Saturday, March 10, 2007

Find a "Catholic" Seder at a Parish Near You

Since the late 1960's, every Lent, naive Catholics all around the world have been hoodwinked into "celebrating Passover like Jesus did" by reciting Talmudic benedictions and engaging in Talmudic ritual from the rabbinic tradition which Christ condemned as the "tradition of the elders" which "makes God's Word of no effect."

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops sez: "Seders arranged at or in cooperation with local synagogues are encouraged."


Anonymous said...

What does a 7th century a.D. pagan ritual have to do with the Old Testament, Jesus' last supper or Holy Mass? This is completely suicidal madness for the church.

The picture of JP2 "celebrating" with a menora and a coterie of Jews is proof positive that he was apostate. He should be exhumed, tried and burned at the stake!

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know who the idiot with a clerical cap on next to JPDeux is?

Anonymous said...

Can't see how it helps to say John Paul should be dug up and burned. Too much hate!

I don't know what a seder is but Our Lord's Last Supper was Passover, so we as his followers can do the same and have a Passover meal. If that's what a seder is then I think there is no harm.

Maurice Pinay said...

If that's what a seder is then I think there is no harm.

There is great harm in participating in an anachronistic, non-Catholic ritual which has been augmented by 2000 years of anti-Christ rabbinic tradition.

(8) Let me also say this to those who are our own-if I must call our own those who side with the Jews. Go to the synagogues and see if the Jews have changed their fast; see if they kept the pre-Paschal fast with us; see if they have taken food on that day. But theirs is not a fast; it is a transgression of the law, it is a sin, it is trespassing. Yet they did not change. But you did change your glory and from it you will derive no profit; you did go over to their rites.

(9) Did the Jews ever observe our pre-Paschal fast? Did they ever join us in keeping the feast of the martyrs? Did they ever share with us the day of the Epiphanies? They do not run to the truth, but you rush to transgression. I call it a transgression because their observances do not occur at the proper time. Once there was a proper time when they had to follow those observances, but now there is not. That is why what was once according to the Law is now opposed to it.
(St. John Chrysostom, Homily IV, Against the Jews and the Trumpets of their Pasch)

Anonymous said...

"Can't see how it helps to say John Paul should be dug up and burned. Too much hate!"

What? Should there be no temporal consequence against a man who was responsible for overthrowing millions' faith in Jesus Christ? Making an example of JP2 would save souls. It sounds "medieval," but it would discourage clerics and laity from commiting apostasy.

No hate involved--it's called "the fear of God." It's impossible to passively "love" evil away. Put on your boots or get out of the way.

Thanks for the S. John, Maurice.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Schoeman claims that his Seders "in the light of Christ" are just meant to bring Jews back into the Church, not to really celebrate Halakhah; that is why there are references to the Trinity, the Crucifixion, etc., things which religious Jews absolutely reject. But I can see where you can disagree at least with his approach.

Catherine said...

Here Here! Rev'd up! I am in strong agreement.

Catherine said...


The small Simon, a little boy from Trent, was slayed on the 21st March, 1475 A.D., on Maundy-Thursday during Holy Week. The Jews of this town wanted to celebrate their Passover in their own way; so they secretly abducted the small boy and carried him to the house of the Jew Samuel.

During Holy Week on Maundy-Thursday, the day before Good Friday, "and" on the day before the outlawed "Perfidious Passover", about three hours after supper, the little boy, like children do, was sitting in front of his parents’ house.

Neither his father nor mother were home at the time as they were at Church. It was at this time that the Jew Tobias approached the child, who was not quite 30 months old, and while speaking kindly and offering the boy a piece of money, picked him up and carried him at once to the house of the Jew Samuel.

When night fell, the twin brothers Saligman and Samuel, with Tobias, Vitalis (Veitel), Moses, Israel and Mayr, undressed the little boy and unmercifully butchered him. While Moses strangled him with a handkerchief as he lay across Samuel’s knee, pieces of flesh from his neck were cut with a knife and the blood collected in a bowl.

At the same time, they punctured the naked offering with needles and murmured Hebrew curses. They then cut pieces of flesh from the boy’s arm and legs and collected the blood in pots.

Finally the torturers mitated the crucifixion by holding the twitching body upside down and the arms outstretched and during this horrible act they spoke the following:

Take this, crucified Jesus. Just as our forefathers did once, so may all Christians by land and sea perish.

Relief Commemorating the Horrific Death of St. Simon of Trent 1475 A.D., Child Martyr & Canonized Saint, at the Hands of Perfidious Jews

They then rushed to their meal. When the child had died they threw his body in the river which flowed by their house.

After this, they joyously celebrated Passover.

The case was prosecuted by Bishop Hinderbach, and the Jews were sentenced to death. Immediately, all Jews of the area protested the sentence and succeeded in gaining a new trial for the accused.

It was tried before Giudici of Ventimiglia, and he confirmed the sentence. Again because of Jewish protests, the case came before the court of Pope Sixtus IV. He commissioned the greatest and most famous professor of law at that time, Panvino, to serve as Chief Justice. Assisted by six cardinals, he too confirmed the sentence.

*The court officially stated:

The Hebrews killed the little boy Simon, in order to obey a rabbinical religious law; their motive being to serve a most wicked piety and devotion by obtaining Christian blood for the celebration of Passover.
The *records of this trial were originally kept in the secret archive of the Citadel of St. Angelo and were then transferred to the Vatican, where they are now available for examination. They were disclosed by Pope Benedict XIV.

Also Pope Clement XIV as legal counsellor for the Holy Office, before he became Pope, verified the murders of both St. Simon of Trent and St. Andreas of Rinn (remember St. Dominguito del Val, Mártir) as cases of ritual murder almost 300 years later, in 1770.

The boy [Simon] who was tortured to death at Trent was officially canonized by Pope Sixtus V. The Holy Infant Martyr, St. Simon of Trent's feast day is always celebrated on March 24th.

How about this quote:

"Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that . . . I want to tell you something very clear: Don't worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it." - "Israeli" Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001, to Shimon Peres, as reported on Kol Yisrael radio.

Visit this web-site and see what Judaism really teaches:

Visit these sites to see what the "chosen" are doing to America

Maurice Pinay said...

"Mr. Schoeman claims that his Seders "in the light of Christ" are just meant to bring Jews back into the Church ..."

And what better place to evangelize "Jews" than in Catholic parishes ... please.

That's what Schoeman says he's doing. What he is, in fact, doing is dragging his Talmudic, Kabbalistic and Zionist baggage with him into Catholic parishes along with a whopping supply of Judaic racial conceit. And gullible Catholics swallow it whole.

Shoeman isn't bringing "Jews" "back" to the Church. These so-called "Jews" were never in the Church to begin with. How can he bring them back to a place where they've never been?

Schoeman is dragging the synagogue (of Satan) into the Church. Whether he does this knowingly or out of extreme confusion, God knows. But whatever his intent may be, his errors need to be addressed for the sake of the souls he's misleading.

Anonymous said...

I see what you're saying. It is definitely reprehensible to celebrate a so-called Seder in Catholic parishes. But I have heard that it was only in the privacy of his home that he does it, with other "Jews." Well, I was mistaken.