Saturday, March 31, 2007

Hosanna Filio David

Hosanna Filio David: benedictus qui venit in nomine Domini. Rex Israel: Hosanna in excelsis.

Hosanna to the Son of David: blessed is He that cometh in the name of the Lord. King of Israel: Hosanna in the highest.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Israeli Racism

‘Marriage to an Arab is national treason’

Recent poll reveals steep rise in racist views against Arabs in Israel; many participants feel hatred, fear when overhearing Arabic, 75 percent don’t approve of shared apartment buildings

Roee Nahmias Published: 03.27.07, 19:55 / Israel News

Over half of the Jewish population in Israel believes the marriage of a Jewish woman to an Arab man is equal to national treason, according to a recent survey by the Geocartography Institute.

The survey, which was conducted for the Center Against Racism, also found that over 75 percent of participants did not approve of apartment buildings being shared between Arabs and Jews. Sixty percent of participants said they would not allow an Arab to visit their home.

Five hundred Jewish men and women participated in the poll, which was published Tuesday.

According to the survey, racism against Arabs in Israel has seen a sharp rise since a similar survey was conducted two years ago.

In 2006, 247 racist acts against Arabs were reported, as opposed to 225 one year prior.

About 40 percent of participants agreed that “Arabs should have their right to vote for Knesset revoked”. The number was 55 percent lower in the previous survey. Also, over half of the participants agreed that Israel should encourage its Arab citizens to immigrate from the country.

Over half of the participants said they would not want to work under the direct management of an Arab, and 55 percent said “Arabs and Jews should be separated at entertainment sites”.

‘Arab culture inferior’

Participants were asked what they felt when they overheard someone speaking Arabic. Thirty-one percent said they felt hatred, while 50 percent said they felt fear.

Over 56 percent of participants said they believed that Israel’s Arab citizens posed both a security and a demographic threat to the country.

When asked what they thought of Arab culture, over 37 percent replied, “The Arab culture is inferior.”

“The Center Against Racism has set itself a goal to monitor all racial incidents against Arab citizens, and to fight racism as much as possible under the law through public action,” the center’s annual report said.

Bachar Ouda, the center's director, said the survey’s findings were worrisome, and urged the government to intervene in the situation.

“We call on the education minister to take the gloves off and deal with the issue seriously, because it is dangerous to coexistence. We call on the state prosecutions office, and the attorney general to take action,” Ouda said.,7340,L-3381978,00.html

Cardinal Seán Patrick O'Malley at ADL Seder

Cardinal Seán Patrick O'Malley of Boston has an online blog. There he states:

On Thursday evening I participated in the Anti-Defamation League’s “Nation of Immigrants” Community Seder that took place at The Castle at Park Plaza in Boston.

Last year I gave a speech to the Jewish community in which I told them about a Seder meal that I organized in Washington with the Hispanic Community many years ago. In response to my talk, this year the ADL has organized a multicultural Seder inviting many ethnic and religious groups. Andrew Tarsy, ADL regional director and Diane Rosenbaum, Senior Associate Director did a wonderful job organizing the event. It was a lovely evening.

Andrew Tarsy, ADL regional director and Cardinal Seán Patrick O'Malley of Boston

The booklets explained each step of the ritual.

Cardinal Seán Patrick O'Malley of Boston eating Matzah

Cardinal Seán Patrick O'Malley of Boston passes the bitter herbs

Cardinal Seán Patrick O'Malley of Boston announcing that Benedict XVI has named Rabbi Leon Klenicki of the ADL to the Papal Order of St. Gregory

"... just as it would be a mortal sin now for anyone, in making a profession of faith, to say that Christ is yet to be born, which the fathers of old said devoutly and truthfully; so too it would be a mortal sin now to observe those ceremonies which the fathers of old fulfilled with devotion and fidelity." (St. Thomas, Summa Theologica I, II, q. 103, Art. 4)

(8) Let me also say this to those who are our own-if I must call our own those who side with the Jews. Go to the synagogues and see if the Jews have changed their fast; see if they kept the pre-Paschal fast with us; see if they have taken food on that day. But theirs is not a fast; it is a transgression of the law, it is a sin, it is trespassing. Yet they did not change. But you did change your glory and from it you will derive no profit; you did go over to their rites.

(9) Did the Jews ever observe our pre-Paschal fast? Did they ever join us in keeping the feast of the martyrs? Did they ever share with us the day of the Epiphanies? They do not run to the truth, but you rush to transgression. I call it a transgression because their observances do not occur at the proper time. Once there was a proper time when they had to follow those observances, but now there is not. That is why what was once according to the Law is now opposed to it. (St. John Chrysostom, Homily IV, Against the Jews and the Trumpets of their Pasch)

However condemning these words from two Doctors of the Church may be, they don't fully exemplify the magnitude of the offense. These Seders taking place in so many Catholic parishes are not the same Passover ceremony celebrated by Christ as it is dishonestly claimed. These ceremonies are a counterfeit, like everything in rabbinic Judaism. There are Talmudic benedictions and rituals in these Seders which were formulated after Christ and therefore have no place in the Biblical tradition, before or after Christ. These Seders incorporate ritual which was formulated by rabbis of a "religion" founded upon the rejection of Jesus Christ. It would be less offensive to bring Hindu rituals into the Church for at least Hinduism isn't based in conscious rejection of Christ.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

One More Papal Knight Defender of the Talmud Joins the Battalion

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is one of the Vatican's eight Talmudic/Kabbalistic knights. More on the other seven HERE, and HERE. This one is not only a rabbi, but also a member of the Anti-Defamation League of the Judaic, Freemasonic B'nai B'rith. Who needs enemies when you have rabbinic-masonic knights on your side?

Catholic-Jewish Relations Pioneer Named By Pope To Receive Highest Church Honor

New York, New York, March 26, 2007…Rabbi Leon Klenicki, Director Emeritus of Interfaith Affairs of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), has been named a Papal Knight of the Order of St. Gregory the Great by Pope Benedict XVI, for his historic contributions in improving the relationship between Catholics and Jews. The Papal Order of Saint Gregory is the highest honor the Catholic Church confers on a layperson, in recognition of "Outstanding Services Rendered to the Welfare of Society and the Church". This Pontifical Honor of Knighthood is conferred by the Holy Father on his own initiative and at the recommendation of diocesan bishops who present worthy candidates to the Holy Father.

Rabbi Klenicki becomes the second ADL interfaith official to receive papal knighthood. In 1986, the late Dr. Joseph L. Lichten became the first American Jew to receive the honor when Pope John Paul II named him a knight commander of the Order of St. Gregory the Great.

Rabbi Klenicki, a renowned scholar and theologian, now joins a select group of living Jews, and only a handful of rabbis, who have been so honored by the Vatican.

"We are extremely proud that Rabbi Klenicki's decades of work to help reconcile the Catholic and Jewish faiths have been recognized by Pope Benedict XVI with this unique papal honor," said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director. "We can think of no one more deserving of this honor than Rabbi Leon Klenicki," who has worked tirelessly and passionately to bring about mutual understanding and respect between the two faiths."

Cardinal Sean O'Malley of Boston, who will present a scroll from the Holy See as a formal recognition of Knighthood, and the medallion and sword which are the insignia of the Order, said, " Rabbi Klenicki has been a pioneer in Jewish-Catholic relations for decades. His own personal experiences of anti-Semitism led the Rabbi to be a passionate advocate for education as means of dispelling religious prejudice and promoting inter-religious collaboration. Rabbi Leon Klenicki's life has been the source of blessings for all of us, we are deeply grateful for his witness and his work."

