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The REAL Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

Some of you may have read this book, Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow, by Constance Cumbey, a book on the New Age movement in which it is said that true Christians would not make it into the New Age alive. Have you made the connection that this book does not make?

The rainbow is the symbol of the Noahide movement--the movement to bring humanity under a rabbinic system of double standards called "Noahide Law" enforced by subsidiary courts of a Sanhedrin based in Jerusalem.

From Chabad Lubavitch website,

The Seven Noachide laws are general commandments with many details. Transgressing any one of them is considered such a breach in the natural order that the offender incurs the death penalty. Apart from a few exceptions, the death sentence for a Ben Noach is Sayif, death by the sword / decapitation, the least painful of the four modes of execution of criminals (see the Rambam's Hilchos Melachim 9:14). (The four methods of capital punishment in Torah are: S’kilah - Stoning; S’rifah - Burning; Hereg - Decapitation; Henek - Strangulation.) The many formalities of procedure essential when the accused is an Israelite need not be observed in the case of the Noachite. The latter may be convicted on the testimony of one witness, even on that of relatives, but not on that of a woman. He need have had no warning from the witnesses; and a single judge may pass sentence on him (Sanhedrin 57a, b; Rambam, Hilchos Melakim 9:14).

From the Talmud, Sanhedrin 57b [the section dealing with the talmudic 'Noahide laws'] we see Judaism's lower-tier of 'justice' for lower-tier 'Noahides' as opposed to upper-tier 'justice' as applies to upper-tier 'Jews':

"A non-Jew is put to death on the basis of a decision given by one judge [no jury], and on the basis of testimony given by a single witness, and even if he was not given a proper warning prior to the commission of his offense. He is put to death on the basis of testimony and a decision given by a man but not on the basis of testimony and a decision given by a woman, and the man who testified or decided against him can even be a relative.

"A Jew can only be put to death by a court of twenty-three judges, and on the basis of the testimony of two male witnesses who are not disqualified from testifying on account of kinship, and after being properly warned against committing the transgression. But none of these rules apply in the case of a non-Jew." (Babylonian Talmud, Sanhedrin 57b, Steinsaltz edition, vol.18, page 110)

From the Encyclopaedia Judaica:

"... violation of any one of the seven laws subjects the Noachide to capital punishment by decapitation (Sanh. 57a)."(Encyclopaedia Judaica, "Noahide Laws")

From Maimonides' Mishneh Torah:

"The Christians are idolaters, and Sunday is their holiday..." (Maimonides, Mishneh Torah, Avodah Zorah, 9;4)

"... a gentile who worships false gods is liable, [for the death penalty] provided he worships them in the accepted manner. A gentile is executed for every type of foreign worship which a Jewish court would consider worthy of capital punishment." (Maimonides, Mishneh Torah, Hilchot Melachim 11)

CHRISTIANS have to make a choice - "either retain their present belief system and be antisemitic or form a partnership with the Jewish people."

This is the view of Bar-Ilan University's Rabbi Dr. Pinchas Hayman, who is active in Jewish-Christian dialogue and in encouraging modern Christianity to return to its Jewish roots by observing the Seven Noahide Laws.

"As long as Christians keep Jesus as God, they will be antisemitic because that belief must lead them to believe that those who reject Jesus reject God," he told the Australian Jewish News.

"That's how the process of satanising the Jews began. That belief is the root cause of 1500 years of the Christian idolatrous antisemitism which led to the Holocaust."

Proficient in New Testament Studies and Classical Greek, Dr. Hayman noted that at least five American churches have given up belief in Jesus. (Israeli rabbi Dr. Pinchas Hayman, SOURCE)

"It is our duty to force all mankind to accept the seven Noahide laws, and if not—they will be killed." (Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg, Ma'ariv, October 6, 2004)

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JPII Supplanted Calvary With Auschwitz and Knelt Before It

"Auschwitz, along with so many other concentration camps, remains the horribly eloquent symbol of the effects of totalitarianism. It is our duty to make a pilgrimage to these places, in mind and heart, on this 50th anniversary. As I said at the Mass celebrated in 1979 at Brzezinka near Auschwitz: 'I kneel at this Golgotha of the modern world.'"
(Message of John Paul II on 50th Anniversary of the end of WWII in Europe, May 8, 1995)

Racist Knesset Clears Itself of Racism

The Israeli Knesset is true to the Talmudic tradition of racism and doublespeak. According to Cardinal Schönborn, Christians should see the presence of these racial supremacist haters of truth in "Israel" as a fulfillment of Biblical prophesy and cause for rejoicing.

Anthology of bigotry

Jonathan Cook

The legislation states: "the leasing of Jewish National Fund lands for the purpose of settling Jews will not be seen as unacceptable discrimination." Before the legislators voted, the Knesset's legal adviser, Nurit Elstein, cleared the bill of accusations that it was racist.

Israel's parliament last week approved by an overwhelming majority the first reading of a bill to ensure that much of the country's inhabited land remains accessible to Jewish citizens only -- a move described by one leading local newspaper as turning Israel into a "racist Jewish state".

The private member's bill, called the Jewish National Fund Law, has received cross-party support. The first reading was approved by 64 legislators, with 16 -- most of them Arab MKs -- opposed. Supporters ranged from former premiere Binyamin Netanyahu, leader of the Likud Party, to Ami Ayalon, a recent challenger to head the Labour Party.

The legislation is designed to nullify the threat posed by a Supreme Court judgment, reached in 2000, that potentially opens the door to thousands of Arab families leaving the tightly controlled areas assigned to them and choosing where they live. Currently Arab citizens, who comprise a fifth of the population, are barred from buying homes in most of the country.

The move is the latest in a series of battles since Israel's establishment in 1948 to ensure exclusive Jewish control of land through an international Zionist organisation known as the Jewish National Fund (JNF). By the time of Israel's founding, the JNF had bought about six per cent of historic Palestine for Jewish settlement. Rather than demanding that these territories be handed over by the JNF, the new state authorities assigned the organisation a special, quasi- governmental status. The JNF was also given a significant share of the lands and property confiscated from hundreds of thousands of Palestinians expelled during the 1948 War.

Today, the state has nationalised 80 per cent of land inside Israel, and the JNF holds another 13 per cent. Neither sells land to private owners on the grounds that it is being held in trust for worldwide Jewry. Instead, they offer long-term leases on the land in their possession.

The JNF has far more power than the division of land suggests, however: its 13 per cent share is reported to include some 70 per cent of the country's inhabited land; it effectively controls a government body known as the Israel Lands Authority that manages the 93 per cent of land owned by the state and the JNF; and it dominates committees set up to vet applicants to hundreds of rural communities.

