Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Cardinal Bea Centre for Judaic Studies at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome

What is characterized by some as "'antisemitic' conspiracy theory" when it's written about at this blog is called "interfaith dialog" when it takes place between Cardinals and rabbis in Rome.

The Sephardic front is authoritatively represented by Maimonides, who ... [treats] all Christians as “idolaters” tout-court. Next to this negative vision of Christian theology, Maimonides does however give a more open and moderate assessment of the Messianic role of Christianity and Islam in the world. Here is for instance a passage of the Treatise on Kings, which does not appear in all editions (of the Mishneh Torah), because in most of them it is censored: “... all the words of Jesus of Nazareth and of the son of Ishmael [Mohammed] who came after him are aimed at paving the way to the King-Messiah and at preparing the whole world to serve God together, as it is written: ‘because I shall then transform the language of the peoples into a pure language, so that all shall invoke the Name of the Lord shall serve him in a sole unit [all together, in harmony]’ (Sof. 3,9)”. ...Maimonides lets Christianity and Islam, so to speak, do a “qualitative leap”: he includes the two religions within a sole providential plan that sees them as protagonists of a preparatory itinerary of humanity as a whole towards the [Judaic] Messianic event.

... Maimonides’ ambivalent opinion – negatively on the theological level, but positively open in its Messianic perspective – appears to be the clearest and most straightforward affirmation of the involvement of Christianity in a providential role of a Messianic-providential type. And this opinion continues to represent a major stepping stone in the path that Christianity and Judaism make together, though along parallel and distinct planes. Maybe even the category of the “descendants of Noah,” which is admittedly rather inadequate and weak, may still be used to think of Christianity in Jewish terms and to reconcile conceptually (and not only conceptually) the two religions.(Rabbi Prof. Giuseppe Laras, Rome, 4th November 2004 at the Pontifical Gregorian University)


Does this sound familiar? It should, if you read the following essay entered on this blog a few months ago: http://mauricepinay.blogspot.com/2007/02/jpiis-522-jest-at-expense-of-noachides.html


Anonymous said...

Cardinal Bea was a Marrano. This should make the changes in the Church as a result of Vatican II clear to everyone. Revolutions are fomented for Jews, by Jews (and their dupes). Revolutions hurt the native population but benefit the Jews (i.e., French, Russian). The only people who think Vatican II was good for the Church are Jews like Foxman, et al. Yet many Catholics fear telling it like it is "for fear of the Jews."

Anonymous said...

Oh, that every seminarian were required to read the book "The Plot Against the Church" as well as the analysis contained in this blog. Only through the awakening of the clergy-to-be (and hopefully some current priests) will the laity be prepared to fight against the spiritual darkness that has infiltrated the church.

For the papacy to be compromised to the extent that it obviously is, can only mean that the institutions directly connected to that office are compromised. The local parish, which still has a certain degree of freedom, is the only way to re-establish orthodoxy. Those who look to the papacy for restoration of Catholic Tradition (i.e. universal indult/insult) are wishing on a star. Just imagine a "Latin" Mass facing the people with pillar candles, cassock-albs, rainbow burlap vestments, monkey cage tabernacles and girl altar-boys.

"Yet many Catholics fear telling it like it is "for fear of the Jews.""

Some are scared but I think most Catholics are actually brain-washed into the belief that the Jews are our "elder brothers" or they were "the first to hear the word of God." The ones who are scared need informed leaders (clergy) who will educate them and get them off their cans; purging out the old Judaic leaven of malice and wickedness.

Settembrini said...

not only is the catholic church durning kosher, but also most of the Protestant church's. Glad I found your site. dis u hear about all the protestants begging the Israel knesset for forgivness? see-www.doctrinewars.blogspot.com

lynda said...

Dear Rev'd Up,

This is definitely the write stuff - on all 8 cylinders. The laity may prove a bit more combative than you think if they were made aware that the Buganinied rite of the NO Missae has masonic elements and contains matter from the Talmud. This can be objectively documented.

Good argument could (and is being made)that the rite was purposefully contrived to extinguish the sacrifice and bring the post conciliar church offering the NO Missae una cum the antipope under the anathema of Trent in the consecration of the wine.