A native of Argentina, Klenicki received his rabbinical degree from Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion in Cincinnati in 1967 and returned to Buenos Aires as Director of the Latin American Office of the World Union for Progressive Judaism. In that position he helped develop Reform Judaism in Latin America.

Since his days as a student growing up in Argentina, Rabbi Klenicki has been interested in inter-religious dialogue. In 1968, he delivered the major paper representing the Jewish community at the first Latin American meeting of Jews and Catholics in Bogota, Colombia. This historic meeting, organized by ADL and CELAM (Latin American Episcopal Conference), occurred during the visit of Pope Paul VI to Colombia. It was the first time that Jews and Catholics met in Latin America on a continental basis, and it paved the way for future dialogues and inter-religious work.

Rabbi Klenicki was authorized by CELAM and the Argentine Council of Jews and Christians to undertake a study of catechisms and Catholic religious texts, the first of its kind to be done in South America. His final recommendations were presented to the Bishops Conference in Argentina for a revision of how Jews and Judaism were portrayed in Catholic texts. He traveled to Rome on behalf of the Council of Jews and Christians for study sessions at the Vatican. He also served as an advisor on interfaith affairs for the DAIA, the main Jewish organization in Argentina. He served as spiritual leader of Congregation Emanu-El in Buenos Aires.

In 1973 he moved to New York to become head of ADL's Jewish-Catholic Relations Department and in was named ADL Director of Interfaith Affairs Co-Liaison to the Vatican in 1984, positions he held until his retirement in 2001.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops recommended to all US bishops and cardinals to observe Holocaust Day by using as a liturgy the service prepared by Rabbi Klenicki and Dr. Eugene J. Fisher, Associate Director, Secretariat for Ecumenical and Inter-religious Affairs, USCCB.

A lecturer at Catholic and Jewish universities and seminaries, Rabbi Klenicki was the first Hugo Gryn Fellow at the Centre for the Study of Jewish Christian Relations at Cambridge University, England; one of the first two Scholars-at-Large for the Graymoor Ecumenical & Interreligious Institute in New York; and a visiting professor at Leuven Catholic University in Belgium.

A prolific writer and editor on inter-religious issues for American and international publications, Rabbi Klenicki is the recipient of many awards and honors.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

"Lost Tomb of Jesus" Director, Simcha Jacobovici: Power-"Jew"

EDITOR'S NOTE: The US media has promoted James Cameron as the spokesman for the "The Lost Tomb of Jesus," but the Judaic press is not so coy. There we find the real force behind the mockery and his impressive power-Zionist, Orthodox Judaic credentials.

... Jacobovici ... 54-year-old ... Israeli.

... Jacobovici's ... history ... (He) ... moved to Canada, where he was an activist for Jewish causes (he chaired the North American Jewish Students' Network; founded and chaired Network Canada, the country's national union of Jewish students; founded the Canadian Universities Bureau of the Canadian Zionist Federation; and served on the national executive of the Canadian Jewish Congress; was invited to share the dais with prime minister Menachem Begin in 1978, following his announcement of the peace accord with Egypt; was president of the International Congress of the World Union of Jewish Students; and in 1980 - the year the "Jesus tomb" he would investigate a quarter of a century later was discovered - he was awarded the Knesset Medal for his Zionist work on North American campuses, ...

Today, the married father of five is an Orthodox Jew, who dines with his Hollywood peers on the kosher food he requests. And Shabbat is sacred. "At the end of the day," says Jacobovici, adjusting his lushly embroidered kippa crowning a head of nape-length hair, "if you refuse to compromise, others come around."

"I was born in Israel in 1953 ..."

"I came back to Israel for two years to serve in the army ..." ("One on One: The cross he bears," Ruthie Blum, Jerusalem Post, Mar 21, 2007)

full article:

John Katz, a former professor of Jewish film at York University, is familiar with Jacobovici's films and also knows him personally through the synagogue Jacobovici founded. "Simcha becomes more of an advocate in his films for an idea, an argument, than a lot of filmmakers," he says. "His films don't have that pasty indecisiveness that a lot of them do." Jacobovici does achieve a degree of journalistic objectivity because of his Talmudic approach to filmmaking ...

"We were encouraged to talk back, we were encouraged to break rules, we were told that there were no rules for us." (Simcha Jacobovici)

Bill Donahue of "The Catholic League" tells us that none of this is significant--Jacobovici's rabid adherence to the 2000 year-old Judaic tradition of slander against Jesus Christ has no bearing upon his decision to make a "documentary" which slanders Jesus Christ. Whose interests does Bill Donahue represent?

Friday, March 23, 2007

Bill Clinton: Chasidei Umot HaOlam Par Excellence

President Clinton Thanks AJC on Carter Book

Former President Bill Clinton, in an unsolicited handwritten letter to AJC Executive Director David Harris, voiced appreciation for AJC's efforts to expose the inaccuracies in President Jimmy Carter's book on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The full text of the handwritten letter follows:

"Dear David,

Thanks so much for your articles about President Carter's book. I don't know where his information (or conclusions) came from, but Dennis Ross has tried to straighten it out, publicly and in two letters to him. At any rate, I'm grateful.

Bill Clinton"{72EAB721-4251-435F-9AEC-E889D50A7759}¬oc=1

Bill Clinton provides us with a perfect example of why those who perceive "the Jews" as the the sole threat are quite mistaken. Clinton's chutzpah on display here, which he learned as a young Chasidei Umot HaOlam (pious among the Gentiles) in the Demolay Society and later as a Rhodes Scholar, would impress the most seasoned rabbis.

Clinton doesn't know where Jimmy Carter's information or conclusions about the Israeli-Palestinian so-called "conflict" comes from? This is Vaudeville-style stage play for the consumption of the dumbed-down goyim.

Jimmy Carter's information about the Israeli oppression of the Palestinians comes from decades worth of personal involvement in the matter and from witnessing the oppression first hand. Clinton knows this. And Clinton hasn't the experience from which to judge Carter's first-hand observations. He's just playing his role. He's a Chasidei Umot HaOlam.

"If Iraq came across the Jordan River (towards "Israel"), I would grab a rifle and get in the trench and fight and die," (Bill Clinton) said to wild applause at a Jewish fund-raiser in Toronto.

Clinton made his bombshell remarks to 350 people who paid $1,000 to break bread with him on Monday night at a dinner for the TorontoHadassah-WIZO children's charity. (New York Post, August 2, 2002)

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Papal Commission Promotes Noahide Laws

EDITOR'S NOTE: Now we see where all of this dialogue with the rabbis has been leading. Here is a document produced by a joint committee of the Papal Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews and the Chief Rabbinate of "Israel" which promotes the rabbi-fabricated "Noahide Laws" and which outrageously suggests that these laws have a Biblical basis, not only in the Old Testament, but in the New Testament as well. Out of thin air, the pretext is drawn for adoption of Talmudic "Noahide Laws" by Christians.

Also note that this promotion of "Noahide Law" is the product of the seventh meeting of the joint commission (there are seven "Noahide Laws").

