Saturday, May 12, 2007

Pope: Pharisaism Endures as Talmudic Judaism

Newsweek has published an except from Benedict XVI's new book, Jesus of Nazareth which he has earlier stated is written as a dialog with Rabbi Jacob Neusner. Here is a quote from that excerpt:

The Sadducees disappeared after the destruction of Jerusalem (a.d. 70), whereas the pattern of life practiced by the Pharisees found an enduring form in the sort of Judaism shaped by the Mishnah and the Talmud. Although we observe sharp antagonism between Jesus and the Pharisees in the Gospels, and although his death on the Cross was the very antithesis of the Zealot program, we must not forget that people came to Christ from every kind of background and that the early Christian community included more than a few priests and former Pharisees. (Pope Benedict XVI, Jesus of Nazareth, p.13)

We have already shown from Neusner's writings that Judaism is the codified religion of the Pharisees and now we see the same from Benedict XVI. Only a few years ago this was viewed as the controversial, "antisemitic" thesis of Michael A. Hoffman. Now we see it frankly stated as a matter of fact by the Pope in the mainstream press.

What is happening here? This is likely meant to control the public reaction to revelations of hitherto little known facts pertaining to Judaism which are flooding the internet lately. This is also likely an attempt to deepen the double minded hypnosis of those who observe it.

In recent years we have witnessed Benedict telling us that the rabbis of Talmudic Judaism are "our elder brothers in the faith." He has stated that the Judaic (see: Talmudic) interpretation of scripture which denies Christ is a valid interpretation. He has met with Talmudic rabbis almost daily to confirm his mission to create deeper religious relations between Catholicism and Talmudic Judaism. He's visited Talmudic synagogues. He has often expressed his deep respect for Talmudic Judaism. And now he tells us that Talmudic Judaism is the religion of the Pharisees whom Jesus had a sharp antagonism with in the Gospel. Could there be a more double minded message from this man?

Benedict XVI at the Synagogue of Cologne where he made the following outrageous statement:

In considering the Jewish roots of Christianity (cf. Rom 11: 16-24), my venerable Predecessor, quoting a statement by the German Bishops, affirmed that "whoever meets Jesus Christ meets Judaism" (Insegnamenti, Vol. III/2, 1980, p. 1272).

I beg to differ. Anyone who meets Judaism meets the doctrine which Jesus Christ told His disciples to beware of. Benedict testifies against Himself.

Look well and beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees ... Then they understood that he said not they should beware of the leaven of bread, but of
the doctrine of Pharisees and Sadducees.
(Matthew 16;6-12)


Anonymous said...

I think YOUR picture of Pope Bennie should replace all of the mug shots currently found in Roman Catholic Communities. The Western Partiarch slouching in a ply-wood chair under the shadow of the seven headed beast.

It's real ugly--I wish more people got it.

talvo said...

Well, lets hope that more and more people get the Pharisee/Jew connection before they cause even more damage to the Church.

lynda said...

Benedict does not use the term 'Patriarch of the West.' Aren't you relieved? This picture of the antipope enthroned in his plywood chair before the synagogue of the Talmud is real Barf-o dogfood with a kosher K in a circle plus the kosher tax plus whatever Talmudic curse the Rebbes use for the dogs of the Gentiles.

Check out the Rephan Star in the middle of the menorah. This is no seven branched candlestick of the Torah Observant as shown in the pattern of the Tabernacle. This is the star of which the Apostle Peter spoke (of apostate Israel which worshiped the host of heaven i.e. Lucifer): "And you took up the tent of Moloch, and the star of the god Rephan, the figures you made to worship" Acts 7:43

Appropriate for the synagogue of Satan, I think. The same star as the shield of Rothschild, the WJC and the Zionists. It incorporates the Egyptian hieroglyph of Amsu (six equalateral triangles within the six-fold of man), or Horus on the Horizon - the Horus King which they intend to set upon the throne of the world order called for in Gaudium et Spes. Seen the logo of the Sanhedrin on their website? Check it out.

We get it rev'd up. Do you?

John Zebedee said...

This is the bottom line...the Roman
Catholic Church itself has become a
center of Pharisaism...sometimes I
listen to the Eternal Word Network,
a major Roman Catholic media out-
let and hear endless debates & apologetics about minutiae and doc-
trine from the catechism...this is
all just hot air: the real problem
is that the Church needs to take
steps that will enable it to reach
out to young people & face up to
realities of the modern
seems the last real light in the
Vatican was Luciani, a humble man
of Christ who met a mysterious de-
mise...from what I can understand,
Luciani was in favor of allowing
some form of birth-control, since
he had experienced the extreme hardships his mother & sister faced
dealing w/large families & poverty...also, the ban on marriage
for priests, based on one obscure
verse from an Epistle of Paul, has
had disastous consequences for the
Church, leading to rampant homosex-
uality & even worse in the clergy..
likewise the birth-control ban, based on an interpretation from
Genesis...if, as the Church claims,
the Pope is Vicar of Christ on earth, and, when graced by the Holy
Spirit, inerrant in his teaching on
doctrine, I would have to say that
the Holy Spirit has departed the to the Jews, forget
them...their particular 'ism', i.e.
Judaism is a religion without God,
in other words, an ideology...any
blame you assign to them would be minimal if the Church itself would
return to the Love & Grace of Jesus Christ...Jews are not our 'elder brother' in faith...
Jesus Christ is 'new wine in new
wineskin' sum up my message to the Church: '...Physician, heal

Anonymous said...

This another insightful post from Maurice Pinay who is boxing Ratzinger ("Pope Benedict") into a corner. Mr. Ratzinger admits Judaism is the religion of the Pharisees and then admonishes us to honor Judaism. In effect, he's admitting that he too is a Pharisee, though slightly disguised.

I read you regularly, Maurice. Keep it coming!

Anonymous said...

There is a Catholic prophesy that says Rome will become the seat of the anti-christ. I believe that time has nearly come.

The world seems ready for the anti-christ to show himself.