Friday, May 25, 2007

The Fool's Gold Standard

There has recently been a great deal of focus upon the fractional reserve banking racket on the internet. Some so-called "truth seekers," most notably Aaron Russo, promote the gold standard as a solution.

Find out why this is bad advice:

The Money Masters

Part 1

Part 2

Buy a DVD copy of The Money Masters here:

Also read, Money Manipulation and the Social Order, Rev. Denis Fahey


Anonymous said...

I heartily recomend THE MONEY MASTERS as well! It is well worth the money.

Thank you Maurice for suggesting this to your readers.

lynda said...

Only the New World Order public education pushes political correctness, environmental sins like global cooling (70s /80s), ozone holes (80s / 90s) and global warming (new millenium) and omits discussion of how nations are actually owned and operated by a handful of dynastic families (Sion) and their banking cartels. All clear thinking about how political events are shaped begins here.

The Money Masters will be another great resource for the home schools. Definitely, I will be getting it. Thanks Maurice.

Other excellent resources along this same line are the papal encyclicals against freemasonry: powerful, luminous and uncompromising. Also the campaign of Pope Pius IX against the proxies of the Sionists:

Then there are the long lost Fr. Fahey tapes - his narration of the history of the dynastic families of banking. Eight hours of narration, many now unobtainable sources referenced in the narration. For brevity, learning, piety, sheer beauty of spoken discourse, the suppressed history of the dynastic banking families, their globalist ambitions, their satanist religion, the names they call themselves (hide behind - as in "they say they are Jews and are not"), their proxies. Its all there. Finally found it on the net in of all places - right there on the home page featured as 'Irish priest talks about the NWO' - 8 talks (ea 45 mins in length) which can be listened to on Windows media player. Unforgettable.

Start downloading and burning this stuff to CD and DVD now people because the days of free speech on the internet are numbered.

John Zebedee said...

The question is this: who owns the gold? 199, Gordon Brown, the
incoming PM of Great Britain sold
a huge amount of Bank of England gold at a very short price in 1999...the price of gold mysteriously almost doubled in the
next couple of who bought this gold? has been rumoured that various central banks
have been selling down their bullion stock over the past ten years...have various 'creditors'
been demanding gold from these banks, since they view their paper
currency as worthless?, what
people love gold the most?...could
it be that one ofthese 'creditors' is named Bauer AKA Rothschild?
this possible?...