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Benedict at Auschwitz

Bowing before the idol of Holocaustolatry
Video HERE

"... the shock of the Shoah has put the whole question under a new light ... Can Christians, after all that has happened, still claim in good conscience to be the legitimate heirs of Israel's Bible? Have they the right to propose a Christian interpretation of this Bible, or should they not instead, respectfully and humbly, renounce any claim that, in the light of what has happened, must look like a usurpation?" (Joseph Ratzinger, The Jewish People and their Sacred Scripture in the Christian Bible May 24, 2001)

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Liturgical Alchemy

Traditional Latin Mass vs. Homo Clown Mass synthesizes neoconservative Noahide Mass where Calvary is blotted out by Auschwitz. Solve et Coagula.

Die Welt report that the motu proprio liberating the Tridentine Mass for the entire Catholic Church has been given to about 30 bishops from all over the world in the Sala Bologna of the Apostolic Palace by Vatican Secretary of State Tarcisio Cardinal Bertone. The bishops had been invited to Rome for that purpose. At the end of the meeting, in which the motu proprio was introduced together with a letter of explanation by Pope Benedict XVI, Pope Benedict met with the bishops. The document is about three pages long, the accompanying letter about four ...

The publication of both documents will take place on July 7th. It emphasizes the unity of the Roman Rite which will consist of an ordinary and an extraordinary form which are supposed to inspire each other. ("Motu Proprio revealed to world's Bishops," Isabelle de Gaulmyn, La Croix, June 27, 2007)

Already on November 16, 1982, on request of Pope Wojtyla, a meeting presided by Ratzinger, then-Prefect of the former Holy Office, at which also took part Cardinals Baggio, Baum, Casaroli (then Secretary of State), Oddi, and Archbishop [future Cardinal] Casoria, had confirmed that "the Roman Missal in the form in which it remained in use up to 1969, independently of the 'Lefebvre question', should 'be admitted by the Holy See for all Masses celebrated in the Latin language". With two conditions [in the 1982 decision]: the use of the old liturgical books should presuppose the full reception of the norms issued after Vatican II and should not express the suspicion that the latter "were heretical or invalid"; [2] on the public Masses celebrated in Parish churches on Sundays and Feastdays, "the new liturgical calendar" should be observed.

All Cardinals unanimously answered in the "affirmative", that is, "yes", to the question of whether the Mass in the ancient rite were licit. Moreover, at that meeting, a document against liturgical abuses, identified among the reasons "for the current crisis of the Church", was also suggested, as well as, in a remote future, a synthesis "of both missals". That future is today less remote. The decision of Benedict XVI is thus not a step back, but a stage of the liturgical reform willed by the Council and not yet fully accomplished. ("Ratzinger's turning point on the liturgy - All clear for the Ancient Latin Mass," Andrea Tornielli, Il Giornale, June 17, 2007)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Vatican Instills the Double Mind; The Judaic Hermaphrodite god

Here is an example of how the Vatican incapacitates it's followers by instilling within them a double-minded psychosis. The Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue and The Pontifical Council for Culture produced a document in 2004 titied, "Jesus Christ the Bearer of the Water of Life (A Christian Relfection on the New Age)" which can be accessed at the Vatican's website:

Within the document is the following insight into a belief held by many New Agers.

"The New Age which is dawning will be peopled by perfect, androgynous beings who are totally in command of the cosmic laws of nature. In this scenario, Christianity has to be eliminated and give way to a global religion and a new world order."

This will be recognized as being correct by anyone who has studied the occult at any level of depth. The New Age teaches that man can return nature to paradise, it's pre-fall state before there was male and female (conjunction of opposites, restoration of balance), and that man is obligated to work towards this end. But the Vatican leaves critical information out of it's tome on the New Age. The stream of transmission for this occult belief within the Christian West is rabbinic Judaism, the religion of the hermaphrodite god who created the first man in it's own image--as a hemaphrodite.

And God created man to his own image: to the image of God he created him: male and female he created them. (Genesis 1;27)

The rabbis interpret Genesis 1:27 to mean that Adam was created as a hermaphrodite (Er. 18a; Gen. R. 8:1; cf. also Jub. 2:14; 3:8). (Encyclopedia Judaica, "Adam")

"Transmitted and developed through dualistic Gnosticism in the East, the notion of an androgynous creation was adopted by the (rabbinic) Haggadists in order to reconcile the apparently conflicting statements of the Bible. In Gen. ii. 7 and 18 et seq., the separate creations of man and of woman are described, while in chap. i. 27, "God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them," their creation is described as coincident.

"In connection with the latter verse the Midrash states (Gen. R. viii.): "Jeremiah, son of Eleazar, says: God created Adam androgynous, but Samuel, son of Naḥman, says, He created him 'double-faced,' then cutting him in twain and forming two backs, one to the one and the other to the second" (see Bacher, "Ag. Pal. Amor." i. 547, iii. 585). The same statement is given in Moses ha-Darshan's Bereshit Rabbati ("Pugio Fidei," p. 446, Paris, 1651).

"The difference in the interpretation is that, according to Jeremiah's opinion, Adam had both sexes, and was thus a real hermaphrodite in the old mythical sense, identical with that conception of Hermes in which he is understood to be the 'logos alethinos,' the son of Maya, the bisexual primeval man of the East ... Nevertheless the view of R. Jeremiah is quoted by the Christian Fathers, who were at pains to refute this 'Jewish fable.' Augustine, in his commentary De Genesi ad Litteram 3:22, refers to it, and Strabo declared it to be 'one of the damnable fables of the Jews.'
" (Jewish Encyclopedia, "Androgynos")

Rabbi Yeremiah, the son of Elazar, said, "When the Holy One—blessed be He!—created Adam, He created him an androgyne, for it is written (Gen. v. 2), 'Male and female created He them.'" Rabbi Sh'muel bar Nachman said, "When the Holy One—blessed be He!—created Adam, He created him with two faces; then He sawed him asunder, and split him (in two), making one back to the one-half, and another to the other." (Midrash Rabbah, chapter 8)

The Judaic work of redemption, Tikkun Olam, or repair of the world, which is the Judaic's duty to bring about by his own devices according to the Kabbalistic view of the rabbis, involves restoring man to his pre-fall hermaphroditic state, and also the reunion of the dumb, impotent male aspect of the Judaic god, the En Soph, with it's female counterpart, the Shekinah.

Redemption is no more than the external manifestation of the inner state of tikkun ("restitution") which depends on the deeds of Israel and a realization of the way of life which the Kabbalah preaches. The fact of tikkun is not something which depends on a miracle, but rather on human action ... [the Messiah's] coming is conditional upon the accomplishment of the task of Israel in the "tikkun of the world." According to this latter view, there is a human and historical preparation for redemption and the Messiah will come automatically if this preparation is completed. This belief is widespread among the disciples of Isaac Luria, and it follows logically from the basic assumptions of Lurianic Kabbalah. (Encyclopedia Judaica, "Redemption")

The main concern of Lurianic Kabbalah, as has been mentioned, is with the details of the process of tikkun ... certain concluding actions have been reserved for man. These are the ultimate aim of creation, and the completion of tikkun, which is synonymous with the redemption, depends on man's performing them. Herein lies the close connection between the doctrine of tikkun and the religious and contemplative activity of man, which must struggle with and overcome not only the historic exile of the Jewish people but also the mystic exile of the Shekhinah ..." (Encyclopedia Judaica, "Kabbalah")

Walter Kasper's mentor, Martin Buber relays the Kabbalistic myth of tikkun as it relates to the Judaic hermaphrodite god:

"If you direct the undiminished power of your fervor to God's world-destiny... you will bring about the union between God and Shekhinah ..." (Tales of the Hasidim; the Early Masters 1947).

