Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Rabbis for the "Restoration of Judeo-Christian Civilization"

From Steve Jalsevac of Lifesite:

"Rabbi Danial (sic) Lapin, we have reported, is pleading for the Catholics to get back to basics and take courageous action to restore Judeo/Christian civilization."


"Judeo-Christianity," as promoted by anti-Christ Talmudist/Kabbalist, Rabbi Lapin is practiced definitively by prominent "Judeo-Christian" maniacs like George W. Bush and Newt Gingrich. In the past such treacherous, rabidly philo-Judaic behavior was identified as Masonry. Judaism identifies it as Noachida. Today, through the alchemical processing of the rabbis, their stooges and useful idiots, it's promoted in most U.S. churches and called, "Judeo-Christianity." It's civil branch is Holocaustolatry, at present. In all of it's guises it has sought the complete destruction of true Christian society and the exaltation of the Judaic "race."

I have a better idea, Steve Jalsevac. Let's shake the rabbis and their schemes and build a true Christian civilization without the Judeo, like the Church Fathers very successfully did.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

The "Church Militant" With Rabbis in Command

Leading U.S. Rabbi calls for New International Ecumenism in Defense of Morality

By Gudrun Schultz

WASHINGTON, D.C., United States, January 26, 2007 (LifeSiteNews.com) - Leading Orthodox rabbi Yehuda Levin delivered an impassioned plea for a “new ecumenism” among international religious leaders in defense of morality, during a speech at the March for Life demonstration in Washington [on the Kabbalistic date of] Jan.22.

“It’s time for religious people to come out of our places of worship and bring our faith in to the artificially denuded public square,” said Rabbi Levin, saying support for abortion and homosexual marriage within Jewish communities was “paganism.”

Head of an Orthodox Jewish congregation in New York City, Rabbi Levin founded Jews for Morality in an effort to counter the growing support for liberal moral policies in the Jewish community. A prominent speaker in defense of traditional moral teaching, Rabbi Levin has addressed the annual March for Life in Washington for the past 25 years.

The rabbi reiterated his call for moral solidarity between leading Western religions, asking Pope Benedict XVI to stand at the forefront of what he called a “new ecumenism” in defense of morality.

“On Jan. 2 I visited the Vatican to propose a new type of ecumenism. No theology, no dialogue, no apologies … Just joining together to preserve our Godly values. Religious leaders must reclaim their leadership roles in society from the political panderers, the legislative and the judicials.”

In his meeting with the Pope, Rabbi Levin pledged the support of the Orthodox Jewish community to the Catholic Church’s efforts in combating moral decay in Western society.

“I might seem now to be speaking in almost a prophetic way. I have the blood of prophets in my veins. I am saying with certitude—with a logical certitude—that the group in Western Civilization and perhaps in World Civilization with the most potential to act as a catalyst for a moral counterattack, pushing back the barbarians who stand against the gates of Rome and Jerusalem . . . are Catholics. You don’t have to be a prophet to understand that,” Rabbi Levin told LifeSiteNew.com at the time .

“And the personality whom God has placed at the top: I couldn’t have prayed, as an Orthodox Jew, for a better person.

”Emphasizing the pressing need for strong leadership from religious authorities, Rabbi told March for Life crowds that the visible participation of spiritual leaders was vital in countering the assault on the family and social morality.

“In former times, people of faith were called to sacrifice they’re lives to be martyrs. All we’re asking today is that our religious leaders accompany us as we take to the street.”

“I turn to the Moslem world and their leadership. Sign a petition, bring it to the Pope. Let’s start a revolution!”

“Let the pope come here, he’s an outstanding champion,” Rabbi Levin said, calling for a papal visit to New York. “We need you in America. We need a new ecumenical alliance.”


EDITOR'S NOTE: What chance is there for a population so ignorant of it's own history and tradition to identify the deception of this Khazar who boasts of the "blood of the prophets in his veins"? This clownish, racist conceit alone exposes the rabbi as possessed of a system of morality completely antithetical to Christianity. Which of the Prophets, Apostles or Saints ever boasted of the blood in their veins?

No, Rabbi Levin has the spiritual toxin of those who slew the Prophets, Christ and all of the just since Abel in his veins. And so-called, "Christians" now are joining this destroyer of Western society in an effort to combat moral decay in Western society?

