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Pontifical Household Preacher: A Revelation and Obfuscation

EDITOR'S NOTE: Fr. Cantalamessa balances the former central ontological event of Western history, the crucifixion of God incarnate at Calvary, with it's modern, dark age replacement, "The Shoah."

"There's no business like Shoah business," they say. Today, Christians can't even reflect upon Christ's sacrifice on the cross during Holy Week without being reminded of "The Shoah."

Within his sermon Fr. Cantalamessa makes somewhat of a revelation regarding the Judaic tradition of Christ's crucifixion, but then leads his listeners/readers towards safe, kosher conclusions.

Father Cantalamessa on the Passion of Christ

"We Are All Responsible for Jesus' Death"

ROME, MARCH 30, 2007 ( Here is a translation of a commentary by the Pontifical Household preacher, Capuchin Father Raniero Cantalamessa, on the readings for this Sunday's liturgy.

* * *

A Historical Look at the Passion of Christ
Palm Sunday
Isaiah 50:4-7; Philippians 2:6-11; Luke 22:14-23, 56

On Palm Sunday we will hear in its entirety St. Luke's account of the Passion. Let us pose the crucial question, that question which the Gospels were written to answer: How is it that a man like this ended up on the cross? What were the motives of those responsible for Jesus' death?

According to a theory that began to circulate last century, after the tragedy of the Shoah, the responsibility for Christ's death falls principally -- indeed perhaps even exclusively -- on Pilate and the Roman authorities, whose motivation was of a more political than religious nature. The Gospels supposedly vindicated Pilate and accused the Jewish leaders of Christ's death in order to reassure the Roman authorities about the Christians and to court their friendship.

This thesis was born from a concern which today we all share: to eradicate every pretext for the anti-Semitism that has caused much suffering for the Jewish people at the hands of Christians. But the gravest mistake that can be made for a just cause is to defend it with erroneous arguments. The fight against anti-Semitism should be put on a more solid foundation than a debatable (and debated) interpretation of the Gospel accounts of the Passion.

I wonder when "the fight against anti-semitism" will take into consideration the role the rabbis and their traditions have played in creating "anti-semitism." The Vatican has spent the past 60 years hosting some of the most vile haters of the Gospel who've ever lived such as Jules Isaac and his "teaching of contempt" thesis happily recieved by John XXIII, and even knighting some of these anti-Christs as recently as this past month.

The thesis Fr. Cantalamessa references is not "debatable," as Cantalamessa diplomatically, or rather, equivocatingly puts it (Jules Isaac and his ilk are certainly not so diplomatic). It's utter nonsense. And if Fr. Catalamessa was sincere in his desire to eradicate every true "pretext for anti-semitism" he would suggest that the same critical analysis which the Gospel has undergone be conducted on the "holy" texts of rabbinic Judaism. Only then will the true cause for "anti-semitism" begin to be understood and thereby eradicated.

That the Jewish people as such are innocent of Christ's death rests on a biblical certainty that Christians have in common with Jews but that for centuries was strangely forgotten. "The son shall not be charged with the guilt of his father, nor shall the father be charged with the guilt of his son" (Ezekiel 18:20). Church teaching knows only one sin that is transmitted from father to son, original sin, no other.

The Church has never taught that the sin of the crucifixion is genetically transmitted. But it is undeniable that those who uphold the spiritual and ideological tradition of the Pharisees who conspired to execute Christ--a tradition which to this day maintains that Christ got what He deserved at Calvary (as Fr. Cantelamessa will somewhat reveal in a following paragraph)--are cursed. How could it be otherwise? What blessing from God could come upon a tradition which revels in the execution of His Son? That's crazy talk.

Having made it clear that I reject anti-Semitism, I would like to explain why it is not possible to accept the complete innocence of the Jewish authorities in Christ's death and along with it the claim about the purely political nature of Christ's condemnation ...

From the reports about Jesus' death present in the Talmud and in other Jewish sources (however late and historically contradictory), one thing emerges: The Jewish tradition never denied the participation of the religious leaders of the time in Christ's condemnation. They did not defend themselves by denying the deed, but, if anything, they denied that the deed, from the Jewish perspective, constituted a crime and that Christ's condemnation was an unjust condemnation.

That's a mild way of putting it. The fact is that the "great sages" who wrote the Talmud take full responsibility for Christ's execution, absolving the Romans completely, claiming that Christ got what He deserved for "leading Israel astray" (Babylonian Talmud, tractate Sanhedrin 43a) They go on to relay a story of a necromancer who raises a repentant Jesus from the grave who proclaims, "Seek their (the Israelites') welfare, seek not their harm. Whoever touches them is as though he touches the apple of his [God's] eye!" and who states that His punishment for ridiculing the Pharisees is eternal damnation in boiling excrement. (Babylonian Talmud, tractate Gittin, 57a)

This juvenile idiocy is what the tradition of our "elder brothers in the faith" teaches about the Messiah, Jesus Christ. This is the "great religion" of Judaism which Christianity has "sprung from," if one takes the Vatican prelates at their word.

Those who uphold this tradition are not cursed, then? If the claim that Christ deserved to be executed and punished in hell in boiling excrement doesn't merit a curse, what does? Oh, "anti-semitism," of course! It's the same message the Talmudic "sages" audaciously put in the mouth of a repentant Jesus Christ--"the Jews" are the apple of God's eye just for having been born; everyone should seek their welfare; anyone who mocks the rabbis is punished in boiling excrement. Yesterday the rabbis put that message in Christ's mouth. Today, Vatican prelates join them.

