Sunday, July 22, 2007

Hegel's Dialectic In Practice at Vatican

Latin Mass <> Novus Ordo Mass - Neocon Mass

Thesis <> antithesis - synthesis.

Italian Jewish leaders expressed relief on Thursday after the Vatican Secretary of State said the prayer for the conversion of Jews could be eliminated from the recently re-introduced Latin Mass ...

... according to ANSA, Cardinal Bertone said everyone could be told to use the third version [of the prayer], introduced by Paul VI in 1970. It asks for prayers that Jews, as the chosen people, "may arrive at the fullness of redemption". (Cardinal Bertone says prayer for conversion of Jews in Latin Mass could go, Catholic News Agency, Jul 20, 2007)

... on November 16, 1982, on request of Pope Wojtyla, a meeting presided by Ratzinger, then-Prefect of the former Holy Office, at which also took part Cardinals Baggio, Baum, Casaroli (then Secretary of State), Oddi, and Archbishop [future Cardinal] Casoria ... at that meeting, a document against liturgical abuses, identified among the reasons "for the current crisis of the Church", was also suggested, as well as, in a remote future, a synthesis "of both missals" [1962 missal and Novus Ordo missal]. That future is today less remote. The decision of Benedict XVI is thus not a step back, but a stage of the liturgical reform willed by the Council and not yet fully accomplished. ("Ratzinger's turning point on the liturgy - All clear for the Ancient Latin Mass," Andrea Tornielli, Il Giornale, June 17, 2007)

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