Because the JNF charter forbids it from selling or leasing land to non-Jews, this arrangement has allowed the JNF to discriminate against Arab citizens on behalf of the government. The JNF's control of the Israel Lands Authority and the vetting committees has ensured that Arab citizens are excluded from most of the 93 per cent of nationalised land.

Instead they have been restricted to the three per cent of Israel on which Arab communities already exist or which is privately owned by Arab citizens, though even much of this land falls under the jurisdiction of Jewish regional councils that refuse to allow Arab families to build on it. Dozens of other Arab communities are classified as illegal because the state refuses to recognise them, even though they predate Israel's establishment.

The JNF's stranglehold on the management of Israeli land was finally challenged in 2000 when the Supreme Court compelled the vetting committee of a rural community, Katzir, to consider the application of an Arab family, the Kaadans, for a plot of land advertised for sale. Katzir's committee, which until the ruling had been refusing even to deal with the Kaadans' application, subsequently rejected the family on the grounds that they were not "socially suitable". Seven years later the court has yet to offer the Kaadans proper redress.

However, the Kaadans ruling opened the way for other Arab families to demand the right to bid for homes in communities designed only for Jews. The JNF has twice tried to market homes in a new neighbourhood of Karmiel, a town in the Galilee, but has been forced to cancel the tender on each occasion when families from a nearby Arab community, Sakhnin, applied. A petition to the Supreme Court submitted in 2004 on behalf of the Arab families has yet to be heard.

In the meantime, the JNF is reported to be considering withdrawing from the long-standing arrangement that places the Israel Lands Authority in charge of managing all public land, including JNF land. As the court ruling applies only to land managed by the Israel Lands Authority, the JNF would be still entitled to discriminate if it marketed its own housing schemes without the help of the Israel Lands Authority.

The government has been desperately seeking a way both to maintain its relationship with the JNF and not to provoke a second court ruling against it. Earlier this year it announced that land was to be offered to Jews and Arabs without discrimination. In compensation, the JNF would be given state land of equal value every time it was forced to lease land to an Arab family.

The scheme has been criticised by human rights groups which fear it will perpetuate and ultimately exacerbate discrimination by increasing the amount of land under JNF ownership: the JNF will still own the land it is leasing to Arab families but it will also be sold additional land from the state.

The new bill seeks to prevent even the government's proposed minor concession by nullifying the Supreme Court ruling. The legislation states: "the leasing of JNF lands for the purpose of settling Jews will not be seen as unacceptable discrimination." Before the legislators voted, the Knesset's legal adviser, Nurit Elstein, cleared the bill of accusations that it was racist.

Arab Knesset member Wassel Taha, of the National Democratic Assembly, said: "Only an insane Knesset would pass a racist law that affirms the great land theft of 1948 and turns it into Jews- only property."

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Bush's Macabre Judeo-Masonic Jest

Skull and Bones member, George W. Bush jokes about the lie that led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands in Iraq:

MIA WMDs - For Bush it's a joke

Last night I was at the Radio and Television Correspondents' Association Dinner. It's a formal-and-fun affair where thousands of media folks assemble at the Hilton for a fancy dinner and fab pre- and post-parties. I'm not going to denigrate such soirees. I enjoy them. While bookers and producers jiggled and jostled on the dance floor and media and political celebs dissected the news du jour (this time it was Richard Clarke's dramatic appearance before the 9/11 commission), I was able to chat with former weapons hunter David Kay and learn about some troubling developments in the intelligence community (more on that down the road). And there was free sushi.

But an awful you're-all-alone moment came during George W. Bush's comments that followed the sit-down dinner. The current president is often the honored guest at this annual affair, and the audience toasts him in what is supposed to be a sign of communal and nonpartisan spirit. And, the tradition is, that the president has to be funny; he has to provide us with an amusing speech that pokes fun at himself and his political foes. After all, political journalists love to see politicians engage in self-deprecating humor. Bill Clinton was quite good at these performances. Bush seems to enjoy them less. Rather than do straight standup, he sometimes relies on a humorous slide show, and that was how he chose to entertain the media throng this time.

It's standard fare humor. Bush says he is preparing for a tough election fight; then on the large video screens a picture flashes showing him wearing a boxing robe while sitting at his desk. Bush notes he spends "a lot of time on the phone listening to our European allies." Then we see a photo of him on the phone with a finger in his ear. There were funny bits about Skull and Bones, his mother, and Dick Cheney. But at one point, Bush showed a photo of himself looking for something out a window in the Oval Office, and he said, "Those weapons of mass destruction have got to be somewhere."

The audience laughed. I grimaced. But that wasn't the end of it. After a few more slides, there was a shot of Bush looking under furniture in the Oval Office. "Nope," he said. "No weapons over there." More laughter. Then another picture of Bush searching in his office: "Maybe under here." Laughter again.

Disapproval must have registered upon my face, for one of my tablemates said, "Come on, David, this is funny." I wanted to reply, Over 500 Americans and literally countless Iraqis are dead because of a war that was supposedly fought to find weapons of mass destruction, and Bush is joking about it. Instead, I took a long drink of the lovely white wine that had come with our dinner. It's not as if I was in the middle of a talk-show debate and had to respond. This was certainly one of those occasions in which you either get it or don't. And I wasn't getting it. Or maybe my neighbor wasn't.

At the end of the slide show, Bush displayed two pictures of himself with troops and noted these were his favorites. The final photograph was a shot of special forces soldiers--with their faces blurred to protect their identities--who were posing in Afghanistan where they had buried a piece of 9/11 debris in a spot that had once been an al Qaeda camp. Bush spoke about the prayer the commander had said during the burial ceremony and noted he had this photograph hanging in his private study.

So what's wrong with this picture? Bush was somber about the sacrifice being made by U.S. troops overseas. But he obviously considered it fine to make fun of the reason he cited for sending Americans to war and to death. What an act of audacious spin. One poll recently showed that most Americans believe he either lied about Iraq's WMDs or deliberately exaggerated the case to justify the war. And it is undeniable that in seeking public support for the war he made many false assertions that went beyond quoting intelligence that turned out to be wrong. (I've written about this in many other places. If you still don't believe Bush mugged the truth, check out this short guide.) As the crowd was digesting the delicious surf-and-turf meal, Bush was transforming serious scandal into rim-shot comedy.

