Friday, March 16, 2007

The Dark Age of State Imposed Judaic Dogma is Upon Us

German chemist, Germar Rudolf was today sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison for his study of the "gas chambers" at the holy Judaic shrine at Auschwitz.

In the Judaic dark age in which we live one may deny Christ's Resurrection, make a movie, write a book, or otherwise promote that denial for mass consumption and massive profit with full support of the establishment at every level.

If one denies the holy Judaic Auschwitz gas chambers mythology based upon scientific study and writes a book about that denial in Europe, they face years in prison, confiscation and burning of their books, large fines and the destruction of their career and reputation.

We live in an age where thought "crimes" offenders against Judaic dogmas are extradited by the U.S. to Germany for prosecution in kangaroo courts even as Judaic criminals from around the world regularly flee to safety in "Israel" never to see extradition, much less prosecution in any court.

The black age of state imposed Judaic double standards is upon us.

The book that brought the wrath of the Holy Judaic Inquisition down upon Germar Rudolf--a book which is presently being confiscated and burned in Europe--is available for download, free of charge online at this link:

Judaic Storytelling:

"Not attending to Jewish fables, and commandments of men averting themselves from the truth." (St. Paul, Titus 1;14)

The fable of the Auschwitz homocidal gas chambers is based in the same Judaic yarn spinning tradition as the Talmudic tall tale of 4 billion Jews killed by the Romans in Bethar (Gittin 57b); 16 million Jewish children wrapped in scrolls and burned alive by the Romans (Gittin 58a); and the now discredited myths of soap made from "pure Jewish fat" and lampshades made of "Jewish" skin. When truth prevails, the myth of the gas chamber with a wooden door will join those rightly discarded myths in the historical dustbin.


acwo said...

Interesting blog, I like it :)
keep it up!

titurator veritatis said...


check this out:

Anonymous said...

Please, forgive this non sequitur. But could someone tell me how "anti-semitism" is a mortal sin! Let your Yea be Yea, and your Nay be Nay.

Maurice Pinay said...

I do wish Sungenis would cease calling that Khazar subvert, Schoeman a Jew.

I think it would be to his benefit (and that of his readers) if he let the very difficult Romans 11 cool off for a bit and paid heed to the crystal clear Apocalypse 3;9.

Sungenis is right to challenge Schoeman's fanciful theological claims. But why is Schoeman's claim of descendance from the bloodline of Abraham Isaac and Jacob accepted without question? What proof has he offered?

The discussion of the remnant of Jews in prophesy doesn't even apply to that Khazar, Schoeman. Apocalypse 3;9, I suspect, applies to him.

Cambrensis said...

Can anyone explain why this Khazar hypothesis is so significant? I genuinely can't see the relevance.

If Rabbinic Judaism accepts converts (which, after all, is the whole basis of the 'Khazar thesis'), then surely these converts are regarded as spiritually united to 'Israel'. (I remember reading one rabbinic website which stated that authentic converts are assigned a brand-new spiritual 'Jewish' soul!) And so presumably they become co-heirs of God's blessings, including (from the rabbinic perspective) the 'right' to rule the Holy Land.

From the Catholic perspective, the Khazar thesis is equally irrelevant - non-Hebrew converts to Judaism presumably fall under the same malediction God placed on those Jews who rejected & continue to reject Jesus as their rightful King. If the Khazar hypothesis is correct and if the actual race of those who 'say they are Jews' were somehow significant, how could these modern 'Jews' inherit the curse placed on those who first rejected Jesus?

Maurice Pinay said...

I remember reading one rabbinic website which stated that authentic converts are assigned a brand-new spiritual 'Jewish' soul!

This is window dressing.

Can anyone explain why this Khazar hypothesis is so significant?

The point is that Schoeman in his book speaks of racial Israel as having a special place in God's plan. And indeed, according to Catholic tradition a remnant of true descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will be converted to Christ at the time of the Second Coming.

The problem is in applying this tradition to all of the people who call themselves "Jews," most of whom are not true genetic descendants of Abraham, Issac and Jacob. They're reaping undeserved benefits because by misappropriating that tradition to themselves. Schoeman and his fellow "Hebrew Catholics" are a case in point.

