Friday, January 26, 2007

Ron Lauder Seeks to Replace Edgar Bronfman as WJC President

EDITOR'S NOTE: UberZionist, Ron Lauder, in his capacity as New York State Research Council on Privatization Chairman, facilitated the privatization of the WTC and it's lease to UberZionist, "lucky" Larry Silverstein in July of 2001.

Then, less than two months later, on 9-11, an amazing coincidence took place which payed great benefits to UberZionists the world over, most notably, Lauder and Silverstein's close friend, Binyamin Netanyahu who by amazing coincidence just happened to be in NY and available for interviews to speak on the plan he had been selling since the '80's which, just by coincidence, involved US military presence in the Middle East.

Lauder clearly has the proper credentials for the World Jewish Congress president gig.

Ron Lauder seeking to replace Bronfman at WJC

By Amiram Barkat

Jewish American billionaire Ronald Lauder is "very interested" in running for president of the World Jewish Congress, he told Haaretz yesterday. However, he said he will not consider himself a candidate until elections are announced. The sitting president, Canadian billionaire Edgar Bronfman, was reelected for a four-year term in January 2005. He has held the post since 1980, but has reportedly been planning to hand the reins to his son Matthew in the summer, to give him some experience until the next elections ...

Lauder said he sees the WJC as one of the last remaining organizations in the Jewish world that has the ability to exert an influence, and said he believes it is more important than ever before now that Israel is facing an existential threat ...

A report by the New York attorney general has found serious financial irregularities in the WJC's conduct prior to 2005, leading Lauder to say in private conversation that the congress was "in shambles" and incapable of adequately representing world Jewry ...

Lauder is the son of Estee Lauder, the co-founder (with her husband Joseph) of the cosmetics company of the same name. An art collector, Lauder made the news last year when he paid a record $135 million for a painting by Gustav Klimt that the Nazis had stolen from Jewish owners. Lauder donates money to Jewish organizations and funds a network of private schools that operate primarily in eastern and central Europe. Unlike Edgar Bronfman, a major donor to the Democratic Party, Lauder is a Republican, who was appointed U.S. ambassador to Austria by then-president Ronald Reagan. In Israel, he is considered close to Likud chairman Benjamin Netanyahu.

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