Wednesday, February 24, 2016

$10 million dollars from Judaic car dealer buys endowed professorship for travelin' 'Holocaust' Shoahman, Patrick Desbois at Georgetown University

It's hard to imagine how Georgetown could be any less Catholic and more Holocaustian than it already was with the legacy of Jeanne Kirkpatrack (wife of Evron Kirkpatrack, founding member of the OSS and CIA whose WWII "Holocaust" atrocity propaganda campaign remains ongoing over 70 years later), but we're going to find out.

Georgetown gets $10 million for Holocaust research as Jewish studies grow at Catholic school

Nick Anderson and Michelle Boorstein - The Washington Post

February 24, 2016

Georgetown University, a Catholic institution long known for [forming the minds of Catholics destined for high-level establishment positions], is intensifying its study of [Talmudic so-called] civilization with aid from a series of significant donations. The latest, to be announced Wednesday, is a $10 million gift for research on the Holocaust.

A 13-year-old Jewish studies program in the Jesuit university’s prestigious School of Foreign Service will be formally renamed the Center for Jewish Civilization next week. The shift in nomenclature is not a small matter in academia: It signifies money, depth and commitment.

The center will have a $20 million endowment, officials said, counting the new $10 million gift from Miami philanthropists Norman and Irma Braman [Braman got his start in the Judaic mafia at the Bronfman's Seagrams rotgut whiskey operation]. Its mission is to explore foreign policy pertaining to Israel; the Holocaust and genocide issues; Jewish-Catholic relations; and Jewish literature, culture and religious expression.

Through the Braman gift, the center will research a singular catastrophe of the 20th century: the murder of 6 million Jews under Nazi Germany. Georgetown said in a statement that the Holocaust will be examined “in all its dimensions — its causes and consequences, its role in the establishment of the state of Israel, and its continuing impact on modern Judaism, which has been impacted by a rise in acts of anti-Semitism and questions of Israel’s legitimacy.”

Among the center’s faculty is the Rev. Patrick Desbois, a Holocaust [non-]historian whose [Church-sanctioned amateur] forensic sleuthing has documented mass graves in Eastern Europe [which he, on his own authority, proclaims to contain the bones of holocausted 'Jews']. Author of a book called “The Holocaust by Bullets,” Desbois will hold an endowed professorship through the Braman gift.

“We are pleased to make this gift to support Father Patrick Desbois’s very important research on the Holocaust and to provide it a permanent home at a distinguished American university,” Norman Braman said in a statement. “As America’s oldest Catholic and Jesuit university, Georgetown was the natural location to focus Father Debois’ unique research.”

Braman added: “I have decided to make this gift, now, and to Georgetown, in part as a sign of my appreciation for the leadership of Pope Francis and the priority he so clearly attaches to fostering closer relations between Jews and Catholics.” Braman, a billionaire auto dealer, is a major supporter of Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, one of the leading Republican presidential candidates.

Also on the center’s faculty are Mideast experts Dennis Ross and Elliott Abrams, who are both former high-level U.S. diplomats, as well as the Rev. Dennis McManus, a theologian who is a liaison for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops to the Jewish community ...

Since taking office in 2001, [Georgetown President John J.] DeGioia has sought to build and promote what he called Georgetown’s “inter-religious capacity.” Launching a Jewish-focused academic program in 2003 and building it into a center was integral to that effort. DeGioia said the late Rabbi Harold S. White, a longtime Jewish chaplain at Georgetown, championed the idea.

“Because we’re Jesuit, we believe it’s important to do this,” DeGioia said, raising an index finger for emphasis. He said the spirit of the initiative also reflects Catholic efforts since the 1960s to improve church relations with Judaism and other non-Christian religions.

Rabbi Andrew Baker, director of international Jewish affairs for the American Jewish Committee, plans to speak on campus at an event scheduled for Monday that will mark the emergence of the Georgetown center. “The reality today is that there’s a very good working relationship between Catholics and Jews, Catholic institutions, Jewish institutions,” Baker said ...

Rabbi Jack Moline, who heads the Interfaith Alliance in Washington, said colleges add courses about Jewish life to demonstrate to all students the value of understanding more about an ancient civilization. But they also have practical reasons: “Jews send kids to college and they become active alumni. It’s worth [$$$] attracting them,” Moline said. Jewish students “want to have the same access to their own history as African Americans or Latinos or whoever” ...

“It is encouraging to see that the Center for Jewish Civilization places such emphasis on study and teaching of the Holocaust,” said Robert Williams, director of new initiatives for the Mandel Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. “That it does so within one of our nation’s foremost schools of foreign service is also worthy of note.”

Williams said that the Holocaust “continues to resonate in contemporary debates” and that “understanding of this subject at a deeper level is necessary for our foreign service community to confront the legacies of the Holocaust as they continue to influence political, cultural, and economic life throughout Europe and the rest of the world” ...


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  2. You have to wonder if any Catholic university still offers Catholic studies. We all know the Jesuits have lost the faith a century or so ago, but I wonder if any of the Catholic universities even embrace Catholicism. Makes you wonder how an auto dealer can become a billionaire. When Catholics wake up to as to who is in charge of their religion, then we can finally get the smoke of satan out of the sanctuary.

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