Monday, May 20, 2013

Religious Relations with 'The Jews'


Anonymous said...

Perfidious indeed

Nynorsk Bokmal said...

Several English Christians have commented in videos and on blogs that young Muslim immigrant men are "brave" and arrogant only in sizable groups and only when they outnumber native Englishmen by at least a three-to-one ratio. Otherwise they run like bunny rabbits rather than face even the hint of a confrontation.

These Israeli Jews are behaving in the same way. A dozen or more thuggish government-armed enforcers are beating someone who is incapable of defending himself. Meanwhile, the Jewish mob is enjoying the spectacle.

What precisely has changed in their moral makeup since the remarkably similar events, events involving their ancestors, in the forecourt of the Roman procurator's headquarters 1,980 years ago?

Anonymous said...

Perfidious police pummel peaceful pro-Palestinian protester