Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Inquisition of John Sharpe

Many of you are probably aware of the witch hunt that's been going on recently which is focused on the traditional Catholic community. Recently the Stalinist outfit, the SPLC has issued a hit piece focused on traditional Catholics. I didn't find the SPLC botch job worth commenting on here as anyone reading this blog knows to expect such things from them.

What I find to be noteworthy is what appears to be either hopelessly confused individuals or ADL/SPLC plants within the traditional Catholic internet community who've been toeing the ADL/SPLC line to such a degree that they make Abe Foxman and Morris Dees seem reasonable, and that's not an easy thing to do. I don't intend to mention these individuals by name because they represent a marginal voice struggling for recognition which they do not deserve, so I will not give it to them. I'm also of the opinion that they discredit themselves so incredibly effectively that it would be counterproductive for me to interfere. I trust that the readers of this blog will be able to identify these villains in our midst and alert their friends and family members to their presence.

They're very easy to identify. If they're more outraged about offenses to the sensibilities of "the Jews" than they are about attacks against our Lord and the Gospel, that's one clue. If they focus inordinately on Auschwitz and not very much on Calvary, that's another clue. If they claim that it's "antisemitic" to be opposed to the religion of Judaism and the Zionist movement, that's a strong clue. If they take for granted that Catholics should support the Zionist state, that's a red flag. If they conflate the Old Testament religion of the faithful Israelites with the anti-Christ tradition of Judaism in their apologetics, that's a strong indicator. If they insist on associating a direct lineage between the people who today call themselves "Jews" and the Jews of the Bible, that's cause for suspicion as well. If they make common cause with the rabbis of Judaism, that is a very serious concern which cannot be ignored.

It's been educational for me to witness these scoundrels and their slanderous, unsubstantiated, Abe Foxman-like attacks on John Sharpe. Their attacks have coincided with the SPLC hit piece on traditional Catholics which also targeted John Sharpe. Due to these efforts and others, Lt. Cmdr. Sharpe, U.S. Navy, has been suspended of his duties pending an investigation into alleged "antisemitic" associations.

So the the Judaic inquisition is apparently operating within traditional Catholicism and in the US military.

Sharpe's parents have circulated the following letter:

Dear All:

In the interest of defending our son John's public reputation, we're writing to ask if you would be willing to assist by writing a letter to the editor of the NAVY TIMES(mailto:navylet@atpco) in response to the article they published on their website last Friday evening (See article below).

Incredibly, the article included a statement from Jim Brantley, a Navy spokesman, clearly stating that John is violating Navy regulations which prohibit "supremacist"
activity: “Evidently he’s affiliated with an anti-Semitic group , and that's illegal in the U.S. Navy ." Brantley cited Navy Regulation 1167, which states, "No person in the Naval Service shall participate in any organization that espouses supremacist causes."

Brantley made the leap from mere accusations of anti-Semitism, to (1) it being EVIDENT that John's associated with an anti-Semitic group . (It certainly is NOT evident; the investigation has hardly begun yet .) And that (2), it being equivalent to "supremacist" activity (says who?) and (3) this is evidence of a violation of Navy Regulations. Brantley's statement has John guilty of "supremacist activity" without qualification.

We ask that you request that the editor publish a correction of the record and/or a retraction that at least gives John the benefit of the doubt while the investigation is underway.

The other point concerns the NAVY TIMES urging people to “Read what the Southern Poverty Law Center had to say about Sharpe.” Where’s the fairness here? How about a recommendation that people also hear John’s side of the story? Just because the SPLC makes an allegation does that make it fact? This should pointed out to the NAVY TIMES editor.

FYI, and for use or not as you see fit, here’s an example of SPLC’s "unbiased" reporting. In their “Intelligence Report,” which is the basis for the charges against John, (http://www.splcente%20r.org/intel/%20intelreport/%20article.jsp?) they refer to the Neo-CONNED! books published by IHS Press as containing “several articles by racists and anti-Semites.” Of course they don’t identify these articles or their authors. Moreover, they fail to point out that the books contain several articles by well-known Jewish authors such as Noam Chomsky, Naomi Klein, Paul Gottfried, Immanuel Wallerstein, and Jeff Steinberg. So much for balanced reporting.

We appreciate your time and efforts on John's behalf. And please, a second request, keep him and his family in your prayers.

Thank you and God bless you,
Judith and John

PS Here's a link to our local newspaper where a similar article ran on the front page Saturday morning. The Virginian-Pilot article is slightly fairer than the NAVY TIMES article, but leaves way too much unreported. If you wish to write to them also, please, be our guest. http://content.%20hamptonroads.%20com/story.%20cfm?story=120893&ran=124140


Anonymous said...

Are you the "Maurice Pinay" who used to be on Fisheaters?

If so I'd like you to know that I talked to the admin of that board and she said she regreted kicking you off the board and would invite you back if she had anyway to get in contact with you.

Anonymous said...

Okay maurice,
I see that you already got the info that I was going to send to you. You can delete my comment on the blog that I left for you to email me. This is what I was going to send to you. God Bless

Catherine said...

I agree with Maurice but unfortunately many people in the, quote "Traditional Movement," wants to recognize them. I would get a heap of dung poured into my email box if I should state at this particular point, who I believe the infultrators of the "Traditional Movement" are. I shall wait...in time.... They are famous and have made names for themselves and have gained much trust in these unsuspecting Catholics but they are there and many of you trust them. I can smell them. Watch and pray,,keep your eyes open, judge them by the fruits they bare. One hint though, they turned in a heartbeat on one who they considered their own at one point in time...Now he has been a victim of their caulumny and lies...one guess?

Anonymous said...

Wink Martindale?

Anonymous said...

"Wink Martindale?"

God forbid!

What is holding people back from naming names? Certainly, some have been listed on this site already. The sin of 'detraction' would only apply if the intent was to gloat over the offender. If the hope is to cause them to repent then you have acted in Christian charity. Read yesterday's Mass Gospel (Matt. 18.15ff) and, if you can, S. Augustine's Sermon in the Breviary.

I personally believe it would be to our advantage if the crypto-Jews in the Trad. mvt. were exposed.

Catherine said...

Many of them work as editors and reporters in the rich and famous traditional "news" reporting paper: Catholic Family News and Remnant. Try and get many to swollow that one. Not much success will come from it, I can assure you. BELIEVE IT, OR NOT!

Anonymous said...

I believe it. It is in the best interests of the enemy camp to keep these organs of deceit alive. Despite their doom-&-gloom money grubbing, they always scratch up enough to publish again.

Catherine said...

Alot of their money comes from the SSPX sect. Put 2 and 2 together.