Friday, June 17, 2011

Time for Camp

We've been discussing Judaic fanaticism and one of the most critical links in the chain of transmission of Judaic fanaticism undoubtedly is Judaic summer camp. This very important topic gets little coverage and it's time for that to be remedied.

I'm linking to a testimonial titled, "Life After Zionist Summer Camp" from Allison Benedikt, an editor at The Village Voice. I'd like to preface it with a few comments.

I sincerely appreciate the author's earnestness which reminds me of the same in Phillip Weiss' testimonials. This will probably be taken solely as gratitude for ammunition provided, but that is not so. I view these people as fellow human beings who have the terrible misfortune of having been indoctrinated with a terrible ideology from youth.

The author briefly mentions Hadassah which is the parent organization of a large percentage of Zionist summer camps. Hadassah was founded by Henrietta Szold, the daughter of Rabbi Benjamin Szold. According to the Encyclopedia Judaica among other sources Rabbi Benjamin Szold, from Hungary, was expelled from Vienna for his involvement in the 1848 'revolution.' He later studied at the University of Breslau rabbinic seminary where he came under the influence of Zacharias Frankel, Heinrich Graetz, and (the son of Chief Rabbi of Hamburg, Rabbi Isaac ben Jacob Bernays) Jacob Bernays. We touched on the very influential, very revolutionary Bernays family HERE.

Rabbi Szold advocated a Judaism which allowed innovation in ritual practice but not in basic tenets. He advocated Zionism publicly from 1893. Rabbi Szold had no sons so his daughter Henrietta Szold "received the level of attention and education from her father that was usually reserved for a son." Henrietta Szold was, essentially, a rabbi.

Here we must review a topic touched on before. Like Moses Hess, Rabbi Isaac ben Jacob Bernays and other figures of the fake Judaic enlightenment (Haskalah), Rabbi Benjamin Szold also advocated a Judaism every bit as ferociously tribal as its Orthodox rabbinic root, only relieved of much of the crippling rituals and conspicuous identifying marks to facilitate its participation and advancement in the rapidly modernizing world. His daughter Henrietta Szold is the matriarch of Hadasssah which passes that brand of Judaism along to untold numbers of Judaic children at the many summer camps and youth programs it oversees. Within the Judaic community, pressure is very high for children to be sent to these summer camps. Money is not an obstacle.

According to the Encyclopedia Judaica:

Young people are drawn into the orbit of Jewish community through Hadassah programs like the Training Wheels Al Galgalim program which teaches parents and toddlers about Jewish traditions. Other programs for American Jewish youngsters include Young Judea clubs, summer camps, summer and year abroad programs in Israel, and campus based programs.

Hadassah ... was recognized in 2001 when the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) conferred on Hadassah special consultative status as a non-governmental organization (NGO).

Coincidentally (can you believe it?), Hadassah made money from the Madoff ponzi scheme:

Hadassah Reveals $130 Million Windfall From Madoff

Stewart Ain, The Jewish Week

“We’re looking for an opportunity to recover [from the Madoff and stock market losses],” says Hadassah President Nancy Falchuk. “Three hundred thousand women own this organization and we will come through this.”

Hadassah, the Women’s Zionist Organization of America, may have lost $90 million invested with Bernard Madoff, but over the last 20 years it withdrew $130 million from that account, The Jewish Week has learned.

“We had no idea how much we had pulled out until a few days ago,” said a source close to the organization.

The source said Hadassah “went back through its books, year by year, to check all the records” to learn how much was withdrawn after receiving many calls from members upset with the $90 million loss.

“There are a lot of angry people out there,” the source said. “When we checked, we found that we did quite well — $130 million was withdrawn” since 1987 ...

full article:

Now, a testimonial from a soul fortunate to be leaving the orbit of the Hadassah racket:


Anonymous said...

63 Years of Nakba
- By a Palestinian poet

I’m sick of the Wall.
I’m sick of all the checkpoints between Palestinian cities.
I’m sick of illegal Israeli settlers and settlements.
I’m sick of having the Hebrew language on my ID card.
I’m sick of people not knowing anything about our history
but knowing so much about Jewish history.
I’m sick of people ignoring the Palestinian Right of Return
and accepting the Jewish Law of Return.
I’m sick of the Oslo Agreement which no one here
wanted in the first place..
I’m sick of the Palestinian Authority having no authority.
I’m sick of watching my father being humiliated at checkpoints
By people my age and younger.
I’m sick of my international friends having to lie about
coming to visit, being interrogated, strip-searched
and sometimes deported in the process.
I’m sick of people not understanding
What “occupation” is.
I’m sick of being scared all the time.
I’m sick of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Being a normal state of being here in Palestine.
I’m sick of how ineffective the UN has become.
I’m sick of International Humanitarian Law
not applying to the State of Israel.
I’m sick of how fighting for basic human rights for Palestinians
or being critical of Israeli policy
is so often labeled “anti-Semitic”.
I’m sick of the fact that everybody forgets I’m a Semite.
I’m sick about hearing Israelis complain about discrimination
when the State of Israel was founded on a principle of ethnic purity.
I’m sick of living in a time
when racial profiling has become acceptable.
I’m sick of constantly being treated as a suspect.
I’m sick of how our mainstream media portrays us and our
I’m sick of the whole world caring about Gilad Shalit
when there are more than 7,000 Palestinians inside Israeli
I’m sick of trying to defend myself, friends or countrymen
and being labeled a terrorist.
I’m sick of the fact that everywhere I go
I can see the Wall, a settlement or Israeli soldier.
I’m sick of
years of Israeli occupation..

Anonymous said...

The innocent Judaics, like the rest of the world, owe you a debt for naming names. Too often the misled tribal fools pay the price for the wickedness of the synagogue of Satan.

Increasingly, young Gentiles, notwithstanding their intense indoctrination and immersion in "Jewish fables" (Titus 1:14), are awakening to the truth of their misery, that the synagogue of Satan is to blame. Prime examples are the Irish and Spanish youth who are resisting the "international" banksters.

Whether regarding genocide, sex slavery, or economic crimes against humanity, prosecute and, if found guilty, punish the guilty---leave the innocent alone. Let that cry "go viral."

So, thank you for naming and providing evidence against the guilty. Mirror all this information on so many sites that the evidence cannot be erased. Let it be not too long before even the octogenarian and nonagenarian perpetrators are run to ground, especially those in "that sh*tty little country" (to borrow the French ambassador's apt appellation), to face a truly international tribunal.

Punish the gulity; leave the innocent alone!

Anonymous said...

JewTube already pulled the video down.

Anonymous said...

If I am not mistaken, there are also camps in the US used by Zionists to train fifth column genocidal militias.

Censor Librorum said...

trying to take Mark Shea down a notch or two (again):