Few seemed to mind. His WMD gags did not prompt a how-can-you silence from the gathering. At the after-parties, I heard no complaints. Was I being too sensitive? I wondered what the spouse, child or parent of a soldier killed in Iraq would have felt if they had been watching C-SPAN and saw the commander-in-chief mocking the supposed justification for the war that claimed their loved ones. Bush told the nation that lives had to be sacrificed because Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction that could be used (by terrorists) against the United States. That was not true. (And as Kay pointed out, the evidence so far shows these weapons were not there in the first place, not that they were hidden, destroyed or spirited away.) But rather than acknowledge he misinformed the public, Bush jokes about the absence of such weapons.

Even if Bush does not believe he lied to or misled the public, how can he make fun of the rationale for a war that has killed and maimed thousands? Imagine if Lyndon Johnson had joked about the trumped-up Gulf of Tonkin incident that he deceitfully used as a rationale for U.S. military action in Vietnam: "Who knew that fish had torpedoes?" Or if Ronald Reagan appeared at a correspondents event following the truck-bombing at the Marines barracks in Beirut--which killed over 200 American servicemen--and said, "Guess we forgot to put in a stop light." Or if Clinton had come out after the bombing of Serbia--during which U.S. bombs errantly destroyed the Chinese embassy and killed several people there--and said, "The problem is, those embassies--they all look alike."
Yet there was Bush--apparently having a laugh at his own expense, but actually doing so on the graves of thousands. This was a callous and arrogant display. For Bush, the misinformation--or disinformation--he peddled before the war was no more than material for yucks. As the audience laughed along, he smiled. The false statements (or lies) that had launched a war had become merely another punchline in the nation's capital. 

Also refer to the audio lecture, "The Masqueraders Jest" by Michael A. Hoffman

Opus Judei Founder, Escriba Preached Kabbalistic Doctrine, Tikkun Olam

“Be imitators of God, ... cooperating humbly but fervently in the divine purpose of mending what is broken, of saving what is lost, of bringing back to order what sinful man has put out of order, of leading to its goal what has gone astray, of re-establishing the divine balance of all creation. (Josemaria Escriba, Christ is Passing By, 65)

Cardinal Schönborn (editor of the Catechism of the Catholic Church) was quoted as stating that man participates in creation while speaking at an Opus Dei event:

"God gave men the dignity of being partakers in creation." In a Mass commemorating Blessed Josemaria Escriva's birth, the Archbishop of Vienna discussed the biblical view of work and Blessed Josemaria's message of sanctification through work.

This is nonsense, of course. Christianity teaches no such thing.

Reminding readers that according to rabbinic tradition only "Jews" are "man," I offer the source of Escriba and Schönborn's strange doctrine, the Kabbalah:

... whereas God contains all by virtue of being its Creator and Initiator in whom everything is rooted and all potency is hidden, man's role is to complete this process by being the agent through whom all the powers of creation are fully activated and made manifest. What exists seminally in God unfolds and develops in man. The key formulations of this outlook can already be found in the Kabbalah of Gerona and in the Zohar. Man is the perfecting agent in the structure of the cosmos; like all the other created beings, only even more so ... Though [Adam's] original harmony was disrupted by his sin, his principal mission remained to bring about a tikkun or restoration of this world ... (Encyclopaedia Judaica, "Kabbalah")

The Encyclopaedia Judaica goes on to directly state that this cosmogony is gnostic and then draws a parallel between Kabbalah and the dialectics of Hegel:

The Gnostic character of this cosmogony cannot be denied, though the detailed manner in which it is worked out is drawn entirely from internal Jewish sources ... At the same time, side by side with this Gnostic outlook, we find a most astonishing tendency to a mode of contemplative thought that can be called "dialectic" in the strictest sense of the term as used by Hegel.
(Encyclopaedia Judaica, "Kabbalah")

Opus Dei rabbi, Angel Kreiman also saw the rabbinic basis for Escriba's ideas about perfecting creation:

"Moreover, that which most likens (Escriba's) teachings to Judaism is the vocation of man to serve God through creative work, perfecting creation every day ..."

Rabbi Marvin Heir preached the Kabbalistic doctrine, Tikkun Olam from the Vatican in 2005 in Benedict XVI's presence and with his approval:

"We must do everything in our power to unite those tents of the righteous and the just to do our share of 'Tikun Olam,' so that we can restore the balance and return to our Creator, the magnificent world he intended." ("Jewish-Catholic Ties Advancing Says Benedict XVI," Zenit Nov. 14, 2005)

Thinking among elite Catholic prelates has certainly taken on a strong Hasidic odor in recent times.

"Jew" Teaches Holocaustolatry at Catholic School

EDITOR'S NOTE: This program has the full support of Catholic officials, from the USCCB to the Pope. Auschwitz is supplanting Calvary with their assistance.

Fellowship gives teacher the chance to learn more about the Holocaust

The Kansas City Star

“I want the kids to think about, ‘How can I make a difference? I can’t just be a bystander.’ ”

Teacher Kimberley Klein

For a seventh-grader, history can be boring.

There are dates to memorize, historical figures to remember and, sometimes, huge numbers to wrap your mind around.

Like this one — 6 million Jews died during the Holocaust.

But Kimberley Klein, a language arts teacher at Curé of Ars Catholic School in Leawood, teaches more than cold, hard facts.

“It’s not just a number,” she said. “It’s a person with a name, a person with a face.”

Klein was recently named an Alfred Lerner Fellow by the Jewish Foundation for the Righteous, an organization that provides financial assistance for elderly or needy people who helped Jews during the Holocaust.

The organization also shows educators how to better teach the Holocaust.

As an Alfred Lerner Fellow, Klein recently went to Columbia University in New York City for an intense academic seminar taught by Holocaust survivors and scholars.

Thirty-four educators from 12 states and two European countries — Croatia and Poland — participated in the program.

Even though she has several degrees, Klein said she’d never prepared so much for a course. Before she even set foot in New York, Klein had pored over 1,300 pages of assigned reading. But the most valuable information Klein gleaned from the program, she said, came from the accounts of Holocaust witnesses.

There was the German Jewish woman who said that as a girl, during the war, she couldn’t go to school because it was too dangerous. But a Catholic nun visited almost every day to continue teaching her, even though she was of a different faith.

And then there was the Holocaust survivor who said a Catholic priest saved her life. She still visits him once a year.

There were also countless farmers who hid Jews in barns or basements to save them from concentration camps.

“It’s very humbling to hear someone say ‘I appreciate what someone did for me,’ ” Klein said.

Klein was the first recipient of the Eduard Sonder Scholarship, which paid the program entrance fee. The scholarship was funded by two women whose grandfather, Eduard Sonder, died in the Holocaust. Sonder’s life insurance policy funds the scholarship.

