable of rehabilitation; that if they were returned to parishes they would almost certainly continue sexually abusing children, and his recommendation that they should be laicized and ostracized.

The claim "we didn't know" is a lie. They've known since at least the early 1950's.

A PDF of the documents is at this link:

Fr. Fitzgerald correspondence with bishops, Pope Paul VI


HallnOates said...

This has been known since 2003:

The National Catholic (sic) Reporter is about seven years past due in their reporting.

Maurice Pinay said...

You're capable of more than intellectually void attacks on the messenger.

The bishops are more than half a century past due to act on this information that has been known to them for at least that length of time.