Christians for centuries have labored under the illusion that anyone with a hooked nose; with a lot of chutzpah, and who themselves or whose ancestors were followers of the tradition of those who killed the Prophets and Christ, is a genetic descendant of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, simply because they say they are.

If it were not for this illusion that Christians harbor about these false "Jews," then Schoeman and his fellow "Hebrew Catholics" and their Zionism, racial conceit, Talmud and Kabbalah would be kicked out of every Catholic parish they attempted to drag these foul things into.

The ways that the so-called "Jews" benefit from this illusion among Protestant dispensationalists is plain enough for anyone with eyes to see:

As anyone who is following U.S. and Middle East affairs can see, this concerns everyone in the world whether they are Christian, Atheist or otherwise. These so-called "Jews" are able to cause the chaos that they do only to the degree that the gullible accept the illusion that they're true descendants of the Israelite tribes.

Cambrensis said...

So the tradition that a remnant of old Israel will join new Israel (the Church) and be saved only refers to those 'Judaics' who also happen to be true racial Hebrews, eg Sephardic Jews?

Maurice Pinay said...

So the tradition that a remnant of old Israel will join new Israel (the Church) and be saved only refers to those 'Judaics' ...

Judaics are followers of the non-Biblical religion of rabbinic Judaism. They have no place in the Christian tradition or the Old Testament religion aside from that of a hostile opposition. They uphold the tradition of those who killed the Prophets and Christ and who stoned His followers and have been attempting to crush His Church from the very beginning and ever since.

... who also happen to be true racial Hebrews, eg Sephardic Jews?

The question goes beyond what any human being can answer with reasonable certainty. Israelite birth records were destroyed 2000 years ago. We don't know who the living genetic Israelites are for certain, much less which ones will be saved at the time of Christ's Second Coming, so it's pointless to speculate on it, and it's insane support a nation that calls itself by the Biblical title, "Israel" which has no legitimate claim to that title.

The prophesy concerning the conversion of a remnant of Israelites is really of no consequence until it's fulfilled, so until that time it makes no sense to concern oneself with it.

The only reason that this prophesy is such a great concern is because throughout history people like Schoeman have seized upon it and twisted it into a vehicle for the advancement of Zionism and exultation of the people who call themselves "Jews."

If God expected us to obsess over the genetic Israelites He wouldn't have made it impossible to truly know who they are. The matter was significant at one time because it was prophesied that the Messiah would have a particular lineage so that He could be easily identified. That's why St. Matthew's Gospel begins with Christ's lineage--to show that He descended from Abraham and David as scripture foretold He would.

Temple birth records were kept at the time of Christ's birth. Coincidentally(?), 40 years after Christ's death and resurection, the birth records were destroyed with the Temple. I take this as a sign from God that Israelite lineage after Christ's sacrifice was no more important to the Church than the Temple.

St. Matthew's Gospel begins with Christ's Judahite lineage but it ends with Christ instructing His Apostles to teach and baptize all nations. Christians are the people of God (Acts 15:14; Romans 9:25; 2 Corinthians 6:16; 1 Peter 2:9; Hebrews 8:10; Revelation 18:4; 21:3). The Old Testament Patriarchs are our fathers (1 Corinthians 10:1).

The Pharisees and those who uphold their tradition have Satan for their spiritual father (John 8;44).

Itzchak said...

But we don't even believe in Satan....
Man, the wool has certainly been pulled over our eyes...devilish guy that Satan....

Anonymous said...

You may scoff all you want, but when you die, you will see.

Anonymous said...

Interesting discoveries made by the late English historian Sharon Turner regarding the Assyrian tablets indicate the Scythians and Cimmerians (came on to the world history scene at approx. 700 B.C. at the same time and places of Medes and Media in Iran that the northern House of Israel was exiled to)were translated names for Omri...he being an Israeli king. The migratory paths of the Cimmerians ans Scythians take them to Europe where they reside today. I think this gives a clue to Christs' words of his coming for the lost sheep of the "House of Israel."