Saturday, June 2, 2007

Cardinal Jean-Pierre Ricard of Ecclesia Dei Commission Studying Talmud at NY Yeshiva

EDITOR'S NOTE: Ricard was raised to Cardinal only one day before this Jean-Marie Lustiger/World Jewish Congress organized event took place during Holy Week last year. Ricard stated, "I should have been in Rome ... The pope is to receive the new cardinals, but I wrote... him about this meeting in New York City, [and] he said, 'Of course you can go.'" Ricard is a leading member of the Ecclesia Dei Commission which oversees all things related to the traditional Latin Mass. He is also president of the French Catholic Bishops Committee for Relationship with the Jews.

Cardinal Ricard (top right) learns Tractate Berakoth with Cardinal Erdo (bottom left) and rabbinical student Sorin Rosen.

Babylonian Talmud tractate Berakoth, which Ricard and Erdo are shown studying, contains the Judaic racial supremacist teaching that non-Judaics have the status of asses (folio 58a). The prelates were said to be studying tractate Berakoth to learn why Judaics pray their benedictions ("Berakoth" means benedictions) three times daily. It should be noted that the benedictions which Orthodox Judaics are bound to pray three times daily contain a curse on Christians, Birkat ha-Minim HERE. Tractate Berakoth is where the "preparation of the gifts" of the Novus Ordo Mass originates (HERE and HERE) The news article which covered this event stated that the prelates and Judaics studied and prayed together as "brothers."

Cardinals, bishops, rabbinical students and others hold hands and sway while singing at the conclusion of (the day's) dialogue

The efffects of [Nostra Aetate] have been impressive for the Jewish and Catholic worlds. “Things have radically changed,” said the Archbishop of Lyon Philippe Barbarin ... “When I was a student I never imagined I would pray and study a page of the Talmud with Jewish students in a yeshiva in Brooklyn. Yet World Jewish Congress chairman Israel Singer invited me to do so and I accepted his invitation.”

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