So, from the Vatican we receive a condemnation of the occult hermaphrodite doctrine, but the rabbis who profess the very same doctrine are identified as our "elder brothers in the faith" with whom we have a "shared spiritual heritage."

This is the double-mind par excellence.

Benedict XVI and his elder brother, Rabbi Marvin Heir of the Orwellian Simon Wiesenthal outfit engaged in a double-mind inducing ritual at the Vatican in November of 2005. In the presence of Benedict and with his endorsement the rabbi exhorted Christians to put the Kabbalistic doctrine of Tikkun Olam and restoration of balance into practice:

"We must do everything in our power to unite those tents of the righteous and the just to do our share of 'Tikun Olam,' so that we can restore the balance and return to our Creator, the magnificent world he intended." ("Jewish-Catholic Ties Advancing Says Benedict XVI," Zenit Nov. 14, 2005)

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Lustiger's NY Yeshiva Tour, Endorsement of Chabad Lubavitch as Religious Model

The cardinal [Jean-Marie Lustiger] cited three New York Jewish communities he visited last year "homogeneous in their spiritual and practical choices" as models for how religion can successfully integrate modernity ...

Asked later by The Jewish Week to which communities he was referring, Cardinal Lustiger said "Yeshiva University, the Jewish Theological Seminary and Lubavitch."
(Eric J. Greenberg, The Jewish Week, Feb. 14, 2003)

Jean-Marie Lustiger and Rabbi Israel Singer

Rabbi Zevulun Charlop and Jean-Marie Lustiger in the library of Yeshiva University

Rabbi Zevulun Charlop and Walter Kasper with Talmud

Jean-Pierre Ricard of the Ecclesia Dei Commission which oversees all things related to the traditional Latin Mass with his elder brothers

Cardinals and rabbis hold hands

Cardinal Jean-Marie Lustiger, the Archbishop of Paris, recently organized an expedition that brought twelve Catholic scholars who were well versed in Hebrew and Judaic subjects to New York City. Hoping to gain an appreciation for Jewish institutes of advanced learning, Lustiger and his delegation visited several schools around the city, including the Jewish Theological Seminary, Hebrew Union College, and Yeshiva University.

The Commentator

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Mel Gibson at Bar Mitzvah of Hess Oil Heir

“A kid whose dad is a multi-millionaire and owns the biggest gasoline company in America. They rented one of the most expensive banquet halls in New York and invited me [Sean Paul] to perform for 150 thirteen-year-olds. It was crazy.

A lot of money was poured into the event and I was really surprised by it all. I always presumed that this is a religious ceremony that is held with your family, and suddenly I’m there with people like Mel Gibson and Neil Diamond walking around drinking champagne.” ("A Yiddisher Rasta Man," Ynet, Boaz Arad June 22, 2007),7340,L-3415733,00.html

May 10, 2007 -- IT was a bar mitzvah party fit for an oil heir the other night as William Hess, the 13-year-old son of Hess Corp. chairman John B. Hess, was feted at a million-dollar bash at the Rainbow Room. ... Sean Paul performed ...

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Mel Gibson's Bodyguard an Israeli

Friday, Aug. 4, 2006 12:38 a.m. EDT

Considering Mel Gibson’s disparaging remarks about Jews during his recent DUI arrest, it might come as a surprise to learn that the "Braveheart” star’s bodyguard is – an Israeli.

He’s Avi Korein, 45, a former nightclub bouncer rumored to once have been in Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency.

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Malachi Martin: American Jewish Committee Change Agent

Malachi Martin's Double Agent Status Documented

By John Grasmeier
June, 2007 has obtained numerous incriminating documents proving not only that Malachi Martin was indeed the infamous Vatican II "double agent," but also that his duplicitous activities during the Council ran far deeper than had been previously thought.


During the Second Vatican Council, Martin acted as an assistant and translator to Cardinal Augustin Bea, head of the Secretariat for the Promotion of Christian Unity (SPCU). At the time, a major focus of the SPCU was the Jewish declaration portion of Nostra Aetate, the Vatican II document that addressed the Church's relations with other religions. Cardinal Bea would later be referred to by Archbishop Lefebvre as an "instrument of betrayal."

In January of 1966, Look Magazine ran an article entitled "How the Jews Changed Catholic Thinking," a lengthy, in-depth look at the influence various Jewish lobbying groups had over the final draft of Nostra Aetate. In the article, Senior Editor Joseph Roddy tells of an unnamed Jesuit priest who held a key position in Rome during the time the Second Vatican Council was in session. The priest, described as a “double agent who "could never turn down work" and a "savior in the diaspora," would use his position to gather and disseminate inside information to the secular press and the Jewish lobbying groups, who would in turn use that information in their efforts to influence the Council fathers, particularly the progressive American bishops. Although the priest's actual name is withheld, several pseudonyms he used for his various activities are revealed.

As Michael Serafian, he wrote "The Pilgrim" (Ferrar, Straus & Giroux, 1964), a tell-all book on the politics, key figures and inner dealings of the council. As F.E. Cartus, he penned two timely articles, one for Harper's Magazine and one for the American Jewish Committee's influential intellectual periodical "Commentary." As Pushkin, he would feed "inside tips and tactical leaks," often in the form of notes slipped under doors, to journalists of major media organizations.

This all took place many years before Malachi Martin became a cult figure and public author who wrote books under his own name. Although word began to get around in certain circles that Martin and the pen-names were one in the same, it wasn't until 5 years after he left Rome, when he wrote "The Encounter" (Ferrar, Straus & Giroux), that the first solid nexus was made between Martin and the double-agent priest. On the back cover of The Encounter, it states clearly that Malachi Martin did indeed write "The Pilgrim" under the pseudonym Michael Serafian.

Despite the indisputable self-admission that Michael Serafian was Martin's pen name, many of his devoted fans would claim that there was no evidence that he was the mole priest identified in the Look article who wrote for the American Jewish Committee and used his position in Rome to pass sensitive information to the press.What follows, will indisputably show not only that Martin was the double-agent priest in the Look article, but that the "warm friendship with the AJC" described by Joe Roddy was far warmer than anyone, including Roddy, had suspected.

The documents referenced below were made available to AQ by the Manuscripts Department of the New York Public Library. They are part of the Ferrar, Straus & Giroux collection, which contains correspondence and documentation on the publishing company's dealings with many of its authors. They are available to any and all. None have been altered in any way shape or form.