"With reason therefore were the words for all not used as in this place the fuits of the Passion are alone spoken of, and to the elect only did His Passion bring the fruit of salvation. And this is the purport of the Apostle when he says: Christ was offered once to exhaust the sins of many; and also of the words of our Lord in John: I pray for them; I pray not for the world, but for them whom thou hast given me, because they are thine." The Catechism of Trent: The Sacraments - The Eucharist.

The relevant passage in the cannonized (in perpetuity) Latin Rite of Tradition being: Hic Est Enim Calix Sanguinis Mei, Novi Et Aeterni Testamenti: Mysterium Fidei: Qui Pro Vobis Et Pro Multis Effundetur In Remissionem Peccatorum.

Buganini, a Mason, who held to the ecumenical heresy of universal salvation (condemned by many popes) changed the words of the consecration to bring it into line with masonic doctrines which are the basis of ecumenism and new world order (called for in Gaudium et Spes). But in even more sinister intent, this rite was fabricated to include the Church in the boast also documented by the rebbes of the Talmud: "His blood be upon us and upon our children."

The NO rite objectively blasphemes our Lord in the Mysterium Fidei. Rev. 17:2. Freedom from this diabolical fraud and the restoration of Catholic order outside the jurisdiction of the antipope means that the hierarchy and the laity must help each other and network for the purpose of leaving the Novus Ordo as entire communities, taking as many with you as you can and all Church property you can lay your hands on back from the corporate sole of the Archdiocese. It is probably just a matter of time before it will be sold off in the bankruptcy to pay for sex crimes anyway.

But first the clergy would need to be convinced from the infallible magisterium, sacred scripture and tradition that this rite is what the Council of Trent says it is: anathema. Only with this rock solid conviction and the prayers of the Holy Rosary would it be possible for a clergy so convinced to lead entire parishes and dioceses out of the NO as did a mere handful of clergy (many in minor orders) at the time of the Arian crisis when most of the bishops of the East alienated themselves from the Catholic faith.

Benedict is not compromised. Objectively, the magisterium of Holy Church reveals him as a heresiarch, an anti-christ and an antipope who has connived with the Church's declared enemies to ruin the Church from within.

The sworn and declared enemies of the Church - the Grand Orient, Judeo-Masonry et al have many documented statements as to their intention to ruin the Church. Serious entertainment of their own statements is not Anti Semitism or a conspiracy theory or a hate crime. They are on record as to what they intended to do. And lo, they have done it. All the Church has to do is call perfidy by its correct name and name the names and organisations from their own witness. The magisterium itself provides the correct interpretation of what has and is transpiring.

The Torah observant of Judah in Palestine at the time of Our Lord are undoubtedly our 'elder brothers in the faith'. The Pharisees of the Talmud are not. This is the political Judaism of today which is ancestrally Caucasian - with its guilt industry, Zionist ideology, Noachide laws against the hated goyim and its kosher food tax racket to filch the goyim everytime we buy a food item with a K or a U. What does any of this have to do with the royal tribe of Judah? Our Lord's witness against the Cabal of the Talmudic Law is that they are murderers who stoned the prophets. The Apostolic witness is that they crucified the Lord of Glory. And they boast of this themselves! As it was stated in another context: "what need have we of witnesses".

Anonymous said...

Lynda, I am thankful for your zeal and ability to articulate your points many of which I am in complete agreement. The point you make about the words of institution over the chalice are right on the money. There is more however; many parishes have gone to using altar bread (no longer made at the local convent) which contain invalid matter in them--making consecration impossible. I'm not talking about Wonder bread or tortillas, I'm talking about wafers that "look" legit. Obtain, if you can, a wafer made cannonically of water and wheat flour and compare it to the standard "puck" distributed (even at most Traditional sevices). The real macoy melts in your mouth the "puck" will be with you through the "ite, missa est."

I am not ready to join you on Benedict being an anti-pope just yet. The other things you say about him, yes indeed, but on that--not yet. There have been numerous scoundrels and anti-christ heretics in the papacy over the centuries but, fortunately, a man's personal and public wickedness does not invalidate the office to which he is instituted. Certainly it does not invalidate his orders which are indelible.

The modern Papal Inauguration leaves a lot to be desired. Yet, I am not convinced that the lack of a coronation and the exclusion of the Papal Oath invalidates a man from being a legitimate pope. It is God's mercy that allows good to come from the evil done by our modern popes. Benedict could stand up for righteousness, save his soul and countless others from the current apostasy; no doubt, there would be an assasins bullet waiting for him if he did.

Anonymous said...

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