Monday, June 18, 2007

International Council of Christians and Jews Expands It's Reach to Australia

EDITOR'S NOTE: Edward Idris Cassidy, President Emeritus of Promoting Christian Unity, Roman Curia, will give the closing address at this event.

Rabbi Apple to headline inter-faith conference


THE Great Synagogue’s emeritus Rabbi Raymond Apple has been confirmed as the keynote speaker for the International Council of Christians and Jews’ (ICCJ’s) 2007 conference in Sydney later this month.

ICCJ president Dr John Pawlikowski visited Sydney last year and said that he chose the conference spot to extend the ground the organisation has covered.

“I look forward to a refreshing approach to the framework of the international conference, when we hold it in a region which is becoming more and more important,” he said.

Rabbi Apple is a founding member of the council and now resides in Israel.

He will travel to Sydney to present his address at the conference, which will be on “the leading of rifts between religions in a multicultural society”.

The four-day conference will also feature local speakers, Progressive leader Rabbi Dr John Levi, University of Sydney Associate Professor Suzanne Rutland and NSW Uniting Church moderator Jim Mein.

Prominent overseas academics and communal leaders participating include Kerem Institute in Jerusalem including director Dr Deborah Weissman, London’s Leo Baeck College Rabbi Jonathan Magonet and executive director of the Institute for Interreligious Intercultural Dialogue at Temple University in Philadelphia Dr Racelle Weiman.

The conference will be opened by NSW Governor Professor Marie Bashir on July 8 at the University of New South Wales’ Law School Theatre. It will close with a gala dinner and an address by Cardinal Edward Idriss Cassidy of the Vatican.

Rabbi Apple was a religious leader at the Great Synagogue for over 30 years and has served as judge of the Sydney Beth Din.

The ICCJ serves as the umbrella organisation of 38 Jewish-Christian dialogue organisations worldwide.

From the ICCJ mission statement:

The ICCJ member organisations world-wide over the past five decades have been successfully engaged in the historic renewal of Jewish-Christian relations. Founded as a reaction to the Holocaust, the Shoah, in the awareness that ways must be found to examine the deeply engrained roots of mistrust, hatred and fear that culminated in one of the worst evils in human history, theologians, historians and educators included the still fragile structure of enlightenment and the human rights movements of the inter-war period.

The most evil act in human history by a cosmic margin is the crucifixion of God incarnate at Calvary by the spiritual forebears of the rabbis of the ICCJ who presume to teach "the nations" how to prevent future "holocausts" even as their fellow rabbis provide scriptural exegetical rationalizations for indiscriminate killing of Palestinians.

Only a rabbi/pharisee would have the audacity to peddle a Kabbalistic tale of 6 million "Jews" killed in gas chambers as a replacement for the crucifixion of God incarnate as the most evil act in history and as the central ontological event of history. And only in an insane world would they get away with it.

What a farce.

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