Monday, May 21, 2007

What to Expect From 2008 Synod

From the English translation of the lineamenta for the 2008 Synod published at the Vatican website:

... two aspects deserve special consideration: the original character of the Jewish understanding of the Bible and an effort to overcome every form of anti-Semitism.

... A proper exegesis of the text, therefore, must be based on the historical-critical method enriched by other approaches. This is the basis for interpreting Scripture.

Consider the above statements in light of past Vatican documents and perhaps we can make some determination as to where Vatican scriptural exegesis is headed:

22. The horror in the wake of the extermination of the Jews (the Shoah) during the Second World War has led all the Churches to rethink their relationship with Judaism and, as a result, to reconsider their interpretation of the Jewish Bible, the Old Testament. It may be asked whether Christians should be blamed for having monopolised the Jewish Bible and reading there what no Jew has found. Should not Christians henceforth read the Bible as Jews do, in order to show proper respect for its Jewish origins?

... Christians can and ought to admit that the Jewish reading of the Bible is a possible one, in continuity with the Jewish Sacred Scriptures from the Second Temple period, a reading analogous to the Christian reading which developed in parallel fashion.

... Christians can, nonetheless, learn much from Jewish exegesis practised for more than two thousand years, and, in fact, they have learned much in the course of history.

The Gospels frequently present the Pharisees as hypocritical and heartless legalists ... it must be admitted, that in all probability, the presentation of the Pharisees in the Gospels was influenced in part by subsequent polemics between Christians and Jews.

... the anti-Pharisee virulence of Mt 23 must be seen in the context of the apocalyptic discourse of Mt 24-25. Apocalyptic language is employed in times of persecution to strengthen the capacity for resistance on the part of the persecuted minority, and to reinforce their hopes of a liberating divine intervention. Seen in this perspective, the vigour of the polemic is less astonishing.

... the Gospel of Matthew reflects a situation of tension and even opposition between the two communities. In it Jesus foresees that his disciples will be flogged in the synagogues and pursued from town to town (23:34). Matthew therefore is concerned to provide for the Christians' defence. Since that situation has radically changed, Matthew's polemic need no longer interfere with relations between Christians and Jews, and the aspect of continuity can and ought to prevail.

... Jewish methods of exegesis are frequently employed in the New Testament. The Christian canon of the Old Testament owes its formation to the first century Jewish Scriptures. To properly interpret the New Testament, knowledge of the Judaism of this period is often necessary.

... In the past, the break between the Jewish people and the Church of Christ Jesus could sometimes, in certain times and places, give the impression of being complete. In the light of the Scriptures, this should never have occurred. For a complete break between Church and Synagogue contradicts Sacred Scripture.

... The Second Vatican Council, in its recommendation that there be “understanding and mutual esteem” between Christians and Jews, declared that these will be “born especially from biblical and theological study, as well as from fraternal dialogue”. 347 The present Document has been composed in this spirit; it hopes to make a positive contribution to it, and encourages in the Church of Christ the love towards Jews that Pope Paul VI emphasised on the day of the promulgation of the conciliar document Nostra Aetate.

With this text, Vatican Two laid the foundations for a new understanding of our relations with Jews when it said that “according to the apostle (Paul), the Jews, because of their ancestors, still remain very dear to God, whose gifts and calling are irrevocable (Rm 11:29)”

... Dialogue is possible, since Jews and Christians share a rich common patrimony that unites them. It is greatly to be desired that prejudice and misunderstanding be gradually eliminated on both sides, in favour of a better understanding of the patrimony they share and to strengthen the links that bind them.

(The Jewish People and their Sacred Scriptures in the Christian Bible,Pontifical Biblical Commission, Vatican, May 24th, 2001)

Many Christian exegetes of the Old Testament look besides to the Jewish commentators, grammarians and lexicographers of the medieval and more recent period as a resource for understanding difficult passages or expressions that are either rare or unique. References to such Jewish works appear in current exegetical discussion much more frequently than was formerly the case.

