Friday, January 19, 2007

Italy May Be Next European Nation to Criminalize Heresy Against Holocaustolatry

EDITOR'S NOTE: Look who's dogmas are enforced by state law in Europe today. If one fails to assent his will to the dictates of the high priests of the EU state religion, Holocaustolatry, he will be chained, tried in a kangaroo court and sentenced to 3 years of solitary confinement in a dungeon. This is yet another of the contributions of Judaism to our contemporary world which we should be thankful for.

Is it just a coincidence that this announcement coincides with Israeli Chief Rabbi Metzer's visit to Rome? I only ask because Rabbi Meztger has recently called for the excommunication of Judaics who deny the sacred holocaust dogma of the 6 million. Promulgation and enforcement of holocaust dogma, apparently, are among his key responsibilities.

It's also worth noting that Metzger in March of 2006 called for the formation of a world body which would serve as a "United Nations of religious groups" undoubtedly intended to further exploit those religious groups for the purposes of Holocaustolatry.

When the rabbis pay visits to church and government authorities, treacherous acts by those authorities tend to soon follow.

Italian government to propose bill criminalizing Holocaust denial

The Associated Press
Published: January 19, 2007

ROME: The Italian government will propose legislation next week making it a crime to deny the Holocaust, the justice minister said Friday.

Clemente Mastella made the announcement as Germany pushes to criminalize incitement of hatred and acts of racist violence, including denying the genocide of Jews during World War II, throughout the 27-nation EU.

Germany holds the EU's rotating presidency.

"We must keep our guard high against any resurgence of anti-Semitism," Mastella said.

Mastella discussed the plan with Prime Minister Romano Prodi on Friday, and the two agreed to present a bill at next week's Cabinet meeting, the Justice Ministry said. Any proposal by the government would then require parliament's approval.

The Italian government's proposal would come shortly before Jan. 27, the day Auschwitz was liberated in 1945. The date was set aside for international Holocaust remembrance.

Mastella met Thursday afternoon with representatives of the Jewish communities in Italy, including Rome's chief rabbi Riccardo di Segni, to discuss the proposal, the ministry said.

Many EU nations already ban denials of the Holocaust, including Germany, France, Spain, Austria and Belgium.

Austria last year jailed British historian David Irving for questioning the Holocaust in a book published in the country.


Mike said...

"We must keep our guard high against any resurgence of anti-Semitism," according to Mastella, while everyday innocent women and children, some of them Christians, are maimed, murdered, brutalized, and oppressed by the Jews of Israel.

Is the reason that it is necessary is to so vigiliantly "guard" against "anti-semitism" is because Israel and its supporters seem to be doing everything possible to foster it by their actions?

What about the countless Christian women and children that have been (and continue to be) forcibly trafficked into Israel's sex industry from the countries of the former Soviet Union? Or the fact that Israel gives safe haven to Russian-Jewish criminals who have robbed the masses of those same countries of trillions of dollars, leaving the vast majority in abject poverty (forcing them to look for work abroad and leaving them suseptible to "too-good-to-be-true" schemes ostensibly offering legitimate work and good wages, when all too often what really awaits the victims of this Talmudic ruse is brutality, degradation, and forced prostitution without compensation).

Interestingly, Israel has no laws against trafficking or enslaving non-Israelis or against money laundering (source: Amnesty International), making it a paradise for Russian-Jewish mafiosi to carry out massive human trafficking operations, and to sequester their ill-gotten gains in Israeli banks, real-estate and "legitimate" buisinesses.

Amazing how well these nefarious activities of the world's "chosen people" and the country they created have been swept under rug. I guess it isn't quite on par with building their country on expropriated land soaked with the blood and tears of expelled and murdered Arabs, but it's easier to hide.

As long as the world remains rapt before the latest "Holocaust" movie, documentary or book, and riddled with the guilt that they engender, Israel can get away with virtually anything.

Unknown said...

You must be more careful with your facts. Irving was jailed for being sceptical of the holocaust in a speech in Austria 17 or 18 years ago

Maurice Pinay said...

That criticism should be directed towards the Associated Press which published the artice.