Friday, February 2, 2007

Pope Involved in "Process of Building Deeper Religious Relations Between Catholics and Jews"

EDITOR'S NOTE: Good shepherds protect their flock from wolves. Bad ones neglect to do so. What can be said of a shepherd who builds deep relations between his flock and wolves? What would the Church Fathers have to say of such treachery? One needn't guess. Read their writings. They said and did precisely the opposite of what Benedict XVI says and does in this regard.

Have the rabbis and their tradition become any less hostile to Christians and Christianity since the time of the early Church? Absolutely not. So how do we account for this theological and epistemological about face? What Church document can be cited in it's support other than the rabbinic edict, Nostra Aetate?

What happened to the healthy, well founded suspicion Christians had in previous generations of the rabbis and their followers that they were an enemy in their midst? Who benefits from the abandonment of that suspicion?


Friday, 15 September 2005

Distinguished Gentlemen,

With an open heart I welcome you here today, and express my appreciation of the fact that your visit intends to emphasize the positive results that have come from the Second Vatican Council's declaration Nostra Aetate, the fortieth anniversary of which we are commemorating this year. I see your visit as a further step forward in the process of building deeper religious relations between Catholics and Jews, a course which has received new impulse and energy from Nostra Aetate and from the many forms of contact, dialogue and co-operation that have their origin in the principles and spirit of that document. The Church continues to make every effort to implement the Council's vision of a new era of better mutual understanding, respect and solidarity between us.

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Itzchak said...

Nice to see that you realize that we're winning....

Anonymous said...

The Catholic Church will never lose to the likes of you. Despite what you see, it isn't the true reality. Jesus will conquer, just as He had in the past. I pray you will join the Catholic Church in praising Him for His mercy and rejoicing in His victory when it comes.

Anonymous said...

...but Itzchak, you really are winning, for the only true law that you obeyed is to honor you're parents. The remaining laws of God you reject. So you win.

You win all the rewards of honoring your parents. Therefore, ALL the rewards of this life are yours...


...the World lings, who have it all, will inherit from their parents all the wealth of earth, and none of the treasures of Heaven.

Sorry Itzchak you are winning, but in the end you will absolutely eternally lose by gaining the remaining treasure of you rewards. HELL!

So it was in the days of the Messiah, the Jews believed that they had won, with the death of the one called Jesus! Now they believe that they will win with the death of the Catholic Church.

Being stupid ONCE is excusable, Being stupid TWICE is just plain foolish.

Your great knowledge unfortunately has NO WISDOM!

Since Solomon, Jews have lost ALL Wisdom. IT’S JUST THE FACTS - JACK!

Anonymous said...

"Porque hay muchos rebeldes,vanos habladores y embaucadores, sobre todo LOS DE LA CIRCUNCISIÓN,a quienes es menester TAPARLES LA BOCA"

Tito, I,10-11