More information on the "Noahide Laws" can be found here:

Academic consideration is given to the 'Noahide laws' as means of 'reconciliation' between Christianity and rabbinic Judaism at the Ponifical Gregorian University at Rome HERE.

Jewish-Catholic Commission Meeting Report

"Moral Relativism Poses a Serious Threat to Humanity"

ROME, MARCH 20, 2007 ( Here is the text of the conclusions from the bilateral commission meeting of the Catholic and Jewish delegations dedicated to improving relations between the two religions.

* * *

The Delegation of the Holy See's Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews and the Chief Rabbinate of Israel's Delegation for Relations with the Catholic Church -- Bilateral Commission Meeting,

Jerusalem, March 11-13, 2007; Adar 21-23, 5767

1. At the seventh meeting of the above commission, held in Jerusalem, the chairmen Cardinal Jorge Mejía and Chief Rabbi Shear Yashuv Cohen noted the significance of the number seven within the biblical tradition as indicating fullness and maturity. They expressed the hope that the fullness of the relationship between the Catholic and the Jewish members of this commission will be a source of blessing to both faith communities and the world at large.

Cardinal Mejía also noted the recent passing of Cardinal Johannes Willebrands former president of the Holy See's Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews and a central figure in the historic transformation in Catholic-Jewish relations. May his memory always be for us a blessing.

2. The subject of the meeting was the "Freedom of Religion and Conscience and its Limits." The human capacity to choose is a manifestation of the divine image in which all people are created (cf. Gen 1:26-27) and is foundational for the biblical concept of human responsibility and divine justice (cf. Deut 30:19).

3. God has created the human person as a social being which, by definition, places limits on individual human freedom. Moreover freedom of choice is derived from God and therefore is not absolute, but must reflect divine will and law. Accordingly human beings are called to freely obey the divine will as manifested in Creation and in his revealed word.

Jewish tradition emphasizes the Noachide Covenant (cf. Gen 9:9-12) as containing the universal moral code which is incumbent on all humanity. This idea is reflected in Christian scripture in the book of Acts 15:28-29.

4. Accordingly the idea of moral relativism is antithetical to this religious worldview and poses a serious threat to humanity. Even though the Enlightenment helped bring about a purification from the abuse of religion, secular society still requires religious foundations to sustain lasting moral values. Critical among these is the principal of the sanctity of human life and dignity. Ethical monotheism affirms these as inviolable human rights and therefore can provide inspiration in this regard for society at large.

5. While on principle the state should not at all limit freedom of religion for individuals and communities nor of moral conscience, it has the responsibility to guarantee the wellbeing and security of society. Accordingly it is obliged to intervene wherever and whenever a threat is posed by the promotion, teaching or exercise of violence and specifically terrorism and psychological manipulation in the name of religion.

6. In addition to respecting the freedom of religious choices, the integrity of faith communities should also be guaranteed. Accordingly it is legitimate for a society with a predominant religious identity to preserve its character, as long as this does not limit the freedom of minority communities and individuals to profess their alternative religious commitments, nor to limit their full civil rights and status as citizens, individuals and communities. This obliges us all to safeguard the integrity and dignity of holy sites, places of worship and cemeteries of all religious communities.

7. In the course of history, religious communities have not always been faithful to these values. Therefore there is a special obligation upon religious leaders and communities to prevent the improper use of religion and to educate towards respect for diversity which is essential in order to ensure a healthy, stable and peaceful society.

In this regard, there is a special role for families, schools and the authorities of state and society as well as the media to impart these values to future generations.

In conclusion the bilateral commission having met in the Holy City of Jerusalem, expressed the prayer that the Almighty would bless and inspire both religious and political leaders in the region and beyond, to work determinedly to promote peace, dignity, security and tranquility in the Holy Land for all its peoples and for the world as a whole.

March 13, 2007 -- Adar 23, 5767

Chief Rabbi Shear Yashuv Cohen
(Chairman of the Jewish Delegation)

Chief Rabbi Ratson Arussi
Chief Rabbi Yossef Azran

Chief Rabbi David Brodman
Chief Rabbi David Rosen
Mr. Oded Wiener

Jorge Cardinal Mejía
(Chairman of the Catholic Delegation)

Cardinal Georges Cottier
Archbishop Antonio Ortega Franco

Archbishop Elias Chacour
Bishop Giacinto-Boulos Marcuzzo

Monsignor Pier Francesco Fumagalli
Father Norbert J. Hofmann S.D.B.

[The Sanhedrin] hopes to impose Jewish law on the Jewish people and the seven "Noahide" laws -- prohibitions on theft, murder, blasphemy and others, based on Jewish teaching -- on Gentile nations.

A ... goal of the ... Sanhedrin's efforts in regard to the Noahide community, is to "transform the Noahide movement from a religious phenomenon - a curiosity many have not heard of - into a powerful international movement that can successfully compete with, and with G-d's help bring about the fall of, any (other) religious movement ..."

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"Israel's" Intent to Wipe Palestine Off the Map

Maps Used to Brainwash Israelis about the Non-existence of Palestine

... I have come upon a new source for the Israeli popular denial of Palestine and Palestinians which frankly strikes me as symptomatic of a will-to-genocide. Take a look at their maps. Yes, maps! The Israeli government has been playing around with their maps since 1967. The result has been what Professor Oren Yiftachel of Ben-Gurion University, a political-geographer and urban planner from Beer-Sheva, refers to as 'spatial socialization' which is used to buttress Israel's claim to Palestine.

At the "3rd International Conference on An End to Occupation, A Just Peace in Israel-Palestine," recently held in Brussels, Professor Yiftachel displayed Israeli maps that show Israel without any, or often only scant and distorted, indication of the existence of Palestinians and Palestine. Through an analysis of maps, or what he refers to as a geographer as a 'cartographic discourse,' Yiftachel claims that Israeli school children are exposed to maps showing Ramallah and other Palestinian cities within certain Israeli districts.

"Zionists and Jews throughout the world use propaganda maps that instill 'spatial socialization' along with claims to rightful ownership of the entire 'Eretz Yisrael' where Palestinians and Palestine are presented as illegitimate or incidental," Yiftachel said. "These maps are props that pretend to present the objective reality but are actually a form of brainwashing." He cited Israeli policy where in 1967 cartographers were asked not to show the green line; by 1978 it was illegal for Israeli map makers to display the green line. Yiftachel also showed brief examples of Palestinian maps which claim the entire land, causing what he termed 'an asymmetric dialectic' of spatial claims and action, including violence and terror, legitimized on territorial grounds.

Professor Yiftachel has also published "Ethnocracy: The Politics of Judaizing Israel/Palestine" and "From Fragile 'Peace' to Creeping Apartheid: Notes on the Recent Politics of Israel/Palestine." Both articles can be found on the World Wide Web.

Full Article:

Monday, March 19, 2007

100% Pure Judaic Racial Supremacism

IDF thug: "I don't know what we're doing here (in Palestinian territory). Purification, maybe. It's dirty here. I don't know why a good Hebrew boy should be here so far from his home."

"Israel's" Crypto-Christian Problem Prompts Inquistion

EDITOR'S NOTE: I first became aware of this phenomenon in Michael Hoffman's pamphlet, The Role of the Merchants of Venom from 2003. I must say, I do sometimes marvel at the inverted nature of this dark age where heretics against Judaic dogmas are thrown into dungeons and crypto-Christians are infiltrating "Israel."

