Sunday, January 28, 2007

The "Church Militant" With Rabbis in Command

Leading U.S. Rabbi calls for New International Ecumenism in Defense of Morality

By Gudrun Schultz

WASHINGTON, D.C., United States, January 26, 2007 ( - Leading Orthodox rabbi Yehuda Levin delivered an impassioned plea for a “new ecumenism” among international religious leaders in defense of morality, during a speech at the March for Life demonstration in Washington [on the Kabbalistic date of] Jan.22.

“It’s time for religious people to come out of our places of worship and bring our faith in to the artificially denuded public square,” said Rabbi Levin, saying support for abortion and homosexual marriage within Jewish communities was “paganism.”

Head of an Orthodox Jewish congregation in New York City, Rabbi Levin founded Jews for Morality in an effort to counter the growing support for liberal moral policies in the Jewish community. A prominent speaker in defense of traditional moral teaching, Rabbi Levin has addressed the annual March for Life in Washington for the past 25 years.

The rabbi reiterated his call for moral solidarity between leading Western religions, asking Pope Benedict XVI to stand at the forefront of what he called a “new ecumenism” in defense of morality.

“On Jan. 2 I visited the Vatican to propose a new type of ecumenism. No theology, no dialogue, no apologies … Just joining together to preserve our Godly values. Religious leaders must reclaim their leadership roles in society from the political panderers, the legislative and the judicials.”

In his meeting with the Pope, Rabbi Levin pledged the support of the Orthodox Jewish community to the Catholic Church’s efforts in combating moral decay in Western society.

“I might seem now to be speaking in almost a prophetic way. I have the blood of prophets in my veins. I am saying with certitude—with a logical certitude—that the group in Western Civilization and perhaps in World Civilization with the most potential to act as a catalyst for a moral counterattack, pushing back the barbarians who stand against the gates of Rome and Jerusalem . . . are Catholics. You don’t have to be a prophet to understand that,” Rabbi Levin told at the time .

“And the personality whom God has placed at the top: I couldn’t have prayed, as an Orthodox Jew, for a better person.

”Emphasizing the pressing need for strong leadership from religious authorities, Rabbi told March for Life crowds that the visible participation of spiritual leaders was vital in countering the assault on the family and social morality.

“In former times, people of faith were called to sacrifice they’re lives to be martyrs. All we’re asking today is that our religious leaders accompany us as we take to the street.”

“I turn to the Moslem world and their leadership. Sign a petition, bring it to the Pope. Let’s start a revolution!”

“Let the pope come here, he’s an outstanding champion,” Rabbi Levin said, calling for a papal visit to New York. “We need you in America. We need a new ecumenical alliance.”

EDITOR'S NOTE: What chance is there for a population so ignorant of it's own history and tradition to identify the deception of this Khazar who boasts of the "blood of the prophets in his veins"? This clownish, racist conceit alone exposes the rabbi as possessed of a system of morality completely antithetical to Christianity. Which of the Prophets, Apostles or Saints ever boasted of the blood in their veins?

No, Rabbi Levin has the spiritual toxin of those who slew the Prophets, Christ and all of the just since Abel in his veins. And so-called, "Christians" now are joining this destroyer of Western society in an effort to combat moral decay in Western society?

How will the damage done to the West by usury be undone by rabbis whose tradition encourages the taking of usury? How will the damage done to the West by sexual perversion be undone by rabbis whose tradition allows the rape of three year old babies? How will the corruption of the West be undone by rabbis whose tradition is the playbook for corruption? How will the damage done to the West by violence be undone by rabbis whose tradition prescribes violence against all non-Judaics? Is it sane for non-Judaics to form an alliance with rabbis whose tradition permits lying to non-Judaics?

What could be more insane and suicidal than this? Who needs enemies when the rabbis are on your side?

Rabbi Levin states: "... that the group in Western Civilization and perhaps in World Civilization with the most potential to act as a catalyst for a moral counterattack, pushing back the barbarians who stand against the gates of Rome and Jerusalem . . . are Catholics."

Is this rabbi attempting to conjure nostalgia among Catholics for the crusades here? The language certainly suggests so. And since when have the rabbis been interested in a militant Christendom? Since Christendom has been alchemically transformed into their golem, that's when. Today's so-called, "Christians" pose no threat to the rabbis like their forefathers who knew their faith did. Far from it. And did you think that the rabbis would get their hands dirty killing Muslims? Hell no! Anyone who's read the Gospel knows that's not their style.

So, take up your swords, "Church Militant" and march off on the Judeo-"Christian" crusade for the greater glory of the rabbis against a people whose morality has a world more in common with traditional Christian morality than the perverted, so-called "morality" of the rabbis of anti-Christ Judaism.


Anonymous said...

Does Pinay understand anything about metaphor?

Rabbi Ariel Sokolovsky said...

I don't get it. What can a Catholic have against someone like Rabbi Levin.
For more than 20 years he is fighting for moral values our religions hold in common.
Only a person who is blinded by hate can attack him.
And the stupidity of bringing up Khazars each time an Ashkenazi Jew is mentioned is mindbogling.
Even if most of Ashkenazi Jews would be descendants from Khazar converts to Judaism which is very unlikely they are Jews no differnt than other Jews serving the same G-d according to the same Torah and deserving a portion in the land of Israel as explained in a number of places in the Torah and the Prophets.
May G-d cure you from hatred of His people so that you'll be able to use your considerable talents to improve the world to prepare for the redemption.