Sunday, November 25, 2007

B´NEI TZION Talmudic Catholics

Rabbi Richard Gamboa, Chief Rabbi of Bnei Tzion: "Catholics" of Talmudic Tradition in Latin America with Cardinal Rubiano

"B'nei Tzion" ("Sons of Zion") mix black and white--the anti-Biblical Talmudic religion of the Pharisees: Judaism, with the religion of the Old Testament Patriarchs made new in Christ.

From the B'nei Tzion FAQ:

[B’nei Tzion] members have not left Judaism. Is doctrine of B’nei Tzion that a jewish person keeps being a jewish when he accept Jesus Christ and is baptized in the Catholic Church. Believing in Jesus Christ never is a traition to the Jewish People but reaffirm the belonging to Israel and to the cultural legacy of our olders. Studying the messianity of Jesus of Nazareth is one of the more impacting and emotionant themes for all jew who makes a deep study about Prophets and Talmud, the Signs of the Times and the testimony of the Gospels and Apostolic Tradition.

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This IS the religion of the Antichrist.