Monday, March 19, 2007

"Israel's" Crypto-Christian Problem Prompts Inquistion

EDITOR'S NOTE: I first became aware of this phenomenon in Michael Hoffman's pamphlet, The Role of the Merchants of Venom from 2003. I must say, I do sometimes marvel at the inverted nature of this dark age where heretics against Judaic dogmas are thrown into dungeons and crypto-Christians are infiltrating "Israel."

That's right. This article doesn't go so far as to say so, but the Russian non-Jews addressed in this article are largely Christians masquerading as "Jews" in hopes of making a better life for themselves in "Israel" while maintaining their Christian beliefs in secret.

"The new Russian immigrants to the Israeli State who are now doing their two year tour of duty in the IDF (Israeli Army), as part of their citizenship requirement, have long been rumored to be Christians, since they continually ask passing Christian priests for blessings as the priests move through the checkpoints. I also witnessed this firsthand." (The Role of the Merchants of Venom, Michael A. Hoffman, pg.3)

Verification Council for Israel's Russian Jewry

by Hillel Fendel

( At least 25% of registered Jewish immigrants from Russia are not Jewish - leading to the formation of a council to verify Jewishness.

Approximately one million new immigrants have arrived in Israel from the former Soviet Union since 1990. Interior Ministry statistics indicate that of them, 290,000 are not Jewish.

However, Russian Aliyah experts tell a different story. Some of them say that of the million new Israelis, more than half of them - up to 550,000 - are not Jewish. This means that over a quarter-million of the 710,000 who are listed as Jews by Israel's Interior Ministry are actually not Jewish. Others say that the numbers are not that high, but that as many as 25% of those listed as Jews are actually not.

The problem has hit even the hareidi-religious communities. For instance, an outwardly-religious family living in a hareidi city for over 12 years was found to be not Jewish; when they were found out, they quickly converted to Judaism. In another case, of eight immigrants from Russia in a prestigious religious high school senior class, two were found to be not Jewish.

The source of the problem is apparently a well-oiled apparatus that forges papers on a very high-quality level, fooling rabbis both in Russia and Israel.

Based on findings such as the above, a project has been started to verify the Jewishness of immigrants from the former Soviet Union. Zalman Gilechinsky, who immigrated to Israel in 1989, is the founder and head of a body known as the World Council for the Verification of Jewishness of Immigrants from the former Soviet Union. The council, which makes it checks based on documents, ancestry, and personal interviews, has the blessing of rabbis from various streams of Orthodox Judaism.

Gilechinsky, who immigrated to Israel from Kishinev, told Arutz-7, "Up until 1990, there were practically no verifications of Jewishness, not by the Jewish Agency nor Netiv [the "Russian Desk" of Israel's Foreign Ministry]. 1990 was, in fact, the year in which the most Russian Jews came to Israel - some 200,000 - so that year is therefore the most suspect. By the end of that year, they started checking... I myself came in '89, and underwent a check myself - twice - as did my wife."

Gilechinsky said that his group is consulted by many religious councils around Israel. "Though we are more stringent, in a sense, we have helped many who were rejected - or given no answer - by other bodies... We are also faster; we can come up with an answer in a week, as opposed to two months that are bodies sometimes take."

Unfortunately, Gilechinsky says, he has found that Judaism is not such an important value for some non-religious Jews: "Many mixed Israeli-Russian couples come to us, hoping to prove that the Russian side is Jewish so that they can marry here in Israel. When I ask the secular Israeli partner what he or she would do if it turns out that the Russian is not Jewish, in many cases I hear that they would marry anyway..."

In addition to maintaining order and truthfulness in the Jewish People, the council's verification work provides another benefit: "When someone who knows nothing about his Jewishness comes to us and finds that his mother was Jewish, and his mother's mother was Jewish, etc. etc., it provides a strengthening of his Jewish identity - and he comes away with a heightened sense of pride, and often, a desire to learn more about his Jewishness."

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Itzchak said...

I just heard from a secret, very highly placed source inside Israel that an inquistion force is being prepared to torture the truth out of them.
Please don't tell anybody.

Itzchak said...

And guess where they got the idea from?

Maurice Pinay said...

And guess where they got the idea from?

The Talmud.

Anonymous said...

I have high hopes for these crypto-Christians. They are armed and highly trained. Nearly a fifth of the population--a very deadly fifth-column.

Enjoy your next visit to the un-holy land, itzchak.

Itzchak said...

"And guess where they got the idea from?

