Saturday, February 3, 2007

Alchemists at Work

EDITOR'S NOTE: Through Kabbalah in it's secular guise, the Hegelian dialectic, supposed ideological opposites find themselves on the same side. This is only possible due to the alchemical processing of Christianity into relativised nothingness: only opposed to, or supportive of that which suits the Pharisaic agenda at any given time. In truth, what is today called "Christianity" is really Judeo-Christianity or Masonry lite: Noachida, in essence.

Opposition to homosexuality is one of the two social issues Christian activism has been reduced to in our time. The other is opposition to abortion.

Masonry, the phallic worship cult, on the other hand, is as anti-Christianity as it ever was and is in no way opposed to homosexuality despite the rhetoric to the contrary. No official Masonic condemnation of homosexuality exists and, in fact, some branches of Masonry incorporate homosexuality as a religious practice.

True Christians would do well to examine more closely how the abortion and "gay" marriage and adoption issues are being used in attempts to manipulate them.

Even the Grand Orange Lodge is Supporting Catholics in UK Homosexual Adoption Row

By John-Henry Westen

Those who were once fierce foes ... are beginning to recognize the threat to religious freedom being imposed by the growing intolerance for traditional morality.

Catholics and Protestants, Jews and Muslims are defending one another's freedom of religion against attacks from the religion of anti-morality which is increasingly finding devotees in government.The trend could not be more clearly illustrated than with the news this week that the Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland, traditionally known for its mortal conflict with the Catholic Church, has officially backed Catholic leadership on the question of homosexual adoption ...

... Ian Wilson, the Grand Master of the Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland, announced publicly this week the Lodge's support in the matter for the head of the Catholic Church of England and Wales, Cormac Cardinal Murphy O'Connor. "There has to be more tolerance of the views of people of faith, and that includes the Cardinal," Wilson told The Scotsman. "Broadly speaking, the Lodge would take an orthodox, traditional Christian view of this - we see the family as a man and a woman" ...

... The UK's Chief Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks, regarded as Judaism's highest authority in the UK, waded into the fray as well. Speaking of the new law he spoke of the need for respect for religion. "Jewish law is unequivocally committed," he said, "to the principle of marriage and the family: the stable association of husband, wife and child. This is at the very core of Jewish spirituality and cannot be compromised."

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