Saturday, July 7, 2007

Benedict Lauds St. Basil

Benedict continues his lectures on the Church Fathers:

VATICAN CITY, JULY 4, 2007 ( Though St. Basil was a bishop in the fourth century, he continues to be a model for Christians today, Benedict XVI says ... "He was a man who truly lived with his gaze fixed on Christ, a man of love for his neighbor. Full of the hope and the joy of faith, Basil shows us how to be real Christians." (St. Basil a Model of Charity, Says Pope, Zenit, July 4, 2007)

Let us hear some of St. Basil's thoughts on Judaic Messianism, Zionism and Noachida. It's a far cry from what we hear on these topics from the Vatican today:

Apollinarius ... has written about the resurrection, from a mythical, or rather Jewish, point of view; urging that we shall return again to the worship of the Law, be circumcised, keep the Sabbath, abstain from meats, offer sacrifices to God, worship in the Temple at Jerusalem, and be altogether turned from Christians into Jews. What could be more ridiculous? Or, rather, what could be more contrary to the doctrines of the Gospel? (St. Basil, Letter 263;4)

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