Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Newt Gingrich Takes 1 Million Cash From Zionist Casino Owner

There's good money in whoring for the Holy State, as any politician in the U.S. knows.

Newt's webpage rationalizes the extraordinary gift to his patriotic organization, "American Solutions for Winning the Future" from Zionist billionaire casino owner, Sheldon G. Adelson:

"First, Mr. Adelson’s interest in American Solution stems from the shared belief that Israel has a right to exist. He believes that American Solutions offers the best hope of creating the solutions necessary to ensure Israel’s survival ... The size of Mr. Adelson’s gift to American Solutions reflects his commitment to that goal."


Sounds "American" enough to me. I mean, what interests do Americans have other than sending cash and weapons to, and fighting and dying for, "Israel"?

Adelson then further demonstrates what a patriotic American he is by pledging 25 million dollars he "earned" in his casino in the US to "Birthright Israel."

"A new gift to the Taglit - birthright israel program (BRI) will double to at least 20,000 the number of free summer trips to Israel offered by BRI this summer.

"The gift is being made by The Adelson Family Charitable Foundation, established by philanthropists Dr. Miriam and Sheldon G. Adelson, one of the world's richest people and the richest Jew in the United States."


More examples of Adelson's American patriotism:

Sheldon Adelson pledges annual $200 million to Jewish, Israeli causes

World's wealthiest Jew to donate $25 million to Yad Vashem

Sheldon Adelson one of the largest donors to Chabad Lubavitch

Donor May Fund Georgetown Jewish Center to Give U.S. Leaders Another Point of View

American patriotism, these days, sure is beneficial to "Israel." How it benefits Americans, on the other hand, is difficult to ascertain.


Itzchak said...

Thank you...more proof that the Jews are winning and getting more and more powerful.

Itzchak said...

This is so sick...

Pope gets holy books
A Swiss-based interfaith foundation presented the Hebrew Bible, Christian Scriptures and the Koran to Pope Benedict XVI.

“In our rapidly fracturing world, the need to promote understanding and tolerance within and between the three monotheistic religions has never been greater,” the Foundation for Interreligious and Intercultural Research and Dialogue said last week, according to the Jordan Times.

The gift of the three holy texts in their original languages was meant to honor Benedict’s efforts with the Jewish, Christian and Muslim communities.

The foundation promotes the shared values and standards of the three religions through publications and scholarships.

Cambrensis said...

Hi Itzchak

You talk of the Jews "winning" - winning what exactly?

Do you think of the Jews' final victory in religious terms, eg some kind of messianic age?

What happens to the Church when this occurs?

Itzchak said...

I talk about the Jew winning because the author of this website obviously thinks the Jews are out to get him.
The world will realize that the church was based on a silly myth about some jewish guy.

Cambrensis said...

If the world comes to believe that maybe it will also decide the Old Testament is a pack of lies - just a collection of silly myths about some Jewish guys who lived long ago.

What happens then?

Itzchak said...

As Israel returns to its former glory, and the Holy Temple functions...
and all the prophetic statements are manifested, it will be impossible to say that. And even if it said, it will be meaningless in face of reality.
And it is very clear that this is happening.

Itzchak said...

This blog is a proof of it happening.
Look how upset 'Maurice Pinay' is about all the different signs of the re-ascendancy of the Children Of Israel.

Cambrensis said...

Thank you for taking the time to reply, Itzchak.

The thing is, all these signs of Jewish triumph shouldn't faze a Christian because Christian prophecy says that the Church will be reduced to a persecuted remnant prior to the Second Coming. It's in the script.

A moustache-twirling Jewish villain (in Masonic apron) ties helpless damsel Ecclesia to the railroad tracks as a monstrous locomotive (with 'New World Order' on the nameplate) thunders towards her - but in the nick of time her Saviour arrives on a white horse, socks his arch-enemy on the jaw and rides off with her into the sunset.

What if you've misread the signs of the times?

Itzchak said...

I'm basing my reading on extensive study of the Prophetic Writings and the prophetic materials found in the Zohar (which is the main repository of the deepest teachings).
It's also clear that any attempt to link jesus to the Prophetic Writings of Isaiah is a weak attempt to draw something out that is not there.
Mistranslations and the like.
Also Judaism (though no one can generalize about it in one fell swoop) is certainly not involved in any attempt to damage the church.
The villain tying up ecclesia is the church itself and its weird mythology. It's been a huge source of oppression for the masses and it ran out of steam some time ago. Its death knell was probably the active participation of so many christians in the holocaust. It lost forever any claim to be a source of real morality.

Itzchak said...

Also, where pray tell is the church a persecuted remnant...
I imagine the situation must be bad in heavily Muslim countries, but other wise the church is free to do whatever it wants.

Cambrensis said...

I haven't studied the Zohar at all so can't really comment on it but I gather it gave shape and impetus to much Western occultism, which sets off alarm bells. Are you familiar with the Western esoteric tradition and if so would you defend it or argue it is merely a perversion & misapplication of the Zohar's teaching?

If Aleister Crowley could base his ravings on the kabbalah, it doesn't seem much of a recommendation!

Itzchak said...

Aleister Crowley and that occult world knew nothing about the Zohar or Kabbala in its original source.
It's been at the centre of Jewish theology since its beginnings.
If you're interested read
13 Petalled Rose by r. Adin Steinsaltz.
A book I'm currently reading and recommend is Let There Be Light:
Modern Cosmology and Kabbalah; A New Conversation Between Science and Religion by Howard Smith.