Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Let's Apply Standards Fairly

Since the "Western" media has become a platform for "critical analysis" of the Christian Gospel even as it surpresses the analysis of the dogmas of Judaism and Zionism we will be analyzing those Judaic dogmas here.

Judaic dogma #1. The Gas Chambers at Auschwitz. This dogma imposes the belief that millions of "Jews" were gassed to death in makeshift "gas chambers."

"At the crux of the debate is the murder weapon. If NASA claimed to have sent astronauts to the moon but couldn't produce the rocket that carried them there, anyone would rightly question NASA's claims. Yet the Judaic establishment has never produced anything approaching a credible prototype of an Auschwitz execution gas chamber. This is what the leading forensic revisionist sleuths such as Carlo Mattogno, Ditlieb Felderer, Brian Renk, Fred Leuchter, Robert Faurisson and Germar Rudolf have highlighted. Those who have toured the gas chamber at San Quentin and compared it with early depictions and representations of Auschwitz homicidal gas chambers will spot the enormous difference between the two. The authentic gas chamber in San Quentin resembles a space capsule decompression chamber. The fakes in Auschwitz are by comparison, a jury-rigged joke. But don't laugh because that would be "denial."

It is often said that the execution gas chambers existed because eyewitnesses testify to their existence. What should be said is that fantasists have spun tales that appear unimpeachable because they have never been cross-examined, since in the Wonderland logic of Holocaustianity, to question is to commit the sin of denial. The theological dimension is paramount. One may deny the Virgin birth of Mary or the Resurrection of Jesus Christ without penalty or prosecution, but it is quite another matter in the West to deny the central tenets of the "Shoah" (the rabbinic term for the myth of the Six Million). By that criterion it can be seen that the vaunted agnostics and secularists of Europe are upholders of Holocaustianity, the last European fundamentalism still commanding blind faith and a divine mandate to punish heretics.

In the 1985 trial of Ernst Zundel in Toronto on charges of denying that the kabbalistic "Six Million" dead Judaics statistic was accurate, this reporter sat in the press gallery and observed as the Crown prosecutor paraded several of these supposed infallible "Holocaust' Survivors" on the witness stand, including Rudolf Vrba, whose WWII-era report of mass gassings in Auschwitz led the future Pope John XXIII to lead a secret campaign against Pope Pius XII for having failed to believe the "eyewitness testimony" of Vrba. But the Zundel trial proved that Pius had been prudent to doubt Vrba who, under the withering cross-examination of Zundel's defense attorney Doug Christie, admitted that his report was only "an artistic picture" and "not a document for a court."

These are the truths elicited when we are permitted the basic human right to doubt and question. Lies can only survive and prosper in a vacuum where all counter-claims and challenges are suppressed. (Michael A. Hoffman)

Read former Max Planck Chemist, Germar Rudolf's study of the Auschwitz "gas chambers" (for which he is currently facing 5 years in prison) here:


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Anonymous said...

Brilliantly written, its so ironic that one can question anything in the world but cannot ask for proof about holocaust.Blasphemy about Jesus (PBUH) is discussed without any problem and when it comes to holocaust the zionists go beserk.