Friday, May 4, 2007

Goodbye Aquinas and Just War Theory, Hello Maimonides and Law of the Jungle

EDITOR'S NOTE: Last summer the Israeli state executed a 33 day long planned attack against Lebanon destroying it's civilian infrastructure, bombing civilian neighborhoods, killing 10 civilians for every militant and finishing it's brutality by littering the countryside with cluster bombs which continue to kill and maim civilians--mostly children--to this day. Thankfully, there was just enough Christian decency left in the increasingly Judaized world for a significant percentage of the population to recognize, if only briefly, the barbaric nature of the Israelis' actions. This is a serious problem to the Judaic agenda which holds fixed principles, particularly Christian principles, and universal standards to be intolerable. Last year's brutality against Lebanon will certainly not be the last such action from the Israelis and they intend to continue their brutality without incurring any further public relations disasters. So, what to do?

Israeli, US intellectuals chart new rules of war for insurgencies

Last summer, at the height of the Second Lebanon War, two intellectuals specializing in security affairs met for a conversation. For the Israeli of the pair, the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya's Boaz Ganor, it was an opportunity to vent his frustration.

"We talked about the frustration we had over how the world was relating to the war, mainly the claim that Israel wasn't responding with 'proportionality,'" Ganor told The Jerusalem Post this week.

... "We decided we had to establish an international team" - experts have been consulted from Canada, Australia and elsewhere - "that will relate to Hague and Geneva, which are very good, but will try to fine tune them for the new situation," Ganor said.

With monthly video-conference calls between Israel and Syracuse, New York, the team has begun to lay the groundwork for the document they hope to present in Washington D.C. in October - the 100th anniversary of the Hague Convention.

... "The primary goal is to protect civilians," Ganor said emphatically. "That's the sacred principle behind this.

Its implications are far from simple. As Ganor explains: "Take the mista'arvim [the IDF infiltration units that dress as Arabs and enter Arab towns to conduct operations] for example. On the face of it, it's a clear breach of the Geneva Conventions, which demand clear separation between fighting forces and civilians, with 'a badge and a flag.' On the other hand, it's by far the most selective and safe means of arresting or even assassinating someone ..."

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