Stanlee Stahl, JRF executive vice president, said Klein was chosen to receive the scholarship and become an Alfred Lerner Fellow because she was impressive on paper.

But, more than that, Stahl said, “there was a passion there that came through between the lines.”

Stahl said she was also surprised to find a teacher with such a thorough Holocaust unit in a Catholic school in a town with a relatively small Jewish population. She said most Alfred Lerner Fellows come from the East or West coasts, with only a handful of applicants from the Midwest.

Klein was nominated to be an Alfred Lerner Fellow by the Midwest Center for Holocaust Education. She serves on the center’s teaching cadre.

Klein says her passion isn’t just for history — it’s for using history to better the present and the future.

“I want the kids to think about, ‘How can I make a difference? I can’t just be a bystander,’ ” Klein said.

Klein’s students read the newspaper and do community service projects, and they do their own research into the Holocaust.

Klein also uses her Holocaust lesson to teach basic curriculum. For example, students are supposed to be able to identify persuasive writing in seventh grade. Klein’s students analyze WWII-era German propaganda and how it affected public opinion at the time. Klein said that helps her students to become independent thinkers.

Since events that happened half a century ago can sometimes be difficult for a 13-year-old to relate to, Klein has to sometimes get creative. For example, her students research fashions of the 1930s on the Internet, then they look at photos taken at concentration camps. Often, the children in those photos are wearing contemporary trends, just like students today.

“These kids were just like you and me,” Klein tells her students.

Klein’s methods appear to be working. She said some of her students are inspired to do extra volunteer work. Recently, two of them joined an organization that helps the people of Rwanda, who in 1994 suffered genocide not unlike the Holocaust.

For Klein, there is no better reward than seeing her students use their knowledge of the past to better the present.

“That’s when I get excited,” she said. “When a student teaches me something.”

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Ferrara's Rabbi Sponsor

What a pathetic sight to see a Catholic lawyer outsource to a rabbi for his defense.

"... This is ridiculous! False accusations of “anti-Semitism” are a dime a dozen these days, but true anti-Semitism — hatred of the Jewish people — is a sin that I [Christopher Ferrara], Michael [Matt] and Robert [Sungenis] utterly reject as believing Catholics.

"I conclude with these words from Rabbi Mayer Schiller: 'I have known Chris Ferrara and Michael Matt for many years. The notion that they hate Jews is so absurd as to be beneath contempt'.”

Apparently, Christopher Ferrara believes the word of a traditional Catholic holds little value in the court of public opinion. That's the message implicit in his letter. Need to settle a difficult controversy? Solicit a rabbi of the Talmud to be the final arbiter.

And don't forget what precipitated this event--the SPLC report on traditional Catholics, of course.

Can't they see the dialectic at work here? The SPLC attack on traditional Catholics (Thesis), set the stage for Rabbi Mayer Schiller to sponsor embattled traditional Catholics (Antithesis), which synthesizes rabbinic prestige and inroads into Christian territory.

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neoBolshevik Warfare Taking Place in Catholic Classrooms

Courses include: "History of Jewish/Catholic Relations: From the Gospels Through Hitler."

I have an idea for one, "Murderous Racial Supremacy: From the Pharisees Through Maimonides to Hitler, Founder of the Racial Supremacist State That Calls Itself 'Israel'."

Fontbonne offers semester on Judaism



For the first time in its history, Fontbonne University will offer a "dedicated semester" to studying Judaism with 14 new or previously taught courses this fall semester.

From "Judiasm and the Foundations of American Law" [????] to "History of Jewish/Catholic Relations: From the Gospels Through Hitler," Fontbonne's dedicated semester will include courses across several curricula for students interested in learning more about "Judaism and its Culture."

Nancy Blattner, Fontbonne's vice president and dean for academic affairs, said some of the courses have been taught on a regular basis before, such as the Hebrew Bible course.

"The courses run a range from business, communication, fine arts, both arts and music, government, history, religion, law and sociology," Blattner said.

"We asked faculty to emphasize a topic in their area. For instance, the Middle East conflict class in communication is a debate class. It has been redirected for the focus on Judaism. At least half a dozen others have been created new for the semester upcoming," she said.

Since Fontbonne is predominantly a Catholic school, choosing Judaism as the topic of its dedicated semester may seem atypical, but the school's Judeo-Christian roots were the reason for Fontbonne's pick.

"We were interested in looking at a way that Fontbonne could highlight and give emphasis that talks about our mission statement involving Judeo-Christian tradition," said Blattner.

While Blattner said the campus community gives credence to the Christian part of that statement on a daily basis, the semester helps value the Jewish roots.

"Pope John Paul II talked about Jews as our elder brothers and sisters, and all Christian traditions derive from Jewish traditions," she said ...

In addition to the courses, throughout the semester, Jewish films will be shown in the evening, panels of rabbis will come to the Fontbonne campus for discussions from different perspectives, ranging from conservative Judaism to liberal approaches. Fontbonne will also celebrate the Jewish holidays during the fall semester.

Freshman will also be asked to read a novel The Chosen before their orientation in August. During orientation, the freshman will participate in discussion groups with faculty and staff to "talk about the themes in the novel, ask questions, show how they mark connections with the novel and there will also be an essay contest," Blattner said. "They should understand this is the topic of the semester."

Entire insane article at this link:

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New York Times Reveals Talmudic Basis for Legalistic Murder of Goys, Fake Benevolence

This was emailed in by a reader:

"Maurice Pinay":

You might enjoy reading this Sunday's "New York Times Magazine" piece, "Orthodox Paradox." It initiated many of its readers into forbidden knowledge.

It reveals that, to the Orthodox mind, the sole justification for Judaics to adopt a benevolent posture toward the goyim is that such a stance tilts Judaic-goyim relations in favor of Judaic interests, under certain circumstances.

Perhaps it's a classic modified limited hangout, the piece's narrative authority rests on the insider membership, twice over, of its author, the Orthodox prep-school formed, CFR senior fellow and Harvard Law School professor, Noah Feldman. Our conditioned response will be the misrecognition which holds that the only people who would challenge what Feldman tells us are the hateful and stupid.

Given all that is revealed, what is limited about this?

The piece keeps the Unique Goyim Evil theory alive. Nothing in Feldman's article attacks the "bad goyim made us poor Jews this way" account. Because he does not address this, everything unappealing that he reveals about Orthodox folkways can be blamed on the goyim.

