Pope Francis in Kahal

Pope Francis in Kahal

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bishop Mark Davies Considers "the Theological Significance of 'The Holocaust' to the Christian Mind"

Excerpted from Bishop Mark Davies'"Holocaust Study Day" address (24 November, 2011) to an audience gathered in Menorah Synagogue in Sharston, Manchester:
Thank you for your invitation to join you on this Holocaust Memorial Day. I have been asked in these opening words to address the importance of the Holocaust specifically for Christians and to thereby consider the theological significance of the Holocaust to the Christian mind. As Blessed John Paul II expressed this, “no one is permitted to pass by the tragedy of the Shoah …” and no Christian can pass by the Holocaust without profound reflection. A Christian reflection might focus upon the mystery of evil, upon the sins of Christians and the need of repentance on the heartfelt prayer of Blessed John Paul II that our relationship “be healed for ever”. However, today in this short address I wish to focus upon the significance to the Christian mind of the attempted annihilation more than 60 years ago of that people who were called by the Lord, “before all others”.

I can only begin this reflection from silence, the silence often remarked upon at the scenes of the Holocaust where it is said the birds no longer sing ...

Oh brother ...

Bishop Davies' entire 'Jews'-worshiping "Holocaust Memorial Day" synagogue address in its ponderous entirety here:



Malleus Haereticorum said...

"Oh brother" is right, Mr. Pinay. I'm in desperate need of an insulin injection.

Final Conflict said...

As Mr. Fishwick wrote in his essay on the "6 Million" - the desire is to replace the Sacrifice of Christ as the centre of world history, which delivered Salvation for mankind, with the "sacrifice of the jews" which delieved extreme jews and Zionists the State of israel.

Today you can freely blaspheme Christ and be lauded by the world, but "blaspheme" the holohoax and you will face the wrath of the world.

Dear God help us all.

W.LindsayWheeler said...

Does Bishop Davies sorrow over the genocide of the Russian Royal Family and over the countless Clergy and Christian laity that lost their lives during the Jewish led Russian Revolution? Does he have the same feelings for them?