Saturday, September 8, 2007

Benedict Once Again Bows to Holocaustolatry, Repents

Benedict XVI bows to the 'Holocaust' memorial at Judenplatz in Vienna, Austria.

VIENNA, Sept. 7 — Pope Benedict XVI confronted Friday the shadows of Europe’s past, praying at a Holocaust memorial here, as he spoke with worry about its future. Europe, he said, may extinguish itself, in numbers and spirit, if it embraces abortion and rejects Christianity, which he said “profoundly shaped the continent.”

“It should be everyone’s concern to ensure that the day will never come when only its stones speak of Christianity,” the pope said, at the start of a three-day visit here. “An Austria without a vibrant Christian faith would no longer be Austria.”

... Even as [Benedict XVI] spoke about the Christian roots of Europe, he acknowledged the role — and suffering — of Jews on the Continent. He told reporters in Italian on his plane before leaving Rome that his trip was aimed partly at showing “our sadness, our repentance and also our friendship with our Jewish brothers.” (Ian Fisher, "Pope Vigorously Defends Catholicism in Austria and Raises Concerns on Europe’s Future," New York Times, Sept 8, 2007)

If Benedict truly wants to revive Christianity in Europe and stimulate the birthrate among European Christians perhaps he might try laying off the Holocaust guilt for a bit to see how that might help. Here he is once again sprinkling holy water on the Weisenthal/Spielberg/Isaacesque image of Austrian Christians as monsters who must repent for cosmic crimes committed against "God's Chosen People"--directly associating such cosmic crimes with Christendom--and simultaneously chastising Europeans for disassociating themselves with Christianity and not having children? Has it occurred to him that 40 years of hammering on Christianity as a "teaching of contempt" which directly led to the "modern Golgaltha" of Auschwitz has perhaps turned Austrians away from the Christian tradition? Not to mention Austria's heinously corrupt clergy.

If "reviving Christianity in Europe" means forever bowing to Holocaust idols, placing Auschwitz alongside or above Calvary and repenting for the crimes of the Nazis while being ruled by Judaizing homo bishops I recommend that Europeans withhold all support, or better yet, run the other way.

On the other hand, I would love to see a genuine revival of Christendom in Europe but I would hope that the children produced by such a revival would not be conscripted as canon fodder in messianic Zionist crusades against Arab "Amalek" (Zohar 1;25b).


Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Maybe if Benedict really wants to revive Christianity in Europe, he should remove that stupid Dutch bishop for declaring that Christians should address God as "Allah" just to avoid problems with Muslims. He should also order the Belgian bishops to expell Muslim squatters from their churches and then remove them from their episcopal offices, right?

Maurice Pinay said...

It would be encouraging to see Benedict remove "that stupid Dutch bishop" as you so eloquently put it, but only if he also recanted his statements that "the Jews'" wait for the Messiah is not in vain, and that the Judaic interpretation of Scripture, which denies Christ, is valid.