The Talmud"

Nope, guess again,
Have you heard of the Spanish Inquisition that the RC Church did?

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that the Father of Karl Marx converted over to Christianity in order to do better business. People do all sorts of things to gain material advantage. Material value is more important than Spiritual Loyalty.

And reading the comment section here, I laughed so hard. It is quite the comedy routine.

Maurice Pinay said...

"Have you heard of the Spanish Inquisition that the RC Church did?"

I'm aware of both the Judeo-Masonic caricature of the story of the Spanish Inquisition which nearly everyone in the world has heard, ad nauseam, and the real story of how the Church and the Catholic monarchy of Spain handled the problem of crypto-Jews and Marranos who infiltrated the Church and Catholic society seeking the destruction of both from within which has been all but wiped from the establishment historical record.

I'm also aware of the rabbinic Inquisitions which took place in Spain 100 years before the Catholic Inquisition began. I'm aware of the rabbinic persecution of the anti-Talmud Karaites which began in the 11th century. I know that the rabbis cut out the tongues of perceived heretics, cut the noses off of "Jewish" women who married non-"Jews" and cut off the hands of any "Jew" who attacked a rabbinic judge.

This information, in stark contrast, is virtually unknown to the world, due to it's conflict with the absurd received opinion of the "Jew" as the perpetual victim.

If you were unaware of the rabbinic Spanish inquisition which preceded the Catholic Inquisition by 100 years, then I'm happy to have informed you of it, itzchak. And I'm sure that you will do further research on the topic and that you'll make mention of it at your many speaking engagements.

Furthermore, I know that the excesses of the Catholic Inquisition were contrary to the moral teachings of the Church, while the barbarity associated with the rabbinic Inquisitions are in perfect keeping with rabbinic "morality."

And finally, I am aware that Catholic Inquisitions ended a very long time ago and that there is little I can do about it other than learn from it as history, while Judaic Inquisitions are just getting warmed up today in our present "enlightened" age, so there is much that can be done to prevent further abuses.

You will join me in preventing further abuses, won't you itzchak?

Cambrensis said...

"Have you heard of the Spanish Inquisition that the RC Church did?"

Guess where they got the idea from?

"That all Israel hearing may fear, and may do no more any thing like this. If in one of thy cities, which the Lord thy God shall give thee to dwell in, thou hear some say: Children of Belial are gone out of the midst of thee, and have withdrawn the inhabitants of their city, and have said: Let us go, and serve strange gods which you know not: Inquire carefully and diligently, the truth of the thing by looking well into it, and if thou find that which is said to be certain, and that this abomination hath been really committed, thou shalt forthwith kill the inhabitants of that city with the edge of the sword ..."

Cambrensis said...

There's a persistent tradition that Torquemada was of Jewish descent - perhaps one day he'll be seen as the patron saint of conversos ...

Itzchak said...

"rabbis cut out the tongues of perceived heretics, cut the noses off of "Jewish" women who married non-"Jews" and cut off the hands of any "Jew" who attacked a rabbinic judge."

please tell me more...these are interesting options...

Itzchak said...

Hey Doric:
"And reading the comment section here, I laughed so hard. It is quite the comedy routine."
You know comedy is part of the Jewish plot against Greek culture...I would be careful against laughing.

Anonymous said...

What a lame attempt to be witty here, itzchak!

Itzchak said...

I'm actually serious...why do you think the overwhelming majority of comedians are Jewish...I'm surprised you guys haven't figured out that part of the conspiracy...
and do you know what the name Itzchak means?

Maurice Pinay said...

" ...and do you know what the name Itzchak means?"

I know what it means. That's why you're identified as the blog jester. A clown. Cajolery is a big part of the Judaic tradition; one exploited to the fullest by your fellow "tribe" members in the U.S. media.

As far as associating yourself with the Biblical Patriarch, Isaac, that's the biggest laugh of all. Your best jokes are the unintended ones, itzchak!

Itzchak said...

"one exploited to the fullest by your fellow "tribe" members in the U.S. media."

so you do know about that part of the "conspiracy",
man, it's hard to get something past you...

Maurice Pinay said...

... man, it's hard to get something past you...

You can try to make light of subversion, racial supremacism, murder, theft, deception and destruction all you like with cajolery, itzchak. That old trick has worn thin here. And to be honest, you're not even that good at it.

Itzchak said... "judaics" aren't good at anything, are we?

Anonymous said...

Oh no, you guys are good at deception and cheating.