Jewish biblical scholarship in all its richness, from its origins in antiquity down to the present day, is an asset of the highest value for the exegesis of both Testaments ... (The Interpretation of the Bible in the Church, Pontifical Biblical Commission, Vatican, March 18, 1994)

... The Gospels are the outcome of long and complicated editorial work. The dogmatic constitution Dei Verbum, following the Pontifical Biblical Commission's Instruction Sancta Mater Ecclesia, distinguishes three stages: "The sacred authors wrote the four Gospels, selecting some things from the many which had been handed on by word of mouth or in writing, reducing some of them to a synthesis, explicating some things in view of the situation of the Churches, and preserving the form of proclamation, but always in such fashion that they told us the honest truth about Jesus" (n. 19).

Hence it cannot be ruled out that some references hostile or less than favourable to the Jews have their historical context in conflicts between the nascent Church and the Jewish community.

Certain controversies reflect Christian-Jewish-relations long after the time of Jesus.

To establish this is of capital importance if we wish to bring out the meaning of certain Gospel texts for the Christians of today.

All this should be taken into account when preparing catechesis and homilies for the last weeks of Lent and Holy Week (cf. already Guidelines II, and now also Sussidi per l'ecumenismo nella diocesi di Roma, 1982, 144 b). (Notes on the Correct Way to Present the Jews and Judaism in Preaching and Catechesis in the Roman Catholic Church, Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews, June 24, 1985)

Jewish tradition emphasizes the Noachide Covenant (cf. Gen 9:9-12) as containing the universal moral code which is incumbent on all humanity. This idea is reflected in Christian scripture in the book of Acts 15:28-29. (The Delegation of the Holy See's Commission for Religious Relations With the Jews and the Chief Rabbinate of Israel's Delegation for Relations with the Catholic Church, Bilateral Commission Meeting, Jerusalem, March 11-13, 2007)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this disturbing post Mr. Pinay. This is really really sad. The Roman Catholic Church is judiazing the Faith. Judiazing has been condemned by several ecumenical councils.

Christianity is an Indo-European religion, not a Jewish religion. The Jews are blinded to the real meaning of Scripture but not the House Japthah; i.e. Europeans.

Furthermore, just like when the gold of the Egyptians belonged to the departing Hebrews, The OT belongs to the Christian Faith NOT to the Jews.

This turning exegisis over to the Jews is just plain heresy!

Itzchak said...

"The OT belongs to the Christian Faith NOT to the Jews."
This is a very funny statement. 99.99% of the faithful christians can't even understand the old testament. They have translations of it, but can not read one line of the real document.
And as we're watching the unfolding of the fulfillment of the Old Testament prophets as the return and renaissance of Judaism is occuring big time.
Your recent posts illustrate the power of the renaissance and the ongoing weakening of the weirdness of christianity and its distortions.

Anonymous said...

"Popule meus, quid feci tibi, aut in quo contristave te? Responde mihi." O my prople, what have I done to thee? or wherein have I grieved thee? Answer me. Because I brought thee out of the land of Egypt, thou hast prepared a cross for thy Saviour...Because I was thy guide through the desert for forty years, and fed thee with manna...thou hast prepared a cross for thy Saviour.
--from the Good Friday 'Reproaches'

Why should the Vatican
"officials" waste time asking Judeo-fascists what the Church's exegesis ought to be? As a Judaic capitalist would say, "eliminate the middle-man" and go strait to the source--Satan himself.

What are our chances of stopping this diabolical Synod?

Maurice Pinay said...

99.99% of the faithful christians can't even understand the old testament.

100% of Judaics can't understand the Old Testament. You clearly don't understand it yourself if you believe that what's taking place today is a fulfillment of Old Testament prophesy. What's taking place today is Judaics making gods of themselves in perfect keeping with Kabbalah, not the Old Testament.

It's due to your adherence to the rabbinic tradition with it's idiotic "exegesis" that you confuse Biblical Scripture so badly. Here is an example of said exegesis:

"R. Eleazar further stated: What is meant by the Scriptural text, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh? (Genesis 2;23) This teaches that Adam had intercourse with every beast and animal but found no satisfaction until he cohabited with Eve."(Babylonian Talmud, Yebamoth 63a)

It's no coincidence that you've chosen the 22nd to resume your rabbinic apologetics, but I can assure you, there is no power in numbers. That's just a figment of the rabbis' very wild imaginations.