That's right. This article doesn't go so far as to say so, but the Russian non-Jews addressed in this article are largely Christians masquerading as "Jews" in hopes of making a better life for themselves in "Israel" while maintaining their Christian beliefs in secret.

"The new Russian immigrants to the Israeli State who are now doing their two year tour of duty in the IDF (Israeli Army), as part of their citizenship requirement, have long been rumored to be Christians, since they continually ask passing Christian priests for blessings as the priests move through the checkpoints. I also witnessed this firsthand." (The Role of the Merchants of Venom, Michael A. Hoffman, pg.3)

Verification Council for Israel's Russian Jewry

by Hillel Fendel

( At least 25% of registered Jewish immigrants from Russia are not Jewish - leading to the formation of a council to verify Jewishness.

Approximately one million new immigrants have arrived in Israel from the former Soviet Union since 1990. Interior Ministry statistics indicate that of them, 290,000 are not Jewish.

However, Russian Aliyah experts tell a different story. Some of them say that of the million new Israelis, more than half of them - up to 550,000 - are not Jewish. This means that over a quarter-million of the 710,000 who are listed as Jews by Israel's Interior Ministry are actually not Jewish. Others say that the numbers are not that high, but that as many as 25% of those listed as Jews are actually not.

The problem has hit even the hareidi-religious communities. For instance, an outwardly-religious family living in a hareidi city for over 12 years was found to be not Jewish; when they were found out, they quickly converted to Judaism. In another case, of eight immigrants from Russia in a prestigious religious high school senior class, two were found to be not Jewish.

The source of the problem is apparently a well-oiled apparatus that forges papers on a very high-quality level, fooling rabbis both in Russia and Israel.

Based on findings such as the above, a project has been started to verify the Jewishness of immigrants from the former Soviet Union. Zalman Gilechinsky, who immigrated to Israel in 1989, is the founder and head of a body known as the World Council for the Verification of Jewishness of Immigrants from the former Soviet Union. The council, which makes it checks based on documents, ancestry, and personal interviews, has the blessing of rabbis from various streams of Orthodox Judaism.

Gilechinsky, who immigrated to Israel from Kishinev, told Arutz-7, "Up until 1990, there were practically no verifications of Jewishness, not by the Jewish Agency nor Netiv [the "Russian Desk" of Israel's Foreign Ministry]. 1990 was, in fact, the year in which the most Russian Jews came to Israel - some 200,000 - so that year is therefore the most suspect. By the end of that year, they started checking... I myself came in '89, and underwent a check myself - twice - as did my wife."

Gilechinsky said that his group is consulted by many religious councils around Israel. "Though we are more stringent, in a sense, we have helped many who were rejected - or given no answer - by other bodies... We are also faster; we can come up with an answer in a week, as opposed to two months that are bodies sometimes take."

Unfortunately, Gilechinsky says, he has found that Judaism is not such an important value for some non-religious Jews: "Many mixed Israeli-Russian couples come to us, hoping to prove that the Russian side is Jewish so that they can marry here in Israel. When I ask the secular Israeli partner what he or she would do if it turns out that the Russian is not Jewish, in many cases I hear that they would marry anyway..."

In addition to maintaining order and truthfulness in the Jewish People, the council's verification work provides another benefit: "When someone who knows nothing about his Jewishness comes to us and finds that his mother was Jewish, and his mother's mother was Jewish, etc. etc., it provides a strengthening of his Jewish identity - and he comes away with a heightened sense of pride, and often, a desire to learn more about his Jewishness."

Also see: Big Trouble for Zionists: Russians are Infiltrating "Israel"

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Chabad Lubavitch Rabbi to Congress: "Congress Convenes to Fulfill Noahide Commandment"

See video of Chabad Lubavitch rabbi Shea Harlig preaching to U.S. House representatives that "Congress convenes to fulfill one of the seven Noahide commandments."

What are the Noahide Laws?

NOACHIDE LAWS, the seven laws considered by rabbinic tradition as the minimal moral duties enjoined by the Bible on all men (Sanh. 56–60; Yad, Melakhim, 8:10, 10:12) ...

The seven Noachide laws as traditionally enumerated are: the prohibitions of idolatry, blasphemy, bloodshed, sexual sins, theft, and eating from a living animal, as well as the injunction to establish a legal system (Tosef., Av. Zar. 8:4; Sanh. 56a). Except for the last, all are negative, and the last itself is usually interpreted as commanding the enforcement of the others (Maim. Yad, Melakhim, 9:1).
(Encyclopaedia Judaica, "Noahide Laws")

Who is an idolator according to the codifier of Judaism, Moses Maimonides?

"The Christians are idolaters, and Sunday is their holiday..." (Maimonides, Mishneh Torah, Avoda Zorah 9;4)

How does the Judaic "justice" system of double standards handle those accused of disobeying Noahide law (ie. Christian "idolaters")?

A non-Jew is put to death on the basis of a decision given by one judge [no jury], and on the basis of testimony given by a single witness, and even if he was not given a proper warning prior to the commission of his offense. He is put to death on the basis of testimony and a decision given by a man but not on the basis of testimony and a decision given by a woman, and the man who testified or decided against him can even be a relative.

A Jew can only be put to death by a court of twenty-three judges, and on the basis of the testimony of two male witnesses who are not disqualified from testifying on account of kinship, and after being properly warned against committing the transgression. But none of these rules apply in the case of a non-Jew.
(Babylonian Talmud, Sanhedrin 57b, Steinsaltz edition, vol.18, page 110)

What happens to those found guilty of disobeying Noahide law in a Judaic kangaroo court?

... violation of any one of the seven laws subjects the Noachide to capital punishment by decapitation (Sanh. 57a).(Encyclopaedia Judaica, "Noahide Laws")

Now, what was that Ferrara was saying about those nice rabbis?

Friday, March 16, 2007

The Dark Age of State Imposed Judaic Dogma is Upon Us

German chemist, Germar Rudolf was today sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison for his study of the "gas chambers" at the holy Judaic shrine at Auschwitz.

In the Judaic dark age in which we live one may deny Christ's Resurrection, make a movie, write a book, or otherwise promote that denial for mass consumption and massive profit with full support of the establishment at every level.

If one denies the holy Judaic Auschwitz gas chambers mythology based upon scientific study and writes a book about that denial in Europe, they face years in prison, confiscation and burning of their books, large fines and the destruction of their career and reputation.

We live in an age where thought "crimes" offenders against Judaic dogmas are extradited by the U.S. to Germany for prosecution in kangaroo courts even as Judaic criminals from around the world regularly flee to safety in "Israel" never to see extradition, much less prosecution in any court.

The black age of state imposed Judaic double standards is upon us.

