Sunday, September 9, 2007

More on Benedict's Holocaust Prostration, Repentance

The symbolism in the pope's words and behavior is patent:
Pope Benedict XVI stood silently yesterday before a large stone monument to Austrian Jews slaughtered in the Holocaust ... With Austria's chief rabbi, Paul Chaim Eisenberg, at his side, the pontiff meditated and then heard the rabbi's prayer. He bowed twice before shaking hands with several elderly representatives of the Jewish community.

Speaking earlier to reporters accompanying him on the papal flight from Rome, Pope Benedict said he wanted to show "our sadness, our repentance" for the Holocaust and "our friendship with our Jewish brothers." The pope's use of the word repentance was especially important, because it recognizes guilt and responsibility, something that Jewish leaders have been seeking. ("Pope offers 'repentance' to Austrian Jews," Tracy Wilkinson, Baltimore Sun September 8, 2007),0,6252380.story

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Joseph D'Hippolito said...

So, tell me, Maurice, you'd have liked to have seen more Jews gassed, cremated and used as subjects in questionable, sadistic medical "experiements" all for The Greater Glory of The Aryan Man, rignt, big guy?

Anonymous said...

When will the Jews repent of their support of the Armenian holocaust, Communist, and Zionist terrorism?

Steve Dalton

Maurice Pinay said...

"So, tell me, Maurice, you'd have liked to have seen more Jews gassed, cremated and used as subjects in questionable, sadistic medical "experiements" all for The Greater Glory of The Aryan Man, rignt, big guy?"

Dear Joseph, your rhetorical question has no foundation, other than your apparently very wild imagination. It says nothing of me and a great deal about yourself. I do pray that you may someday be able to see things more clearly than you are apparently able to at this time.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Well, Maurice, since your knickers are all caught in a bunch over the pope's actions -- and, since you line on another blog to a Holocaust denier -- I guess the gassing of, cremating of and "experimenting" upon millions of innocent people doesn't bother you all that much, right?

Maurice Pinay said...

The Inquisitor Generalis of Holocaustolatry has arrived, apparently. Fortunately, I live in one of the countries where Holocaust heresy is not punishable by law.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Mo, do you know what today is? The sixth anniversary of the attacks upon the United States by Islamist murderers. Nowhere do you mention that. Why? Because massive numbers of murdered innocents do not serve your agenda. You don't care whether thousands (if not millions) are killed in horrible ways just so you can advanced your cockeyed (to put it diplomatically) agenda.

Then again, I'm sure that if the Jews were responsible for 9/11, you'd have something on it, wouldn't you?

Something else, Mo. Your last name is Pinay. Filipino, right? Lots of Muslims in the Phillipines, Mo. Some of them are even connected to terrorist groups. Tell me, Mo, this whole campaign against the Jews (and under a Catholic facade, btw), isn't just another attempt at takkya and kitman, is it?

Would love to get together sometime, Mo. Tell me, at what mosque do you worship?

Maurice Pinay said...

You have my prayers, Joseph.

John Zebedee said...

Joseph d'hippolito must have meant the anniversary of the attacks on
the US by Mossad fifth-columnists who have infiltrated our country...
but, understand this: the whole of the 20th Century was a holocaust & Jewish Zionists/Communists were vigorous participants in the ritual
murder going on to Ratzinger: what did the Catholic
Church do, what sins did it commit,
that Ratzinger has to beg this for-
giveness for from the Jews?...yes,
we repent before Jesus Christ & the
Father for our sinful ways...yes, we settle accounts with our brothers before we go to the Father...but what sin exactly did the Catholic Church commit against
the Jewish victims of the National