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Pritzkers, publishers of the rabbis' Zohar, its hermaphrodite god and transsexualism

And God created man to his own image: to the image of God he created him: male and female he created them. (Genesis 1;27)
The rabbis interpret Genesis 1:27 to mean that Adam was created as a hermaphrodite (Er. 18a; Gen. R. 8:1; cf. also Jub. 2:14; 3:8). (Encyclopedia Judaica, "Adam")
In the early days of this effort we looked at Judaism's hermaphrodite god and its foundational place in rabbinic cosmology, theology, philosophy, mysticism, etc.; the narratives thereby derived and behavior thus engendered. Here's another piece of information to add to that:

Before there was Bruce "Caitlyn" Jenner, there was James N. "Jennifer" Pritzker 

"Jennifer" Pritzker 'repairs the world' and 'rejoins En Soph with his Shekinah.' In the Pritzker family we see the intersection of predatory banking, the lawyer's racket, Kabbalah, Holocaustolatry, militarism, multiculturalism, transsexualism, geopolitical skullduggery and Counterfeit Israel; all contra God and all of His creation.

From "The Change Agent," Elly Fishman, Chicago Magazine, June 8, 2015:


From "How Colonel Jennifer Pritzker Pushes for Transgender Rights in Military,"
Margaret Eby, The Forward, November 11, 2014

Colonel Jennifer Natalya Pritzker is not much for the spotlight. Like the rest of her family, the massively wealthy Chicago-based real estate scions, she rarely gives interviews. But the 63-year-old, whose official title is Colonel (IL) Jennifer N. Pritzker IL ARNG (Ret), doesn’t have to say much for her mission to be clear. With an estimated net worth of $1.78 billion, she is throwing her resources behind a campaign to change the United States military policy that bans transgender people from becoming soldiers.

In 2013, Pritzker’s philanthropic organization, the Tawani Foundation, which supports service members and military education, issued a $1.35 million grant to the Palm Center, a University of California, Santa Barbara-based LGBT think tank. Using the influx of funding, the Center launched the Transgender Military Service Initiative, a project aimed at sponsoring research and encouraging public discussion on the topic. Thanks to the donation, the Palm Center will host 16 scholars investigating how the military could integrate trans individuals.

The Foundation’s scholarship, combined with Pritzker’s influence, has increased the visibility of the issue, a crucial step toward the repeal of the ban. While the military policy known as “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was repealed three years ago, allowing lesbian, gay and bisexual members to serve openly, transgender people are still excluded — on medical grounds. A military regulation prohibits those with “psychosexual disorders” which, according to this policy, include cross-dressing and a history of gender transition, from serving in the armed forces. This is why funding for scholarship on the issue is particularly crucial, according to transgender rights activist and former U.S. Army officer Allyson Robinson. “In a fight like this one, that is about educating our senior military leaders to convince them to make policy changes, having solid and objective research is critical,” Robinson said, adding that Pritzker’s gift had been a “godsend” for the estimated 15,500 transgender individuals who serve in the military “in silence” — because the ban has kept them from coming out.

This year, the Palm Center has already released two reports about transgender military service: The first found that there was no medical rationale for the ban; the second outlined policy changes that could be effected to integrate transgender service members.

Just weeks after the donation, Tawani released a statement to its employees announcing Pritzker’s formal name change from James to Jennifer, making her the first openly transgender billionaire. “This change will reflect the beliefs of her true identity that she has held privately and will now share publicly,” the statement reads. “Pritzker now identifies herself as a woman for all business and personal undertakings.”

The announcement did not come as a shock to many of Pritzker’s closest friends, according to a profile in the Chicago Tribune. Pritzker, who is divorced and has three children, had occasionally appeared at society events with tokens of her female identity present, a headband or long earrings topping off her military-decorated black tuxedo. In a profile of Pritzker in the Chicago Tribune, Elizabeth Tisdahl, mayor of Evanston, Illinois, noted that in meetings, Pritzker had quietly asserted her name as Jennifer weeks before the announcement.

This is just one of several philanthropic pet causes that stem from Pritzker’s time leading an Army unit in Alaska. In 2003, for example, she founded the Pritzker Military Museum & Library, a nonpartisan research institute that houses some 70,000 books, periodicals, artifacts and works of art. Pritzker’s Tawani Foundation has also donated generously to Norwich University in Vermont, the first school to launch a Naval Reserve Officers’ Training Corps program, funding merit awards and the William E. Colby Military Writers’ Award ...

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A group in Netherlands is sending drone loaded with abortion pills for Poles.

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Be fruit-ful and don't multiply.

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The West is possessed and controlled by Luciferian's.