The book that brought the wrath of the Holy Judaic Inquisition down upon Germar Rudolf--a book which is presently being confiscated and burned in Europe--is available for download, free of charge online at this link:

Judaic Storytelling:

"Not attending to Jewish fables, and commandments of men averting themselves from the truth." (St. Paul, Titus 1;14)

The fable of the Auschwitz homocidal gas chambers is based in the same Judaic yarn spinning tradition as the Talmudic tall tale of 4 billion Jews killed by the Romans in Bethar (Gittin 57b); 16 million Jewish children wrapped in scrolls and burned alive by the Romans (Gittin 58a); and the now discredited myths of soap made from "pure Jewish fat" and lampshades made of "Jewish" skin. When truth prevails, the myth of the gas chamber with a wooden door will join those rightly discarded myths in the historical dustbin.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

AIPAC Removes Constitutional Obstacles to War; Judaic Dialectics

EDITOR'S NOTE: The U.S. founding fathers, in their wisdom, made constitutional provisions specifically intended to prevent a warmongering tyrant president from running amok, as G. W. Bush under the influence of his Court "Jews" and philo-Judaic advisors has. AIPAC, in it's subversion, has sought to remove those constitutional provisions and to block any attempts to reinforce them. This shouldn't surprise anyone who knows that "Israel" doesn't even have a constitution. That's right. There's just the dialectic process and fluid case law. It's government based on Talmudic pilpul (dialectics), which brings us to this article and the dialectics which it's writer applies.

Note the highlighted text. This is what most people would consider "balanced" reporting. But is it though? Are both positions equally reasonable and worthy of consideration? That's what the term "balance" implies, doesn't it? This is only a matter of constitutional principles, and who takes those old things seriously anymore, right? Or, is the Zionist position--that the U.S. Constitution should be disregarded because it's an obstacle to Zionist warmongering--really equal to the position which maintains that the Constitutional principles that the U.S. was founded upon should be upheld?

No, of course, those are not equal positions. To represent these two positions as equally valid and worthy of consideration is no different than relativising child rape with traditional Christian parenting. That's precisely how rabbinic dialectics work. And there is a point to it all: the synthesis.

In this case the Zionists have moved closer to their goal of the destruction of Iran. And any irrational belief there is among the goyim that it's perfectly reasonable for the Zionists to destroy Iran while trashing the U.S. Constitution in the process is the synthesis that the dialectic process has yielded. Through the process of dialectics the US has gone from a nation based upon Constitutional principles to a nation which disregards and overturns it's Constitutional principles and accepts actions completely at odds with the U.S. Constitution for the sake of an enemy of the American people as perfectly reasonable.

Now, can you see how that process has also worked within the Church?

AIPAC backed removal of Iran war provision

AIPAC lobbying helped remove a provision from a bill that would have required President Bush to seek congressional approval for war against Iran. A number of congressional sources confirmed that the American Israel Public Affairs Committee backed dropping the provision from the Iraq war spending bill introduced Tuesday by Democrats. The bill ties funding to deadlines for withdrawal from Iraq.

AIPAC and a number of Democrats close to Israel said the provision would have hampered the president as he attempted to leverage Iran into backing down from its alleged nuclear weapon plans. Others said the provision simply reasserted the constitutional role of the U.S. Congress in declaring war that is believed to have been eroded by Bush during the Iraq war.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Inquisition of John Sharpe

Many of you are probably aware of the witch hunt that's been going on recently which is focused on the traditional Catholic community. Recently the Stalinist outfit, the SPLC has issued a hit piece focused on traditional Catholics. I didn't find the SPLC botch job worth commenting on here as anyone reading this blog knows to expect such things from them.

What I find to be noteworthy is what appears to be either hopelessly confused individuals or ADL/SPLC plants within the traditional Catholic internet community who've been toeing the ADL/SPLC line to such a degree that they make Abe Foxman and Morris Dees seem reasonable, and that's not an easy thing to do. I don't intend to mention these individuals by name because they represent a marginal voice struggling for recognition which they do not deserve, so I will not give it to them. I'm also of the opinion that they discredit themselves so incredibly effectively that it would be counterproductive for me to interfere. I trust that the readers of this blog will be able to identify these villains in our midst and alert their friends and family members to their presence.

They're very easy to identify. If they're more outraged about offenses to the sensibilities of "the Jews" than they are about attacks against our Lord and the Gospel, that's one clue. If they focus inordinately on Auschwitz and not very much on Calvary, that's another clue. If they claim that it's "antisemitic" to be opposed to the religion of Judaism and the Zionist movement, that's a strong clue. If they take for granted that Catholics should support the Zionist state, that's a red flag. If they conflate the Old Testament religion of the faithful Israelites with the anti-Christ tradition of Judaism in their apologetics, that's a strong indicator. If they insist on associating a direct lineage between the people who today call themselves "Jews" and the Jews of the Bible, that's cause for suspicion as well. If they make common cause with the rabbis of Judaism, that is a very serious concern which cannot be ignored.

It's been educational for me to witness these scoundrels and their slanderous, unsubstantiated, Abe Foxman-like attacks on John Sharpe. Their attacks have coincided with the SPLC hit piece on traditional Catholics which also targeted John Sharpe. Due to these efforts and others, Lt. Cmdr. Sharpe, U.S. Navy, has been suspended of his duties pending an investigation into alleged "antisemitic" associations.

So the the Judaic inquisition is apparently operating within traditional Catholicism and in the US military.

Sharpe's parents have circulated the following letter:

Dear All:

In the interest of defending our son John's public reputation, we're writing to ask if you would be willing to assist by writing a letter to the editor of the NAVY TIMES(mailto:navylet@atpco) in response to the article they published on their website last Friday evening (See article below).

Incredibly, the article included a statement from Jim Brantley, a Navy spokesman, clearly stating that John is violating Navy regulations which prohibit "supremacist"
activity: “Evidently he’s affiliated with an anti-Semitic group , and that's illegal in the U.S. Navy ." Brantley cited Navy Regulation 1167, which states, "No person in the Naval Service shall participate in any organization that espouses supremacist causes."

Brantley made the leap from mere accusations of anti-Semitism, to (1) it being EVIDENT that John's associated with an anti-Semitic group . (It certainly is NOT evident; the investigation has hardly begun yet .) And that (2), it being equivalent to "supremacist" activity (says who?) and (3) this is evidence of a violation of Navy Regulations. Brantley's statement has John guilty of "supremacist activity" without qualification.

We ask that you request that the editor publish a correction of the record and/or a retraction that at least gives John the benefit of the doubt while the investigation is underway.

The other point concerns the NAVY TIMES urging people to “Read what the Southern Poverty Law Center had to say about Sharpe.” Where’s the fairness here? How about a recommendation that people also hear John’s side of the story? Just because the SPLC makes an allegation does that make it fact? This should pointed out to the NAVY TIMES editor.

FYI, and for use or not as you see fit, here’s an example of SPLC’s "unbiased" reporting. In their “Intelligence Report,” which is the basis for the charges against John, ( they refer to the Neo-CONNED! books published by IHS Press as containing “several articles by racists and anti-Semites.” Of course they don’t identify these articles or their authors. Moreover, they fail to point out that the books contain several articles by well-known Jewish authors such as Noam Chomsky, Naomi Klein, Paul Gottfried, Immanuel Wallerstein, and Jeff Steinberg. So much for balanced reporting.

We appreciate your time and efforts on John's behalf. And please, a second request, keep him and his family in your prayers.

Thank you and God bless you,
Judith and John

PS Here's a link to our local newspaper where a similar article ran on the front page Saturday morning. The Virginian-Pilot article is slightly fairer than the NAVY TIMES article, but leaves way too much unreported. If you wish to write to them also, please, be our guest. http://content.%20hamptonroads.%20com/story.%20cfm?story=120893&ran=124140

Let's Apply Standards Fairly

Since the "Western" media has become a platform for "critical analysis" of the Christian Gospel even as it surpresses the analysis of the dogmas of Judaism and Zionism we will be analyzing those Judaic dogmas here.