Exhibit A: Setting up the Swiss bank account - This memo, dated March 19, 1964 was written by FSG treasurer Robert Wohlforth (RW) and sent to Robert Straus (RWS). Roger Straus is the president of Ferrar, Straus and Giroux and the sole heir to the Guggenheim fortune. The memo describes a discussion the two had regarding “The Pilgrim contract” and what steps needed to be taken to set up a Swiss bank account.

Exhibit B: Zachariah Shuster receives royalty payments from Martin's book, "The Pilgrim" - This extraordinarily fascinating sheet of paper must be colloquially described as the proverbial "doozey." It's a Ferrar, Straus and Giroux royalty statement listing payouts and deductions for The Pilgrim. Only instead of the payee being the author of the book, Malachi Martin (aka Michael Serafian), the payee just happens to be Zachariah Shuster of the American Jewish Committee.

Exhibit C: Zachariah Shuster wonders where the check is - Zachariah Shuster of the American Jewish Committee writes a letter to FS&G treasurer wondering why a check that was destined for a Swiss bank account hasn't yet arrived. He follows up with a confirmation then receives a response from Ferrar, Straus and Giroux treasurer Robert Wohlforth.

Exhibit D: Martin’s services are requested by the AJC - Here we have Marc Tanenbaum, Director of Interreligious Affairs for the AJC, accepting a gracious offer from Roger Straus to use Malachi Martin as he sees fit. Tanenbaum thinks the idea is a good one, stating that “Serafian (Martin) could provide a genuine service if he were to deal with the crucial issue of the deicide problem. Although the hoped for late summer deadline would not be met, in the January 1965 issue of the AJC publication, Commentary, Martin, as F.E. Cartus, writes an article entitled "Vatican II and the Jews" At the beginning of the third paragraph, it reads in part as follows:

"Roman Catholic believers drew a whole range of practical conclusions from these premises. The Jews as a people-not only the Jews of Christ's time but Jews of all time-were guilty of having killed Christ, the God-man: theologically speaking, they were deicides."

Not only does Martin dutifully write the article (containing a vast amount of insider information) as requested, but he exceeds all expectations when he fabricates a statement on the Jews that he attributes to Pope John XXIII, claiming it was written shortly before his death and was to be read on a set date in all Catholic Churches worldwide. That story HERE.

Exhibit E: Robert Straus receives Martin’s assignment from the AJC - Robert Straus acknowledges receiving Tanenbaum's letter and notes that he simultaneously had received the assignment for "The Pilgrim" to write the article for the AJC publication.

Exhibit F: Roger Straus wants to discuss Martin with Podhorez - Roger Straus wishes to discuss a letter from Michael Serafian (Malachi Martin) with Norman Podhorez, the editor of Commentary, where the article was to appear. It's unclear what is meant when Straus states they should discuss the matter as a "possible post mortem." Perhaps he was referring to the fact that the hoped for timeframe of late summer couldn't be met.

Exhibit G: Straus makes undeniable connection between Martin and F.E. Cartus - Roger Straus writes to a British publisher telling him to look for an article by pseudonym Michael Serafian (Martin) that will appear in the September 1965 issue of Harper's Magazine. As promised, an article by F.E. Cartus entitled "The Vatican Council Ends - Reform on borrowed time?" by F.E. Cartus appears in the September edition of Harpers.

Exhibit H: An ledger with interesting transactions - A ledger that was created to show "actual payments to or in (sic) behalf of Michael Serafian," offers some interesting insights. On line 1, it shows the check sent to Zachariah Shuster on June 25, 1964 (see Exhibit C). On line 3, it shows the net royalty payment that is shown on line 29 of the document at Exhibit B. On line 2, it shows another payment to Zachariah Shuster that does not have any corresponding documentation in the FS&G collection. On line 5, it shows a payment of $500 to Abe Karlikow. Abe Karlikow was the director of the American Jewish Committee's European office, based in Paris, France. On line 9, it shows Martin's last payment as being on June 7, 1965. Just a few weeks later, on June 24, 1965, Martin would receive a $7,350 (around $48,000 in 2007 dollars) fellowship grant from the Harry F. Guggenheim foundation. The founder of that foundation, Harry Frank Guggenheim, just so happens to be Roger Straus' uncle on his mother's side.

In conclusion

There is no doubt whatsoever that the double agent described in the Look article by Joseph Roddy was in fact Malachi Martin. The document at exhibit G undeniably ties Michael Serafian - who is undeniably Malachi Martin - to the F.E Cartus pseudonym.

Joe Roddy was somewhat remiss, in that the relationship between Martin and the American Jewish Committee was far more than "warm friendship." The relationship was outright collusive. Zachariah Shuster and Abe Kalikow were receiving payments on Martin's behalf that were laundered through a Swiss bank account set up specifically for that purpose. Marc Tanenbaum requested custom propaganda for the AJC periodical "Commentary," which Martin happily provided. Shuster and Kalikow were attached to the European office of the AJC in Paris, France, which just so happens to be where Martin fled to after he left Rome.

Martin was paid well for his services. According to the Straus ledger (exhibit H), during the latter half of 1964, he received a total of $3,651.03. According to the Federal Reserve consumer price index calculator, that would equal $24,202.80 today. In the first half of 1965, he received $4,282.85, which works out to $27,940.50 in 2007 dollars. Immediately after receiving his last payment from Straus in June of '65, Martin receives a grant from Straus' uncle's foundation for $7,350 or $47,950 adjusted to 2007. In fairness to Martin, it must be noted that he took that grant in monthly payments over 15 months following the time it was awarded to him. The fact remains however, in the year's time that spanned from June of '64 and June of '65, Martin was paid, granted, or received on his behalf at least $100,000 adjusted for inflation. This sum only includes what has been documented by AQ as being paid from Guggenheim and FS&G from in that one year span. It does not include other payments, if any, from Guggenheim and FS&G that AQ doesn't have a record of. It does not include any payments Martin would have received for writing the articles for Commentary and Harpers. It does not include any other possible income sources. In the summer of 1963, Robert Kaiser claims that Martin 'always had a wallet was stuffed with hundred dollar bills,' that he believed was provided by the AJC. In any case, he most certainly didn't do the AJC's bidding for free. It's more than safe to assume that Martin had income aside from that which AQ has been able to document 40 years after the fact.

While Malachi Martin was supposed to be working on behalf of Holy Mother Church, the Holy See and his brother and sister Catholics, he was working for secular publishers, secular media organization and Jewish interest groups.

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Another interesting Malachi Martin article (1974)

Martin lauds Judaism, Buddhism and Chairman Mao while his harshest criticism is for Catholicism. He also proclaims more of the heretical gunk he was given to during that time. He tells us of how he was named after his Jewish banker ancestor.

Malachi Martin 1973 interview with the Cincinnati Enquirer

He relates to the interviewer how during the council he was blackmailing cardinals by digging up dirt from their past and using it to get them to go along with him and Cardinal Bea during the council. He also provides more of his absurd views on religion and Christ.

