Thursday, September 10, 2015

Haredi Rabbi says Muslim invasion of Europe is 'excellent news' because "Edom" (Christianity) must be destroyed before "Messiah" can "return"

An extract from a talk by apparently Chabad-associated Rav David Touitou. Full video on youtube HERE


KST said...

I was wondering how you know that he is expecting Schneerson to return as you have commented at Call Me Jorge. My French is rather poor and his pronunciation didn't really help, either, so I couldn't hear what he said. According to the subtitles, he first said "return" and then "coming". So my question is: do you assume that he expects Schneerson to be the messiah based on his Chabad connection or did he state this explicitly elswhere? Or does Chabad affiliation automatically mean that they believe Schneerson to be the messiah?

Anonymous said...

Whether Schneerson is or might be or will be the Messiah is irrelevant. The clip shows this man saying the destruction of Europe as a result of the Muslim invasion is excellent news. Thus, this rabbi clearly states the reason why he welcomes the destruction of Europe. It is reasonable to infer that he will also support this invasion in the future and urge those to whom he is speaking and with whom he lives to do the same. Let's write that headline: "Certain Jews welcome destruction of Europe."

Were I living in Europe I would find the rationale for supporting the Muslim invasion to be unpersuasive since the obvious choice for me would be to oppose the invasion and leave this man and whatever flavor of Judaism he represents to be sad that the Messiah won't be coming just yet. I and my kin get massacred or enslaved v. no Messiah for him and his? I don't want to be unnecessarily disrespectful but is it okay if I say he's talking total ______?

Srpska Loza said...

Jews are waiting for the antichrist!