Wednesday, September 26, 2007


More confused "traditional Catholic" journalism related to Orthodox Judaic rabbis; relativizing traditional Catholic prayers for conversion of Judaic souls with Judaic racist, "prayers" of self-glorification and derision of non-"Jews"; getting played by the dialectic between foaming-at-the-mouth Foxman and "reasonable" Rabbi Neusner ...

Rabbi Neusner posits a "fair" comparison between a Catholic prayer for the souls of Judaics and a racist, self-worshipping Judaic "prayer" of derision against non-"Jews" and a "traditional Catholic" journalist parrots that sophistry to his readers. And just as Rabbi Neusner, that "traditional Catholic," out of ignorance or otherwise, God knows, makes no mention of the curse which Orthodox Judaics utter against Christians, birkat ha minim, three times daily as part of the shmoneh esre, or any of the mandatory Orthodox Judaic curses on Christian churches and graveyards.

There is a debate shaping up on this matter which is due to a great deal of sacrifice on the part of people other than "trads" like Alessio. That debate will not be won by sloppyness, half-measures and double-mindedness from "balanced" "traditional Catholics."

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Anonymous said...

The Remnant is a wimpy outlet terrified of the stigma of "extremist." Those who want to play paddy-cake with Mr. Matt's kosher conservstism can keep subscribing. Their treatent of John Sharpe (I am not a relative of Sharpe) illustrates this. They woud not defend him in print for fear of the Zionist lobby. Their attitude toward Pope Benedict's Hegelian game makes them pawns on his chessboard (I'm not a sedevacantist).