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The Judeo-Masonic Tradition of Mocking the Victim

Benedict XVI's elder brother, Rabbi Tovia Singer mocks the Palestinians of Gaza:

This is a very important war ... I encourage both sides to continue; to not let up for a moment; to fight to the last man, that's the key ... It is vital that each of you, [Fatah and Hamas] continue this fight. And I wish both sides to have tremendous success. Continue fighting; much strength to your fighting; keep killing each other ... much success ... just kill ... kill. Ask questions later. And then the last man to be alive in this war, you should just commit suicide. I can't tell you how much joy I am having from this war. How inspired I am by both [Hamas] and Fatah by your courage and your willingness to continue this fight to the last man ...

From his radio broadcast:


Rabbi Tovia Singer's mocking "humor" begins at approximately 2.5 minutes into the broadcast.

Fatah is armed and trained by the U.S. as directed by Elliot Abrams and the Israelis:

... Abrams was adamant - the US had to support Fatah with guns, ammunition and training, so that it could fight Hamas for control of the Palestinian government ...

Senior US officials in Washington on Wednesday promised ongoing military support for secular Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas amid his power struggle with Islamist Hamas as part of an $84 million aid package largely aimed at improving the fighting ability of an elite corps of loyalists from his Fatah Party.

Israel, too, is making overtures to Mr. Abbas, reported the Israeli newspaper Haaretz on Wednesday, allowing light arms to flow to members of his Presidential Guard and saying that it would allow some of the US training of his forces to take place in the West Bank.

Hamas was funded and armed by the Israelis:

... according to several current and former U.S. intelligence officials, beginning in the late 1970s, Tel Aviv gave direct and indirect financial aid to Hamas over a period of years.

Israel "aided Hamas directly -- the Israelis wanted to use it as a counterbalance to the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization)," said Tony Cordesman, Middle East analyst for the Center for Strategic Studies.

Israel's support for Hamas "was a direct attempt to divide and dilute support for a strong, secular PLO by using a competing religious alternative," said a former senior CIA official ...

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Civil War in Palestine: Playing into the hands of the Cryptocracy

by Michael A. Hoffman II

For several years now this writer has felt a growing anxiety over the Palestinian penchant for violent resistance to Israeli occupation.

The Israelis brutalize and murder the Palestinians and the Palestinians reply with gunfire, bombs and homemade rockets. True, according to the West's own ethos concerning resistance to occupation on the part of the French and the partisans during World War II, such resistance is justified. By the standard of the anti-colonial struggle that gave rise to many of the Third World's new nations during the 20th century, any subjugated people have the right to resort to arms to gain their freedom and their land.

But all of those theories and models fail when applied to Palestine. The French resistance was backed by the UK, the US and the USSR. The partisans of Eastern Europe were mostly Soviet-backed irregulars. Anti-colonial fighters in South Africa and Rhodesia ("Zimbabwe") were lionized and aided financially and militarily by western powers. Zimbabwe's armed resistance was later blessed by none other than Pope John Paul II. Robert Mugabe was hailed as an ideal leader by the same pope. In South Africa, the Lithuanian-Judaic Communist Joe Slovo led the ANC bombing campaign against South Africa's soldiers and civilians. None of Slovo's atrocities lessened western support for the anti-apartheid guerillas, who eventually triumphed as the result of a nearly air-tight worldwide economic boycott of the South African government.

None of this applies to Palestine. The Palestinians have plenty of sympathy from their Arab brothers, but little else. Fouad Ajami writes, "For their part, the Arab states have only compounded the Palestinian misery. The Arab cavalry was always on the way, the Arab treasure was always a day away, and there was thus no need for the Palestinians to pay tribute to necessity... For decades, Arab society granted the Palestinians everything and nothing at the same time. The Arab states built worlds of their own, had their own priorities, dreaded and loathed the Palestinians as outsiders and agitators, but left them to the illusion that Palestine was an all-consuming Arab concern. Now the Palestinians should know better. The center of Arab politics has shifted from the Mediterranean to the Persian Gulf, a great political windfall has come to the lands of the Gulf and the Arabian Peninsula, vast new wealth due to the recent rises in oil prices, while misery overwhelms the Palestinians. No Arabs wait for Palestine anymore; they have left the Palestinians to the ruin of their own history." (NY Times, June 19). Ajami has been terribly wrong in some of his past commentaries; that should not blind us to the truths he has written here.

Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia long ago cut a clandestine deal with the Israelis to cooperate with Zionist colonialism while trying to modify and soften the worst aspects of it. They are like beggars asking for crumbs from the Israeli table, a sight all the more disgusting and dishonorable in that the Saudis control the greatest material prize in modern history, the black gold that is oil, but they are too incompetent and sybaritic to do anything meaningful with it, such as buying U.S. newspapers and television stations through Arab-American proxies.

Palestinians die like flies from malnutrition, inadequate health care, Israeli bombs and bullets, and now the bullets of their own men; and the Gulf state sheikdoms revel in luxury as never before. It is difficult to expect much from such people, such as for example, the ability to overcome Israeli suzerainty in our lifetime. Patently, they have accommodated themselves to it - when they are not being out-fought and checkmated by a Kabbalistic genius with no counterpart in Arabia.

Palestinian populists and patriots forever turn to their old reliable standby: guns and rockets. The supremacist Israelis respond however they like -- massacres, war crimes, invasions, assassination. A handful of human rights groups pay attention, protest and document it. Some British academics announce a boycott of Israeli academics and are almost shouted off the map of the UK. The European Union is now openly cooperating with Israeli colonialism, as is the new head of the United Nations.

But the Palestinians keep shooting, not only losing friends and moral capital but giving the Israelis the excuse they need to build higher apartheid walls, more checkpoints and settlements.

A definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. The Palestinians keep shooting and bombing Israeli soldiers and civilians, and now even each other and their own women and children, and nothing changes. It only gets worse.

"Raji Sourani, 53, the director of the Palestinian Center for Human Rights...characterized the factional fighting that swept Gaza as 'sad, bad, bloody, and extremely bitter.' His organization placed the final death toll at 146 Palestinians, 36 of them civilians, including five children and eight women....Sourani said three fighters were shot dead at point-blank range while recovering from wounds in Gaza's hospitals. Many other summary executions happened in the streets, he said, implicating both Hamas and Fatah gunmen....Hobbling into the office on crutches, Ismail Sadr, a 28-year-old emergency room doctor, recounted how he was shot in the foot by a Hamas gunman who had moved with about a dozen others into an operating room in the northern city of Beit Hanoun in search of a wounded Fatah fighter. 'Later, we found this other patient dead in his bed from bullet wounds he didn't arrive with,' Sadr said...he could not get medical treatment for himself for several hours while Hamas gunmen surrounded Shifa Hospital." (Washington Post, June 20).

These are the tactics for which we have condemned the Israelis who have proved to be efficient teachers of the Palestinians, who have deteriorated psychologically after decades of occupation, malnutrition, severe overcrowding and Israeli mass murder.

In the Arab honor code and the Arab concept of manhood, violent retribution for attacks and insults is mandatory. The fact is, until they employ Quaker, Mennonite and Peter Maurin's Catholic Worker tactics against the Israelis, they are going to continue to lose their land, their quality of life and their humanity. If the reader scoffs, "That's pacifism," consider this: in the Kabbalistic chess game, Palestinian non-violence is the only thing the Judaic conspirators fear.

