Thursday, May 3, 2007

Institutionalized Hypocrisy and Double Standards

Much wailing has lately been heard from the Judaic camp and from change agents within the Catholic camp in anticipation of an indult granting universal permission to offer the traditional Latin Mass due to a prayer for the conversion of "the Jews" traditionally prayed once each year which is viewed as "profoundly demeaning" and "antisemitic." This is laughable in light of the fact that JPII and Benedict XVI's Orthodox Judaic "elder brothers in the faith" have for 1,900 years cursed Christians three times daily in their mandatory benedictions, shmone esre, in the "benediction"-curse birkat ha minim.

According to the standards emanating from Rome and originating in the synagogue it is offensive for Christians to pray for the conversion of Judaics once each year but acceptable for Judaics to curse Christians three times daily. This is just one of countless examples of Pharisaic hypocrisy that Jesus Christ condemned so harshly which still exists in our time as rabbinic Judaism--one set of standards for "The Jews" and another for everyone else--which Vatican prelates urge us to establish deeper religious relations with.

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