Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Student Presses John Kerry on Skull and Bones, Tazered by Cops

This story has been circulating in the news and on the internet, usually framed as a matter of politics or controversy related to the 2004 presidential election. Indeed, a student asks Kerry, speaking at The University of Florida, why he conceded the 2004 election to George Bush so quickly when there was evidence of improprieties in the election. But if you watch the video you will see that the student then mentions Kerry's membership in the secret society, Skull and Bones, and that the microphone is cut off precisely at this point and he is then forced to the back of the room and eventually, apparently, tazered.

As this is taking place John Kerry makes a joke about the student "swearing him in as president."

This seems to be a revelation of the method event which presents a brief flash message: pain awaits those who pry too deeply into secret society business. The establishment media's suggestive message to the subconscious about "annoying" people who ask "strange questions" is patent:
"So he got tazed for asking John Kerry a strange question about the 2004 presidential election. Hmmn. You do the math on that one."


M.J. said...

Very similar to the Iranian UCLA student who was at the library and forgot his student ID...

Anonymous said...

This was a scripted event from start to finish. The debuting Zionist heart-throbe, Abbie Meyer, has great potential--what chutzpah! We'll soon see him playing opposite Sacha Cohen in "Borat II." Too bad no one in the auditorium had a gong.

Anonymous said...

Fascism in action. (I took that from Dick Morris).
What I wan to know is, what was the book he was holding.

Maurice Pinay said...

This was a scripted event from start to finish.

I wouldn't completely discount that possibility. And I agree that it seems theatrical. But what interests me is how the media framed it. The student asked Kerry other questions and he made other statements but the MSNBC video cuts that all out and shows the student asking Kerry about Skull and Bones, then the microphone immediately being cut and the student being manhandled by the cops. The message is patent.