Other than distant Venezuela, the only significant Palestinian ally is Iran, and the dirty little Arab secret of anti-Iranian racism threatens to sabotage even that alliance. Iranians are privately derided as "Persians" and there are plenty of Arab conspiracy theories about Iranians serving as American proxies. I kid you not. It seems they prefer the fat oil merchants of their own race who function as the trained seals of Kabbalistic Zionism.

It's not difficult to forecast the future of Palestine. The Palestinians will continue to imagine they have Arab allies and some kind of "power," even as they periodically plead for assistance from the "international community" by which they mean the UN and the European Union. As the pro-Zionist Western media minimizes coverage of Israeli war crimes and maximizes coverage of Palestinian violence, the face of the Palestinians will become indistinguishable from the face of al-Qaeda in the western mind. This has already happened.

As they are made to bear ever more humiliation and oppression not only from Israelis but also from their own factions, the Palestinians will become ever more brutalized and radicalized, and the appeal of Salafist Islamic fundamentalism, (itself a creature of the western intelligence agencies whose Shin Bet had a hand in the rise of Hamas and who have a CIA asset in Fatah's Mohammed Dahlan), will grow exponentially.

The Palestinians, like the Arabs generally, from the "street" to the palaces, are following the Kabbalistic script to the letter. In the crucible of alchemical transformation, the once mostly secular, urbane and peace-loving Palestinians are becoming hateful religious fanatics to rival the hate-filled fanatic-rabbis of the Israeli settlements.

In that same crucible, the Muslims who, for a thousand years observed a code of non-violence toward civilians that shamed the West and made Saladin a figure of admiration throughout the world, have descended to the level of Ishmael, a wild man whose hand is against every man's and every man's against his.

Islam will have real power in Europe in fifteen or twenty years because that continent full of self-exterminating hedonists is going to contracept itself out of existence and Pope Benedict XVI, who privately shields and harbors child molester-facilitators like Bernard Law, Roger Mahoney and William S. Skylstad, does not have much credibility preaching "family values" to Europe's boys-and-girls-gone-wild. The Muslims will gain on Europe demographically and conquer by that means.

In the U.S. it's a different story however, with resurgent Protestant fundamentalists and Catholic traditionalists having large families. The Arabs and Muslims are losing support every day in the U.S., even among anti-Zionist Christians who are appalled by what's been transpiring in Iraq and now Gaza. Imagine what would have happened to the moral capital of the the black people of the American South during segregation, had they responded to Bull Connor's dogs and fire hoses with machine guns and rockets? Jim Crow would still be ruling the South.

Americans of all shades of opinion are becoming disgusted and turned off by the unbridled carnage Arabs are willing to visit on their brethren and each other's holy places and while that's hypocritical, considering that 600,000 Americans slaughtered each other in a War Between the States that to this day is celebrated as Mr. Lincoln's finest hour, our own hypocrisy cannot overcome the fact that the Arab character is increasingly viewed, even by those Americans with no sympathy for Zionism, as deeply tainted by violence.

Americans value law and order and the prospect of sharing our country with people who will bomb their own mosques in Iraq and slay their own children in Gaza is not an appealing prospect. Meanwhile the Judaics we know in our towns and cities play violin in the local orchestra, teach literature in the local schools, serve as our doctors and dentists in hospitals and clinics and are seldom involved in assaults or street crime. In other words, however false the stereotype, the image of Judaic = peace and order, Arab = bloodlust and anarchy, is gaining throughout the West and the fault is not solely that of the biased Zionist media.

The civil war in Iraq and the spectacle of Hamas running amok in Gaza, have been an Arab/Muslim public relations disaster. Consider this recent headline: "Israel Lets Food and Medicine Enter Gaza to Avert Crisis." The vile neo-Nazi Israeli regime is being made to look good by suicidal Arabs whose chief ambition seems to be the same as that of the settler rabbis: to light a fuse of war that will never stop burning. This fits the neo-con Bush/Cheney "clash of civilizations" scenario like a glove.

Is there an Arab Gandhi or Dorothy Day on the horizon? If not, then God help us all.

Copyright ©2007

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Kabbalistic War

Israel plans attack on Gaza

Posted: Sunday, June 17, 2007

ISRAEL's new defence minister Ehud Barak is planning an attack on Gaza within weeks to crush the Hamas militants who have seized power there.

According to senior Israeli military sources, the plan calls for 20,000 troops to destroy much of Hamas's military capability in days.

The raid would be triggered by Hamas rocket attacks against Israel or a resumption of suicide bombings.

Barak, who is expected to become defence minister tomorrow, has already demanded detailed plans to deploy two armoured divisions and an infantry division, accompanied by assault drones and F-16 jets, against Hamas.

Full article:

"Elliot Abrams' uncivil war"

US Deputy National Security Adviser Elliott Abrams - whom Newsweek recently described as "the last neo-con standing" - has had it about for some months now that the United States is not only not interested in dealing with Hamas, it is working to ensure its failure.

In the immediate aftermath of the Palestinian elections won by Hamas last January, Abrams greeted a group of Palestinian businessmen in his White House office with talk of a "hard coup" against the newly elected Hamas government - the violent overthrow of its leadership with arms supplied by the US.

While the businessmen were shocked, Abrams was adamant - the US had to support Fatah with guns, ammunition and training, so that it could fight Hamas for control of the Palestinian government.

Full article:

Read about Elliot Abrams' past "civil wars" under "saint" Reagan:

Venezuela coup linked to Bush team

Specialists in the 'dirty wars' of the Eighties encouraged the plotters who tried to topple President Chavez

Observer Worldview

Ed Vulliamy in New York
Sunday April 21, 2002
The Observer

The failed coup in Venezuela was closely tied to senior officials in the US government, The Observer has established. They have long histories in the 'dirty wars' of the 1980s, and links to death squads working in Central America at that time.

Washington's involvement in the turbulent events that briefly removed left-wing leader Hugo Chavez from power last weekend resurrects fears about US ambitions in the hemisphere.

It also also deepens doubts about policy in the region being made by appointees to the Bush administration, all of whom owe their careers to serving in the dirty wars under President Reagan.

One of them, Elliot Abrams, who gave a nod to the attempted Venezuelan coup, has a conviction for misleading Congress over the infamous Iran-Contra affair.

Full article:,6903,688071,00.html

Monday, June 18, 2007

International Council of Christians and Jews Expands It's Reach to Australia

EDITOR'S NOTE: Edward Idris Cassidy, President Emeritus of Promoting Christian Unity, Roman Curia, will give the closing address at this event.

Rabbi Apple to headline inter-faith conference


THE Great Synagogue’s emeritus Rabbi Raymond Apple has been confirmed as the keynote speaker for the International Council of Christians and Jews’ (ICCJ’s) 2007 conference in Sydney later this month.

ICCJ president Dr John Pawlikowski visited Sydney last year and said that he chose the conference spot to extend the ground the organisation has covered.