How will the damage done to the West by usury be undone by rabbis whose tradition encourages the taking of usury? How will the damage done to the West by sexual perversion be undone by rabbis whose tradition allows the rape of three year old babies? How will the corruption of the West be undone by rabbis whose tradition is the playbook for corruption? How will the damage done to the West by violence be undone by rabbis whose tradition prescribes violence against all non-Judaics? Is it sane for non-Judaics to form an alliance with rabbis whose tradition permits lying to non-Judaics?

What could be more insane and suicidal than this? Who needs enemies when the rabbis are on your side?

Rabbi Levin states: "... that the group in Western Civilization and perhaps in World Civilization with the most potential to act as a catalyst for a moral counterattack, pushing back the barbarians who stand against the gates of Rome and Jerusalem . . . are Catholics."

Is this rabbi attempting to conjure nostalgia among Catholics for the crusades here? The language certainly suggests so. And since when have the rabbis been interested in a militant Christendom? Since Christendom has been alchemically transformed into their golem, that's when. Today's so-called, "Christians" pose no threat to the rabbis like their forefathers who knew their faith did. Far from it. And did you think that the rabbis would get their hands dirty killing Muslims? Hell no! Anyone who's read the Gospel knows that's not their style.

So, take up your swords, "Church Militant" and march off on the Judeo-"Christian" crusade for the greater glory of the rabbis against a people whose morality has a world more in common with traditional Christian morality than the perverted, so-called "morality" of the rabbis of anti-Christ Judaism.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Ron Lauder Seeks to Replace Edgar Bronfman as WJC President

EDITOR'S NOTE: UberZionist, Ron Lauder, in his capacity as New York State Research Council on Privatization Chairman, facilitated the privatization of the WTC and it's lease to UberZionist, "lucky" Larry Silverstein in July of 2001.


Then, less than two months later, on 9-11, an amazing coincidence took place which payed great benefits to UberZionists the world over, most notably, Lauder and Silverstein's close friend, Binyamin Netanyahu who by amazing coincidence just happened to be in NY and available for interviews to speak on the plan he had been selling since the '80's which, just by coincidence, involved US military presence in the Middle East.

Lauder clearly has the proper credentials for the World Jewish Congress president gig.

Ron Lauder seeking to replace Bronfman at WJC

By Amiram Barkat

Jewish American billionaire Ronald Lauder is "very interested" in running for president of the World Jewish Congress, he told Haaretz yesterday. However, he said he will not consider himself a candidate until elections are announced. The sitting president, Canadian billionaire Edgar Bronfman, was reelected for a four-year term in January 2005. He has held the post since 1980, but has reportedly been planning to hand the reins to his son Matthew in the summer, to give him some experience until the next elections ...

Lauder said he sees the WJC as one of the last remaining organizations in the Jewish world that has the ability to exert an influence, and said he believes it is more important than ever before now that Israel is facing an existential threat ...

A report by the New York attorney general has found serious financial irregularities in the WJC's conduct prior to 2005, leading Lauder to say in private conversation that the congress was "in shambles" and incapable of adequately representing world Jewry ...

Lauder is the son of Estee Lauder, the co-founder (with her husband Joseph) of the cosmetics company of the same name. An art collector, Lauder made the news last year when he paid a record $135 million for a painting by Gustav Klimt that the Nazis had stolen from Jewish owners. Lauder donates money to Jewish organizations and funds a network of private schools that operate primarily in eastern and central Europe. Unlike Edgar Bronfman, a major donor to the Democratic Party, Lauder is a Republican, who was appointed U.S. ambassador to Austria by then-president Ronald Reagan. In Israel, he is considered close to Likud chairman Benjamin Netanyahu.

Full article:


Thursday, January 25, 2007

Pope Accepts Invitation from Pimp State

Israel's Chief Rabbi Ready to Welcome Pope

ROME, JAN. 18, 2007

Chief Rabbi Jonah Metzger said he would warmly welcome Benedict XVI in Israel. The government has already invited the Holy Father to visit the country. Cardinal Walter Kasper, president of the Pontifical Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews, clarified that the Pope has accepted the invitation, but that he will visit the country when the "conditions are appropriate." "The moment the Pope is pleased to come to Jerusalem, we will welcome him warmly," Chief Rabbi Metzger said on Wednesday. Although the rabbi mentioned the increase of anti-Semitism in Europe, he acknowledged that "there has never been such a good and significant moment" in relations between Christians and Jews.


