Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Sound of Money Flowing Out Of Your Pockets Towards "Israel"

EDITOR'S NOTE: Those who followed the Israeli massacre on Lebanon this past summer may recall Miri Eisin as the the very sincere young woman who relayed how regretful the Israelis were that women and children were "accidentally" killed during the Israeli bombing of homes in the civilian populated village of Qana. Mrs. Eisin has now returned to announce that "Israel" is seeking for the US to pick up the tab for their Kabbalistic 33 day-long slaughter of innocent civilians in Lebanon.

"Israel" is also looking for more cash to cover the cost of removing "Jewish settlers" from the West Bank land they illegally occupied. I was under the impression that we already paid for that. Apparently it wasn't enough. The "settlers" must need new swimming pools, automatic weapons or something else much more important than relief for Hurricane Katrina victims, body armor for US troops in Iraq, or food and clothing for the growing poverty class in the U.S.

Israel negotiates new US military aid deal

JERUSALEM (AFP) - An Israeli delegation has left for the United States to negotiate a new aid deal from the Jewish state's main ally and donor, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's spokeswoman said Monday.

"A delegation headed by Bank of Israel chief Stanley Fischer left Tel Aviv overnight for Washington to negotiate a new deal to fix the amount of annual military aid from the United States for Israel for the next decade," Miri Eisin told AFP.

Israeli officials are also hoping for extra aid to compensate for the cost of last summer's 34-day Lebanon war and the withdrawal from the Gaza Strip in August-September 2005, she said.

Israel withdrew troops and settlers from Gaza after a 38-year occupation, but it continues to be an occupying power under international law as it controls borders and de facto daily life in the coastal strip.

The existing military aid accord between Israel and the United States took effect in 1998 and expires this year.

"Military aid granted to Israel by the United States is currently 2.4 billion dollars per year, and is devoted entirely to purchases of equipment and armaments and to research projects in the US," Eisin said.

The Israeli delegation also includes officials from the finance and foreign affairs ministries and the army, she said.


titurator veritatis said...

Well, I guess we can all hope that the American economy will collapse thereby exposing the underpinnings of the great scaffold that we are currently set upon. Perhaps then and only then the taxes to Israel will stop and perhaps then the state of Israel will either be peacefully disestablished or through its own contradictions--fall apart.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Oy vey! It does break my heart to think that some momma's bubbeluh might have to do without a luxury item because Israel is stuck with paying for thier mass murder of Lebanese civilians. Only Neo-Nazi death cult members would oppose bailing out God's chosen, right?

Maurice is correct, US tax payers have been paying for the genocide commited by the Judaics agianst the world's population.

Norman Finkelstein's next book title: "Beyond, Beyond Chutzpah - The Misuse of the Holy Scriptures and the Abuse of the Goyim."

Michael Mantra said...

Take a look at Wayne Madsden's rep-
ort that I have listed here:
The Israelis have been raing our Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac mortgage funds to pay for illegal West Bank
settlements...scroll to Januart 29,'s that 'big sucking sound' vacuuming America's pockets.