Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Judeo-Christian 'brotherhood' is a fraud

Over the course of years, we and others have documented the theological and historical absurdity of this new contrivance, Judeo-Christian 'brotherhood.' Given many decades of application of Judeo-Christian 'brotherhood,' we can conclude that it is manifestly absurd at the practical level as well.

The charity and mercy inherent to brotherhood demand fraternal correction of a brother who errs. We witness much 'correction' in the 'relations' between Judeo-Christian 'brothers' but only in one direction. This is not because only one 'brother' errs, nor is it the case that the 'brother' exclusively delivering the 'correction' does so from a position of correctness. It's a self-evidently unequal arrangement; an unequal yoking.

Despite the dishonest sloganeering surrounding it, Judeo-Christian 'brotherhood' is evidently not brotherhood; not fraternity. It's a master-subject relationship and an extremely dishonest and ungodly one at that.

That old crypto-rabbi Cardinal Martini was refreshingly plain when he called 'the Jews' "our superiors," although his presuming authority to place Christians under the authority of the rabbis is laughable.

Such imposture, this relations with 'the Jews.'


Anonymous said...

Fr Edward F. Brophy came to this conclusion in 1951. THE BROTHERHOOD RELIGION - Is it Anti-Christianism? The 1954 edition of this booklet was published by The Christian Book Club of America, PO Box 638,Hawthorne, CA 90250. (Copyright not reserved on this edition).

Robert Pickle said...

Judeo Christian is very similar to satan is god.

annely said...

Our Judeo brothers are plowing down Bethlehem again for THEIR brothers.