Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Ursula Haverbeck - The Hooton, Kaufman, B'nai B'rith Plans & the Migrant Crisis


Michael Hoffman said...

This distinguished lady of the media-despised World War II generation of Germans is the epitome of dignity and decency. These are the people the U.S. slaughtered from the air in German cities 1942-1945, and then mass-murdered them after the war in vicious forced expulsions from neighboring countries — ethnic cleansing.

Angela Merkel is very patently a traitor to a thousand years of German history and the struggles of the ancestors of the German people across that millennium. No even a half-way competent or patriotic leader would encourage and legalize the invasion of one million aliens into the nation they lead. Merkel is an insanely evil coffin-rider and the previously suicidal Germans, if they have eyes to see, will turn to God and ask for the grace to throw her out of office by means of the ballot box, and by the same means never allow a similar Judas-goat to head Germany again.

Anonymous said...

I suggest persons watch the documentary called HELLSTORM its still on YouTube and watch the recent Red Ice Radio ( Weekend Warrior Episode 12 )
In Jesus Christ Service
Wayne Morin Jr

JMoore said...

My God what a noble and courageous woman. You can see in her the integrity of her ancient, noble race, the very heart of Europa. How is it possible Germany has become a land which throws the likes of her in jail? There is a real suicidal impulse in many European nations under the babylonian zio yoke.

Bob Straus said...

She doesn't mention the Kalergi Plan or the Morgenthau Plan.

They have so many plans to genocide us it's hard to keep up with them all.

Anonymous said...

The German people didn't choose this my friend.
Germany was conquered and razed by the Zionist allies circa May 1945.
They have as much say in their country's politics as we do here in North America.(which is zero!)