Judaic dogma #1. The Gas Chambers at Auschwitz. This dogma imposes the belief that millions of "Jews" were gassed to death in makeshift "gas chambers."

"At the crux of the debate is the murder weapon. If NASA claimed to have sent astronauts to the moon but couldn't produce the rocket that carried them there, anyone would rightly question NASA's claims. Yet the Judaic establishment has never produced anything approaching a credible prototype of an Auschwitz execution gas chamber. This is what the leading forensic revisionist sleuths such as Carlo Mattogno, Ditlieb Felderer, Brian Renk, Fred Leuchter, Robert Faurisson and Germar Rudolf have highlighted. Those who have toured the gas chamber at San Quentin and compared it with early depictions and representations of Auschwitz homicidal gas chambers will spot the enormous difference between the two. The authentic gas chamber in San Quentin resembles a space capsule decompression chamber. The fakes in Auschwitz are by comparison, a jury-rigged joke. But don't laugh because that would be "denial."

It is often said that the execution gas chambers existed because eyewitnesses testify to their existence. What should be said is that fantasists have spun tales that appear unimpeachable because they have never been cross-examined, since in the Wonderland logic of Holocaustianity, to question is to commit the sin of denial. The theological dimension is paramount. One may deny the Virgin birth of Mary or the Resurrection of Jesus Christ without penalty or prosecution, but it is quite another matter in the West to deny the central tenets of the "Shoah" (the rabbinic term for the myth of the Six Million). By that criterion it can be seen that the vaunted agnostics and secularists of Europe are upholders of Holocaustianity, the last European fundamentalism still commanding blind faith and a divine mandate to punish heretics.

In the 1985 trial of Ernst Zundel in Toronto on charges of denying that the kabbalistic "Six Million" dead Judaics statistic was accurate, this reporter sat in the press gallery and observed as the Crown prosecutor paraded several of these supposed infallible "Holocaust' Survivors" on the witness stand, including Rudolf Vrba, whose WWII-era report of mass gassings in Auschwitz led the future Pope John XXIII to lead a secret campaign against Pope Pius XII for having failed to believe the "eyewitness testimony" of Vrba. But the Zundel trial proved that Pius had been prudent to doubt Vrba who, under the withering cross-examination of Zundel's defense attorney Doug Christie, admitted that his report was only "an artistic picture" and "not a document for a court."

These are the truths elicited when we are permitted the basic human right to doubt and question. Lies can only survive and prosper in a vacuum where all counter-claims and challenges are suppressed. (Michael A. Hoffman)

Read former Max Planck Chemist, Germar Rudolf's study of the Auschwitz "gas chambers" (for which he is currently facing 5 years in prison) here:

Monday, March 12, 2007

Backpeddling Bishops

German cardinal sorry for ghetto

By Eli Ashkenazi

The head of the German Bishops Conference conceded that some statements made by members on a recent visit to Israel and the West Bank were "inappropriate." Cardinal Karl Lehmann responded a few days ago to a letter sent to him by Avner Shalev, chairman of the Yad Vashem Martyrs and Heroes Remembrance Authority, protesting a statement made a short time after the group visited Yad Vashem earlier this month, and then traveled to Ramallah. "In the morning we saw the Warsaw Ghetto and now it's the Ramallah Ghetto," one of the bishops said.

"In light of the painful reality of the separation fence," Lehman wrote in his letter to Shalev, "some of the members of the delegation said harsh tings, some of which were not appropriate." In his letter Lehmann reiterated the heavy responsibility the German people bear due to the Holocaust, and that even those who expressed themselves harshly recognized Israel's right to defend itself. He said the bishop who made the statement had no intention to compare the past and the present and wrote, "It is impossible to compare current problems with the murder of the Jewish people."

Well it's a relief to see the errors of those uppity German Bishops corrected. They did originally demonstrate a proper understanding of the holy doctrine of "'Israel's' right to exist," but their comparison of "Jewish" suffering to the suffering of the Palestinians was way beyond the pale! Good Heavens! "Jews" have the Neshama; ie. the "glorious soul" which is a "part of God above." The Palestinians (and the rest of us non-"Jews," for that matter) do not have the Neshama. Palestinians only have the Nephesh, or animal soul, which derives from the impure, demonic Kelifa (ie. shells). Therefore, any comparison of Palestinian suffering to that of the "Jews" is an outrageous sacrilege. And perhaps in this context we can understand why Benedict XVI, in his speech at Auschwitz last year stated that the Nazis, "tried to kill God."

Wouldn't it be interesting to know exactly how the correction of the German Bishops' rhetoric came about so quickly. We can safely assume that it was deafening screeching from the ADL, WJC, AJC, EJC, Simon Weisenthal Center, Yad Vashem, and various other Judaic power organizations which initiated the change. But who in Rome made the decision, and how was it handed down? Was it rabbi Walter Cardinal Kasper, president of the Pontifical Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews who handled the matter? And what will the Bishops' penance be? A pilgrimage to the Holy Site of Auschwitz on their hands and knees? I'll be watching closely. Time will tell.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Olmert Admits 2006 Israeli Destruction of Lebanon Infrastructure was Decided Upon Long in Advance

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told the Winograd Commission that his decision to respond to the abduction of soldiers with a broad military operation was made as early as March 2006, four months before last summer's Lebanon war broke out ...

... as early as the first day of the war, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice spoke with Olmert and asked that Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora not be undermined. Israel understood this to mean that Lebanese infrastructure should not be destroyed, even though the IDF had originally planned otherwise.

Find a "Catholic" Seder at a Parish Near You

Since the late 1960's, every Lent, naive Catholics all around the world have been hoodwinked into "celebrating Passover like Jesus did" by reciting Talmudic benedictions and engaging in Talmudic ritual from the rabbinic tradition which Christ condemned as the "tradition of the elders" which "makes God's Word of no effect."

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops sez: "Seders arranged at or in cooperation with local synagogues are encouraged."

Thursday, March 8, 2007


Please call the Discovery Channel and protest their perennial Easter season installment of anti-Christian bigotry.

The Discovery Channel's phone # is 240-662-2000. Senior Executive Vice President, Mark Hollinger's direct extension is 5495. President and CEO, David Zaslav's extension is not available, so you'll have to leave a message with an operator for him. Please be civil and thoughtful in your comments.

This was my message:

The Discovery channel's anti-Christian bias is plainly evident in it's entertainment of fanciful theories that contradict the Christian Gospel which air with increasing intensity around the Christmas and Easter seasons each year.

It's not a secret that James Cameron was only the spokesman for "The Lost Tomb of Jesus" and that the real driving force behind the program is Orthodox Judaic, Simcha Jacobovici.

Does the Discovery Channel plan to air programming on Jacobovici's religion, Orthodox Judaism, equally critical and in equal amounts around the "Jewish" high holy days as it does on Christianity during it's holy days? If the past is any indicator, the answer to that question is a very clear, no.

So the Discovery Channel is most accurately regarded as a very biased platform for criticism of Christianity and protection of Orthodox Judaism. And I will remain energetic in organizing boycotts of Discovery Communications, Inc., Cox Communications and Advance/Newhouse Communications until that problem is corrected.

To Jacobovici, an Orthodox Jew and established documentary filmmaker ...

"all the films I make are Jewish because I bring that sensibility to it."

