Saturday, September 8, 2007

Counter The Judaic Lobby's Attack on CNN

CNN Comes Under Unprecedented Attack


Nathan Guttman | Wed. Sep 05, 2007

Washington - A CNN documentary about religious extremists has prompted an unprecedented outcry from the organized Jewish community, including a call to advertisers to pressure the network.

The three-episode special, “God’s Warriors,” by CNN’s chief international correspondent, Christiane Amanpour, is being characterized by Jewish groups as equating Jewish extremists in West Bank settlements with Muslim jihadists. The program is also accused of containing numerous factual errors.

The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, which represents more than 50 national Jewish organizations, convened a special discussion with its members following the airing of the program last month, and has urged them to take up the issue with companies that have bought advertising slots during the show.

In the past, there have been widespread complaints about the media’s treatment of Israel, but this appears to be the first time that so many organizations have come together in opposition to a single media outlet.

“This was not an average show,” said Jennifer Laszlo-Mizrahi, founder of The Israel Project. “CNN bought full-page ads promoting the show and ran it on prime time. The perspective the show left the viewers with is that Israel doesn’t want peace and that Israel’s friends in the United States don’t want peace.” The Israel Project, a group focused on providing information to the press and the public about Israel, broke a five-year tradition of not reacting to media reports on Israel and put out a press release about the Amanpour show, detailing Israel’s efforts to promote peace in the region.

“The program definitely has a great damage potential because of the people who watch CNN,” Laszlo-Mizrahi added, pointing to the fact that foreign officials and decision makers tend to view CNN as an important news source.

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I watched most of the CNN series, "God's Warriors" and while I thought it was only a brief introduction at best and that it failed to make some distinctions I found it to be a very important and very timely journalistic work. I was quite pleased that the Judaic hand in the "Christian Zionist" movement was exposed and that "Christian Zionism" wasn't conflated with traditional Christianity. It also presented very real and largely unreported Judaic terrorists and their terrorist acts before a large audience most of whom are unlikely to have known of these things.

On the whole I found "God's Warriors" to be imperfect but a definite move towards the type of journalism that we should expect from anyone who presumes to call him/herself a journalist, timely and relevant, particularly now given the impending Zionist assault on Iran. Viewers received a brief glimpse inside the minds of the promoters of messianic Zionist warmongering insanity.

It shouldn't surprise anyone that Judaic power organizations are bringing their full weight down on CNN for airing this documentary. I hope that people will take the time to contact CNN and voice their support for this type of journalism and hopes that they will build on this program offering more continually improving, relevant, courageous journalism of this nature in the future. Don't allow Judaic groups to impose their tyrannical minority view on our airwaves. If you allow their voice to be heard over yours that is what you should expect.

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M.J. said...

Here, here! They always want special treatment. Typical...

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Interestingly, Maurice, you never mention the Elephant in the Room: murderous Islamist extremeism, which is a far greater threat to both Christianity and civilization than the Christian Zionists under "Judaic" influence.

Maurice Pinay said...

Elephant in the room???

I think Fox News is what you're looking for, dear Joseph. I'm covering the elephant in the room that neither they or any other mainstream news organization ever mentions.

And I doubt you have a clear enough understanding of either Islam or Zionism to have a valid opinion on either. I doubt you know much about Christianity for that matter. You certainly don't understand what most threatens Christianity and has ever since Christ was harassed by, and eventually crucified by the Pharisees who then stoned St. Stephen to death and persecuted the Apostles.

Go to the soothing voices of Hannity and Limbaugh. Their programming is perfectly suited to your Noahide state of mind.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Big Mo, you can insult me all you want but that doesn't distract from what you really are: a collaborationist with the Islamists who want to enslave or kill anybody who opposes their goal of a world-wide Caliphate.

I don't need to have a "Noahide" or "Judaic" (another one of your favorite adjectives, I believe) to oppose your wacked-out garbage. All I have to do is read the Koran. All I have to do is replay the tapes of 9/11 in my head. All I have to do is pick up a newspaper and see where your friend, bin Laden, is asking the U.S. to convert to Islam (which, as anybody with any knowledge of Islam knows, is the prelude to issue a theologcial declaration of war against the Dar al-Harb, the non-Islamic world that, according to Islamic theology is irrevokably at war with the Dar al-Islam).

Of course, since none of this serves your Jew-hating agenda, you ignore it. You probably would love to have the Muslims destroy Israel. Well, suppose they do. Do you think they will stop? Where do you think they'll go next? Europe? The U.S.? They're already in South America, turning it into a base for future attacks!

But this doesn't serve your agenda, so you ignore it. Fine. When we have another Islamist attack on this nation, you can always blame the Jews and keep living in your hermetically sealed world of kookdom.

But remember this. Confucious say, He who buries head in sand gets ass shot off.

Maurice Pinay said...

You have my prayers, Joseph.