Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pope: God Led Rabbi of Talmud on Right Path to Salvation

If Talmudist Elio Toaff has been led by God on the right path to salvation, who is not on the right path? "Holocaust deniers," of course!

You can have your 'Jesus' and Latin Mass as long as you don't interpret them to conflict with these principles. Understand?

From the Holy See press office:


VATICAN CITY, 4 MAY 2010 (VIS) - Benedict XVI has sent a message of congratulation to Elio Toaff, former rabbi of Rome, for his ninety-fifth birthday, which fell yesterday 3 May. The Message was read out by Msgr. Georg Gaenswein, personal secretary of the Pope, in the course of the inaugural ceremony of the Elio Toaff Foundation for Hebrew Culture.

"I think", the Holy Father writes, "using the expressions of the Psalm, how the Lord restored your soul, leading you along the right path, even through the darkest valley, at the time of the persecution and extermination of the Jewish People. The Lord, in His mysterious plans, wished you to have a unique experience of His salvation, becoming a sign of hope for the rebirth of many of your brothers and sisters.

"I am particularly happy to recall", the Pope adds, "your commitment to promoting fraternal relations between Catholics and Jews, and the sincere friendship that bound you to my venerated predecessor Pope John Paul II".


Anonymous said...

Elio Toaff's son Ariel is a professor at Bar-Ilan University in Israel. Ariel recently wrote a book called "Blood Passover" which was rather controversial:


Anonymous said...

Trying to understand your comments...
holocaust deniers are on the right path?

Br. Anthony, T.O.S.F. said...

It is this type of thing that really keeps me going in praying for the conversion of the current Pontiff.

Anonymous said...


Interesting name for your site.
I have recently taken a look at the Pinay book and find it to be a most fascinating read.

Clearly, it warns of the imminent danger of the Roman Church falling through Jewish infiltration and subversion. Please tell me, do you think it fell or did its inner power structure overcome the fifth column jesuit kabalists?

Personally, I suspect it fell and I would even go so far as to suspect that Pope JPII was infact a Jewish Pope.

I would be very interested in your thoughts on this. Pinay warned the world but just look at the state the world has reached today and who controls the money, the media, politics...and dare I say, world religions from behind the scenes

Anonymous said...

When discussing the "Plot Against the Church" you need to understand Maurice Pinay was a pseudonym. The book was written by a group of Catholic priests.

Anonymous said...

There was a book written called "The Broken Cross"
by Piers Compton:


The book claims that Pope John XXIII and Paul VI were freemasons. Both Popes were communist sympathizers.

Maurice Pinay said...

anonymous 2:32 AM writes: "Trying to understand your comments...
holocaust deniers are on the right path?


The smear term, "Holocaust denier" has no place in Catholic teaching.

Anonymous said...

Maurice you are so mean, look at the honors they bestowed upon our buddy, Card. Kasper:

It just goes to show you they aren't all that naughty.

Anonymous said...

Right, Anonymous 8:51AM,

maybe the SS will "sit shiva" for Kasper when his time comes.

Anonymous said...

The Birth of Israel
A Tale of Lies, Deceit, and Terrorism

By William A. Cook

Based on classified documents from the Jewish Agency and its affiliated organizations seized by the British Mandate Police, materials that confirm that the Zionist controlled Jewish community intended to remove the Arab inhabitants of Palestine from their land and make the whole of Mandate Palestine a Jewish State, an intent that continues to the present day.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone still believe that 6 million died in a room the size of a 2.5 car garage by use of bug spray?

See Davi Cole video in Auschwitz to verify what i type.