Itzchak said...

"It's no coincidence that you've chosen the 22nd to resume your rabbinic apologetics, "

I take it you're serious about this...
ummmmm.....what exactly is the significance of it being the 22'nd?

"if you believe that what's taking place today is a fulfillment of Old Testament prophey ."
Open your eyes my 'friend'....Israel is back...

and the church is finished.

Cambrensis said...

Any opinion on this, Itzchak??

talvo said...

I must respectfully disagree with wlindsaywheeler's statement "Christianity is an Indo-European religion, not a Jewish religion". Christianity isn't Indo-European in origin. If it was, reincarnation and other idolatry would be a part of our Catholic faith. Both the Old and New Covenant were revealed to the Hebrews, a Semetic people by God through Moses and God's only begotten son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Sadly, the Israelites as a whole rejected both Moses and Christ, but the Gentiles received him gladly. if Christianity could only be given an earthly origin, it would have to be called Semetic in origin. But it is not earthly, it is from heaven itself.

lynda said...

"recent posts illustrate the power of the [Judaic] renaissance and the ongoing weakening of the weirdness of christianity"

You only wish, itzchak.

The Vatican synod illustrates nothing about the royal tribe of Judah and everything about the unveiling [apocalypse] of the heretofore covert power exercised by the Talmudic / Kabbalist secret societies and the bloodlines that initiate through this tradition of the elders. The mask is coming off the Cryptocracy,that's all. And not even the dumbed-down goyim are proving as stupid as you think.

Forewarned is forearmed. Catholics still have time to pull their kids out of the new world order schools before more Talmudic 'exegesis' finds its way into the lifestyle education classes (so called). The Church is perfectly well able to advise all parents who do not want their 10 year olds learning about the emergence of human sexuality through bestiality, right along with gay 'marriage' and the 'sin' of homophobia - all courtesy of the Talmud.

As we all know, there is far worse than this in the dregs.

In this context, I recall to you Cardinal Spellman's APB to Catholic parents just after Vatican II. "Pull your children out of the Catholic schools now." And they emptied virtually overnight. A mere handful of thoughtful and committed clergy within the NO could do it again and save many souls at this dark and diabolical hour.

Quomodo cecidisti de caelo, Lucifer, qui mane oriebaris?

Maurice Pinay said...

Open your eyes my 'friend'....

Right back at you, itzchak. The only thing there is to see is another Judaic failed messiah disaster in the making. This one will likely make the Bar Kokhba and Sabbatai Zvi debacles look like picnics.

If you truly don't know the significance of 22 to the Judaic tradition, then I must have seriously overestimated you.

Itzchak said...

"Any opinion on this, Itzchak??"

Fascinating, except that the name Yehoshua is one of the most common names in Israel (my eldest son's second name is Yehoshua)and many, many, many rabbis have that name...
and the acronym in that note is Yehoshua not yeshua...
Vis a vis the code of 22-
Really, I know there are 22 hebrew letters but I must have been away that day when they were teaching about the numbers and the worldwide conspiracy...Please enlighten me...

Anonymous said...

"Both the Old and New Covenant were revealed to the Hebrews, a Semetic people by God through Moses and God's only begotten son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Sadly, the Israelites as a whole rejected both Moses and Christ, but the Gentiles received him gladly. if Christianity could only be given an earthly origin, it would have to be called Semetic in origin. But it is not earthly, it is from heaven itself."

Well, not that I agree with Mr. Wheeler, but one has to be clear in all of this mess, as we ALREADY have been 'judaized' if we remained within NO 'Catholi-schism' after Vat. II.

In short, we ALREADY are 'semitically correct,' whether we like it or not! (and, from a patristic, and biblical POV, that is NOT good!)

So, when Talvo mentions his views as I quoted above, we need to ASK ourselves, OK, So the OT and NT were 'were revealed to the Hebrews, a Semetic people by God through Moses and God's only begotten son, our Lord Jesus Christ.'

But WHO are the "Hebrews"? Christ called the Pharisees, 'sons of their father, the Devil' in John 8:44. Can we ignore Our Lord's clearly racial comments, for (in context) they had claimed lineage with Abraham, the 'rigtheous Gentile' just a few verses before!?!?!?