Indeed, Jacobovici's "Jewish" sensibility is plain to see in his attacks against Christianity. And I've had enough such "Jewish" sensibility to last several lifetimes.

Cause for Celebration in India and Shame in the U.S.

This is what's possible when Catholics actually DO something. Perhaps U.S. Catholics would benefit if some Indian missionaries came here to show them how it's done.

Discovery India pulls showing of ‘Lost Tomb of Jesus’ documentary

MUMBAI (CNA): The Discovery Channel has announced that it will not broadcast the “The Lost Tomb of Jesus” in India after protests from various Christian groups, led by the Mumbai-based Catholic Secular Forum, the India Catholic News Service reports.

The documentary, directed by Simcha Jacobovici and produced by James Cameron, had its worldwide premier on Sunday.

Protesters said the documentary, which claims to have found the burial place of Jesus, his alleged wife, Mary Magdalene, and their son, Judas, trivializes the Christian faith.

Father Babu Joseph, the spokesman for the Catholic Bishops Conference of India, said in a statement against the film, “the documentary is not based on proven historical fact. Historically speaking, evidences closer to the event have more authenticity than evidences dished out after 2000 years. According to Biblical and non-Biblical sources, it has been believed that Jesus rose from the dead, and that is the basis of entire Christian faith and tradition.”

Numerous archeological experts, such as the internationally renowned Holy Land archeologist, Professor Amos Kloner have also criticized the documentary. Kloner, who revealed the findings of the very same dig 10 years ago, criticized the filmmakers' marketing strategy and said it is not based on proof, the Jerusalem Post reported last week.

Kloner said a similar film was released 11 years ago, and the new film, The Lost Tomb of Jesus, is simply a renewed effort to create controversy in order to make a profit.

The Discovery Channel’s Delhi office reportedly expressed regret for offending the Christian community.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Bishops Operate Zionist Safety Valve

EDITOR'S NOTE: Already "truth seekers" have seized upon this article as evidence that Rome represents some kind of opposition to Zionism. This is laughable. The German Bishops are only briefly opening the safety valve and releasing some of the pressure which has built up in Europe due to ever increasing awareness of, and anger with Zionist warmongering and brutality.

What criticism do the Bishops level here that wasn't true decades before the Vatican acknowledged and opened relations with "Israel"? Compare this with the position of Pope St. Pius X who refused to acknowledge the Zionist movement before "Israel's" atrocities even began. Pope St. Pius X's rejection of Zionism was theological. He said that he could not state otherwise than to reject Zionism. This needs to be understood.

Note that in the midst of all the "harsh criticism" by the German Bishops one of the fundamental tenets of Zionist propaganda is upheld: "'Israel's' right to exist." But Pope St. Pius X stated that Catholics could never sanction the Zionist movement. Which is the true Catholic position?

These German Bishops are no opposition to Zionism and their criticisms won't make a bit of difference. Catholics need to begin to understand that the notion that the anti-Biblical, warmongering, racial supremacist little state that calls itself "Israel" "has a right to exist" on someone else's land is absolutely contrary to Catholicism.

Bishops equate Israel's actions to Holocaust

Hours after historic visit to Jerusalem holocaust museum, group of German bishops tour Palestinian Authority, say Israel behaving like Nazis

Eldad Beck Published: 03.06.07, 10:24 / Israel News

BERLIN - "This morning we saw pictures of the Warsaw ghetto at Yad Vashem and this evening we are going to the Ramallah ghetto." Several hours earlier on Sunday you probably would not have heard German Bishop Gregor Maria Franz Hanke choose such a divisive analogy.

But then on Sunday morning he was still in Israel and the rhetoric was considerably different than the one elected by the German Bishops' Conference once they crossed over in to the Palestinian Authority on Sunday evening.
The visit of 27 members of the German Bishops' Conference to Israel included a historic first-time visit to the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial museum in Jerusalem as well as guided tours of sites holy to Christianity and meetings with Christian congregations in Israel and in the Palestinian Authority.

During their time in Israel the bishops uniformly made moderate and balanced statements, but once in the PA they provided German reporters accompanying them with a plethora of harsh proclamations against Israel. Their criticism received widespread coverage in the German media on Monday.

While crossing one of the checkpoints into East Jerusalem the Archbishop of Cologne, Cardinal Joachim Meisner, told reporters: "This is something that is done to animals, not people." Meisner, a resident of eastern Germany, said that the fence reminded him of the Berlin Wall and that in his lifetime he did not believe he would see such a thing again. As the Berlin Wall was brought down so will this wall be brought down, he said, adding that the fence served no purpose.

The delegation's visit to Ramallah took place several hours after their visit to Yad Vashem and several of the bishops chose to equate the situation in the Palestinian Authority with the Holocaust.

"Cages in the image of ghettos," said the Bishop of Augsburg of the territories. Augsburg was once under the spiritual leadership of Pope Benedict XVI, who was Archbishop of the Munich-Freising Archdiocese and his brother Monsignor Georg Ratzinger still resides there.

"Israel has, of course, the right to exist, but this right cannot be realized in such a brutal manner," said Bishop Hanke, who later stated that he intends to amend this year's Easter message to German churches so as to include the delegation's political impressions from their visit to the territories and a demand to change the situation.,7340,L-3373013,00.html

Tuesday, March 6, 2007




Father Christopher Hunter

In his famous speech of March 23, 1775 in which Patrick Henry called for death as the only realistic alternative to liberty, he used an excellent phrase which, regrettably, has been forgotten. In attempting to rally his listeners Henry referred to our “temporal salvation.” This phrase not only succinctly states that there is such an order worthy of our serious attention, but prompts us to realize that we are obligated to work for the preservation of that order into which we have been born. And we are in as much danger of losing it as we are our eternal salvation.

Since the temporal not only precedes the eternal but is the medium through which we work out our salvation, it not only is important but, in fact, becomes the means by which our state in eternity is determined. To argue that the eternal order is of greater importance precisely because it is eternal is not to weaken the argument. By analogy, it might be pointed out that the primary purpose of marriage is the procreation of children. Its secondary ends of allaying concupiscence, material support and companionship are not thereby rendered unimportant because they do not fall under its primary end.

Yet it is the singularly odd mentality of Christians including, I’m sorry to say, traditionally-minded Catholics, to minimize the significance of, or ignore altogether, the temporal order God has placed us in as if, not being eternal, it has lost any right to be considered important. As a result, Christians have, with rare exception, neglected duties to this same order resulting in both disastrous and scandalous consequences to Christianity. And that very negligence has brought the West to the precipice of utter ruin. Were we better versed in Catholic social doctrine we would quickly recognize this error as a kind of neo-Quietism.

We often hear about the “struggle” going on in the world between the forces of good and the forces of evil. Yet this struggle is illusory to be sure for in order that there be contention there must exist two or more opposing forces. There is not however, in the world today, such opposition for those who would otherwise comprise the camp of the “good” have abdicated from their temporal duties and, instead, use religion as a kind of shrubbery to hide behind, appealing to the need for prayer and goodness as the wholly complete solution to our social ills.