... Since the birth of modern Orthodox Judaism in 19th-century Germany, a central goal of the movement has been to normalize the observance of traditional Jewish law — to make it possible to follow all 613 biblical commandments assiduously while still participating in the reality of the modern world. You must strive to be, as a poet of the time put it, “a Jew in the home and a man in the street.” Even as we students of the Maimonides School spent half of every school day immersed in what was unabashedly a medieval curriculum, our aim was to seem to outsiders — and to ourselves — like reasonable, mainstream people, not fanatics or cult members.

This ambition is best exemplified today by Senator Joe Lieberman. His run for the vice presidency in 2000 put the “modern” in modern Orthodox, demonstrating that an Orthodox Jewish candidate could be accepted by America at large as essentially a regular guy ...

One time at Maimonides a local physician — a well-known figure in the community who later died tragically young — addressed a school assembly on the topic of the challenges that a modern Orthodox professional may face. The doctor addressed the Talmudic dictum that the saving of a life trumps the Sabbath. He explained that in its purest form, this principle applies only to the life of a Jew. The rabbis of the Talmud, however, were unprepared to allow the life of a non-Jew to be extinguished because of the no-work commandment, and so they ruled that the Sabbath could be violated to save the life of a non-Jew out of concern for maintaining peaceful relations between the Jewish and non-Jewish communities.

Depending on how you look at it, this ruling is either an example of outrageously particularist religious thinking, because in principle it values Jewish life more than non-Jewish life, or an instance of laudable universalism, because in practice it treats all lives equally. The physician quite reasonably opted for the latter explanation. And he added that he himself would never distinguish Jewish from non-Jewish patients: a human being was a human being.

This appealing sentiment did not go unchallenged. One of my teachers rose to suggest that the doctor’s attitude was putting him in danger of violating the Torah. The teacher reported that he had himself heard from his own rabbi, a leading modern-Orthodox Talmudist associated with Yeshiva University, that in violating the Sabbath to treat a non-Jew, intention was absolutely crucial. If you intended to save the patient’s life so as to facilitate good relations between Jews and non-Jews, your actions were permissible. But if, to the contrary, you intended to save the patient out of universal morality, then you were in fact guilty of violating the Sabbath, because the motive for acting was not the motive on the basis of which the rabbis allowed the Sabbath violation to occur.

Later, in class, the teacher apologized to us students for what he said to the doctor. His comments, he said, were inappropriate — not because they were wrongheaded, but because non-Jews were present in the audience when he made them. The double standard of Jews and non-Jews, in other words, was for him truly irreducible: it was not just about noting that only Jewish lives merited violation of the Sabbath, but also about keeping the secret of why non-Jewish lives might be saved ... (Noah Feldman, Orthodox Paradox, New York Times, July 22, 2007)

My, my. So much for the claims that "elder brother in the faith" Maimonides was being misinterpreted by "antisemitic conspiracy theorists," or even more outrageous, that the quotes are "antisemitic fabrications." Read about it in the New York Times.

Open Letter to the "Levelheaded Rabbi"

"... if we are going to sit down with the Vatican to negotiate liturgy, should we, l’havdil, offer to take out the second paragraph of Aleinu, in which we pray for the day when gentiles will stop worshipping idols? How about “sheheim mishtachavim” – the line that Christian censors removed from Aleinu, claiming it insulted Christians? Many of us have put it back. Should we allow the Vatican to dictate what we say in our prayers? Or should we, perhaps, do a line-by-line analysis of the Talmud to make sure there is nothing there that people may find offensive?" (Rabbi Yerachmiel Seplowitz, "The Pope's Got A Point," The Jewish Press, Wednesday, July 18, 2007)'s_Got_A_Point.html

I'm afraid that can of worms has already been opened, dear Rabbi Seplowitz. Not that you have anything to fear from your guys in the Vatican, but there are many commoners--am haaretz--who are picking up the slack for the Vatican and doing long overdue line-by-line analysis of not only the Talmud, but the entire corpus of Judaic texts, and uncovering the very things which you quite apparently fear could be exposed.

But don't worry. We wouldn't think of attempting to censor your offensive texts, much less confiscating and burning them, even if we had the means. History has proven such heavy-handed methods to be ineffective. Vatican censorship failed (and Judaic imprisonment of "holocaust deniers" and confiscation of their books will also fail, by the way). Indeed, you can thank the Vatican censors for buying you and your fellow rabbis a few extra centuries of cover for your thoroughly offensive texts precisely by censoring them. It was such a great idea that the rabbis continued to do it themselves, even after the demise of the Catholic states, producing sanitized "Talmuds" for goy consumption, such as the Rodkinson "Talmud"--a favorite among Talmud apologists who disingenuously use it to "prove" that those troublesome Talmud quotes about child rape, lying, cheating, killing, etc., are "antisemitic fabrications."

No, we don't intend to hide what we're learning from the public. What we have planned is full disclosure, as it should be. There will be transparency in Judaism as there is in other religions; no more secret society stuff.

You can thank your fellow rabbis and their ever-so-characteristic insane overreaching for sparking our newfound interest. Were it not for their cosmos-proportioned chutzpah most of us would likely be going about our am haaretz lives not even concerned about what the Talmud contains, probably not even knowing what the Talmud is.

Behind your pose as the "levelheaded rabbi" there are, of course, selfish motives, likely based in fear. But if my intuition is correct, you have nothing to fear in the way of pogroms or book burnings. What you have to fear is the worst possible thing of all that could happen to a rabbi: the truth about the rabbinic tradition being widely exposed. God willing, the fact that your "holy" texts sanction child rape and the fact that you, Rabbi Seplowitz, as a mohel, get paid to put your mouth on the bleeding, circumcised penises of baby boys will be as commonly known as the Christian belief in the divinity of Jesus Christ.

Shalom aleichem, "elder brother" Rabbi Seplowitz.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Hegel's Dialectic In Practice at Vatican

Latin Mass <> Novus Ordo Mass - Neocon Mass

Thesis <> antithesis - synthesis.

Italian Jewish leaders expressed relief on Thursday after the Vatican Secretary of State said the prayer for the conversion of Jews could be eliminated from the recently re-introduced Latin Mass ...