“I look forward to a refreshing approach to the framework of the international conference, when we hold it in a region which is becoming more and more important,” he said.

Rabbi Apple is a founding member of the council and now resides in Israel.

He will travel to Sydney to present his address at the conference, which will be on “the leading of rifts between religions in a multicultural society”.

The four-day conference will also feature local speakers, Progressive leader Rabbi Dr John Levi, University of Sydney Associate Professor Suzanne Rutland and NSW Uniting Church moderator Jim Mein.

Prominent overseas academics and communal leaders participating include Kerem Institute in Jerusalem including director Dr Deborah Weissman, London’s Leo Baeck College Rabbi Jonathan Magonet and executive director of the Institute for Interreligious Intercultural Dialogue at Temple University in Philadelphia Dr Racelle Weiman.

The conference will be opened by NSW Governor Professor Marie Bashir on July 8 at the University of New South Wales’ Law School Theatre. It will close with a gala dinner and an address by Cardinal Edward Idriss Cassidy of the Vatican.

Rabbi Apple was a religious leader at the Great Synagogue for over 30 years and has served as judge of the Sydney Beth Din.

The ICCJ serves as the umbrella organisation of 38 Jewish-Christian dialogue organisations worldwide.

From the ICCJ mission statement:

The ICCJ member organisations world-wide over the past five decades have been successfully engaged in the historic renewal of Jewish-Christian relations. Founded as a reaction to the Holocaust, the Shoah, in the awareness that ways must be found to examine the deeply engrained roots of mistrust, hatred and fear that culminated in one of the worst evils in human history, theologians, historians and educators included the still fragile structure of enlightenment and the human rights movements of the inter-war period.

The most evil act in human history by a cosmic margin is the crucifixion of God incarnate at Calvary by the spiritual forebears of the rabbis of the ICCJ who presume to teach "the nations" how to prevent future "holocausts" even as their fellow rabbis provide scriptural exegetical rationalizations for indiscriminate killing of Palestinians.

Only a rabbi/pharisee would have the audacity to peddle a Kabbalistic tale of 6 million "Jews" killed in gas chambers as a replacement for the crucifixion of God incarnate as the most evil act in history and as the central ontological event of history. And only in an insane world would they get away with it.

What a farce.

Monday, June 11, 2007

The "Israel" Lobby Sign Up, 2008

Click image to enlarge

A larger version of this cartoon was published in Sunday's New York Times (June 10, 2007) in a full page ad criticizing US support for Israel's occupation, paid for by the Council on the National Interest (CNI). A book of Khalil Bendib's cartoons entitled Mission Accomplished will be published this July by Interlink Press.


Friday, June 8, 2007

Martini Lays Out the Plan

" ... it is necessary that ... communion be realized in all possible ways ... towards those Jews who began to codify the Mishnah at Yavneh and redacted the Talmud at Babylon, ... we must move towards a common goal when we shall be one single people ..."

Reflections Towards Jewish-Christian Dialogue

Carlo Maria Cardinal Martini

Rome, 4th November 2004 at the Pontifical Gregorian University

[Cardinal Martini is the Archbishop of Milan emeritus.]

Bruno Forte has outlined the fundamental elements of a Christian theology of Judaism that could give a positive reading of the relationship between Judaism and Christianity, without being tempted by extremist tendencies of an exclusivist nature (according to which Christianity has nothing to do with Judaism and would do better if it simply let go of any connection with the First Testament), or of an inclusivist bent (for which Christianity implies that God’s plan favoring the people of Israel has been replaced with another plan of salvation where Israel is not considered).

The wealth of data from his lecture has indicated that the problem is extremely complex – in fact, we are most likely only at the beginning of a radical theological re-thinking [of this question], in line with the indications that have come in a special way from the Second Vatican Council. This re-thinking, or re-appraisal, takes place only slowly, and especially requires time for its assimilation by local communities ...

... Today things are changing, but we need time and energy, even because new events in the history of our times give the virus of antisemitism the opportunity to spread and to give rise to condemnatory theories and judgments. In this perspective, I would like to answer the question: how can a local Church, given the existing negative stereotypes, help people to overcome them, and how can it develop a climate of friendly collaboration, respect and reciprocal esteem, which can in its turn provide the cultural background for a healthy theological re-appraisal?

The point is thus not only for specialists to discuss of the relations between Jews and Christians, but rather to find some points of reference for a common ecclesial agenda and for a dialogue between the Christian and the Jewish peoples that provides a background for the efforts of the theologians and the exegetes. What is at stake here is not merely the greater or lesser vitality of a dialogue, but something that concerns us Christians. We must make sure that the faithful gain a renewed awareness of their link with the children of Abraham, with all the resulting consequences for the doctrine, the discipline, the liturgy and the spiritual life of the Church, as well as her mission in the world of today ...

It is necessary to acquire an understanding of post-Biblical [Talmudic/Kabbalistic] Judaism, which, until very recently, was almost totally lacking in the Catholic Church. For this reason it is necessary – and I have said it more than once – not only to know the books and the traditions that after the destruction of the Temple continued to maintain in life a [specifically] Jewish hope, but also to widen our horizons to the entire history, the customs, the artistic, scientific, literary and musical talents of the Jewish people. It is thus necessary to cultivate an attitude of esteem and of love towards this people. Simple anti-antisemitism is not enough ... To this purpose, we shall have to organize numerous cultural initiatives. First of all, in the formation of the future priests it shall be necessary to emphasize the knowledge of Biblical and post-Biblical [Talmudic/Kabbalistic] Judaism. Over the last years, a certain progress has been made in this direction, but much remains to be done, especially because up to now only few have received this type of formation ...

Christian ethics and Jewish ethics are largely identical [!?!?!?!?] and pursue the same objectives. It is for this reason that it is possible for Jews and for Christians to work together in many fields and thus to establish those conditions of mutual trust which are the main road for an interreligious, intercultural and even political dialogue ...

To vivify our Eucharists, to celebrate the liturgy with all its precious values, the Christians ought to accustom themselves more and more to understand the prayers and the spirituality of Jews ...

Indeed for us, therefore, every day is an opportunity to begin to ask God and our brothers and sisters to accept our sorrow for the evil that we have done and the good that we have forgotten to accomplish. Let us humbly approach our Jewish brothers and sisters, the history of their suffering, of their martyrdom, of the persecutions that they have undergone. Let us remove the tendentious interpretations of passages included in the New Testament and in other writings ...

In the past, Judaism produced Talmudic reflection and all its attendant treatises. Now, it has established many thriving institutes that focus on research and on dialogue, in Jerusalem as well as in many other parts of the world. The Church cannot ignore the results of this elaboration, as they are presented in the religious, juridical and philosophical texts of post-biblical Jewish literature. I am convinced that a deeper understanding of Judaism and its currents is vital for the Church, not only so as to overcome a centuries-old ignorance and to begin a fruitful dialogue, but also to deepen the understanding that the Church has of itself. In other words, I would like to emphasize the importance, for the theology of Christian praxis, of the study of the problems derived from the interruption of the contribution that the theology and the praxis of Jewish-Christians was giving to the early Christian community. It is a fact that the first great schism, that between Jews and Christians, has deprived the Church of the help it would have received from the Jewish tradition ...