Josephus clearly shows in his writings that the EDOMITES, a race foreign to the ethnos of Biblical Israel, took over the priesthood, and the rule of Judea, in the decades before Christ's Incarnation. And it was THEY that Christ had His most virulent fights with, during His eartly sojourn.

And 'Jewish' sources to this day, note that Phariseeism (Edomitism) became Rabbinism, which became Zionism.... So, who are the "true Jews"?
cf. Rev. 2:8,9 and Rev. 3:8,9!

If St. John can call them imposters, and a noted Jewish writer named Arthur Koestler wrote a book showing how the Khazars, a 'Finno-Turkic tribe' converted en masse in the 700's [A.D] to talmudic Judaism... and that Christ's prophecy of the destruction of the Israelitish kingdom (and of the Israelites as well, one must assume!) was to 'leave no stone one on another')...

Then, the "Jews" of today have NO relationship to the 'Judeans' of Christ's time!

So, who are these [sic] 'Semetic' people you allude to? The OT was translated by the diaspora Israelites into the LXX, well over a hundred years BEFORE Christ, and the NT was COMPLETELY written in Greek! The Orthodox (Greek for 'right believing') Church to this day, uses both the LXX and the Greek NT in their Churches, which sounds like the KJV does to English speakers!

Now, unless you follow the logic of the author of the book, "Hebrew is Greek," again I ask, who are the 'Semetic' people to whom the promises and the covenants belong?

Then we have the Seven Ecumenical councils, all held in the Eastern Roman Empire, all conducted in Greek, and all the decisions of the Councils recorded in Greek - including the Nicene Creed!?!

IF 'The Church is Israel Now' as a protestant author named Charles Provan noted, then, where are the 'lost tribes' of this supposed [sic] 'semetic people'?

God, as Christianity received him via the LXX (and it is noted by many biblical scholars that the Apostles and St. Paul are quoting, not the Massoretic text (which came about over two hundred years AFTER AD33!) but the LXX) and the NT, is a "GREEK" Messiah- and the rise of the Church catholic, both Eastern and Western (note CONSTANTINE removed his capitol from increasingly 'pagan' Rome, to the East!) was a 'European endeavor,' clearly, unambiguously, and decidedly.

And this is why Christianity is 'supercessionist' to the dead, rotting corpse of Jew-daism. The 'jews' (those imposter Edomite ritualists who sought their salvation in a form of racial supremacy any Palestinian can tell you first hand about!) were FOREVER cut off (as in the OT rite of circumcision, no longer needed in the NT, per St. Paul, the former 'rabbi'!) as the "people of God,' and the Church was made the New Israel.

Mr. Wheeler may be incorrect in his terminology, but he is spot on when it comes to the 'ethnic nature' of Christianity. As the pagan savages of Africa noted long ago, Christianity is the [European] 'white man's religion.'

And 'inclusive' missionary endeavors of fools from St. Francis of Assisi on down, cant' change that historical fact.

As a convert to Holy Orthodoxy from Roman 'catholi-schism' after Vat. II, I would say Mr. Pinay is clearly right on track, and his writings on this blog clearly corroborate the book by Leon de Poncins, written in 1967. And I would also encourage him, and all the rest of you, to 'come out of her, my people, lest you partake of her plagues.' - Fr John, Orthodox priest

Maurice Pinay said...

The Church could sure use a "fool" like St. Francis right now.

John Zebedee said...

What to expect from the 2008 Synod:
1)Jesus Christ was an 'ascended master' but not the Son Of God...2)
the Jewish People are the 'Messiach'...3)the Third Temple
must be built on the Temple Mount &
animal sacrifices reinstituted...4)
the Muslims will be asked to remove the Al-Asqa mosque, and we
hope to G-d that they will leave
peacefully...5)if they do not, then
G-d's people, Yitzrael, will have to take matters into their own hands to remove this
abomination...6)after the nuclear war, 'Noachide Laws' will be strictly enforced.

John Zebedee said...

Oh, just one more comment on the
'Noachides' or Khazar/Chassidim...
there is an old African-American
gospel song that goes: 'God gave
Noah the rainbow won't be
by water, but by the Fire next