Women as Commodities: Trafficking in Women in Israel 2003

Amnesty International: Israeli government must stop human rights abusesagainst trafficked women

Israel Among Worst Human Traffickers

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Rabbis Preach Guilt in Catholic Schools

"Rabbi Larry" of the American Jewish Committee catechizes Catholic Goyim on the "wicked," "antisemitic" nature of their religion prior to Nostra Aetate.

Did you know that the misnamed Anti-Defamation League disseminates it's guilt-inducing hasbara in Catholic schools in the U.S. with the full support and cooperation of the National Catholic Educators Association and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops?

The ADL website explains:

"Since its inception, (the ADL program) 'Bearing Witness' has trained over 700 Catholic school teachers across North America. Its growing popularity can best be judged by it becoming an ADL nationally sponsored program in 1998, the fact that ADL regional offices began replicating the program in 2002, and now a new and exciting extension that finds educators expanding their learning in Israel."


Here's how one mind-washed victim of the program described it:

"This program completely tears you apart and puts you back together again," reports [social studies teacher at St. Catherine of Sienna school in Horsham, Pa., Jennifer] Kugler, as she described an intense week in Washington last July.

"On the first day, we learned the history of anti-Judaism, how it evolved into anti-Semitism, and what the Church did to promote and encourage it," she explained.

"We then learned how the Nuremberg Laws have striking parallels to the Edicts of the Popes from 400 years earlier. Then, they tear you down further by showing you examples of anti-Judaism in the New Testament. Now, you are really in pain."

Kugler described the rest of the week, which included two trips to the Holocaust Memorial Museum, addresses by Holocaust survivors, a visit to a local synagogue, and a "mock" Shabbat dinner -- on Monday.

"Finally, we learned about modern-day anti-Semitism, and the importance of Israel to Jewish people," she said. "At this point, we feel we wanted and needed to do something ...

Kugler said she and her classmates feel the "Bearing Witness" Program has been truly transformative. And after experiencing the March of the Living, Kugler said she is eager to return to her students at the St. Catherine of Siena school. ("For Catholic school teachers, an emotional trip to Poland," Howard Blas, The Jewish Ledger, Wednesday, May 25, 2005)


The American Jewish Committee runs a parallel program, the "Catholic Jewish Educational Enrichment Program."


I've contacted the ADL and AJC about having Michael A. Hoffman teach a reciprocal program in U.S. yeshivas on the wicked, anti-Christian nature of Judaism and how the Nuremburg Laws have striking parallels to the racial supremacist edicts of the racial supremacist rabbis. No response has been received so far.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Judaics Rediscover the Pantheistic, Occult Origins of their Religion

EDITOR'S NOTE: Our "elder brothers in the faith" find their way back to one of the true origins of their faith: Tantric Hinduism.

The rabbis' pride would never allow them to admit it to a Goy, but it's Kundalini which informs Kabbalah and not the other way around as is claimed in the article below.

Tantric Hinduism (through it's Sri Yantra) is also the source of the Judaic six pointed star which has become the symbol of the "Jewish" State and all things Judaic. This symbol communicates a key gnosis to the initiate: that Judaism is an occult religion rooted in sex worship.

Yes, these people who JPII repeatedly told us are "our elder brothers in the faith" are in fact Pantheists who believe in reincarnation, that they can manipulate their god and nature through their sexual activity and many other such anti-Biblical things.

With yoga, meditation and other New Age practices and beliefs as dominant as they are today in the formerly civilized, Christian West, it can be chalked up as yet another contribution of Judaism to our contemporary world: the infiltration and replacement of Christianity with Eastern beliefs and practices which have been a part of the rabbinic tradition for centuries.

For those laboring under the false notion that "Orthodox Jews" are free of the influence of Kabbalah:

"In our century, scholarly researchers have made clear the centrality of Kabbalah to the whole of Jewish religious consciousness." (Barry W. Holtz, Director of Research, Jewish Theological Seminary of America, Back to the Sources: Reading the Classic Jewish Texts, p.26)

"Kabbalistic ideas don't belong only to the chasidic point of view. They are a part of a general Jewish psychology and theology." (Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, premier Judaic scholar and Nasi of the reestablished Sanhedrin)


Kabbalah meets Kundalini

Published: Tuesday, January 16, 2007 6:36 PM EST

Raema Salmon, Jackie Tepper and Neshama Yoga

By Cindy Mindell

STAMFORD - The Zohar teaches, “If fire does not burn intensely, tap the wood, and it blazes forth. To the same effect, if the light of the soul does not burn brightly, tap the body, so that the light of the soul should blaze forth.”