... according to ANSA, Cardinal Bertone said everyone could be told to use the third version [of the prayer], introduced by Paul VI in 1970. It asks for prayers that Jews, as the chosen people, "may arrive at the fullness of redemption". (Cardinal Bertone says prayer for conversion of Jews in Latin Mass could go, Catholic News Agency, Jul 20, 2007)

... on November 16, 1982, on request of Pope Wojtyla, a meeting presided by Ratzinger, then-Prefect of the former Holy Office, at which also took part Cardinals Baggio, Baum, Casaroli (then Secretary of State), Oddi, and Archbishop [future Cardinal] Casoria ... at that meeting, a document against liturgical abuses, identified among the reasons "for the current crisis of the Church", was also suggested, as well as, in a remote future, a synthesis "of both missals" [1962 missal and Novus Ordo missal]. That future is today less remote. The decision of Benedict XVI is thus not a step back, but a stage of the liturgical reform willed by the Council and not yet fully accomplished. ("Ratzinger's turning point on the liturgy - All clear for the Ancient Latin Mass," Andrea Tornielli, Il Giornale, June 17, 2007)

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Neturei Karta: Talmud-True "Jews"

We take issue with the fact that the [Geneva Initiative] peace planners are totally ignoring G-d and His commandments in the Torah (the five books of Moses, i.e., the written law and the Talmud, i.e., the oral law) ... And to unequivocally state that one who does not reckon with ... the Talmud, ... cannot and does not represent Judaism or the Jewish people. Truthfully stated, such an individual is not worthy of carrying the name of Judaism.

Friday, July 20, 2007

AJC, ADL Welcome Vatican Clarification

AJC Welcomes Vatican Clarification

July 19, 2007 - New York - The American Jewish Committee welcomes the Vatican's concern for replacing a prayer calling for the conversion of Jews in the Tridentine Latin mass.

"We appreciate the statement by Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, Vatican Secretary of State, making it clear that efforts will be made to replace the disturbing Good Friday prayer for Jewish conversion found in the 1962 version of the Latin Tridentine mass," said Rabbi David Rosen, AJC's international director of Interreligious Affairs.

Following the Pope's "Motu Proprio" announced on July 7, there had been concern that this pre-Vatican II prayer would again be more extensively used.

"Contrary to those who presented the Motu Proprio, as a retreat from advances in Catholic-Jewish relations, this clarification in effect confirms those strides and even advances them," said Rosen.

For well over half a century, AJC has been deeply involved in seeking to advance Catholic-Jewish relations around the world. Rabbi Rosen chairs the International Jewish Committee for Interreligious Consultations which is the official Jewish partner of the Holy See's Commission for Religious Relations with Jewry, chaired by Cardinal Walter Kasper.

ADL Welcomes Vatican's Consideration To Remove Anti-Jewish Prayer

New York, NY, July 19, 2007 … The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) welcomed the comments of a senior Vatican official that the Good Friday Latin prayer to convert Jews could be removed from the re-introduced Latin liturgy. Holy See Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, who ranks second to Pope Benedict XVI, told reporters that the Vatican could study the possibility of substituting the prayer. "This could be decided and this would resolve all the problems," he said.

"We are pleased that the Vatican is listening to our concerns," said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director. "We hope that Cardinal Bertone's public conjectures will shortly result in putting Catholic-Jewish relations back to the positive mode we were in before all this."

Mr. Foxman added that, "ADL has no position on the Latin Mass itself. Our concern is focused on the Good Friday Latin prayer to convert Jews, which contradicts 40 years of evolving Catholic teachings about the eternal covenant between God and the Jewish people, and the end of efforts to baptize Jews."

ADL has called on the Holy See to re-examine its decision to sanction the anti-Jewish Good Friday prayer, which is included in a new papal decree that grants wider usage of the Latin Mass, a worship service that has been restricted since the progressive reforms of the Second Vatican Council and the landmark Nostra Aetate document in the 1960s. Because of the offensive language, Pope Paul VI in 1970 replaced the 1962 Latin prayer with a much more positive prayer for Jews.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

No Prayers Necessary for the Self-Chosen

These people believe they are redeemed solely by virtue of their being born. Prayers from soulless Christian idolater trash for the eternal welfare of the chosen people are not necessary, and indeed highly offensive. Vatican authorities seem to be of this same thinking.

The question, however, is this: if these "chosen people" are redeemed solely by virtue of their "race," then why did John the Baptist preach repentance to the true ethnic Jews of his day and why did Jesus Christ target the same Jews in His ministry and die a horrible death for them on the cross? He must have been very confused. Thank God we have the great minds of the ADL and the Vatican to sort out Christ's mistakes.

Top Vatican official says controversial Latin prayer for Jews could be dropped

ROME - The most senior official in the Vatican after the Pope suggested yesterday that a highly controversial prayer for the conversion of the Jews could be dropped from the re-introduced Latin-language rite.

Speaking at a news conference, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone was asked about Pope Benedict's recent decree allowing a wider use of the old Latin missal, or prayer book, that was phased out after the reforms of the so-called Second Vatican Council.

Jewish leaders sharply criticized the decree, which revived the possible use of a passage from the old Latin prayer book for Good Friday calling for Jews to be converted.

Bertone, who is secretary of state and ranks second only to the Pope in the Vatican hierarchy, said "we could simply study" the possibility of substituting the prayer. The Good Friday prayer asks that God remove the "veil" from from Jewish heart so that they would recognize Jesus Christ.

Bertone said the prayer that many Jews have found offensive could be substituted with one introduced into church rituals in the 1970s and which makes no reference to conversion of Jews. (Associated Press, Thu., July 19, 2007)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Racist "Priests" Hold Conference

Shemesh and a [self-styled] member of the Levi tribe, tours the Temple Mount's southern wall on July 17 as part of an international conference of Kohanim and Levites in Jerusalem.

Rosh Hodesh Av, 5767 July 15-19, 2007

For families, fathers and sons, individuals and synagogue
groups. Special women and youth sessions. Most events
will be in English, with translations at Hebrew sessions.


Fascinating presentations, lectures
and workshops.

Unique Mitzvot of
Kohanim and Levites – practical
and in-depth, including:

The Blessing of the Kohanim

Maintaining Ritual Purity

Levitical Duties

Insights from the Kabbalah

Genealogy – tracing families
of Kohanim & Levites

Genetics – modern science confirms
the Kohanim Dynasty

Spiritual Healing – promoting
love, peace and blessing

Temple Studies – relating to
the past and to the future
Contemporary Issues – discussions and debate


In the Footsteps of the
Kohanim and Levites

Southern and Western Wall Excavations

Ancient Jerusalem, Modi’in, Shilo …

With Honored Guests, Rabbinic
Leaders, and Experts in
Genetics and Genealogy

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Rabbi Rosen of AJC Reassures "World Jewry" on Vatican Compliance

Jul. 14, 2007 22:56 | Updated Jul. 15, 2007 9:04

Mix realism with humility


The directive issued this week by Pope Benedict XVI concerning the use of the traditional Catholic Latin (Tridentine) Mass has led to some extreme reactions. As a result there have been suggestions, echoed uncritically in the media, that there is some kind of new Catholic initiative for the conversion of Jews, and that Jewish-Catholic relations are regressing.

