Monday, May 20, 2013

... Rothschild, Gutmann, Benes, Uhlein, Rockefeller, Guggenheim,  Straus, Schoenborn, 'Soros', de Diego, von Freyberg, DeVos, Prince, Broekhuizen, Koch,  etc., etc., etc.


annely said...

In the Tableat 15 and 17 May 013,
Cardinal Koch says there will be no conversation of Jews. The Church's relations with the Jews is unlike it's relations with other religions.
Maurice Pinay, Can we find out how much money the Vatican gives to
Israel and/or to Jewish Charities for Jews laundered for God knows what, annually?

Hans said...

I there a single "Christian" hireling (full-time Priest, Cleric, Bishop, Elder) in ANY "Church", "Congregation" etc, who has shown an empolyee working for a interest-taking bank the door in recent years, and told him he could come back as soon as he changed hs profession?

annely said...

dHans, good question? Of course we probably know the answer. And to my great dismay we just can't know
what money is given to Jewish "Causes" from the Vatican Bank. Does the Vatican Bank only take deposits, transfers, etc. or does it loan on interest etc. You know among all the ecumenism
going on between the Vatican and the Jews the Jews have not neglected to request money.