... we must begin to propose shared values, so as to discover [new] aims and instruments of dialogue, knowing that in this way we are doing a service to humanity as a whole. In this dialogue the city of Jerusalem has a fundamental importance ...

The fifth stage is that of initiatives at the academic level, as well as at the level of school formation. The introduction to Jewish religiosity and culture can be fostered in a variety of ways. At the academic level, one might promote encounters and research projects, coordinating what already exists; in the schools, one might use the possibilities foreseen by the school laws and revising the textbooks. A further possibility would be the organization of re-training courses for the clergy and the catechists, and the establishment of such classes in the seminaries and the dioceses.

... the last stage, which is the creation of meeting points and of ambits of social, political and cultural collaboration. [emphasis supplied]...

If we Christians believe that we are in continuity and in communion with the patriarchs, the prophets, those exiled to Babylon and the Maccabean martyrs, it is necessary that this communion be realized in all possible ways, also towards those Jews who began to codify the Mishnah at Yavneh and redacted the Talmud at Babylon, ... we must move towards a common goal when we shall be one single people that the Lord shall bless, saying: “Blessed be Egypt, my people, Assyria, work of my hands, Israel, my inheritance” (Is 19:25).

A second objective is that of common service to the same project of covenant. Both Jews and Christians are called to carry out a service towards humanity as a whole. This service constitutes a ministry that can effectively be called priestly, a mission that can unite us without dissolving our individual identities, until the coming of the Messiah, [!!!!] whom we invoke with the words Marana-tha.

If we want to try and describe this priestly ministry of Israel [!!!!] and the Church, we can use the category of “sanctifying His name,” in other words, the decision to make the holiness of God present in ourselves, in families, in society, in creation. Judaism has developed a careful reflection on the precepts that sanctify every moment of life and on the intention of the heart that constitutes its vivifying soul.

If the Christian Church feels called, especially in Europe, to be a critical conscience of society, it shall always find the support of the profound religious and ethical teachings of Judaism. If the Church wishes to promote everywhere the dialogue of peace and to be a universal meeting place of all people in the name of Christ, in whom all things shall be recapitulated, it is especially with regard to Judaism that this dialogue and this peace are first of all to be promoted. Jews and Christians, in full respect for the diversity of the specific content of their faiths, must set out to accomplish this fraternal collaboration with intensity and depth; the more they succeed in this task, the more meaningful their presence shall be for the Europe of the third millennium and for the role that Europe has towards the rest of the world.

Full lecture:

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Schönborn Upstages Falwell

EDITOR'S NOTE: This article is from 2005. Christoph Schönborn is editor of the most recently issued Catechism of the Catholic Church and member of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Roman Catholic Cardinal Endorses Zionism

A Roman Catholic cardinal says European Christians' support for Israel is not based on Holocaust guilt and Christians should affirm Zionism as biblical.

(Washington Post, Mar. 31 2005) Jerusalem, Israel -- Archbishop of Vienna Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn, part of a visiting Austrian delegation, made the remarks in an address Wednesday at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Jerusalem Post reported Thursday.

Schoenborn said it was doctrinally important for Christians to recognize Jews' connection to the "Holy Land" and Christians should rejoice in Jews' return to Palestine as a fulfillment of biblical prophecy.

He also said Pope John Paul II had himself declared the biblical commandment for Jews to live in Israel an everlasting covenant that remained valid today.

When a Palestinian priest asked Schoenborn if the creation of the modern state of Israel was not an expression of Europe's guilt over the Holocaust, the cardinal said it was not.

A cardinal considered a candidate to succeed Pope John Paul II delivered a strong message in favor of Jewish settlement in the Holy Land on Wednesday night, rejecting the claim that European Christians' support for the State of Israel is based on Holocaust guilt and saying that all Christians should affirm Zionism as a biblical imperative for the Jewish people.

Archbishop of Vienna Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn, part of a visiting Austrian delegation, made the remarks in an address at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem on the topic of "God's chosen land."

After asking, "What does Eretz Yisrael [the Land of Israel] mean to us," Schoenborn answered by stressing the doctrinal importance to Christians of not only recognizing Jews' connection to the land, but also ensuring that Christian identification with the Jewish Bible not lead to a "usurpation" of Jewish uniqueness.

"Only once in human history did God take a country as an inheritance and give it to His chosen people," Schoenborn said, adding that Pope John Paul II had himself declared the biblical commandment for Jews to live in Israel an everlasting covenant that remained valid today. Christians, Schoenborn said, should rejoice in the return of Jews to the Holy Land as the fulfillment of biblical prophecy.

A Palestinian priest challenged the cardinal on that point, asking how he could preach to his Palestinian congregation that the establishment of the modern Jewish state was not a "catastrophe," as they called it, or the result of European powers' guilty conscience following World War II.

Schoenborn responded by saying that "I am myself a refugee" – at the end of World War II, when he was an infant, Schoenborn's parents fled to Austria from Czechoslovakia – and that he felt pained at the unrecognized injustice that thousands of Czechs had suffered. However, he said, both that case and the Arab-Israeli conflict were matters of international law, whereas the chosenness of the Jewish people and their inheritance in the Holy Land were matters of faith that date back to the Bible itself.

Schoenborn also said he hoped the conflict here would be resolved in accordance with international law, and with respect to justice for the Palestinian people. "We are all longing for that solution," he said. "Yet I am not naive. Conflicts are part of [both sides'] love of the land, and always have been... There is no simple solution."

See Photos of Schoenborn speaking at Hebrew University of Jerusalem:


Monday, June 4, 2007

Judeo-Christian Tradition?

The Vatican sez, "Christians can learn much from Jewish [scriptural] exegesis practiced for more than two thousand years"

... in a letter to Prime Minister Ehud Olmert ... former Sephardi chief rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu ... ruled that there was absolutely no moral prohibition against the indiscriminate killing of civilians during a potential massive military offensive on Gaza ...

According to Jewish war ethics, wrote Eliyahu, an entire city holds collective responsibility for the immoral behavior of individuals.

