Friday, January 19, 2007

One Contribution of Judaism Not Mentioned at the Vatican Conference

In keeping with the recent conference held by the Vatican in celebration of the contributions of Judaism to our contemporary world, I would like to comment on one of those contributions in particular which was not mentioned at the Vatican conference, that is, Judaism's fanatical hostility to all persons, religions and cultures apart from it's own. While the hostility of Judaism is plainly evident in, for instance, the repeated, brutal military assaults by the Israelis against their neighbors, it more commonly manifests itself in other ways which are not as readily identified.

It should not be news to anyone at this point that the Israelis and their supporters around the world are pushing every button and working every angle possible to hustle the US military into an attack on Iran and to gain public support for such an unprovoked, unjust, criminal act. But it may not be as well known that the war against Iran has already begun, not with bombs, but through a method of attack which should be (but is not) familiar to any given citizen of the formerly civilized West--cultural subversion. One example of how this kind of attack could be implemented was illustrated by Binyamin Netanyahu speaking at the US Congress before the House Government Operations Committee, September 20, 2001 shortly after 9-11, capitalizing on the great opportunity 9-11 presented for Zionism.

"I once said to the heads of CIA, that the best way to induce a change in Iran was not the standard CIA tactics, but to get very, very strong transponders and to beam them into Tehran, 'Beverly Hills 2050' (sic) and 'Melrose Place' and all that stuff, because -- I don't think high art, right. But it has its uses. This is subversive stuff." (Binyamin Netanyahu, September 20, 2001)

Well yes, it is subversive stuff and it does have it's uses to subversives like Netanyahu and his fellow tribesmen in Hollywood such as Aaron Spelling, the lecher who brought us "Beverly Hills 90210," "Melrose Place," and many other such works of cultural subversion, as Netanyahu himself defines them.

Look how well the culture of the former West has been subverted by these works. Surely they could be used to the same effect in Iran! And if the people of Iran are as lacking in lucidity and self respect as the Goyim of the former West, they may even pay billions of dollars for the privilege of having their culture subverted, just as the Western Goyim has! And then, one day Netanyahu might even address the governing officials of Iran and gloat over the subversiveness of the material used to subvert their nation and suggest it be used to subvert another yet to be subverted nation!

I'm sure I speak not only on behalf of the Vatican, but on behalf of all of the former West when I say, thank you, Judaism, for your great contributions to our contemporary world!

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