It is an ancient belief that the body houses a soul, or a divine spark, that can be awakened through certain actions. The Kabbalistic teaching is echoed in Kundalini yoga, considered the “yoga of awareness,” an awareness that G-d is a part of us and we are a part of G-d, say Raema Salmon and Jackie Tepper, instructors of Neshama Yoga, Tepper's brainchild.

Just as Kabbalah guides a Jew to connect with G-d through prayer of the body, mind, and soul, so Kundalini uses meditation, breathing, and physical exercises to unite the divine spark in each of us with the greater divine. Jewish scholars point to “shukkling,” the rhythmic swaying that brings the body into active prayer, as an example of the body-mind-soul connection.

One Saturday morning last October, Salmon and Tepper introduced Neshama Yoga to the world, as part of Temple Beth El of Stamford's Synaplex. Fifty people braved a near Nor'easter to begin their Shabbat with a unique session of Kundalini yoga infused with Jewish spirituality. They came to pray with body, mind, and soul.

Tepper and Salmon created Neshama Yoga n neshama is Hebrew for “soul” -- as another way for Jews to deepen their spirituality and connect with G-d. The combination of breathing, meditation, chanting, and physical exercise offers a much different experience than a traditional prayer service, the instructors say. They will teach a second class at the February 10 TBE Synaplex Shabbat ...

Complete article:


Sunday, January 21, 2007

JPII Referenced Talmud in General Audience

It's difficult to decide. I've recently been of the opinion that Benedict XVI had already surpassed JPII in treachery, but then I found this reference to the Talmud made by JPII during his General Audience of Wednesday 12 April 2000.

Here JPII seems to make reference to the female Shekinah-Matronit aspect of the hermaphrodite god of Judaism:

"Also significant is an ancient Jewish comment on the passage in Genesis (cf. 1: 2) which describes the Spirit moving over the primeval waters with motherly tenderness: 'The Spirit of God was moving over the face of the waters like a dove that hovers over her little ones without touching them' (Talmud, Hagigah 15a)." (John Paul II, Wednesday, 12 April 2000)


JPII seems to be signaling a key occult gnosis which has been preserved through the centuries within rabbinic Judaism, that of the hermaphrodite god.

JPII clearly intends to portray the Holy Spirit as feminine, but Genesis 1;2 offers no basis for such strangeness. Enter the Talmud and it's intricate fables, erroneous abuses, and unheard-of stupidities (Pope Innocent IV) and there is found support for the notion of a feminine Holy Spirit which JPII sought to impart.

Yes, the image of JPII kissing the Koran is seared into the minds of many Catholics, but that was merely a photo op, as treacherous as it was. I suspect that in reality he had a far more substantial relationship with the Talmud.

The Vatican Mafia

Cardinal Walter Kasper, Pope Benedict XVI, WJC President Edgar M. Bronfman, WJC Governing Board Chairman Israel Singer

World Jewish Congress President, Edgar M. Bronfman is heir to the Bronfman family empire which made it's first million in the whiskey and brothel rackets during prohibition in cooperation with Meyer Lansky's Murder Incorporated. Today, Edgar Bronfman Jr. has steered the empire into more respectable territory, namely, selling gangster rap to "tweens," (media marketing terminology for children between the ages of 8-12).

Friday, January 19, 2007

Italy May Be Next European Nation to Criminalize Heresy Against Holocaustolatry

EDITOR'S NOTE: Look who's dogmas are enforced by state law in Europe today. If one fails to assent his will to the dictates of the high priests of the EU state religion, Holocaustolatry, he will be chained, tried in a kangaroo court and sentenced to 3 years of solitary confinement in a dungeon. This is yet another of the contributions of Judaism to our contemporary world which we should be thankful for.

Is it just a coincidence that this announcement coincides with Israeli Chief Rabbi Metzer's visit to Rome? I only ask because Rabbi Meztger has recently called for the excommunication of Judaics who deny the sacred holocaust dogma of the 6 million. Promulgation and enforcement of holocaust dogma, apparently, are among his key responsibilities.