The letter, published in Olam Katan [Small World], a weekly pamphlet to be distributed in synagogues nationwide this Friday, cited the biblical story of the Shechem massacre (Genesis 34) and Maimonides' commentary (Laws of Kings 9, 14) on the story as proof texts for his legal decision. (Matthew Wagner, Jerusalem Post, May 30, 2007)

2 days later:

Palestinians observe the bodies of boys Ahmed Abu Zbeida and Zaher al-Majdalawi, killed while playing with kites in the Gaza Strip, 1 June 2007. (Wissam Nassar/MaanImages)

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) - Israeli troops shot and killed two 13-year-old Palestinians near the Gaza-Israel border fence Friday, saying they were crawling toward the barrier in a ``suspicious manner.'' The boys had told their families they were going to the beach. (Guardian, June 1, 2007),,-6677257,00.html

According to investigations conducted by PCHR:

At approximately 12:00 on Friday, 1 June 2007, an IOF infantry unit positioned on a wooden land in the northern Gaza Strip town of Beit Lahia, nearly 100 meters away from the beach, opened fire at four Palestinian children, who were playing with kites near the beach. Three children were wounded, whereas the fourth one was able to escape. Two of the children were left in the area bleeding to death. According to the third child who was wounded, 16-year-old Mohammed Ibrahim al-'Atawna, from Jabalya refugee camp, a kite fell near the area where IOF soldiers were hiding, and when they went to bring it, IOF soldiers opened fire at them. Soon after, the soldiers moved towards the children. They asked al-'Atwana, who was wounded by a gunshot to the back, about the condition of the other two children who were wounded by several gunshots throughout their bodies. He told them that the children were in a critical condition. They left the two children bleeding to death in the area and evacuated al-'Atawna to an Israeli hospital, where he had received medical treatment before he was transferred to a hospital in Beit Lahia. The two children who were killed were identified as:

1) Zaher Jaber Mohammed al-Majdalawi, 14; and
2) Ahmed Sabri Aba Zbaida, 14, both from Jabalya refugee camp.
(Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, June 3, 2007)

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Cardinal Jean-Pierre Ricard of Ecclesia Dei Commission Studying Talmud at NY Yeshiva

EDITOR'S NOTE: Ricard was raised to Cardinal only one day before this Jean-Marie Lustiger/World Jewish Congress organized event took place during Holy Week last year. Ricard stated, "I should have been in Rome ... The pope is to receive the new cardinals, but I wrote... him about this meeting in New York City, [and] he said, 'Of course you can go.'" Ricard is a leading member of the Ecclesia Dei Commission which oversees all things related to the traditional Latin Mass. He is also president of the French Catholic Bishops Committee for Relationship with the Jews.

Cardinal Ricard (top right) learns Tractate Berakoth with Cardinal Erdo (bottom left) and rabbinical student Sorin Rosen.

Babylonian Talmud tractate Berakoth, which Ricard and Erdo are shown studying, contains the Judaic racial supremacist teaching that non-Judaics have the status of asses (folio 58a). The prelates were said to be studying tractate Berakoth to learn why Judaics pray their benedictions ("Berakoth" means benedictions) three times daily. It should be noted that the benedictions which Orthodox Judaics are bound to pray three times daily contain a curse on Christians, Birkat ha-Minim HERE. Tractate Berakoth is where the "preparation of the gifts" of the Novus Ordo Mass originates (HERE and HERE) The news article which covered this event stated that the prelates and Judaics studied and prayed together as "brothers."

Cardinals, bishops, rabbinical students and others hold hands and sway while singing at the conclusion of (the day's) dialogue

The efffects of [Nostra Aetate] have been impressive for the Jewish and Catholic worlds. “Things have radically changed,” said the Archbishop of Lyon Philippe Barbarin ... “When I was a student I never imagined I would pray and study a page of the Talmud with Jewish students in a yeshiva in Brooklyn. Yet World Jewish Congress chairman Israel Singer invited me to do so and I accepted his invitation.”

Also See:

Rabbis and "Catholic" Crypto-Rabbis Hold "Brotherhood" Fest and Study Talmud Together

Tridentine Judaism

For more on Israel Singer, co-organizer of the event, see:

There's no Racket Like the Shoah Racket


Friday, June 1, 2007

The Pope and the Rabbi "Debate" Charade Continues to Play Out

Background on this matter HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.

The Jerusalem Post has now published an editorial from Rabbi Jacob Nuesner in which he continues the dialectical process under the guise of a debate with Benedict. In the editorial Rabbi Neusner states:

"In the Middle Ages rabbis were forced to engage with priests in disputations in the presence of kings and cardinals on which is the true religion, Judaism or Christianity. The outcome was predetermined. Christians won; they had the swords."

I see. My response to this whopper is that some would say it's Judaics who now hold the swords. Ernst Zundel, Germar Rudolf, Robert Faurisson and the others who have been beaten, imprisoned, fined, had their reputations and careers ruined and otherwise been persecuted for refusing to assent to Judaic "holocaust" dogma could certainly attest to that fact. And coincidentally, the Vatican is presently more rotten with philo-Judaism and crypto-Judaism than it has ever been in history. The Vatican is currently headed by a man who has promulgated a document in which he suggests that Christian interpretation of Scripture should be reevaluated in light of the so-called "holocaust" of "The Jews." This, naturally, is why Rabbi Neusner is now in the mood for a "debate" with the Pope.

On the contrary, Mr. Neusner. The fix is in on this "debate," just as it was in Pfefferkorn's case.

Skipping ahead we come to Neusner's primary objection:

[Jesus] claimed to reform and to improve, "You have heard it said... but I say...." We maintain, and I argued in my book[A Rabbi Talks With Jesus], that the Torah was and is perfect and beyond improvement, and the Judaism built upon the Torah and the prophets and writings, the originally-oral parts of the Torah written down in the Mishna, Talmud, and Midrash - that Judaism was and remains God's will for humanity.

We've already shown that this objection is absurd from Neusner's own writings where he himself explains how the rabbis put their words in their god's mouth. This editorial being meant for public consumption, Nuesner will not make any such revelations therein. There we only get the stock account of the "oral Torah."

But if we turn to Rabbi Nuesner's book, Rabbinic Judaism: Structure and System, we find that the concept of "oral Torah" was developed a few centuries too late for it to constitute a valid basis for his objection.

The complex of rabbinically ordained practices ... including most of the rules for the treatment of Scripture itself--do not derive from Scripture at all. Rabbinic Judaism's initial concern was with the elaboration and refinement of it's own system. Attaching the system to scripture was secondary. It therefore is misleading to depict rabbinic Judaism primarily as a consequence of an exegetical process or the organic unfolding of Scripture. Rather, rabbinic Judaism began as the work of a small, ambitious, and homogeneous group of pseudo-priests ...

By the third century (A.D.) the rabbis expressed their self-conception in the ideology of "oral Torah" which held that a comprehensive body of teachings and practices (halachot) not included in Scripture had been given by God and through Moses only to the rabbinic establishment. (Rabbinic Judaism: Structure and System, Jacob Nuesner, pp. 31-34) as quoted in Judaism's Strange Gods by Michael A. Hoffman II

Not only is the "oral Torah" a complete fabrication of the rabbis, but it was still being developed centuries after Christ as it is clearly stated in Nuesner's book. Therefore Nuesner's objection to Christ--that He changed the Law--falls flat. The rabbis themselves changed the Law and created new laws from thin air and they continued to do so centuries after Christ. They're the worst abrogators of Biblical Law that have ever lived.

Rabbi Nuesner closes thus:

... it really is the one and the same God whom together [Christians and Judaics] serve - in difference ...

The challenges of Sinai bring us together for the renewal of a 2,000 year old tradition of religious debate in the service of God's truth.

Someone once called me the most contentious person he had ever known. Now I have met my match. Pope Benedict XVI is another truth-seeker.

We are in for interesting times.

I can agree with nothing stated here aside from the obvious, that we are living in interesting times.

The ball, apparently, is in the "contentious" Pope Benedict's court, and his dialectical contribution to this farce will certainly be forthcoming.

Full article: