Thursday, August 9, 2007

Please Contribute to Michael A. Hoffman for the Completion of His New Book on Judaism

I would be lying if I said I wasn't greatly indebted to Michael A. Hoffman for whatever insight I have into rabbinic Judaism and Zionism which it informs, and also for challenging me to research Judaic machinations within the Catholic Church. Anyone who has benefited from this site has indirectly benefited from the insight and work of Michael A. Hoffman.

I ask that people with the means would make a donation to Hoffman who is in the final stages of authorship of a compendium on Judaism, Judaism Discovered that will, no doubt, be the greatest revelatory work on Judaism ever printed in the English language, and who is being forced to make difficult decisions related to the book due to finances.

Hoffman's explanation of the book and the circumstances can be read at the following link:

Donations can be made at the following link:

Consider purchasing some of Michael A. Hoffman's informative books, pamphlets, audio lectures and DVD's at his online store here:

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