This is completely incorrect.

To begin with, the pope has reiterated time and again his commitment to close, respectful relations with Judaism and the Jewish people, which he has reemphasized as unique for the church, as Judaism and the Jewish people are its very foundations. He has already received numerous Jewish leadership groups, and began to do so even before receiving Protestant groups, let alone delegations from other religions.

The Catholic Church has rejected proselytism and since the second Vatican Ecumenical Council in the sixties has abandoned any institutional "mission to the Jews."

The church has not changed its position on these matters ...

We [at the American Jewish Committee] received reassurances in the course of the past months from the Vatican, and in the Pope's guidelines there is in fact a restriction on the use of the Latin Mass during the days preceding Easter, which is when the prayer for the conversion of the Jews was recited. Yet it is not clear how extensive this limitation is, and we have accordingly asked the Vatican to issue a clarification that we hope will confirm that there is no official warrant whatsoever for reciting that text ...

THE CATHOLIC Church has a commission to promote relations with World Jewry. Its primary partner is the International Jewish Committee for Interreligious Consultations, which I chair. It also has a Bilateral Commission with the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, which meets regularly and has further strengthened ties between Israel and the Vatican. Next year's Synod of Bishops will focus on the way Scripture should be taught and preached in order to avoid any anti-Semitic or anti-Judaic prejudices.

All this shows that we have made enormous strides in these bilateral relations ... (Rabbi David Rosen, International Director of Interreligious Affairs of the American Jewish Committee, Jerusalem Post July 14, 2007)

Saturday, July 7, 2007


The occult science dealing with numbers is based in the conceit typified by the words of the 15th century Kabbalist, Pico della Mirandola "By number a way is had to the searching out and understanding of everything able to be known." Numbers and numerical symbols are believed by occultists to have power and events are obsessively planned to correspond with dates, times, measurements and locations believed to be efficacious to, and symbolic of ritualistic intent.

Why was 7-7-07 chosen by Benedict XVI as the date for the release of a Motu Proprio related to the traditional Latin Mass? I know of no great significance of the date July 7th to the Catholic tradition, much less the number 777. The number 777 seems to reflect the spirit of the counterfeit Gnostic Mass of neoTemplar, Aleister Crowley more than the Spirit of the Latin Mass canonized by St. Pius V. The number 777 has great significance in the Western Occult tradition.

"... the compiler of Liber 777 was a great Qabalist when he thus entitled his book ... he had an academic reason for his choice of a number; for the tabulation of the book is from Kether to Malkuth, the course of the Flaming Sword; and if this sword be drawn upon the Tree of Life, the numeration of the Paths over which it passes (taking [Gimel], 3, as the non-existent path from Binah to Chesed, since it connects Macroprosopus and Microprosopus), is 777." (777, Aleister Crowley)

777, the "flaming sword," is the Kabbalistic path representing the descent of the Shekinah or Matronit (also represented by the downward triangle of the occult hexagram or "Star of David").

"The flaming sword which turned every way to keep the way of the tree of life" (Gen. III, 23). Now, what is "the way of the Tree of Life"? This is the great Matrona who is the way to the great and mighty Tree of Life. Concerning this it is written: "Behold the bed which is Solomon's; the three score valiant men are about it, of the valiant of Israel" (S.S. III, 7), namely, the Supernal Israel. "They all hold swords" (Ibid. 8), and when the Matrona moves they all move with her, as it is written: "and the angel of God, which went before the camp of Israel, removed and went behind them" (Ex. XIV, 19). Is, then, the Shekinah called "the angel of the Lord"? Assuredly! (Soncino Zohar, Shemoth, Section 2, Page 50b - 52a)

Also note that this 7-7-07 date falls on Saturday, the seventh day of the week, the Judaic Sabbath. The Shekinah is the "Queen of the Sabbath" or "Sabbath Bride:"

A special atmosphere of solemn celebration surrounded the Sabbath, which was thoroughly pervaded with kabbalistic ideas about man's role in the unification of the upper worlds. Under the symbolic aspect of "the marriage of King and Queen," the Sabbath was enriched by a wealth of new customs that originated in Safed, such as the singing of the mystical hymn Lekhah Dodi and the recital of the Song of Songs and Chapter 31 of Proverbs ("A woman of valor who can find?"), all of which were intended as meditations on the Shekhinah in her aspect as God's mystical bride. Mystical and demonic motifs became particularly interwined in the area of sexual life, to which an entire literature was devoted ...

the most important [Kabbalistic] symbols are the Keneset Yisrael ("the community of Israel") and the Shekhinah ("the Divine Presence"). The Kingdom of Heaven, which is realized in time in the historical Keneset Yisrael, represents therefore the latter's meta-historical aspect as well. The supernal Keneset Yisrael is the mother (matrona), the bride, and also the daughter of the "king," and they appear in countless midrashic parables on the relationship between God and the Jewish people. In her capacity as bride (kallah) she is also, by a mystical etymology, "the consummation of all" (kelulah mi ha-kol). She is the receptive aspect of "the holy union" of "king" and "queen."(Encyclopedia Judaica, "Kabbalah")

Those who are aware of this mystery of the union of the Holy One with the Shekinah on Sabbath night consider, therefore, this time the most appropriate one for their own marital union.’ SEE FOR THAT THE LORD HATH GIVEN YOU THE SABBATH. What is the meaning of the word "Sabbath"? The day in which all the other days rest, the day which comprises the other days, and from which they derive blessing. R. Jose said: ‘The Community of Israel is also called "Sabbath", for she is God's spouse. That is why the Sabbath is called "Bride", and it is written, "Ye shall keep the Sabbath, for it is holy unto you" (Ex. XXXI, 13): it is holy to you, but not to other nations; "it is a sign between me and the children of Israel" (Ibid. v, 17): it is Israel's eternal heritage.’ (Soncino Zohar, Shemoth, Section 2, Page 63b)

L'khah, dodi, liqra`t kallah; p'nei Shabbat, n'qabb'lah.
Let's go, my friend, to greet the [Sabbath] bride; the face of Shabbat, let us receive. (("Let Us Go, My Friend"(Sabbath song by 16th century Kabbalist Sh'lomo ha-Levi Alkabetz)

Also see, On the Mystical Shape of the Godhead: Basic Concepts in the Kabbalah, and On the Kabbalah and It's Symbolism, and Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism by Gershom Scholem.