It seems to me that this is a very real teaching of contempt. And this barely scratches the surface. When will the role which teachings such as these about Christ and His followers have played in creating "anti-semitism" be addressed? When will the yeshivas be reciprocally opened up to scholars such as Michael A. Hoffman who are well prepared to truthfully lecture Judaic children on the very real Judaic teaching of contempt and it's implications throughout history? Is the Vatican pushing for such a thing? Absolutely not.

In the past [the Passion has] often been used (in the theatric representations of the Passion, for example) in an inappropriate manner, with a forced anti-Semitism.

This is something that everyone today firmly rejects, even if something still remains to be done about eliminating from the Christian celebration of the Passion everything that could still offend the sensibility of our Jewish brothers.

So the Vatican is only getting started making changes to the Christian celebration of the Passion according to the sensibilities of our "Jewish brothers" who uphold their tradition that Christ deserved to be executed and is being punished eternally in boiling excrement for the "crime" of chastising the Pharisees. That's a "fair" deal ...

If only Fr. Cantalamessa were so concerned about Judaic blasphemy against Jesus Christ as he is "blasphemy" against "the Jews."

Jesus was and remains, despite everything, the greatest gift of Judaism to the world ...

Judaism's "gifts" to the world have been things like racial supremacism, double standards, usury, circumvention of the sabbatical year and the jubilee, the transmission of the occult traditions of Babylon into the West, dialectical reasoning, etc., etc. Jesus Christ has no part in Judaism, a "religion" which teaches that He deserved to be executed.

And this trendy notion that Jesus was "given to us" by the Jews smacks of naturalism. God gave Himself to us in the Incarnation of Jesus Christ. All the glory is due to Him.

... a gift for which the Jews have paid a high price ...

Christ's disciples certainly paid a price high enough as to merit mention, but doing so risks depreciating the "unique" suffering of the "Jews," hence it's absence in Fr. Cantalamessa's sermon.

This sermon by Fr. Catalamessa will likely come across as "tough talk" to many people, particularly relative to the disgraceful subservience to the rabbis displayed by JPII. But this, in my opinion, is only an effort to manage the response to uncomfortable facts which are increasingly being revealed about the Judaic tradition today. It may also be meant to gauge the people's reaction to the revelation which will likely be as insignificant as the reaction to the joint document produced last week by the Papal Commission for Religious Relations with the "Jews" and the Chief Rabbinate of "Israel" promoting the Noahide Laws and creating a fictional "Christian" basis for them.

If that is so, one should only expect the treachery to escalate.

One last thought regarding the title of Fr. Cantalamessa's sermon, "We Are All Responsible for Jesus' Death." This slogan often seems intended to imply that all of mankind is equally culpable for Christ's crucifixion. This notion is not only absurd on it's face, it contradicts the words of Christ Himself spoken to Pilate: "... he that hath delivered me to thee, hath the greater sin." Here is a scripture which in our time has been "strangely forgotten," to borrow Fr. Cantalamessa's phrase. Fr. Cantalamessa and his "Jewish brothers" apparently would like it to stay that way.

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Anonymous said...

This is very valuable analysis! I know this site is making significant inroads among the faithful when I receive emails linking to it from acquaintances.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above commenter. Your site is providing invaluable information, even if the vast majority of Catholics don't see it yet, or don't have the stomach to handle the truth!

God bless you and keep up the good work.

lynda said...

Yes, this is a very good post. The homilies of Fr Raniero Cantalamessa ( represent a powerful countersign to de fide to the world. At no time is this more in evidence than Good Friday, the day the Church exclusively reserves to adore Our Lord's holy, all sufficient and eternal sacrifice for sin. This is the day Fr Cantalamessa can be annually depended upon to lead the Antipapacy and its household to reflection upon his favourite theme: 'Our Lord's eternal sacrifice, the irrelevance of'. For the entire brood of them foresworn of Sacrorum Antistitum this would be laughable if it were not so pathetic. The day that Holy Church offers Her most solemn petitions for all conditions of men; this is the day Fr Cantalamessa hijacks to confirm in their errors those who are perishing without salvation. On Good Friday 2002 he was preaching "the pagan religions are positively willed by God as an expression of the inexhaustible riches of his grace." Whereas the Church worshipping according to the canonized rite of Tradition and outside the jurisdiction of the Antipapacy prayed for the pagans to leave their idols (ut relictis idolis suis) and be converted to the living God. This year it is the turn of the Jews as "elder brothers in the faith" to be affirmed by the Cantalamessa / Judas kissy-kissy. As the Church prays for the treacherous Jews that our Lord and God may take away the veil from their heart, Cantalamessa and his fellow anti-christs are extending that same veil over the lost sheeples wondering in novus ordo land that they may not know Our Lord according to the faith of his Church in Spirit and in truth. This is exactly the same and awful spew we always get from Cantalamessa and the Antipapacy on Good Friday. They are in command of the power of the air, broadcasting their countersign to the world. Whereas in many places (like entire continents), the solemn prayers of the Church for souls deceived by diabolical fraud (animus et neminem vis perire respice ad animus diabolica fraude) are offered on the rosary beads in the spare room with the doors closed to the noise of the tv and the booze up in the other rooms. And everywhere is the holy faith of the Church attacked and ridiculed by the media monopolies of the "elder brothers in the faith" of the novus ordo church. Nevertheless, victory will be ours.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah! I met R. Cantalamessa two years ago in Charlotte, NC, knowing that he was the personal confesor of John Paul II and I was pretty much excited ; but when I shook his hand I felt a discharge of EVIL in my solar plexus and I thought: this man cannot be saintly. I better got out of there as fast as I could.

Anonymous said...

A Chinese atheist once asked me, "Why wasn't Christ born in China". I answered, "because He had to go where He knew He would be crucified."