Sunday, January 21, 2007

JPII Referenced Talmud in General Audience

It's difficult to decide. I've recently been of the opinion that Benedict XVI had already surpassed JPII in treachery, but then I found this reference to the Talmud made by JPII during his General Audience of Wednesday 12 April 2000.

Here JPII seems to make reference to the female Shekinah-Matronit aspect of the hermaphrodite god of Judaism:

"Also significant is an ancient Jewish comment on the passage in Genesis (cf. 1: 2) which describes the Spirit moving over the primeval waters with motherly tenderness: 'The Spirit of God was moving over the face of the waters like a dove that hovers over her little ones without touching them' (Talmud, Hagigah 15a)." (John Paul II, Wednesday, 12 April 2000)

JPII seems to be signaling a key occult gnosis which has been preserved through the centuries within rabbinic Judaism, that of the hermaphrodite god.

JPII clearly intends to portray the Holy Spirit as feminine, but Genesis 1;2 offers no basis for such strangeness. Enter the Talmud and it's intricate fables, erroneous abuses, and unheard-of stupidities (Pope Innocent IV) and there is found support for the notion of a feminine Holy Spirit which JPII sought to impart.

Yes, the image of JPII kissing the Koran is seared into the minds of many Catholics, but that was merely a photo op, as treacherous as it was. I suspect that in reality he had a far more substantial relationship with the Talmud.


Michael Hoffman said...

Solid exposition of the true god of Judaism, an occult Great Whore straight from Babylon, as advanced by Pope "John Paul the Great."

Catherine said...

I have noticed that not many have commented on your blog. I understand the reason for that "Maurice" Hardly, anyone will listen these days. I have been trying to get people to open their eyes to this, especially "Catholics" and to no avail. I think it is too much for them to come to grips with. I will not deny and am very proud of being a Roman Cahtholic in the true meaning that Christ intended it to be when He founded it. I will never abandoned the True Church that is now hidden from the face of humanity. I just wish people would quit connecting the One True Church of Christ with the Abomination going on in what use to be the headquarters of our Holy Pontiff. They are two different opposing things. "They" are not Catholic and not the Church! Today: Rome, Benedict XVI, the so-called "Bishops", all of the churches offering their false mass and are still labeling in front of their buildings "Catholic" are NOT part of the True Church. PLEASE, let us find another name to use when referring to this false church, in order not to add to the confusion that is rampant today. There are still true Roman Cathoics out here and we are praying for God's divine intervention (that is what it is going to take) along with trying to expose this Satanic Cult that has taken over and assumed the appearance of Our True Church. God Bless

Catherine said...

I almost forgot! This website
Is an excellent source that displays the book Plot Against the Church for those who wish to read it for free. They are not quite finish with all the chapters but it will give them about 20, I think, to start with. It exposes these Satan Jews and their occult religion for what it really is. They have desired for centuries to infultrate the True Church and destroy Her. Notice how they aren't out to infultrate the Protestant Sects? They are bloodthirsty and murderous, greedy and thriving to rule all the world. They will murder anyone and everyone who is not of their cult. They killed Christ and they WILL bring about the Antichrist, who will promise them what Christ was not going to give them. Wealth, power ect....that is why the killed Him. don't be fooled into believing they didn't know what they were doing and that they didn't know who Christ was, they did! I suggest everyone read it. Especially all the catholics who want to still call themselves Catholic, which they are not. They have succeeded in overtaking Rome, the Vatican and the churches but they will not take over the few of us who know what is going on and will remain faithful to Her till the end.

Judit said...

I have Maurice Pinay's book «The Plot Against the Church» (1982 edition), I've used it many times in my Hungarian articles during in years past. - Now, I am very happy to have found your Blog, I shall visit you often, our thoughts and beliefs are along the same line. Keep up the good work,and God Bless you! My Blog in the English language is COUNTERPOINT