Note the "Christian" Zionist interpretation of Genesis 3:24:

"So he drove out the man; and he dwelt at the east of the Garden of Eden between the Cherubims, as a Shekinah (a fire-tongue, or fire-sword) to keep open the way to the tree of life." (The Jamieson, Fausset, and Brown Commentary)

Witness the Kabbalistic theme laden "Christian" Zionist 777 celebrations and their suggestion that this is "a kairos moment in time:"

"Christian" Zionists on 7-7-07 begin "the preparation process for the fulfillment of the promise." Note the Noahide rainbow:

Information on 777 author, Aleister Crowley's development of his Kabbalistic counterfeit mass ritual can be found at the following link, but I warn that it is blasphemous and sexually perverted:

A worldwide "Live Earth" festival with religious overtones takes place on 7-7-07. High Priest, Al Gore (Armand Hammer errand boy) will host. Read about Al Gore's 7 Point Plan which the event is designed to promote here:,22049,22002504-5013076,00.html

7-7-07 has also shaped up to be a boon for the wedding racket. Fertility rite perhaps?,8599,1630320,00.html

Also relevant is the gambler aspect of the cryptocracy:

Those familiar with Michael A. Hoffman's thesis regarding the 21 gateway and Arthur C. Clarke's revelations regarding the 2001 change of era time may see some significance in the date chosen for the Vatican's liturgical gamble.

And, there are, of course, 7 Noahide Laws which the Vatican recently conjured up a fictitious New Testament basis for:

Papal Commission Promotes Noahide Laws

All throughout the world, the "goyim" are being mesmerized by numbers and cajoled into enslavement.

Benedict Lauds St. Basil

Benedict continues his lectures on the Church Fathers:

VATICAN CITY, JULY 4, 2007 ( Though St. Basil was a bishop in the fourth century, he continues to be a model for Christians today, Benedict XVI says ... "He was a man who truly lived with his gaze fixed on Christ, a man of love for his neighbor. Full of the hope and the joy of faith, Basil shows us how to be real Christians." (St. Basil a Model of Charity, Says Pope, Zenit, July 4, 2007)

Let us hear some of St. Basil's thoughts on Judaic Messianism, Zionism and Noachida. It's a far cry from what we hear on these topics from the Vatican today:

Apollinarius ... has written about the resurrection, from a mythical, or rather Jewish, point of view; urging that we shall return again to the worship of the Law, be circumcised, keep the Sabbath, abstain from meats, offer sacrifices to God, worship in the Temple at Jerusalem, and be altogether turned from Christians into Jews. What could be more ridiculous? Or, rather, what could be more contrary to the doctrines of the Gospel? (St. Basil, Letter 263;4)

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

'The Most Moral Army in the World'

IDF terrorists beating Palestinian teenager.

IDF thugs terrorize and beat Palestinians protesting the Israeli destruction of Palestinain olive groves then launch tear gas canister into ambulance as paramedics attempt to evacuate the wounded.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Lieberman Eager to Set Capstone

JPII's Respect for Talmudic Khazars of ADL of B'nai B'rith Based In Mysterious Spiritual Link


Thursday, 2 March 1984

Dear friends,

i am very happy to receive you here in the Vatican. You are a group of national and international leaders of the well-known Jewish Association, based in the United States, but active in many parts of the world, including Rome itself, the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith. You are also closely related with the Commission for Religious Relations with Judaism, founded ten years ago by Paul VI for the purpose of fostering relations, at the level of our respective faith commitment, between the Catholic Church and the Jewish Community.

The mere fact of your visit to me, for which I am grateful, is in itself a proof of the constant development and deepening of such relations. Indeed, when one looks back to the years before the Second Vatican Council and its Declaration "Nostra Aetate" and tries to encompass the work done since, one has the feeling that the Lord has done "great things" for us (cf. Luc 1, 49). Therefore we are called to join in a heartfelt act of thanksgiving to God. The opening verse of Psalm 133 is appropriate: "How good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity."

... the respect we speak of is based on the mysterious spiritual link (cf. Nostra Aetate, 4) which brings us close together ...

... We certainly try to know each other better and to understand better our respective distinctive identity and the close spiritual link between us ...

Full address:

Monday, July 2, 2007

Benedict Recommends Catechesis of St. Cyril

Catholic News Agency reports:

The Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, greeted the thousands of pilgrims gathered in the Vatican’s Paul VI auditorium this morning, continuing his cycle of catechesis on the Church Fathers by commenting on a master of catechisis himself - St. Cyril of Jerusalem. (Pope Benedict XVI focuses on St. Cyril: a master of Catechesis, Catholic News Agency, Jun 27, 2007)

A sample of St. Cyril's catechesis on the topic of Catholic-Jewish relations:

"Heed not therefore what the Jews say, but what the Prophets say. Do you wonder that they who stoned and slew the Prophets, set at nought the Prophets' words?" (St. Cyril of Jerusalem, Catechetical Lecture 10;2)

Now compare that teaching from one of the great Church Doctors, St. Cyril, with this teaching from Benedict XVI:

... Christians can and ought to admit that the Jewish reading of the Bible is a possible one ...

... Christians can, nonetheless, learn much from Jewish exegesis practised for more than two thousand years ...

(The Jewish People and their Sacred Scriptures in the Christian Bible, Pontifical Biblical Commission, Vatican, May 24th, 2001)

... Jewish biblical scholarship in all its richness, from its origins in antiquity down to the present day, is an asset of the highest value for the exegesis of both Testaments ...

(The Interpretation of the Bible in the Church, Pontifical Biblical Commission, Vatican, March 18, 1994)

Quite obviously, these diametrically opposed positions can't both be correct. Since Cyril's position is virtually a verbatim quote of Christ's words in the Gospel and since Benedict's position has no scriptural support, and is in fact completely at variance with the Gospel, I'd say it's quite simple to tell which position is incorrect.

That's good advice from Benedict though, regarding the study of St. Cyril. I do hope that people will look to the Church Father, Cyril and the other Church Fathers as well and learn what a mockery Benedict's "elder brothers in the faith" mantra truly is.

It's also worth noting St. Cyril's opposition to Zionism. Cyril lived in Jerusalem at the time that the Emperor Julian the Apostate attempted to falsify the prophesies of Jesus and Daniel by aiding the Jews in rebuilding the Temple of Jerusalem, a project which ended in failure reportedly due to supernatural causes. Cyril wrote that the Temple would remain in ruins as Christ prophesied until the Antichrist would attempt to rebuild it.