But our Catholic Faith is not rendered complete by prayer, pious devotions and pilgrimages. The Catholic Faith, of necessity, encompasses the material order as men are not able to be devout unless there exists an ordered and peaceful social structure through which they are able to contemplate God, their relationship to Him and the duties that flow from the consequent understanding of that relationship. Whether we realize it or not society itself is a divine institution for order and tranquility are not accidental elements which have mysteriously evolved through random chance but have come from the guiding Providence of Almighty God who, first through the Natural Law, and later through the illumination of the Holy Ghost, has inspired Catholic thinkers over the centuries to explicitate that order most conducive to the working out of one’s salvation.

What is the Church on earth but the corporeal aspect of the Mystical Body of Christ? Yet how will men accomplish their primary end of saving their souls if that same structure is disrupted by the attacks and harassments of Satan’s agents? To ask God to protect us is to be guilty of tempting God for man has been given dominion over the material order. Men erect governments, not God. Therefore, men are expected to administer those things he has built which includes expending the necessary effort to protect them from those forces who see their destruction as advantageous to their designs of overturning Christian society.

To ask God’s help is expected but there is a vast difference between requesting assistance and asking God to do our job for us. The “pray and be good” Christian therefore becomes an obstacle to the restoration of a Christian Social Order and any movement to establish Christ as King. These people forget that prayer is the foundation of action. A foundation is a beginning, a first step, to something else. Upon a foundation a structure is built. Upon the foundation of prayer and personal holiness will be built a Catholic order to the extent that men work for that end – and work to protect it from attack.

That the enemies of both church and state are winning country after country and neutralizing the Catholic Church can only be accounted for by two possible explanations: either the enemy is operating in accordance with higher principles than those of Christianity or good men are doing nothing. As Jean Ousset points out in his book Action:

“Far from manifesting a lack of divine justice, the constant progress of subversion shows how God respects the causality of the world He has made, by not denying the normal fruit of their labors even to the impious.”

As a final observation, let it be said that those who avoid their temporal duties are guilty in their private lives of doing what the Church forbids in public life-separating Church and State.
I will close with the following account again taken from Ousset:

“It is recorded that when the last Moorish King of Granada was leaving the city to go into exile, he paused on the mountain pass to look back at his beloved Palace of the Alhambra and wept at the thought of what he had lost. But his mother said to him bitterly: ‘You do well, son, to weep like a woman over what you did not have the will and the tenacity to defend like a man.’”

“Let us take care that we also do not merit a similar stern reproach.”

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Purim, Subversion and Vengeance

The decision of the sages to include the Book of Esther in the canon of our sacred writings despite its indifference to theological language emphasizes its value. The rabbis warn us not to rely upon miracles and therefore praying for a miracle in times of danger is bad policy. Instead, what is required of us is action based upon certain historically validated principles.


"The story of the Book of Esther also shows us how we can influence the regime from within, as Queen Esther did, and from without, like Mordecai did when he revealed the plot of Bigthan and Teresh, by defying Haman, by demonstrating by the palace and by demanding that Esther make use of the agreement she had made with Ahasuerus the king.",2506,L-3371983,00.html


The moral of the story is rather clear. If Jews want to survive, they better find infiltrates into the corridors of power. With Esther, Mordechai and Purim in mind, AIPAC and the notion of 'Jewish power' looks like an embodiment of a deep Biblical and cultural ideology ...

In the Book of Esther it is the Jews who believe in themselves, in their own power, in their uniqueness, in their sophistication, in their ability to conspire, in their ability to take over kingdoms, in their ability to save themselves. The Book of Esther is all about empowerment and the Jews who believe in their powers.


Purim is not a holiday for the politically correct but it's a lot of fun ...It is also the time of year we are reminded of the decree to "Remember what Amalek did" to us - a brutal attack on the Israelites following the Exodus - and "obliterate Amalek's remembrance from under heaven."


[Baruch] Goldstein ... slaughtered 40 Palestinian men and boys while they knelt in prayer in the Ibrahimi Mosque at Hebron's Machpela Cave, on Purim 1994.

... Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg, the head of an Israeli yeshiva ... declares in Baruch Hagever that what Goldstein did in murdering the unarmed Palestinian civilians at their house of worship, constitutes, "a fulfillment of a number of commands of Jewish religious law ... Among his (Goldstein's) good deeds, as enumerated, are ... taking revenge on non-Jews, extermination of the non-Jews who are from the seed of Amalek ... and the sanctification of the Holy Name.

"The murders have led, in the rabbi's opinion, to ... clear knowledge among the Jews that 'the life of a Jew is preferable to the life of a non-Jew'...

"Goldstein is indeed being worshipped as a saint in (the Jewish settlement ) Kiryat Arba. His intercession before God is asked by pilgrims and it is reported that he cures the ill and generally helps those Jews who ask his help." (Sources: Ma'ariv, October 11, 1996; Jerusalem Post, November 12, 1996; Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, January, 1997.)


Here lies the saint, Dr. Baruch Kappel Goldstein, blessed be the memory of the righteous and holy man, may the Lord avenge his blood, who devoted his soul to the Jews, Jewish religion and Jewish land. His hands are innocent and his heart is pure. He was killed as a martyr of God on the 14th of Adar, Purim, in the year 5754 (1994).
(Epitaph inscribed on the tombstone of Baruch Goldstein)


NEW YORK, March 18 (JTA) — Purim celebrates the ancient Jewish victory over evil in Persia, but this year (2003) it also signaled war against Iraq ...

Blu Greenberg, an Orthodox feminist leader based in New York, supports the Bush administration’s campaign against Iraq as a “preventive war,” much as the ancient Jews defended themselves against Haman’s plot to destroy them.

Watching President Bush’s speech to the nation on Monday, Greenberg said she was struck by the similarities between the talmudic principle that “if someone comes to kill you, you should rise up and kill them first,” ...

Rabbi Martin Weiner of San Francisco, outgoing president of the Reform movement’s rabbinical union, the Central Conference of American Rabbis, used Shabbat Zachor to draw a line from Amalek to Hitler to Saddam ...

Last September, Weiner was among those who backed a resolution from the Reform movement’s Union of American Hebrew Congregations urging a pre-emptive strike against Iraq, if Congress supported it and U.N. backing was sought ...

Like others, [Rabbi Yosef] Kanefsky also found it hard to ignore Purim’s messages, particularly since the 1991 Gulf War also ended on Purim.(Jewish Telegraph Agency, March 18, 2003)


PURIMFEST, 2006--Other than in some equatorial banana republic, where else could an image like this one be seen, than in Israeli occupied territory? An Israeli tank blitzkrieging a Palestinian jail for no reason other than to display Israel's barbaric might and rub the nose of the Palestinians deeper into the ground of their humiliation and occupation, in the hope that the Palestinian victims will retaliate and strike back with armed resistance, which the western media will then play up to Israeli advantage.

On Israel Radio, Israeli leader leader Avigdor Lieberman urged Israel's military to use its air force to "erase" the jail complex, and to topple its structures onto the Palestinian prisoners trapped inside."There is no point in drawing this out," Lieberman said. "The air force should do something. There is no point in endangering IDF (Israeli) soldiers. We should simply erase that building, bring it down on all those hiding out there." [Cf. Haaretz, "As siege went on, Lieberman urged: Bomb prison, erase it," March 14, 2006,]

This being Purim, the Palestinain prisoners were forced to strip to their underwear in front of cameras. Even partial nudity is considered a deep shame in Arab cultures. It is not a coincidence that these Palestinian men were stripped of their humanity during the festival of Purim, Judaism's barbaric celebration of eternal vengeance.