It's also worth noting that Metzger in March of 2006 called for the formation of a world body which would serve as a "United Nations of religious groups" undoubtedly intended to further exploit those religious groups for the purposes of Holocaustolatry.

When the rabbis pay visits to church and government authorities, treacherous acts by those authorities tend to soon follow.

Italian government to propose bill criminalizing Holocaust denial

The Associated Press
Published: January 19, 2007

ROME: The Italian government will propose legislation next week making it a crime to deny the Holocaust, the justice minister said Friday.

Clemente Mastella made the announcement as Germany pushes to criminalize incitement of hatred and acts of racist violence, including denying the genocide of Jews during World War II, throughout the 27-nation EU.

Germany holds the EU's rotating presidency.

"We must keep our guard high against any resurgence of anti-Semitism," Mastella said.

Mastella discussed the plan with Prime Minister Romano Prodi on Friday, and the two agreed to present a bill at next week's Cabinet meeting, the Justice Ministry said. Any proposal by the government would then require parliament's approval.

The Italian government's proposal would come shortly before Jan. 27, the day Auschwitz was liberated in 1945. The date was set aside for international Holocaust remembrance.

Mastella met Thursday afternoon with representatives of the Jewish communities in Italy, including Rome's chief rabbi Riccardo di Segni, to discuss the proposal, the ministry said.

Many EU nations already ban denials of the Holocaust, including Germany, France, Spain, Austria and Belgium.

Austria last year jailed British historian David Irving for questioning the Holocaust in a book published in the country.


One Contribution of Judaism Not Mentioned at the Vatican Conference

In keeping with the recent conference held by the Vatican in celebration of the contributions of Judaism to our contemporary world, I would like to comment on one of those contributions in particular which was not mentioned at the Vatican conference, that is, Judaism's fanatical hostility to all persons, religions and cultures apart from it's own. While the hostility of Judaism is plainly evident in, for instance, the repeated, brutal military assaults by the Israelis against their neighbors, it more commonly manifests itself in other ways which are not as readily identified.

It should not be news to anyone at this point that the Israelis and their supporters around the world are pushing every button and working every angle possible to hustle the US military into an attack on Iran and to gain public support for such an unprovoked, unjust, criminal act. But it may not be as well known that the war against Iran has already begun, not with bombs, but through a method of attack which should be (but is not) familiar to any given citizen of the formerly civilized West--cultural subversion. One example of how this kind of attack could be implemented was illustrated by Binyamin Netanyahu speaking at the US Congress before the House Government Operations Committee, September 20, 2001 shortly after 9-11, capitalizing on the great opportunity 9-11 presented for Zionism.

"I once said to the heads of CIA, that the best way to induce a change in Iran was not the standard CIA tactics, but to get very, very strong transponders and to beam them into Tehran, 'Beverly Hills 2050' (sic) and 'Melrose Place' and all that stuff, because -- I don't think high art, right. But it has its uses. This is subversive stuff." (Binyamin Netanyahu, September 20, 2001)


Well yes, it is subversive stuff and it does have it's uses to subversives like Netanyahu and his fellow tribesmen in Hollywood such as Aaron Spelling, the lecher who brought us "Beverly Hills 90210," "Melrose Place," and many other such works of cultural subversion, as Netanyahu himself defines them.

Look how well the culture of the former West has been subverted by these works. Surely they could be used to the same effect in Iran! And if the people of Iran are as lacking in lucidity and self respect as the Goyim of the former West, they may even pay billions of dollars for the privilege of having their culture subverted, just as the Western Goyim has! And then, one day Netanyahu might even address the governing officials of Iran and gloat over the subversiveness of the material used to subvert their nation and suggest it be used to subvert another yet to be subverted nation!

I'm sure I speak not only on behalf of the Vatican, but on behalf of all of the former West when I say, thank you, Judaism, for your great contributions to our contemporary world!

Rome Hosts Conference on "The Contribution of Judaism to Our Contemporary World."

EDITOR'S NOTE: How do we begin to honor the manifold contributions of Judaism to our contemporary world adequately enough, and which of these contributions do we hold to be the greatest? Is it the negation and replacement of the Christian just war doctrine with the Talmudic, tribal law of the jungle? Perhaps it's Judaism's contribution of financial warfare waged against the masses by usury that we should hold most dear. We could thank Judaism for it's great contribution of the Kol Nidre nullification of all vows. And it would be a crime if we didn't honor the rabbis for their institutionalization of the double standard. Maybe it's Judaism's system of dialectics--creating false dilemmas between chimeric, relativised opposites--that deserves greatest recognition. Or perhaps we should be most grateful to the great sages for their contribution of racial supremacism. Blacks are obligated to thank the rabbis for inventing a religious basis for anti-black racism. Of course, we would be remiss if we didn't thank Judaism for 2000 years of hatred and desecration of Christ and Christianity ...

A Multireligious World; Working Together
Meetings Reflect on Common Past

By Catherine Smibert


"... in 1990, the Italian bishops' conference thought it important to set aside an annual day in which the Catholic and Jewish communities of Rome are invited to build upon mutual respect, understanding and appreciation by providing opportunities for interfaith education. That day falls on Jan 17. The Community of Sant'Egidio offered their contribution this week with a convention on 'The Contribution of Judaism to Our Contemporary World.'

"Speakers included Cardinal Walter Kasper, president of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, as well as the Israeli ambassador to the Holy See, Oded Ben-Hur. The Cardinal Bea Center for Judaic Studies also presented a conference at the Pontifical Gregorian University ...

"Some say it's not enough to just exchange reflections on common theological concepts on the path to understanding between Judaism and Christianity. Many from both faiths are actually appealing to their fellow members to append an extra dimension of dialogue -- that of actively working together on common projects. The then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, he said that "the religions can encounter one another only by delving more deeply into the truth, not by giving it up" ...


EDITOR'S NOTE: Indeed, it is imperative that we delve more deeply into the truth, and towards that end I recommend these excellent sources for knowledge of the truth regarding the religion of rabbinic Judaism:




Thursday, January 18, 2007

Rabbinic Moralizing and Warmongering from Rome

EDITOR'S NOTE: Less than two decades ago, the Zionist State was not recognized by the Vatican. Today, the Vatican offers itself as a platform for Zionist warmongering and two-faced rabbinic moralizing. That's rapid progress. Opposition to an unprovoked attack on Iran constitutes a "cardinal sin" against the Holy People and their Holy State according to Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi, Yona Metzger's interdict handed down in Rome. No objection from Pope Benedict was forthcoming.

Metzger: Inaction on Iran a 'grave sin'


Jerusalem Post

Radical Islam has a lot to learn from Judaism and Christianity about morality and humanitarianism, Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger, who was in Rome to participate in an international conference on Judaism and inter-faith dialogue organized by the Vatican, said Wednesday ...

Referring to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's calls to "wipe Israel off the map," Metzger warned of another Holocaust ...

The chief rabbi appealed to the international community and the United Nations to "do everything to avert the threat against [his] people and [his] country."

"I have to say in all honesty that the enlightened nations' indifference, weak spirit, and total lack of action against the Iranian threat is a cardinal sin," he added ...

In a related event, Pope Benedict XVI on Wednesday called on Christians and Jews to respect each other and work together for world peace.

The pope has been reaching out to Jews, following in the footsteps of his predecessor, the late John Paul II. Benedict visited a synagogue in Cologne, Germany, during his first trip abroad as pontiff in 2005.

"I invite all to...invoke the Lord so that Christians and Jews respect each other, appreciate each other and cooperate for justice and peace in the world," Benedict told thousands of faithful during his weekly general audience at the Vatican.

AP contributed to this report.


EDITOR'S NOTE: There could not be a more suicidal, double-minded message than the one offered by the Pope in the context of the incitement of Zionist warmonger, Rabbi Metzger. Collaboration with a rabbi for peace and justice in the world is rather like collaborating with wolves for the safety of chickens. But this is what the Pope, in essence, suggests. Having carefully considered Benedict's suggestion, I thoroughly reject it as utterly preposterous.

As for Rabbi Metzger's insinuation that Christianity and Judaism have some kind of common humanitarian and moral values, I say this kind of nonsense can only be foisted upon those ignorant of the homicidal, racial supremacist tenets of Judaism, which I concede is a large percentage (hence Rabbi Metger's ability to pull off such an audacious, hypocritical gambit), but the percentage is dwindling due to the work of great contemporary researchers and authors such as Michael A. Hoffman and those who preceded him such as Professor Johannes Andreas Eisenmenger.

In due time, knowledge of the rabbinic tradition will precede the rabbis and the era of spectacles such as that documented in the news article above will come to an end.